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Obamination: Eid-ul-Fitr

Obamination: Eid-ul-Fitr

Barack Hussein Obama, like other Muslims & politicians, is a
practiced and skillful liar. In the present case, he skillfully
attributed anodyne beneficence to Moe’s war cult on the occasion of
Eid-ol-Fitr, the celebration of the end of the month of Ramadan.

In keeping with occasional habit, I have highlighted
some key words and phrases in the President’s spew of Al-Taqiyya,
copying the most important of them to headings followed by my comments.

At variance with my usual habit, I have included
only one full quote from Islam’s canon. Others are linked in a list at
the end of the post. Obama’s spew is mercifully short, my list of links
is not. I have included links to several ayat, with three tafsirs for
each ayeh, several hadith and a few citations to Reliance of the


by the President on the Occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr


and I would like to send Eid greetings to Muslim communities in
the United States
and around the world. Ramadan has been a time
for families and communities to share the happiness of
coming together in intense devotion
reflection, and service. Millions all over the world have been inspired
to honor their faith by reaching out to those less fortunate. This
year, many have observed the month while courageously persevering
in their efforts to secure basic necessities and fundamental … ,
we send our best wishes for a blessed holiday
to Muslim communities around the world.

Muslim communities

Why are there; why should there be “Muslim
communities” in the United States?  Settlements, outposts,
colonies & bases might be better descriptive terms for areas with
predominately Muslim populations.

intense devotion

Intense devotion would run parallel to and in
conjunction with belief. Intense belief would mark them  as
believers, would it not?  A review of that term is called for.

Verily, Allâh has
purchased of the believers their lives
and their properties; for
the price that theirs
shall be the Paradise
. They fight in Allâh’s Cause,
so they kill (others) and are killed
It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah)
and the Injeel (Gospel) and the Qur’ân. And who is truer to his
covenant than Allâh? Then rejoice in the bargain
which you have concluded
. That is the supreme success .

Ramadan celebrates the month in which Moe received
his first revelations.  They are celebrating the  revelation
of the Qur’an which commands them to conquer the entire
world, sanctifying and mandating conquest1, genocide2 &

honor their faith

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It
involves a levy of 2.5% on income and accumulated wealth. One eighth of
Zakat must be paid to those “fighting in Allah’s cause4.

those less fortunate

There are special rules for Eid-u;-Fitr5.
Giving Zakat to Kuffar is prohibited.6

securing fundamental freedoms

Al-Taqiyya seems to come naturally to President
Barack Hussein Obama. Those revolting against Arab tyrannies are not
seeking to secure fundamental freedoms, they are seeking, as Obama is,
to secure power. Recent events and revelations in Egypt, Libya &
Tunisia make this fatal fact abundantly clear.  Those now in
charge of Libya gained their combat experience against our troops in

best wishes

True best wishes for Muslims would be expressed in
supplication to the
Almighty for their swift and permanent emancipation from slavery to

blessed holiday

How can anything associated with such an accursed
screed as the Qur’an be blessed?


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Obamination: 9/11 Disservice

Political correctness may be defined as irrational persistence in the belief that “it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end”.  Ten years ago, the “Magnificent Ninteen”, armed with box cutters, hijacked four commercial passenger aircraft and flew them three of them into occupied office structures.

The immediate tactical objective of that attack was to maximize grief, suffering, psychological impact, insecurity, distrust, physical destruction and economic damage to America.  The extended tactical objective  was to  instill a sense of defeat, insecurity & helplessness; to effect the maximum possible negative impact on our will and ability to mount an effective counter attack and defense.

The strategic objective is to effectively eliminate what they perceive as the greatest obstacle to total global conquest & domination and the establishment of permanent Islamic hegemony.

The attack was not planned, funded facilitated and executed by a single nation state or alliance of nation states.  It was  planned and executed by  believing Muslims, in the name of Allah.   When they slit the throats of the flight crews, they  shouted the takbir.  “Allah hu Akbar” says it all.  We do not need any investigation, we do not need any evidence, we do not require interrogations, trials or witnesses.  The proof stands out clearly in Islam’s cannon of scripture, tradition, exegeses & jurisprudence.

President Barack Hussein Obama, in his weekly address, made no mention of or allusion to the fatal facts stated above.  He pretended that the G’d’d Abomination was the result of amorphous natural forces, equivalent to an earthquake or hurricane.  In fact, it was an attack by  enemies of the human race; deracinated zombies Hellbent on a course of maximal destruction by what they believe to be Allah’s imperatives, threat & promise.

As a wise man said “Its Islam, stupid!”. Not Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘extremists’, ‘radicals’ neither was it terrorists. “Its Islam, stupid!”

Allah commands Muslims to conquer the entire world. The conquest imperatives are contained in Al-Anfal 39 & At-Taubah 29. “Fight them until” resistance ceases and “only Allah is worshiped”, “altogether and everywhere”.  “Fight those who”… until they “pay the jizya” and “feel themselves subdued”.  What could possibly be re obvious?

Moe confirmed the imperatives, declaring that he was “ordered to fight the people” and “commanded to fight with men“, the terminal condition in both cases being effective conversion & submission to Islam.

The imperatives are codified in Shari’ah, most clearly in Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9, Paragraph 8:  “The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians “… . Jihad is defined as “war against non-Muslims“, a “communal obligation” upon Muslims, “meaning upon the Muslims each year“.  Hedaya confirms the fact that jihad is undertaken on Islamic initiative, it is offensive, not defensive: “The destruction of the sword  is incurred by infidels, although they be not the first aggressors” [Volume II, Book IX, Chapter `, Page 141]

The outcome is predicted in exegesis: Tafsir Ibn Kathir leaves no doubt.

Ten years ago, Shrub lied about the identity of the enemy who attacked us, presumably because his family is deep in the pockets of Saudi Arabia and he did not want to face well justified demands for the extermination of Islam.

Ten years later, Obamination  persists in the same deception, presumably because he is a Muslim.  He makes reference to ending the fighting in Iraq and withdrawing from Afghanistan, but none to why we invaded them.  Both nations base their laws on Shari’ah, the same Islamic law that mandates yearly attacks against disbelievers. We lost those wars wasting  billions of dollars and priceless lives & limbs. Victory requires stamping out Islam.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Atlas Shrugs for bringing Obanination’s spew of feces to my attention.  But I am not in complete agreement with Pamela Geller: “The call for service on September 11th is inappropriate and sacrilegious. September 11th is a national day of mourning. Not service, remembrance for those who died in a surprise military strike against the United States of America conducted by the military wing of the global jihad, resulting in the largest loss of life in American history.”.

September 11 should be a national day of cursing, neither service and not mourning.  We should be united in raising our voices to God in supplication for the immediate death & eternal damnation of those who planned, financed, facilitated, executed, enjoyed, celebrated and sympathized with the attack.  We should be united in prayer for the eternal damnation of Muhammad and the complete and permanent eradication of the war cult he founded.

Turds do not have clean ends. Islam does not have clean ends.  It was created by Moe for his own personal emolument through the perpetuation of war, generating a continuing flow of spoils and tribute.  Islam is mercenary, it can not be rendered beneficent.  Islam is aggressively violent, it can not be rendered passive.  For the disgusting details, see: Islam’s Mercenary Mission and What’s Wrong With Islam/Muslims?.

Obaminatio’s spew is below, followed by my commentary on the major points.

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
Saturday, August 27, 2011

In just two weeks, we’ll come together, as a nation, to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  We’ll remember the innocent lives we lost.  We’ll stand with the families who loved them.  We’ll honor the heroic first responders who rushed to the scene and saved so many.  And we’ll pay tribute to our troops and military families, and all those who have served over the past ten years, to keep us safe and strong.

