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Russian Corruption!: Clarified!

By now you must have heard about the real Russian complicity scandal involving Obamination, Shrillary and  three  men involved in the bogus investigation of President Trump.   It is a complex can of worms but ANDREW C. MCCARTHY has clarified it for ys at Family Security Matters. Read this excerpt, then click through and read the entire article.

At the time this unidentified man became an informant, the FBI was led by director Robert Mueller, who is now the special counsel investigating whether Trump colluded with Russia. The investigation was centered in Maryland (Tenam’s home base). There, the U.S. attorney was Obama appointee Rod Rosenstein – now President Trump’s deputy attorney general, and the man who appointed Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump.


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Steve Bannon : Taking Our Country Back!

Steve Bannon : Taking Our Country Back!

next primary election cycle is crucial. Each RINO must have an
articulate, aggressive Conservative primary opponent with a full
 war chest.  And  we must get out and vote
for those

Taking back our country starts now, with the formation of exploratory
committees seeking primary opponents for the traitors.

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