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Jihadistan States of the Former USA

Not only do we have Jihadi “compounds” springing up all over America, Islamberg, NY being one of them, now we have “special” schools dedicated to Islamists in the “Putrid”  School System and Universities installing Jihadi foot-washing basins.

What would be the political and public falderal be if there were publicly funded “special” schools for, say, hell…name a group.  How about one for the Hispanic Jews against Methodists?  Or, perhaps the Southern Baptist School of Baptism Technics?  How about the Satanists Unity Church of the Lost Virgin?

What is with this TAX funded “special” school?

Parents at P.S. 282 have just learned that a portion of their building is about to be given over to the Khalil Gibran International Academy, a new school that the New York Times reported will be New York’s “first public school dedicated to teaching the Arabic language and culture.”

This is just flat out wrong and so is the “foot-washing” basins for Jihadis in my country.  American tax dollars are now funding a “religious” organization.  What ever happened to that separation of church and state thing the Leftinistra have been yammering about for years?

I will be adding to this post from time to time or at least linking back to it.  At the moment, I am too pissed off to continue coherently.

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Billions for Defense; Not One Cent for Tribute!

Word Net Daily reveals:

Diplomatic sources said the U.S. is expected to urge Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians in the West Bank so Abbas can claim achievements at a time his rule is being thrust into question. Israel will be asked, among other things, to dismantle anti-terror West Bank checkpoints and unfreeze tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue the Israeli government has held from the Palestinians for fear the money will be used to fund terrorism, the sources said.

Is there no limit to the idiocy & treachery of the Bush administration? While Israel is under attack on two fronts and threatened on a third, Shrub demands more suicidal concessions. Abbas is supposed to be ‘moderate’. What the Hell is moderate about Islam? Only Allah has the right to be worshiped. Islam must dominate the world. The last Jew must be hunted down and murdered before the final judgment can usher the Muslims into their celestial bordello. Hamas or Fatah, the objective is the same: genocide & policide. A world without Jews; without Israel. Shrub seems to forget that they want a world without America.

Six years ago, Shrub said the right thing. He has reversed course; now he is doing the wrong thing. Please join me in sending emails condemning his idiotic treachery to

  1. Cease all demands for ‘restraint’!
  2. Cease all demands for ‘concessions”!
  3. Cease all demands for ‘good will gestures’!
  4. Sit on the sidelines and cheer heartily when Muslims are killing each other.


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September of 1850

Do you know what happened September 9th in 1850, in California? California became a state. The State had no electricity. The State had no money. Almost everyone spoke Spanish. There were gunfights in the streets.

Basically, it was just like California today; except the women had real boobs and the men didn’t hold hands.

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Resources for Crusaders

If the Myth vs Fact series leaves you hungry for more, the Know Thine Enemy series has more red hot quotes from Muhammad and his dummy.

At Crusader’s Armory you will find several useful resources, including:

  • a list of particularly egregious ayat & ahadith
  • the Noble Qur’an translated by Hilali &Khan [searchable Windows help file]
  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Abu Dawud
  • Malik’s Muwatta
  • direct links to the on line versions of the Qur’an & hadith above listed
  • a URL Generator for hyper linking quotes from the above listed sources
  • fliers you can print and distribute
  • Powerpoint presentations you can use as email attachments
  • links to my on line petitions and others
  • links to several informative web sites.

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Myth vs Fact

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. 2:190-195…And fight in the Way of Allâh those who fight you…And kill them wherever you find them…And fight them until there is no more Fitnah and worship is for Allâh…And spend in the Cause of Allâh (i.e. Jihâd of all kinds, etc.) and do not throw yourselves into destruction (by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allâh)…
Tafsir: 1 2 3 4 5 6  7 8 9 10 11 12    

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Mystery: Will The GOP “Capitalize”?

Doodlehead Obey threatened the GOP and the GOP should jump on this with a vengeance second to none.