We’ll also recall how the worst terrorist attack in American history brought out the best in the American people.  How Americans lined up to give blood.  How volunteers drove across the country to lend a hand.  How schoolchildren donated their savings.  How communities, faith groups and businesses collected food and clothing. 

We were united, and the outpouring of generosity and compassion reminded us that in times of challenge, we Americans move forward together, as one people.

This September 11th, Michelle and I will join the commemorations at Ground Zero, in Shanksville, and at the Pentagon.  But even if you can’t be in New York, Pennsylvania or Virginia, every American can be part of this anniversary.  Once again, 9/11 will be a National Day of Service and Remembrance.  And in the days and weeks ahead, folks across the country—in all 50 states—will come together, in their communities and neighborhoods, to honor the victims of 9/11 and to reaffirm the strength of our nation with acts of service and charity.

In Minneapolis, volunteers will help restore a community center.  In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, they’ll hammer shingles and lay floors to give families a new home.  In Tallahassee, Florida, they’ll assemble care packages for our troops overseas and their families here at home.  In Orange County, California, they’ll renovate homes for our veterans.  And once again, Michelle and I look forward to joining a local service project as well. 

There are so many ways to get involved, and every American can do something.  To learn more about the opportunities where you live, just go online and visit  Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost; a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.          

On this 10th anniversary, we still face great challenges as a nation.  We’re emerging from the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes.  We’re taking the fight to al Qaeda, ending the war in Iraq and starting to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.  And we’re working to rebuild the foundation of our national strength here at home. 

None of this will be easy.  And it can’t be the work of government alone.  As we saw after 9/11, the strength of America has always been the character and compassion of our people.  So as we mark this solemn anniversary, let’s summon that spirit once more.  And let’s show that the sense of common purpose that we need in America doesn’t have to be a fleeting moment; it can be a lasting virtue—not just on one day, but every day.

Americans move forward together, as one people.

That crap belongs in a campaign speech, not in a remembrance of innocent lives lost in a violent attack by believers in Islam.  For a politician who constantly divides the nation by race and economic status to mention togetherness, implying unity is the Acme of arrogance. “Move forward” implies the Socialist agenda of economic destruction & redistribution. That phrase belongs in a paid campaign commercial; it is entirely unrelated to the event being commemorated.

every American can be part of this anniversary

Those of us who are old enough to remember the Abomination can not avoid remembering the horrific events of that day. The image of jumpers evading the flames and smoke, hurtling toward the pavement below is indelibly imprinted on our memories. Likewise the image of the collapsing towers.

Far from being an empty clause, it is another appeal to unity: unity in voting to re-elect the worst President in American history. It belongs in a paid campaign commercial, not in a commemoration of innocent lives lost.

National Day of Service and Remembrance

There is no rational connection between service and remembrance. This clause, like its precedents, is polemical; unrelated to the topic at hand. “Service” fits right in with “sacrifice” and “eat your peas”. I happen to like peas, I will eat as many as I can get my hands on when they are fresh. I had a bowl of pea soup for breakfast. I do not like the Socialist agenda of tax increases, which Obamination is promoting with his spew of excrement.

reaffirm the strength of our nation with acts of service and charity.

How did FDR reaffirm the strength of our nation after Pearl Harbor?  “Service and charity” devolves into tax increases. It is entirely out of place in a speech remembering the Abomination.

Michelle and I look forward to joining a local service project as well.

Mr. President, do a national service, right now: resign!  Resign!!  Resign!!!

emerging from the worst economic crisis

No, we are plunging deeper into the abyss as a direct result of the Socialist agenda behind your outrageous policies.  That phrase, like so many others, belongs in a paid campaign commercial.

taking the fight to al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is a sub set of the enemy, not the enemy. Islam is the enemy. The war won’t be over until Islam no longer exists; until there are no more Muslims.  When every Muslim is dead or apostate, then the war will be ended in victory, not before.

ending the war in Iraq and starting to bring our troops home from Afghanistan

We have not won; we have lost and are losing because those nations are populated and governed by Muslims under Islamic law, the same law that mandates annual attacks on disbelievers.

rebuild the foundation of our national strength

The Declaration of Independence & Constitution are the foundation of our national strength; you are eroding and evading them. The clause actually refers to the economy, which you are deliberately destroying. Those words belong in a paid campaign commercial, not in a speech about the Abomination.

character and compassion of our people

This phrase and the clause it belongs to devolve into the theme of including the enemy under the umbrella of protection afforded by the Bill of Rights. “The right to peacefully practice Islam.”  Islam can not be practiced peacefully because “Jihad is ordained for you.”  and Muslims are not permitted to pick and choose from the Qur’an.

sense of common purpose

Common purpose? Communism! The phrase belongs in a paid campaign commercial.

not just on one day, but every day

So why bring it up now, in the context of remembering the G’d’d Abomination?  A proper remembrance involves the 3000 who lost their lives and the thousands who suffered injuries, many of whom are disabled.  A proper remembrance involves acknowledgment of the cause of those deaths & injuries and the identity & content of the ideology which motivated it.  A campaign speech pushing the Socialist agenda is entirely out of place in that context.

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Inside the Islamophobia Network

Muslims and their dhimmis are kvetching & caterwauling
over what they perceive as a right wing extremist campaign to divert
attention from the important items of their Socialist agenda  by
seeking laws to bar Shari’ah from American courts.  Thanks and a
tip of the hat to Bare Naked Islam for bringing this to my

Inside the
Islamophobia Network

has a video in which snippets of remarks by several experts  are
used to create a false image of superficiality.  The most
accessible handbooks of Shari’ah run in excess of 1000 pages. The
experts can’t tell us everything in a few seconds of air time.

agenda: demonize Muslims

The “experts” called Shari’ah a threat, they
accurately described it, they  did not declare it satanic nor did
they attach that label to Muslims.  Shari’ah is a system of law
based on the Qur’an & hadith.  Many provisions of Shari’ah are
not compatible with our Constitution.

link to terrorism

Terrorism is a battle tactic1,
the battle is part of
jihad.  Jihad is defined in Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9,
which also describes the communal religious
to perform it
annually.  It describes the caliph as making war against Jews,
Christians & Zoroastrians10
until they are subjugated and pay the
jizya. It describes the caliph as fighting all other peoples until they
become Muslim.

infiltration of Shari’ah

Shari’ah courts are operating in England, but not
here, of course; it can’t happen here. “This
Shari’ah law business is
“. So Says Governor Christie..  But CSPI has a surprise
you: in
the last three decades, fifty court cases have involved Shari’ah.

Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court

Version 1.4 / June 21, 2011 (PDF, 635 pages, 2.4 MB)

Center for Security Policy’s report, Shariah
Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of State Appellate Court
50 Appellate Court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between
Shariah (Islamic law) and American state law.

facts are the facts: some judges are making decisions deferring to
Shariah law even when those decisions conflict with Constitutional

Table 1 on page 44 enumerates the cases by state.

Table 3 on page 46 lists cases by category.

Table 4 enumerates compliant and non-compliant trial court decisions.

Table 5 enumerates compliant and non-compliant appellate decisions.

Table 6 on page 47 lists the conflicts by country of origin.

Twenty one cases dealt with marriage law and
seventeen with child custody.

its crap!

The crap is flowing from the
mouths of the smug, smarmy, holier than thou self-righteous deniers of
objective factual reality.  Shari’ah has been admitted to American
courts already. Seventeen cases involved child custody. Do you have a
clue concerning the relevant provisions of Shari’ah?  I have some
clues for you.

