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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

“No Labels”: BullShit!!!

When I go to the store to buy a can of beans, I want a can of beans, not tuna. I want a clear, legible label and a clear, legible price so I know what I am buying and how much it will cost.

When I go to the polls, I want to know exactly who and what I am voting for. I do not want to elect a pig in a poke like Shrub nor a damned Muslim like Obamination.

“No Labels” claims to be a non-partisan movement to overcome gridlock in Washington.  n reality,  it is a Democrat party front designed to deceive “moderates”, “independents” and careless Conservatives.

Their latest scam is a petition to back a mythical bipartisan Presidential ticket in ’20.

No way in Hell will I ever support a “unity ticket” other than two Conservatives on the GOP platform!  .  Trump & Cruz would be a great unity ticket!

I don’t give a damn who you pair with Clinton or Bloomberg, Biden or Sanders, Weed or Rubio. No damn way will I vote for that ticket!

Be aware, be alert, demand clarity, transparency and accountability!!!

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Kavenaugh vs Ford: Politics Of Personal Destruction

Feinstein sat on the charge for two months, releasing it at the last hour, because she knew the claim was dodgy.

High school rape is not a FBI issue unless state borders were crossed. There is nothing to investigate with no definite time, place and date. Proof is impossible in the absence of physical evidence.

The Ass Clown Circus on the first day of hearings  told us everything we need to know. No Democrat is worthy of serving in the Senate or House. No member of the Party Of Personal Destruction is worthy of any government office.

Recall the uproar over “will you accept the election outcome?”  Trump accepted the outcome. Clinton and the Democrats did not. They are resisting and obstructing. They paid “protestors” to  disrupt committee hearings.  Now  they have calumniated and defamed an excellent judge without good cause.

We have only one recourse: go to the polls Nov. 6 and throw the AssWholes  out of office!!! Some will not be exposed for two years. We must wait for their next election cycle.  But in two months, we must vote straight Republican tickets to slap down the arrogant tyrants.





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Google & Spics: Political Tricks!

The first segment of this Tucker Carlson show contains vital information. View and share!

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