House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey (D-Wis.) has handed Republican lawmakers a golden (literally) opportunity to end earmarking during the current session of Congress. (In our new book, Outrage, we highlight how abuse of earmarking costs taxpayers $64 billion — three times what it was just a few years ago.)



According to Tuesday’s New York Times, Obey warned Republicans that “he would ban earmarking completely if Republicans attacked individual projects to score political points.” What an opportunity for the GOP!


There we go with the NY Slimes again. What a waste of a facility…

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U.N. Supports U.S Troops Staying In Iraq

UHOH! Now what will the Leftinistra do? Their vaunted United Nations that they claim must grant the US permission to protect itself has said:

The U.N. Security Council agreed Wednesday to an Iraqi request to extend the mandate of the U.S.-led multinational force after the country’s foreign minister said the troops were “vitally necessary.”

The council also strongly condemned the bombing of Samarra’s revered Shiite shrine and urged all countries, especially those in the region, to support Iraq in its pursuit of peace.

OH! MY! Lions, Tigers and Bears! OH MY!

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari told the council members that despite the senseless violence “the government has made tremendous strides toward the day when security will be provided by a self-sufficient, Iraqi national security force.”

“While Iraqis will always be grateful for their liberation from an absolute despot, no Iraqi government official — indeed, no Iraqi citizen — wants the presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil one day longer than is vitally necessary,” he said.

And this is what we have been saying for how long now? Hello?

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Some Things…

I don’t get it. As we all know and have witnessed for ourselves, the Lame Stream Media in recent times has transmitted secret military data which has enabled and emboldened our enemies around the globe. They have not been prosecuted. Why not?

Yet, these folks are being prosecuted.

A group plotting to overthrow the communist government of Laos had a detailed 90-day plan to oust and possibly assassinate top leaders, according to a new court document.

And why are they being prosecuted?

The 11 men indicted are charged with conspiracy to violate the Neutrality Act, which bars Americans from taking military action against nations with which the United States is at peace. They were also accused of conspiracy to kill, kidnap and maim. All face life in prison if convicted.

Why isn’t the NY Slimes and the rest not being prosecuted in a CURRENT war-time environment?

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The Truth Matters. Part 4

Foreword: Some readers may be seeing this for the first time and are surprised and shocked, while others may not be surprised but are shocked. And still others, like a few of us, knew this already and are neither surprised or shocked. Somehow “We told you so” seems so inadequate…but ….WE TOLD YOU SO.

Of course there will be those who claim this was all just made up. Follow the links, check it for yourselves….


How Clinton Sold
Our Children to Islam

Much of this post researched and confirmed by Wes Vernon of NewsMax
and portions by Paul Sperry of WND. Sources thoroughly provided

Allah ‘s apostle said, ” I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’ (Hadith 4:52:196*)

Islam’s Intent: Force or Persuasion
Islam’s number one priority is to make all the world Islam, either by persuasion or force, and during his term, President Clinton provided both by weakening our defenses and surrendering our children in public school without a whimper. “Negotiations for peace” would be better described as laying down dead.
Each time America suffered a terrorist attack, President Clinton issued statements promising to “find the terrorists” only to: pardon 16 terrorists convicted of executing 130 bombings; refuse delivery of Osama bin Laden from the Sudan; repeatedly refuse detailed information about al-Qaeda and Osama between terrorist bombings; shut down investigations of Islamic charities; radically downsize our military and gut the CIA. (1) (Details)

Robert Baer, a 21 year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations states:

“Whether it was Osama bin Laden, Yasir Arafat, Iranian terrorism, Saddam Hussein, or any of the other evils that so threaten the world, the Clinton administration seemed determined to sweep them all under the carpet.”(1)

Battleground: Public School
So just what DID President Clinton do? He “negotiated.” Evidence shows Clinton cut a deal with Islamic leaders to legalize and protect Muslim indoctrination in our public schools. If Clinton could give Islam the conversion of our youth, Islam’s resolve to destroy America would be appeased.