This is not hate speech. This is not demonization.
This is not Islamophobia. This is exposing a significant sample of the
provisions of Islamic law so that you can see and understand
them.  I am providing quotes and links to source documents so that
you can delve as deeply into them as you like.  Reliance of the
Traveller, Books  M & N regulate marriage and divorce.

This partial table of contents comes
from page 508 of the text, page 526 of the pdf.

Child Care and Custody m13.0

Meaning of Child Care mB.O(O:)

Precedence Order of Who Deserves Child’s Custody m13.1

Conditions for Eligibility to Have Child Custody m13.2

Non-Muslim Day-Care Centers, Schools, Etc. m13.3

A Woman Who
Remarries Loses Right to Custody

Older Children Decide Which Parent to Stay With mB.5

Now we are going to get down to some gritty detail.
There is blessed good reason why Shari’ah should not be enforced in our
courts and I shall now expose you to it.

Shari’ah denies custody to a secular mother

Shari’ah denies custody to a Christian mother


m13.2 The necessary conditions for a person to

have custody of a child are:

(a) uprightness
(def: 024.4) (0: a corrupt

person may not be a guardian, because child care

is a position of authority, and the corrupt are

unqualified for it.
Mawardi and Ruyani hold that

outward uprightness (def: m3.3(f) is sufficient

unless there is open wrongdoing. If the corruptness

of a child’s mother consists of her
not performing

prayer (sal at) , she has no right to

of the child, who might grow up to be like

ending up in the same vile condition of not

for keeping another’s company has its


(b) sanity (0: since a mother uninterruptedly

insane has no right to custody, though if her

insanity is slight. such as a single day per year. her

right to custody is not vitiated by it);

(c) and if
the child is Muslim, it is a necessary

that the person with custody be a Muslim

(0: because it is a position of authority, and a

has no right to authority
and hence

right to raise a Muslim
. If a non-Muslim were

given charge of the custody and upbringing of the

child, the
child might acquire the character traits

unbelief (kufr».
{Emphasis added.}

Under Shari’ah a divorced woman loses custody of her
children if she does not perform Salat, if she remarries or if she is
not a Muslim.   If you do not comprehend this, go back and
read sections a, c & d again.

Risala treats of custody in Chapter 33 on page 332 of the pdf.

Maliki & Shafi’ite do not agree perfectly.

33.9b. Custody

After a divorce, the woman has custody of a boy until he reaches puberty

and a girl until
she marries and the marriage consummated

[This is the right of the mother, be she free or slave, Muslim, or Kitabi,
sensible or

foolish according to Ibn ‘Arafa. This right also pertains if she is
widowed. The

girl’s maintenance is owed by the father until her marriage is

33.9c. Order of custody

After that if the mother dies or remarries, custody goes to the

and then the maternal aunt. If there are no female relatives of the

then it goes to one of the sisters and paternal uncles. If there are

then the agnate relatives.

[Custody goes first to the mother’s mother and then the father’s

Hedaya, Volume I, page 138  on page 197 of the pdf, has this ruling, which
indicates that re-marying would  void the mother’s right to

In case of separation, the care of the infant

children belongs to
the mother,
the right

of nursing and keeping it rests with the

mother, because it is regarded that a woman

once applied to the. prophet, sayiug, ” 0,

prophet of God ! this 1s .my son, the fruit

of my womb, cherished in my bosom and

suckled at my breast, and his father is desirous

of taking him away from me into ,his

own care ;”-to which the prophet replied,

thou hast a
right in the child prior to that

of thy husband, so
long as thou dost not

marry with a

On page 139, page 198 of the pdf, there is another interesting
ruling. A non-Muslim woman loses custody once the child is old enough
to decide on religion.

And also an infidel mother the wife of a

Mussulman or female infidel

subject, married to a Mussulman, is entitled

to the Hizanit of
her child, although  he be

a Mussulman like
the father; but this only

so long as the
child is incapable of forming

any judgment with
respect to religion
, and

whilst there is no apprehension of his imbibing

an attachment to infidelity ; but when

this is the case, he
must be taken from.the

because, although it be for the child’s

advantage to be under her care until that

period, his
remaining longer with he might

prove injurious.

forced marriage

Should a father be able to compel his pre-pubescent
daughter to marry? He is, if Shari’ah is applied.

m3.13 Guardians are of two types, those who

may compel their female charges to marry someone,

and those who may not.

(1) The only
guardians who may compel

their charge to
marry are a virgin bride’s father or

father’s father,
compel meaning to marry her to a

suitable match
(def: m4) without her consent.

(2) Those who may not compel her are not

entitled to marry her to someone unless she

accepts and gives her permission.

Whenever the bride is a virgin, the father or

father’s father may marry her to someone without

her permission, though
it is recommended to ask

permission if she has reached puberty
. A virgin’s

silence is
considered as permission.

As for the nonvirgin of sound mind, no one

may marry her to another after she has reached

puberty without her express permission, no matter

whether the guardian is the father, father’s

father, or someone else.

Risala rules on this issue in page 302 of the pdf.

32.2 The authority of the guardian

32.2a. A father arranging the marriage of a virgin daughter

A father can
arrange the marriage of his virgin daughter without her permission even
if she is

beyond the age of
It is up to him whether he consults her or not.

[To whomever he wants for the dowry he wishes, even for less than a
suitable dowry. He can give her

choice, and it states in al-Jawahir and elsewhere that it is
recommended that he ask her permission.]

Hedaya  covers this issue tangentially in
Volume I, page 32, in the second column of Page 93 of the pdf.

I focused on the child custody issue because of its
familiarity and critical importance. If your daughter marries a Muslim,
gives you grand children and is divorced by tripple talaq,
do you want the provisions listed above to determine who gets
custody?  If your wife is raped, do you want her to be required to
provide four male witnesses to prove it? What is your
attitude toward being excluded from being a witness because you are not

Shari’ah compliant finance is a related issue,
requiring the payment of a 2.5% tax. 12.5% of that tax must be paid to those “fighting in
Allah’s cause”
ie. terrorists. Do you give a damn?

Remember, “it’s crap!”; it can’t happen here,
“nobody is demanding it”; except that there have already been 50 cases
involving Shari’ah in state trial and appellate courts.   It
will happen unless we rise up to put a stop to it. If your state has
pending legislation to exclude foreign law, contact your legislators
and ask them to vote for it. Contact your Congressman to ask him to
co-sponsor and vote for H.R.
.  lets you email your state and federal legislators
without knowing their names or district numbers. You need only know
your Zip Code. Sign up and send those emails today!

  1. Relevant ayat & ahadith:
        1. (8:12:16)


          the terror

        1. (8:60:10)


          (to) terrify

        1. (33:26:12)


          [the] terror,

      2. (59:2:32)


        [the] terror,


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Educating our Youth about Islam

Regular readers of my posts know that my specialty is deliaring pious frauds.  In the present case, two clues stand out from the beginning.  First, the source: Common Ground News: the name implies the existence of common ground shared by Islam and Western Civilization where no common ground exists.  The second clue is the French word in the title: it is impossible to re-establish cordial relations because only a state of war has existed since the foundation of Moe’s war cult.

Three keys to Christian-Muslim rapprochement in the United States
Michael S. Bos
Before 9/11, many Americans were blissfully ignorant about Islam. After 9/11, everyone had something to say about it. Unfortunately, much of it was based on half-truths and unsubstantiated claims that cast Islam’s past, present and future as one of violence. This has left us with the great need and challenge of reshaping our public understanding of Islam in America.

