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“War is Hell.” So send those who raise it to Hell. Once is enough.

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October 13, 2018

In light of White House National Security Adviser John Bolton bluntly warning the Chinese this week that the U.S. military will not ignore threatening naval actions near U.S. warships in international waters.

Three US officials confirm that images obtained by are US Navy images of the “unsafe & unprofessional” encounter between the USS Decatur and a Chinese destroyer that took place Sunday while the US warship was sailing near Gaven Reef in the South China Sea

The Navy said the Decatur was harassed by a Chinese Luyang-class destroyer on Sept. 30 near one of the Spratly islands.

The Chinese ship conducted a series of aggressive maneuvers and sailed within 45 yards of the destroyer, forcing it to change course to avoid a collision.

If need be, the U.S. would out spend the Chinese whose  Yuan is…

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