This was a tricky business with secular groups campaigning to strip all reference to the Bible and Christianity from schools. Therefore Clinton colluded with secular and religious-sounding groups and based his new Presidential Guidelines (2) on a document drafted by the American Muslim Council, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the ACLU which owns the copyright and many of the very groups attempting to censor Christianity today. This document can now be easily viewed (3) .

In the guidelines, every single “religious expression” that opens the door for Islam came equipped with a clause of escape, (2a) a backdoor for the ACLU to attack should anything Christian dare enter public schools under the same guidelines as Islam employs.

Clinton then presented these guidelines as originally drafted by 35 religious groups” and named it “Religious Expression in Public School. “Clinton failed to inform us, however, that these particular “religious groups” share a commitment to separation of church and state, as stated on the ACLU original draft. America, tired of censorship of Christian faith and noting the support of “35 religious groups”, gratefully accepted these guidelines, only to wonder why Christianity is continuously outlawed while Muslim indoctrination overwhelms our schools, including children praying to Allah, memorizing the Quran and fasting for Ramadan.

Clinton included assurance that all students would be coerced to attend their Muslim lessons. He went beyond the American Muslim Council/ACLU’s guidelines and added a clause stripping us of parental rights and religious freedom:

“Students generally do not have a Federal right to be excused from lessons that may be inconsistent with their religious beliefs or practices.”

That explains why parents cannot opt children out of these inductive classes for Islam, a huge loss of our religious freedom. It is also why my school district superintendent showed me these guidelines and literally laughed in my face when I pointed out the incongruity.

Clinton’s Steps of Betrayal
Clinton met frequently with Abdurahman Alamoudi, executive director of the American Muslim Council who participated in the original draft. Alamoudi supports Hezbollah and Hamas and was recently arrested on 9/28/03 for illegally receiving funds from Libya. Alamoudi was also friend and adviser on Islamic affairs to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Large meetings and events with Muslim leaders at the White House became commonplace, including celebrating the end of the Ramadan fast, (Eid) which Hillary claimed as “an American event.” Secretary of State Madeline Albright hosted Moslem groups, where she discussed recruiting Muslims for State Department posts. (1b)

Then in 1995, President Clinton presented his Religious Expression in Public School guidelines, and through his Secretary of Education, described these guidelines as drafted by “35 religious groups” listing eight names that sound Judeo-Christian, educational or patriotic, omitting the other recognizable culprits. Some of these “religious groups” have been filing lawsuits against the Bible while demanding a proselytizing version of Islam be forced down our throats today. (5) Clinton proved full knowledge and deceptive intent by falsely presenting these guidelines as drafted by “religious organizations.” (compare both documents [2] [3])

See Clinton’s “Religious” Groups Scrutinized

These guidelines greatly impact public schools today. CNN’s Lou Dobbs interviewed Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU on Dec. 19, 2003. Strossen referred to these guidelines as the authority to support the ACLU’s lawsuits restricting Christmas celebrations and removing Nativity scenes from public schools. Strossen haughtily smiled as she said, “…and all these religious groups agreed to it!”

President Clinton and these “religious” partnerships opened wide the doors to our children’s forced “education” of a fairytale Islam, while the ACLU continues to convince the courts to censor the Bible and anything Christian.(4) (4a) Shamefully, the ACLU simultaneously fights for such causes as mandating freshmen to read selected quotes from the Koran. (5) The ACLU and the like issued the rules to go to court with, and President Clinton knowingly presented them as his own “Presidential Guidelines” as he made surreptitious speeches with much aplomb about God. America swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Cheers at the Gate:
President Clinton’s religious guidelines are applauded by Islamic organizations such as SoundVision, which reminds Muslims it is their RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION (Dawa) to promulgate Islam and methodically explains how in public school today, thanks to Clinton:

“In the U.S. one of the strongest arguments in favor of seeking religious accommodation for your child is President Bill Clinton’s 1995 statement of principles addressing the extent to which religious expression and activity are permitted in public school. This was given to every school district in the United States.”(6)

“School students are routinely exposed in their classroom to new information and opinions, hence they tend to be more receptive to new beliefs and ideas. Schools are therefore fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of non-Muslim students. Muslim students should take ample advantage of this opportunity and expose their school mates to the beautiful beliefs of Islam.”