Islam: violence


“How many Ghazwat did the Prophet undertake?” Zaid replied, “Nineteen.”[Sahih Bukhari 5.59.285] Visit Wikipedia’s article on Moe’s military career  and view the list of battles in the right sidebar.  Next, visit the Wikipedia article on Islamic conquests and view the map in the right sidebar.

How was Islam established? “By Jihâd Islâm is established, Allâh’s Word is made superior, (His Word being Lâ ilaha illallâh which means none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh), and His Religion (Islâm) is propagated. “[Noble Qur’an footnote to 2:190]

What is jihad?  Al-Jihâd (holy fighting) in Allâh’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry); “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims”[Reliance of the Traveller O9.0]


The Armenian genocide, attempted reconquest of Israel, Indian civil war, Lebanese civil war and subsequent terrorist attacks are ample evidence of the continuance of jihad.


I do not have a crystal ball, and I doubt that Mr. Bos has one, but we do have Islamic texts.  Allah’s jihad imperative against Jews & Christians, contained in Surah At-Taubah 29, is outcome oriented, with neither geographic nor chronological limits.  Moe’s oral tradition has a clue for us:
“jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal “.
[Sunan Abu Dawud14.2526]  Of course, Sunan Abu Dawud is ranked third in authenticity; perhaps we should consult the most authentic hadith collection. “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”[Sahih Bukhari 4.52.177]  “The Hour” refers to the day of judgment, when the gates of Paradise will swing open to Muslims.

Perhaps Mr. Box will favor us with a comment elaborating on the “half truths” and “unsubstantiated claims”, but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

understanding of Islam

Exactly what is wrong with our “public understanding of Islam” that  needs to be “reshaped”?  Is it the infamous lie by President Bush that “Islam is a great religion of peace”?  Is it his infamous lie that “Islam has been hijacked”, or is it both?

 Just a cursory review of the number of evangelical Christian responses to “A Common Word” (, a letter written by a number of high profile Muslim leaders that outlines common principles in the Muslim and Christian scriptures, evidences this.


common word

I have seldom seen such a slickly crafted and target rich fraud as the Ulema’s missive to Christianity. My initial dissection ran to 45KB. I later created a separate blog, Go Burn With Muhammad, primarily to deliar it in detail.

People have overcome biases and changed opinions because of their relationships with Muslims. It is through the face of another, not facts about them, that we are forced to re-examine our positions. As the number of people who find themselves in relationships with Muslims increases, so will the fairness and respect with which they treat their faith.

relationships with Muslims

Our relationship with Muslims is prey:predator, nothing can change that objective factual reality.  We do not have Muslim friends. Allah explicitly forbids friendly relations with Kuffar. This is one of nine explicit prohibitions: 5:51. O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliyâ’ (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliyâ’ to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliyâ’, then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allâh guides not those people who are the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers and unjust).. The prohibition extends to parents & siblings[9:23].

face, not facts

Stare into the eyes of a photograph of Usama bin Ladin or Nidal Malik Hasan. How do their visages force you to re-examine your positionon Islam?
The assertion is so absurd on its face as to require no elaboration.


Fairness is an abstract concept that can neither be efficiently defined nor measured.  Exactly how does it apply to Islam?  What is fair; is it allowing the construction of Mosques in America while no church can be built in Saudi Arabia or Egypt?  Is it fair to tell office workers in Britain that they must not eat in the presence of Muslim co-workers during Ramadan?


Respect, like credit, is given where respect is due. Islam is not due any respect; it is due contempt and detestation.  How can a Christian respect a cult whose doctrine denies the patrimony, deity, crucifixion, death & resurrection of his Savior and reveres him as a genocidal warlord?  How can a freeman respect a cult whose doctrine postulates a divine mission to conquer him?

As I consider what the next ten years will hold in our rapprochement with Islam, I think the answer largely depends on where our youth will get their information. Make no mistake about it, someone will teach them.

where our youth will get their information

They will not receive relevant, accurate factual information from the public schools because Islam is already infiltrating and intimidating the text book publishers and those who set the standards for text books.

They will not receive relevant, accurate factual information about Islam from the mainstream media, because they are infiltrated & intimidated. They will not receive it from politicians because most of them are either ignorant or politically correct.

Will our youth receive relevant, accurate factual information about Islam from the church? Will Sunday school divert attention from the Gospel to the Qur’an, Life of Muhammad and hadith?  Will our youth slog through several hundred pages of redundant, obtuse Arab fantasy? Will they read an 800 page biography?  Will they slog through thousands of redundant and fantastic stories about men long dead?  Perhaps they might if you tell them there is sex in it.

Will the church introduce students to the writings of Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, Andrew McCarthy  or Raymond Ibrahim? Fat chance. Perhaps the students will become curious and search the web for information. With luck, they might discover this blog post and click its links.

Our youth have been exposed to disparate components of Islam and will not accept only broad generalisations and a bottom line message that Islam is a religion of peace – please be clear that I am not countering this as the religion’s ideal.


Islam is a religion of peace

While that might be the personal ideal of a substantial sub set of Muslims, it is not Allah’s ideal nor that of his Messenger. A religion of peace would not devote two chapters of its scripture to the warfare, commanding its votaries to engage in it, commanding its Messenger to urge them to it and laying down rules for division of spoils.  If Islam were a religion of peace, its canon law would not define a “religious obligation” to attack disbelievers in every year.

A religion of peace would not threaten its votaries with eternity in Hellfire if they refuse to go to war, nor would it promise them admission to Paradise if they join the jihad.  A religion of peace would not impute “steps” to injure or enrage disbelievers to its votaries as “deeds of righteousness“, accruing Brownie Points toward admission to Paradise.

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Chrislam: Malignant Malarkey

NPR has a story about friendship between a church and a mosque: A Ramadan Story Of Two Faiths Bound In Friendship.  It seems that a church offered the use of its facility while the mosque was under construction.  A year later, the two groups cooperate in charity projects.

So friendly, touchy~feeley & upbeat; what a great story. Unfortunately, the story values form over substance.  Christianity and Islam do not share a common deity.  Christians worship the God of Israel. Muslims worship Allah, one of 360 idols in the Kaaba before Moe throw out the other 359.

The Christian God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Allah has no son, only a slave, who was not crucified, did not die and was not resurrected,  who will return to kill the Jews & Christians and rule the world by the Qur’an.  Allah demands human blood sacrifice, setting great slaughter as Moe’s price of admission to Paradise.

But Muslims and Christians can be friends and share common goals, can’t they?  Allah said they can’t, and repeated it frequently.

What do pious Muslims pray for during Ramadan?  Of course, they pray for blessing and forgiveness, and something more, which I have highlighted to make it stand out.

And bless us our hearing, and our sight, and our faculties, as long as You allow us to live; and make them protectors for us against the transgressions we have committed; and make us victorious over our enemies; and do not allow us to have problems in our deen; and do not allow us to make the life of this world our greatest concern; and remove from us difficulty in attaining knowledge; and do not make hellfire our destination; and make jannah our home; and do not impose upon us, because of our sins, people who lack mercy and do not fear You (as authorities over us)

Invite Muslims into our churches to remind Allah why he should burn us, pray four our defeat and the overthrow of our government; what a great idea.

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Google: Commercial & Prejudicial Injustice

I received information by emal from Logan’s Warning: Google has withdrawn its Ad Sense service from the web site because it publishes negative information and opinion about Islam.


HATE/ANTI: Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on sites with content advocating against any individual, group, or organization.More information about this policy can be found in our help center (

ACTION TAKEN: We have disabled ad serving to your site.

Logan’s Warning advocates for individual and civilizational life & liberty by warning against the demonic doctrines and predatory actions of Islam.  Google’s action is equivalent to censoring and squelching those warning about Hitler’s program of world conquest in World War II and Communism;s program of expansion after the war.

