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GOP Tops On Terror

GOP Tops On Terror

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 1:21 PM

Some would have us believe that, I am sure.  Whereas the GOP candidates and others are indeed on the right track on the issues we face in regards to terrorism, they are far from realizing the real threats.  The DNC, on the other hand are lost in space.

Both parties are guilty of missing the messages from the Islam.  Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  A few radicals have NOT hijacked the religion of Islam.  Islam, is a religion of death,  murder, rape, torture and slavery.  Just read their unholy book.  This blog is running a series by guest authors and their works can be seen in the Studies In Islam (Jihadism).

From the New York Post


June 6, 2007 — MANCHESTER, N.H. – The Republican presidential candidates were far stronger on the war on terror in their debate last night than their Democratic counterparts Sunday, according to most members of a Post panel of independent voters.

“The Republicans recognize we’re in a war and understand we need to fight it; the Democrats don’t,” said Bob Dugan, 50, a pharmaceutical-products supervisor from Manchester.

The Post gathered the panel of seven undecided independent voters to watch both the Democratic debate Sunday and the GOP debate yesterday in New Hampshire, which holds the earliest presidential primary and where independents can pick which primary to cast a ballot.

“The Republicans are stronger on terror than the Democrats,” concluded Andrea Lamy, 24, a second-year Franklin Pierce Law Center student from Manchester.

Bill Lynch, 62, of Manchester, and Doug Schofield, 36, a benefits-account manager from Franklin, agreed.

“I like the social agenda of the Democrats, but the war on terror is so big,” said Schofield.

But Elizabeth Nistico, 18, a senior at Manchester Central HS, and Debra Davis, a 54-year-old stay-at-home mother of three boys from New Boston, said they believe most of the Republicans were intent on focusing on terrorism and the Iraq war to scare voters.

[And here lies the problem.  Scare tactics.  Since when is truth designed to be scary to garner support?  If these people KNEW what the islamists have intended for us, they truly would be frightened into action instead of platitudes and ignorancs.  Exhibiting the Ostrich Syndrome is “Rather” stupid and lethal, in this case.]

“Those Republicans, war, war, war,” Davis said.

[Morons like Davis, dumb, dumber, dumbest.  He should be saying,  “Those Democrats, socialists,  communists and retards.]

Georgian Tutuianu, 17, of Manchester, also a senior at Manchester Central HS, said most of the Republicans are too divisive in dealing with terrorism.

[That is due to some of them KNOW what we face and others pretend they don’t know or refuse to accept it in fear of being called racist.]

“They seem to overly simplify things,” Tutuianu said. “A war is a complex issue and I don’t think you can say ‘we’re good, they’re bad – let’s fight them.’ ”

[An idiot prattles.]

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sen. John McCain drew the most praise from panel members after last night’s debate while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was the biggest disappointment.

Dugan described Giuliani’s performance as “very forceful, very commanding.”

[I guess he missed Duncan Hunters three home-runs; Libby, immigration and terrorism.]

“He may be the moderate candidate who can drag independent voters and Reagan Democrats into the Republican camp,” Dugan said. “Most of the other candidates were too polarizing.”

[Yep.  Dugan was sleeping.]

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