“It has been proven that one to one contact with non-Muslim students in the classroom is the most effective way to share Islam…It is advised that brother work on the non-Muslim boys and likewise sister work on girls.”(6a)

America does not comprehend how determined Muslims are to make America Islam. Suicide bombers and fundamentalists have already demonstrated their willingness to kill and die for it. To be granted rights to perform Dawa in America’s public schools was a huge victory for Islam. Clinton gave them Dawa, our schools, our very children with his religious guidelines and cloaked it with a false inclusion of Christianity.

The guidelines state:

“Students may also speak to, and attempt to persuade, their peers about religious topics just as they do with regard to political topics.”

“Students have a right to distribute religious literature to their schoolmates”

“Public schools may not provide religious instruction, but they may teach about religion, including the Bible or other scripture: the history of religion, comparative religion, the Bible (or other scripture)-as-literature.”

That was a quick but explosive line: “or other scripture-as-literature.” Pro-Islam materials and books began pouring in from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. Under Clinton’s protection, completely ignoring set limitations which are never enforced for Islam, a small sample of what our textbooks contain includes:

  1. “The Quran is the final revelation, just as Muhammad is the final prophet.”

  2. (new paragraph) “The Arabic word Quran can be loosely translated as ‘recitation.” In fact, the very first word the angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad was “Recite.” […in FACT???]

  3. “Ramadan is a holy time, because in this month Muhammad received his first message from Allah.” (13 for more)

Clinton’s guidelines were readily accepted by America as a sugarcoated pill promising our right to express our faith. America did not know the double standard installed or the original drafters’ confidence and resolve that the Bible would be excluded as played out in the courts today.

note: Soundvision states it is “Waqf fi sabellillah” which few Americans know means “devoting a plot of land [i.e. America] for Muslim religious purposes in the name of Allah.”

Islam Sends in Educational Troops
President Clinton clearly adopted Muslim religious beliefs into our public schools and proclaimed his success in his Ramadan message to Muslims.

President Clinton: “As America’s six-million-member Muslim community grows in numbers and prominence, Americans of every religious tradition are learning more about the origins and meaning of Islam. That on “the Night of Power,” the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Prophet Muhammad and revealed to him the first verses of the Koran. That the Koran declares that Ramadan was the month Allah’s words were sent down, and so should be spent in fasting.” (21)

America’s children certainly are learning these Muslim beliefs as fact, overseen by another Islamic educational organization that flourished under Clinton’s regime. The Council on Islamic Education (7) (CIE) contributed to our public school textbooks, funded by domestic Islamic donors perhaps aided by foreign support. Founder and director Shabbir Mansuri boasted that he is waging a “bloodless” revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms. (8) CIE has warned scholars and public officials who do not sympathize with its requests that they will be perceived as racists, reactionaries, and enemies of Islam.”(9)

Houghton Mifflin textbooks became saturated with Muslim beliefs as the Council of Islamic Education (CIE) helped write the textbook (originally denied until the publisher’s Editorial Director was caught bragging about it in print). After public outcry to the pro-Islamic bias of the textbook, “Across the Centuries”(10), the publisher Houghton Mifflin (HM) responded by stating that:

“…the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) did not contribute in writing the textbook. The scope of their involvement was limited to reviewing the textbook material.”