Christopher Logan  performs a service I am not in a position to perform:  he produces local interest video from Islamic places and events in N.Y.C and does first person local reporting.  Christopher incurs expenses in his reporting as well as in domain registration and site hosting.  He needs to monetize his site to offset those expenses.

By complaining to Google against Logan’s Warning, Muslims are attempting to silence an effective voice which exposes their demonic ideology.  I hope that you will visit , sign up for email updates and develop a habit of making regular visits to the site.  I hope that those who are financially able will click Logan’s donation button and contribute to the site’s mission.  It may be the most you can do to preserve freedom of expression.

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United Nations & Islam–Genocide Incorporated

The General Assembly uttered and published A/66/153 (Part I), titled: Establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the region
of the Middle East.

After an introduction and observations consisting of six paragraphs, the document concludes with responses from several states. Three of those are important. I will return to the observations after commenting on these.

Cuba exposes the top level issue:

The acquisition of nuclear capability by  Israel represents  a threat to the
security of the neighbouring States and to peace in the region, which is already in
turmoil. The statements made by the Israeli Prime Minister on 12 December 2006,
admitting that Israel is a nuclear-weapon State, are a source of great concern.

The focus of the U.N. campaign for a nuclear free Mid East is on Israel.  Only Japan mentioned Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  Its not what you do, its who you are and who your allies are.

Egypt piles on:

The main impediment to establishing a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the
Middle East has been Israel. Egypt notes with grave concern that Israel remains the
sole country in the Middle East not to  adhere to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation

If Israel had not bombed Iraq’s reactor, would they be bitching about Saddam’s nuclear weapons program?  They are gravely concerned that only Israel has nukes. Once Iran obtains them, their concern will fade away.

Syria piles on:

The Syrian Arab Republic expresses its grave concern that Israel’s refusal to
accede to the Treaty, despite numerous calls and international resolutions urging it
to do so, remains the fundamental obstacle to ridding the Middle East of nuclear

Iran signed the treaty and violates it with impunity; nobody gives a damn about that. Its all about Israel. Then there is the little matter of the a reactor project in which North Korea and Syria were partners. Only Israel was concerned about that reactor and bombed it.  Syria has not permitted effective analysis of the site.

Pandora’s box is open. The lid is off, the demons are loose; they can not be returned to the box. Hitler’s regime was working on the A bomb. The scientists who worked on it came over to our side, resulting in an early end to the war in the Pacific, saving millions of lives.

Communists who infiltrated our government transmitted vital information to Russia and now the demons are loose.  No treaty is worth the paper it is printed on. Tyrants Hellbent on expanding their empires to global scope will not adhere to treaties. They will not disarm. They can not be disarmed short of all out war.

Dreams of nuclear free zones and a nuclear free world are the ultimate insanity. Disarmament means that only those most inclined to aggression will have weapons.  It means that their victims will be unable to mount an effective defense. Disarmament is the predator’s fondest dream: a guarantee of easy prey.

Now is the time to expose and dissect the real agenda, which is exposed in ¶6 of the Observations.

6. The Secretary-General reaffirms the urgent need for a just and lasting solution
to the Arab-Israeli conflict. He believes that it is in the best interest of both parties
to achieve an end to the conflict, a resolution of all final status issues — including
Jerusalem, borders, refugees and security — and the emergence of a sovereign,
ndependent, contiguous and viable State of Palestine living side-by-side in peace
and security with Israel. He calls for the implementation of all relevant resolutions
of the Security Council, in particular resolutions 1850 (2008) and 1860 (2009). The
Secretary-General welcomes the efforts of the United States to facilitate political
progress between Israelis and Palestinians.  He appeals to the parties to return to
negotiations without preconditions and without delay and to discuss all core issues
with a view to a final resolution of the conflict. He will continue to work towards
that end with the Quartet. The Secretary-General emphasizes the importance of any
peace settlement to be comprehensive and reiterates the importance of the Arab
Peace Initiative in this regard. He calls upon all concerned parties within and
outside the region to adopt a constructive  attitude with a view to creating stable
security conditions and an eventual settlement that  would facilitate the process of
establishing a zone free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. The SecretaryGeneral
reiterates the continued readiness of the United Nations to provide any
assistance deemed helpful in this regard.


The Litany of lies:

Arab-Israeli conflict

There is no conflict; there is an ongoing genocide. The 1400 year timescale makes this fact difficult to detect. Moe plagiarized Hebrew scripture and co-opted Hebrew prophets in hopes of attracting Jews to his new war cult. His ruse was detected and rejected, so Moe set out to punish the Jews for rejecting his lies.

  • Attack on B. Qaynuqa
  • Attack on B. Qurayza
  • Attack on B. al-Mustaliq
  • Expedition to Khaybar
  • The Affair of Fadak
  • Banu Nadir.

According to the Qur’an, Allah commanded Muslims to wage war against Jews. That imperative includes war against Christians & Zoroastrians; anyone with a scriptural religion. It is contained in Surah At-Taubah 29; read it and curse Islam.

9:29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

Does it really mean that?

“Allah commanded His Messenger to fight the People of the Scriptures, Jews and Christians, on the ninth year of Hijrah, and he prepared his army to fight the Romans and called the people to Jihad announcing his intent and destination. The Messenger sent his intent to various Arab areas around Al-Madinah to gather forces, and he collected an army of thirty thousand.” [Tafsir Ibn Kathir]

Fight those who do not believe in God, nor in the Last Day, for, otherwise, they would have believed in the Prophet (s), and who do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden, such as wine, nor do they practise the religion of truth, the firm one, the one that abrogated other religions, namely, the religion of Islam — from among of those who (min, ‘from’, explains [the previous] alladhīna, ‘those who’) have been given the Scripture, namely, the Jews and the Christians, until they pay the jizya tribute, the annual tax imposed them, readily (‘an yadin is a circumstantial qualifier, meaning, ‘compliantly’, or ‘by their own hands’, not delegating it [to others to pay]), being subdued, [being made] submissive and compliant to the authority of Islam. [Tafsir al-Jalalayn]

Moe confirmed it.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 8, Number 387:
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah.” Narrated Maimun ibn Siyah that he asked Anas bin Malik, “O Abu Hamza! What makes the life and property of a person sacred?” He replied, “Whoever says, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’, faces our Qibla during the prayers, prays like us and eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have.”

It is codified in Shari’ah..

O9.8: The Objectives of Jihad
The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4) -which is the significance of their paying it, not the money itself-while remaining in their ancestral religions) (O: and the war continues) until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax (O: in accordance with the word of Allah Most High,
“Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and who forbid not what Allah and His messenger have forbidden-who do not practice the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book-until they pay the poll tax out of hand and are humbled” (Koran 9.29),…

Allah had something more to say, something very revealing: that he would always send someone to torment and humiliate the Jews. Who might he send?

7:167. And (remember) when your Lord declared that He would certainly keep on sending against them (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection, those who would afflict them with a humiliating torment. Verily, your Lord is Quick in Retribution (for the disobedient, wicked) and certainly He is Oft­Forgiving, Most Merciful (for the obedient and those who beg Allâh’s Forgiveness).

In the end, he will send the Muslims, led by Jesus Christ. Nobody else will tell you about this; I will because I do not give a damn who is offended.

