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What Really Happened In The Middle East.

From the: Terrorist Awareness Project

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While reading over at Planck’s Constant, Bernie, one of DNN’s most accomplished author’s – I found this to be one of the most compelling and interesting articles put out by David Horowitz is asking bloggers to spread the word about a new video from the Terrorism Awareness Project. Click on the below image to watch this most insightful and truth telling video. It will most certainly open your eyes.


What Really Happened in the Middle East

It is an urgent matter to counteract the hatred and lies of radical Islam. Their lies are a formidable weapon in their jihad to defeat the West and to impose Islam across the globe. Their lies are used to justify their killing of innocent men, women and children, and their drive to take over country after country, to radicalize moderate Muslims, and to impose Sharia (Muslim) law on people everywhere.


They lie about America. But most of all they lie about Israel, telling the world that Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East, and especially that their grievances would end if Israel didn’t exist.


Most Americans know that when Osama bin Laden says America is making war on Islam he is lying. When radical Islamists say that 9/11 was our fault, most Americans know they are lying.


But when they say that Israel stole land from the Palestinians . . . that Israel routinely brutalizes Palestinian civilians…that Israel initiates aggression against its neighbors – many Americans do not know they are lying.


An astonishing number of academics believe their lies. Israel-hating is so common at colleges and universities that it is taken for granted. On some campuses Muslim student groups host virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic speakers, disrupt Jewish and pro-Israel activities, and even physically intimidate Jewish students, without a peep from the administration.


Bernie writes:

In order to get the truth about Israel out to millions of Americans to counteract the lies of the radical Islamists, David asks everyone to email the What Really Happened in the Middle East video to everyone in your email list, and if you are a blogger, to place the link on your web site.

He is also asking for contributions to help publicize it though his speeches and interviews. He will focus on reaching college students, the media and decision-makers at every level.

If you want to help, please follow this secure link to donate to this campaign.

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