That denial was pure fabrication. In an earlier article at SoundVision, Abigail Jungreis, HM’s Editorial Director, credited CIE for providing textbook content:

“It is also with the help of the CIE that Houghton Mifflin’s textbooks have been able to show what Crusades were like for the Muslims. We’ve been able to give several perspectives on an event like that,” she says. “We see our reviewers as playing a crucial role in enabling us to present accurate and complete information” (11)

The textbook gives no indication that the Crusades section is based on the Muslim point of view, it is presented as fact and critical of Christians.

Founded in 1994, another Islamic organization during Clinton’s regime and dedicated to the re-education of America is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Currently heavily scrutinized for its ties with terrorists, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper states: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic… but I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.” (12)

Textbooks: AK-47s of Islam & the Liberal Left
Corruption in our textbooks is undeniable as children are taught Muslim beliefs as fact (13) (13a) (13b) and teachers’ assignments require children to repeat them as such. (14) There are documented cases of children being asked to fast for Ramadan(15) and get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah.(16) Clinton’s nominee, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton, recently approved this prayer as a lesson for children to learn:

“In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation,
The Compassionate, the Merciful,
King of Judgment-day!
You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help,
Guide us to the straight path.”

The Christian section in A Message of Ancient Days presents the Muslim version of Jesus, reduced to a “popular teacher with ideas.”(17)

With the protection of Clinton’s guidelines, Across the Centuries textbook (13) underwent multiple revisions led by Nader F. Darehshori, President of Houghton Mifflin and previously a school teacher in Iran which is 99% Muslim. Across the Centuries is described as “unfit for use in this country” by William J. Bennetta, President of The Textbook League. He states, “what Houghton Mifflin seeks to pass off as a history lesson is an exercise in deception, religious preaching, myth-mongering, and religious indoctrination.”

Pro-Islam bias in the textbooks have been substantiated by Daniel Pipes, PhD of the Middle East Forum, Dr. Robert Simonds, the American Textbook Council, and the Textbook League, all with whistleblowing conclusions. (18)

Children in the Trenches
Islam is determined to advance, entering by persuasion within our public schools and by sword at our borders. President Clinton has clearly provided both doorways as we are swarmed by Islam, courting our children while bombing our buildings.

Enter President Bush, met head-on by the onslaught of Islam fundamentalists, he took the bull by the horns at the brink of disaster and is courageously fighting to regain our nation. …But if President Bush has taken any action to clean up our schools from Muslim indoctrination, it is behind the scenes and I pray it is so…but with every day that passes, with every unanswered judgment by a treasonous court, hope for revival led by a godly president fades.

For as we are consumed with the war against terror, we cannot afford to neglect the battle raging over our children. We MUST restore sanity to our schools. Our Islam-inductive textbooks cost over $60 each for millions of children. States like California simply cannot afford to replace them. Our precious children are shouldering the burden as their religious freedoms have been stripped and they are being enticed to Islam, with their progress carefully watched by Muslim nations. For what other reason would a United Nations nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, refer its international members to the textbook reviews at BlessedCause, exposing Islamic propaganda and sounding a public alarm? (19) Why is Saudi Arabia consistently one of the highest foreign visitors to our website of over 70 countries a month? (20) Because Islam’s resolve for the destruction of America depends on America’s willingness to swallow conversion of our youth to Islam. As the Quran, Islam’s holy book dictates, we will become Islam or we are to be destroyed. (20a) It is clearly evident that Clinton made promises behind closed doors prior to his Ramadan message to Muslims. (21)

Casualty of Weak Leadership: Freedom
So as terrorists executed attacks on America, President Clinton slashed our defenses, gutted our intelligence, pardoned terrorists, halted investigations of Islamic charities and negotiated for peace, evidently with a powerful bargaining chip, our children through our public education system. Our children, our American heritage and our religious freedoms have been forfeit without a fight as our children are forced to learn “comparative religion” i.e., Islam propaganda, while criticizing both Judaism and Christianity in public school.