…”In the future, the Jews will support the Dajjal (False Messiah); and the Muslims, along with `Isa, son of Mary, will kill the Jews. This will occur just before the end of this world.”…[Tafsir Ibn Kathir]

Four more ahadith are relevant to this issue. The first of these is local to the Hijaz, but has global implications, which I have highlighted.  The first two display Moe’s intent as well as his arrogance. The third confirms genocidal intent: the gates of Paradise will not swing open until they kill the last Jew.  The fourth shows how caliph Umar followed up on the others.   Umar was one of the four “rightly guided caliphs”, the one who conquered Israel in 638.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 392:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

While we were in the Mosque, the Prophet came out and said, “Let us go to the Jews” We went out till we reached Bait-ul-Midras. He said to them, “If you embrace Islam, you will be safe.You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land. So, if anyone amongst you owns some property, he is permitted to sell it, otherwise you should know that the Earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle.”

Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477
Narrated Ibn Hawalah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: It will turn out that you will be armed troops, one is Syria, one in the Yemen and one in Iraq. Ibn Hawalah said: Choose for me, Apostle of Allah, if I reach that time. He replied: Go to Syria, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your tanks, for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177:
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 386:
Narrated Jubair bin Haiya:
‘Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight the pagans. …  Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:– “Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever amongst us remain alive, shall become your master.”

Ban Ki-moon, I call you out: are you an ignorant damned fool or a traitor to the human race?  Which of these fatal facts were you unaware of?  Which of these fatal facts do you not comprehend?  Muslims were commanded to conquer the entire world, including Israel. Muslims were promised that all land they conquered would always remain under their control.  Muslims can not tolerate the existence of Israel because it proves Allah to be an impotent idol whose threat and promise are void.  Islam’s urge to reconquer Israel can not end while there are living Muslims on the face of the earth. Do you still deny this fatal fact?  If so, then you are, indeed a traitor to the human race.

end to the conflict

There is no conflict; there is only the Islamic imperative of genocidal conquest which can not end while Muslims remain alive on the face of the earth.

resolution of all final status issues

There is only one issue: the existence of Israel.  While Israel exists, Muslims can never be satisfied. Nothing less than the total destruction of Israel and genocide of the Jews can satisfy Islam.

State of Palestine

Trans-Jordan: the state of Palestine. One is enough!!! Its creation consumed 70% of the mandate which was to be restored to the Jews as their homeland. Israel does not owe Falestinians any more land beyond mass graves.


They demand a state in place of, not beside Israel. Read the Charter of HAMAS and the PLO Charter.


What is there to negotiate with an ideology which demands genocide and politicide?  What part of existential do you not comprehend?!

without preconditions

  • Jerusalem
  • borders
  • refugees
  • security
  • and the emergence of a State of Palestine
    • sovereign
    • independent
    • contiguous
    • viable

Am I the only one who can perceive the obvious hypocrisy?  First he lists the preconditions, then he denies them.  We are not dealing with an ignorant fool, we are dealing with an arrogant traitor who perceives us as too stupid and indolent to recognize objective factual reality.

final resolution

  •     Translation: “final solution”. Obvious meaning: genocide.
    • Moe
    • Hitler
    • Ban Ki-moon
  • Did someone once say “Never again!”? It sure was not Ban Ki -Moon.

Arab Peace Initiative

“First you surrender, then we negotiate.”  No preconditions, remember?

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If Bibi had Balls

He would connect Ban Ki-moon, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Catherine Ashton om a conference call.  The monologue would flow like this:

Your pets have fired twenty rockets too many. The first rocket was one million too many. The attacks will stop immediately and will not resume now or at any future time. The next bullet, knife, bomb, mortar shell or rocket will be the last.  Gaza will be purged of survivors and annexed.  Gaza will be a living place for Jews forever.

Our Ambassadors have been instructed to prepare for permanent return to Jerusalem and will leave at the first mention of  “restraint”, “cease fire”, “negitiation”, “compromise”, “peace keepers” or “end the conflict”.  With ‘friends’ such as you we don’t need enemies. We will eliminate our enemies without respect for your disapproval.

Unfortunately, Bibi lacks the resolve, fortitude and common sense to make that statement and do what is necessary for Israel’s survival.  It may be too late to replace him with someone wiser and stronger.

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OIC: United Stand Against Intolerance ?

OIC: United Stand Against Intolerance ?

Last March, the HRC passed a new resolution which was said to abandon
the nefarious “defamation of religions” concept, substituting “negative
stereotyping” & “incitement”.  That is the official position;
divergent from objective factual reality. The distinction is without
difference, and the amended verbiage is persiflage.

That fact is exposed by a March 24 address to the
HRC by Mr.
Zamir Akram, Pakistan’s Ambassador.   He made it clear that
the new resolution does not abrogate previous resolutions, instead, it
confirms them.  His speech is dissected in detail here.

President: this resolution addresses a number of issuesover which the OIC has been
expressing concern over the years. having said  that, I wish to
state categorically that this resolution does not replace earlier
resolutions on combating  defamation.which were adopted by the Human
Rights Council  and remain valid.  This resolution L.38
is an attempt on the part of the oic to build consensuson an issue of vital importance
not only to Muslims but to people of all religions  and beliefs by
identifying  ways and means to deal with the growing problems of
religious incitementand
discrimination and incitement to hatredand violencebased on religion or belief.

The Secretary General of the OIC also addressed the HRC on the subject of the new resolution.

OIC has a principled postition against
defamation of any  religion, dehumanization of the followers or
denigration of symbols  sacred   to
all     religions.    The
developments  including the ban of construction of minarets, the
attempts towards burning of Qur’an and the use of Islamophobia

as an instrument of electoral politics are ominous.  There is an
urgent need to initiate and sustain what I would like to term as
‘preventive  cultural    diplomacy’.
We   need  to  move beyond  event based calls
for action to create spaces for structured engagement   The
Human Rights   framework provides with a concrete basis for
this engagement.   We believe that tbe workshops on
incitement to hatred under the Durban mandate constitute and important
avenue for a synthesis  aimed at bridging the divergence of views.

The Secretary General has spoken out again, this
time uttering & publishing a lie so egregious that it must be
refuted immediately.  It is necessary to rub his snout in his mess
of deception.

 The OIC has never sought
to limit freedom of expression
, give Islam preferential
treatment, curtail creativity or allow discrimination against religious
minorities in Muslim countries.
  •  never sought to
    limit freedom of expression
    • OIC
      Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed his dismay
      disappointment at the release of the book despite
      the fact that he, and some leaders of Muslim countries, had personally
      written letters to the foreign minister of Denmark, urging the Danish
      government to stop the publication
      of the book because of its
      highly provocative and inciting content.[
      Khaleej Times Habib Shaikh]
    • Tajikistan,
      chair of the Organization of the Islamic Conference
      (OIC) has
      sent an official
      request to the UN to pressure Norway to stop publication
      of a
      reprint of the book with scandalous cartoons featuring the prophet
      Mohammed. []
      , addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, voices
      the concern of 57 members of the OIC and calls
      on the UN to “take measures against” the plan, reports Interfax. []
    • Pakistan
      said it told the Dutch ambassador that it was incumbent on the
      Netherlands to prosecute
      Mr Wilders for defamation and deliberately
      hurting Muslim sentiments
      , the official Associated Press of
      news agency reported.”[

For the benefit of those suffering from anal cranial
juxtaposition, I will clear away the chaff:

  • never sought to limit
    freedom of expression
    • urging
      the Danish
      government to stop the publication
    • pressure
      Norway to stop publication
    • told
      the Dutch ambassador
      • to
        Mr Wilders

From the viewpoint of a rational and honest person,
Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is a damned liar, having deliberately made an
egregiously untrue statement.  From the Islamic point of view, he
is not a liar because Islam does not recognize disbelievers as human,
denying our rights. They can not violate our freedom of expression
because we have none. Human rights do not apply to us in their point of
view.  The sanctity of life is conditioned on being Muslim.

[…]And if they say so,
pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and
property will be sacred
to us and we will not interfere with
them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah[…] [Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387]

Having exposed the most egregious deception, I will
continue fisking this screed, which is being widely propagated. I
perceive that this and related articles are the first wave of a tsunami
of pressure focused on the next General Assembly session beginning
September 20.

As is my habit with target rich environments, I will
link my comments to superscripts in the text. Click the superscripts to
read the comments and use your Backspace key to return to the

Istanbul, Turkey – The horrific
and tragic incident that happened in Norway reminds us again of the
importance of combating religious intolerance1
and promoting cultural

Anti-Islam and
anti-Muslim attitudes and activities3, known as Islamophobia, are
increasingly finding place in the agenda of ultra-right wing4 political
parties and civil societies in the West in their anti-immigrant5 and
anti-multiculturalism6 policies, as was evident in
the manifesto of the
Norway killer7.
Their views8
are being promoted under the banner of
freedom of expression9
while claiming that Muslims do not
respect that

A few days before the
Norway attack, on 15 July in Istanbul, the Organization of Islamic
Cooperation (OIC) and the United States agreed to a united stand on
“[c]ombating intolerance10, negative stereotyping11
and stigmatization of12,
and discrimination13,
incitement to violence14,
and violence against
persons based on religion or belief15” through the implementation of UN
Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18.

The meeting –
co-chaired by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and myself, with
the attendance of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs
together with the foreign ministers and officials of OIC member states
and Western countries, as well as international organisations –
reaffirmed the commitment of the participants to the effective
implementation of the measures set in the resolution.

This was a major step
towards strengthening the foundations of tolerance and respect for
religious diversity17 as well as
enhancing the promotion and protection
of human rights and fundamental freedoms around the world18.

The OIC, which was the
initiator of Resolution 16/18, worked in close cooperation in the
drafting process with the United States and the European Union in
bringing about a breakthrough on 21 March.

The 2011 HRC
resolution is a genuine effort to usher in an era of understanding on
the issue of religious intolerance. It gives the widest margin of
freedom of expression, and reiterates the rejection of discrimination,
incitement and stereotyping used by the other or against the symbols of
the followers of religions.

OIC has never
sought to limit freedom of expression, give Islam preferential
treatment, curtail creativity or allow discrimination against religious
minorities in Muslim countries.

The Islamic faith is
based on tolerance and acceptance of other religions. It does not
condone discrimination of human beings on the basis of caste, creed,
colour or faith20.
It falls on all the OIC member states as a sacred duty
to protect the lives and property of their non-Muslim citizens and to
treat them without discrimination of any form. Those elements who seek
to harm or threaten minority citizens must be subjected to law. Our
strong stand condemning violence perpetrated against non-Muslims
whether in Iraq, Egypt or Pakistan has been consistent.

No one has the right
to insult another for their beliefs or to incite hatred and prejudice.
That kind of behaviour is irresponsible and uncivilised.

We also cannot
overlook the fact that the world is diverse. The Western perception on
certain issues would differ from those held by others. We need to be
sensitive and appreciative of this reality, more so when it comes to
criticising or expressing views on issues related to religion and

The publication of
offensive cartoons of the Prophet six years ago that sparked outrage
across the Muslim world, the publicity around the film
Fitna and the more recent Qur’an
burnings represent incidents of incitement to hatred22 that
fuel an
atmosphere of dangerous mutual suspicion. Freedom of expression has to
be exercised with responsibility23. At the same time, violent
to provocations are also irresponsible and uncivilised and we condemn
them unequivocally.

It is not enough to
pass resolutions and laws against religious incitement. We should also
be diligent in launching more initiatives and measures towards better
intercultural dialogue and understanding at all levels – the political,
social, business, media, academic and religious.

Resolution 16/18
includes an eight-point approach that calls for various measures to
foster tolerance, including developing collaborative networks to build
mutual understanding and constructive action, creating appropriate
mechanisms within the government to identify and address potential
areas of tension between members of religious communities, and raising
awareness at the local, national and international levels on the
effects of negative religious stereotyping and incitement to religious

The implementation of
the 2011 HRC Resolution 16/1824 would take us a long way in
making our
world a more peaceful and harmonious place to live in.


* Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is the Secretary General of the
Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Organization
of the Islamic Conference), an international organisation consisting of
57 member states. This article was written for the Common Ground News
Service (CGNews).

Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 16 August 2011,

Copyright permission is granted for publication.

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    Ihsanoglu”+ “stop publication”
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      •   Khaleej Times Habib Shaikh [Emphasis added.]

        2 October 2010 JEDDAH — The Organisation
        of the Islamic Conference has condemned the publication
        of the
        book Tyranny of Silence in Denmark.

        The book, containing blasphemous caricatures, hit the stores in Denmark
        on Thursday amid concerns over a backlash from the Muslim world.

        The cartoons were first published by the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in
        2005, resulting in condemnation from Muslims around the world.

        Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed his dismay
        disappointment at the release of the book despite
        the fact that he, and some leaders of Muslim countries, had personally
        written letters to the foreign minister of Denmark, urging the Danish
        government to stop the publication
        of the book because of its
        highly provocative and inciting content. [] Emphasising
        the moral responsibility of the political leadership of Denmark,
        Ihsanoglu said the publication
        of the book was a deliberate attempt to incite prejudice and animosity.

        This would undermine the ongoing efforts of the international community
        to promote understanding and peaceful coexistence among people of
        diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

        chair of the Organization of the Islamic Conference
        (OIC) has
        sent an official
        request to the UN to pressure Norway to stop publication
        of a
        reprint of the book with scandalous cartoons featuring the prophet
        Mohammed. []
        , addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, voices
        the concern of 57 members of the OIC and calls
        on the UN to “take measures against” the plan, reports Interfax.

    1. Religious intolerance indeed.
      We must tolerate Islam, but Islam is not obligated to tolerate Judaism
      or Christianity. Tolerance is a one way street

* whoever seeks a religion other than Islâm, it will never be accepted

* fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism:
i.e. worshipping others besides Allâh) and the religion (worship) will
all be for Allâh Alone [in the whole of the world ]. [8:39]

* those who disbelieve, and die while they are disbelievers, it is they
on whom is the Curse of Allâh and of the angels and of mankind[2:161]

    1. Cultural
      understanding, yeah, right. They do not want us to understand Islam,
      they want us to accept a false image; a web of lies spun by Islam and
      its apologists. What passes for cultural understanding is really
      kitman: deception by obfuscation.
    2. Translation: resistance: Kuffar
      attempting to defend themselves and their culture. Phobia implies
      irrational fear and loathing. There is nothing irrational about
      loathing an institution which has a 1400 year track record of genocide,
      murdering an estimated 270*106  people.
    3. The VVP is not Nazi or fascist, it is
      democratic. The Secretary General is using loaded words as a smear
    4. The Immigrants in question are
      Muslims, living as parasites on the state and breeding like rats. They
      tend to rape, riot and block the streets raising their butts to the
      moon. Whats not to oppose about that?
    5. Multiculturalism is the idea that
      an inferior culture which dominates women, assaults Queers, rapes
      indigenous girls, declares superiority, refuses to assimilate,
      threatens war, supports terrorism and constantly escalates its demands
      is equal to Western Civilization. Whats not to oppose about suicidal
    6. Breivert’s Manifesto discusses ‘martyrdom
      operations’. “Yes, for certain religious members,

      certain measures are obviously in violation to biblical teachings but the amount of grace

      and divine
      goodwill generated at the point where you sacrifice everything (in the

      operation) will provide you with an abundance of it, which will more

      nullify any
      minor or serious sins committed prior to operation
      .” [pg. 846]
      On page 849 he lists three pieces of music to be played during
      ‘martyrdom operations’.  It is obvious that Breivert adopted enemy
      doctrine & tactics. It is obvious that he is not sane. While
      objective facts reproduced in the manifesto remain true and accepted by
      others, the manifesto is his alone. The manifesto is violent, see pages
      1028 & 1344; rational resistance is educational and political, not
      violent. Ihsanoglu is engaging in smear tactics, attempting to tar
      others with Breivert’s violence.