Is it hard to believe Clinton, professing to be Christian, could betray Christ and America like this? Examine the fruit. Lying under oath, dubious activities with staff, expediting RU-486, an abortion cocktail currently killing teenagers (22a), slipping in an ACLU document as written by “religious groups” is compounded when one remembers how Hillary demanded public funding for (brace yourself) a dung covered depiction of the Virgin Mary, with breasts of elephant dung, surrounded by genital pornography at the Brooklyn Museum in October 1999. (22) (23) Included in the exhibit was a depiction the Last Supper with a topless woman in the place of Jesus. Together the Clintons met with Muslim groups in the White House so often it became commonplace. In speeches against President Bush, Clinton has condemned America by blaming us for the Crusades. With this kind of history, it is not hard to believe Clinton betrayed America’s Christian heritage and used our children as bargaining chips in negotiations with Islamic leaders.

America, Sound the Call! Rally for the love of our children!
It is time to shout “ENOUGH” of the liberal left debasement of our nation and swindling of our religious freedom. It is time to recognize this is America, a melting pot to BE AMERICAN, complete with rich heritage, morals and values to be proud of. An America to fight and die for, not one to pollute, corrupt and lay open the borders for attack. What’s frightening is, so many Democrats are the embodiment of Clinton.

And so we look to God and President Bush. If President Clinton could outline Religious Expression in Public School, why couldn’t President Bush delegate and enforce a similar document, this time including the preservation of our American heritage, recognizing the Judeo-Christian foundation, tradition and culture of our nation. Only God could find a way to clean up our textbooks without infringing on our God-given freedom to choose. I pray He lead President Bush in accomplishing that goal.

America, pray for President Bush, pray for our troops and pray for revival, God is our only hope.


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When Morons At The NY Slimes Talk Out Of Their Ass

This is trash the NY Slimes day today. It is my Father’s Day gift to me. My Screamin’ Eagle called and wished me a fine day. The other boys did their deal. My wife and youngest made me my favorite Pecan Pound Cake. Now, after the festivities are mostly over, I am trashing the NY Slimes. You know. That fine establishment that thinks divulging military secrets is good for America. That same organization that likes to embolden our enemies has one of their mentally challenged morons write an editorial piece about how we conservatives are racists about not wanting ILLEGAL immigrants getting blanket amnesty via a bill that means nothing and the “laws” therein are unenforceable.

This same organization supports Harry-Kiri-Reid. After all the Democratic and NY Slimes plan for victory in Iraq is all so complex. The equally complex as well as retarded “immigration bill” is second to none in regards to nonsense and self-defeating rhetoric. That seems to be appropriate for the NY Slimes and their string pullers of the DNC. Not listening to the majority of Americans has turned out to be a problem for some members of CONgress and the NY Slimes has followed suit in whining about those right-wing whackos.

From the ass-idiot Lawrence Downes:


People who want to reform immigration by putting America in lockdown have not been shy about using fear and revulsion to get their point across. Illegal immigrants, they say, are invading the country to reconquer it, to erode our Anglo-Saxon culture and to make us all sick.

In this article, IT rambles on about leprosy and the woes of the ILLEGAL aliens. 99% of the article relates to leprosy and completely glosses over the Invasionistas and our concerns about our American culture. Downes is an ass-idiot.


Here’s Representative Tom Tancredo, complaining in the Republican presidential debate about pressing 1 for English.

Moron. Here’s Lawrence Downes being the typical NY Slimes sock puppet.

Perhaps ass-idiot Downes can learn something from JB Williams, and Lew Waters. We can only conclude that the corrupted “immigration poll” of the NY Slimes is gospel to a Leftinistra moron like Downes.

And the we have this piece from the NY Slimes written by some whiny-ass sad sack, bleeding heart liberal moron dweeb feeling sorry for immigrant fathers separated from their families because they BROKE THE DAMN LAW. I am way passed sick and tired of this crap!

John Wayne says it best.

On Immigration....
The Duke Says it Best!


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