    7. Our views of Islam are founded on facts
      discovered in Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis &
      jurisprudence.  Check out ICCPR,
      Article 19. §1 guarantees the right to hold opinions. §2 guarantees
      freedom of expression.  The spewers of feces assert that rights
      are interdependent and cling bitterly to exaggerated ideas of Article
    8. In America we have the Declaration of
      Independence; God gave us
      the right to live;  & Bill of
      rights. “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.”
      If prohibited from truthfully communicating warning of approaching
      danger, we would be rendered defenseless. We perceive Islam to be a
      threat because of its declaration & prosecution of perpetual war.



  1. If they were sincere about combating
    intolerance, they would outlaw the Qur’an because it inculcates
    intolerance.  Is there anything more intolerant than declaring us
    the worst
    of living creatures
    , cursing
    and declaring
    perpetual war
    against us?
  2. When we share the facts outlined in point 9 above, we are accused
    of negative stereotyping. Exposing
    the fact that Allah commands Muslims to wage war against us, Moe
    confirmed the imperative & implemented it and Islamic law codifies
    it is not negative stereotyping, it is revealing objective factual
    reality. It does not mean that every Muslim is violent, it means that
    Islam requires every Muslim to pray for, pay for and or participate in
    aggressive conquest.
  3. Should being a made member of the Mafia carry a stigma?
    Why then should membership in Moe’s war cult not carry a stigma?
  4. Should members of the Mafia be subject to discrimination? Should they be closely
    observed; suspected of criminal activity? Why then should members of
    the cult which sanctifies
    & celebrates terrorism not be suspected, observed
    and excluded from our societies?
  5. If incitement were to be combated, the
    Qur’an would be outlawed. Of course, that is not the intention of the
    resolution’s authors and few will read 8:65, 9:38-39, 9:123 & 61:10-12 to learn why it should be. The Motoons simply depicted Moe as a terrorist, which,
    by his own admission, he was. They did not suggest that viewers should
    assault or wage war upon Muslims. The associated violence was incited
    by Imams in Mosques, not by the cartoonists or publisher.  Fitna, the short documentary by Geert Wilders,
    displayed the incitement contained in the Qur’an, which flows through
    Mosques.  Fitna did not incite violence, Imams did, resulting in
    riots.  They are demanding that all criticism of Islam be
    outlawed, twisting and perverting language in the process.

CNN.Com’s European outlet has a reminder of what
the Secretary General said about Fitna, the documentary video by Geert

  • “The
    film was a deliberate act of discrimination against Muslims” that aimed
    to “provoke unrest and intolerance,”

News informs us that Pakistan demanded prosecution.

said it told the Dutch ambassador that it was incumbent on the
Netherlands to prosecute Mr Wilders for defamation and deliberately
hurting Muslim sentiments, the official Associated Press of Pakistan
news agency reported.”

Wikipedia helps us to review the UN position.


After the
release of the film, a number of international organizations released
statements or otherwise responded to the film. United
 Secretary-General Ban
 stated on
on March 28, 2008 that

I condemn, in the strongest terms, the airing of Geert Wilders’
offensively anti-Islamic film. There is no justification for hate
speech or incitement to violence. The right of free expression is not
at stake here. I acknowledge the efforts of the Government of the
Netherlands to stop the broadcast of this film, and appeal for calm to
those understandably offended by it. Freedom must always be accompanied
by social responsibility.[133][134]


  1. If they really gave a damn about violence
    against persons based
    on their religion, they would be acting to protect Christians in Muslim
    dominated areas of Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and
    other places where Christians are bombed, shot, burned and hacked to
    death with impunity.
  2. If there was any possibility of balanced & effective implementation the resolution, no Muslim
    would vote for it because it would require the outlawing of
  3. Tolerance respect
    for diversity? Really? Yeah, right. “Truly,
    the religion with Allâh is Islâm
    “. “Allâh!
    Lâ ilahâ illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He)
    , ”

    -6- are forbidden to openly display wine or pork,
    (A: to ring church bells or display crosses,) recite the Torah or
    Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays;

    -7- and are forbidden to build new churches.

  4. What right is more fundamental than the
    right to life?  “then
    the Mushrikûn (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and
    capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every
    ambush.” “It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war
    (and free them with ransom) until he had made a
    great slaughter
    (among his enemies) in the land.” Get a clue: our
    blood and property are not sacred to Muslims.
  5. The sentence is unmitigated
    hypocrisy. What did Ban Ki-moon say about Fitna? Something about “hate
    speech” & “incitement”. Oh, yes, he said that freedom of expression
    was “not involved:.   Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu  called it a
    “deliberate act of discrimination”  intended to “provoke unrest
    and intolerance.  Reality check: Fitna shows the  violent
    Qur’an verses side by side with the Imams who  invoke them and the
    resulting riots.  Describing is not doing.
  6. Like most Muslim screeds, this one is redundant. One lie must be
    pointed out: discrimination. Reliance of
    the Traveller is Islamic law. This provision affects conquered Jews
    & Christians.


    Such non-Muslim subjects are obliged to
    comply with Islamic rules that pertain to the safety and indemnity of
    life, reputation, and property. In addition, they:

    -1- are penalized for committing adultery
    or theft, thought not for drunkenness;

    -2- are distinguished from
    Muslims in dress
    , wearing a wide cloth belt (zunnar);

    -3- are not greeted with
    “as-Salamu ‘alaykum

    -4- must keep to the side of
    the stree

    -5- may not build higher than
    or as high as the Muslims’ building
    s, though if they acquire a
    tall house, it is not razed;

    -6- are forbidden to openly
    display wine or pork, (A: to ring church bells or display crosses,)
    recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their
    funerals and feastdays

    -7- and are forbidden to build new


    They are forbidden to reside in
    the Hijaz, meaning the area and towns around Mecca, Medina, and Yamama,

    for more than three days when the caliph allows them to enter there for
    something they need).


    A non-Muslim may not enter the Meccan
    Sacred Precinct (Haram) under any circumstances
    , or enter any
    other mosque without permission (A: nor may Muslims enter churches
    without their permission).

  7. Diversity, yeah, right.  Because
    there is more than one “religion” in the world, we must not mention the
    fact that one of them is a war cult, hellbent on conquering us, not a
    legitimate religion.
  8. Incitement to hatred? Muhammad
    bragged about being made victorious with terror. Allah declared that he
    would cast terror. Allah declared that he cast terror, resulting in the
    death of the men of a Jewish settlement and the enslavement of their
    widows and orphans. The fatal facts of Islam are truly worthy of hatred
    and contempt but exposing them is not incitement.
  9. Those of us who have become familiar with the damnable doctrines
    & practices of Islam have a responsibility
    to share our knowledge with our fellows and to encourage them to read
    Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis &
    jurisprudence.  There is no responsibility to be silent or soft
    pedal the truth.
  10. Examine the resolution’s
    call to action :

    5. Notes the speech given by
    Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the
    fifteenth session of the Human Rights Council, and draws on his call on
    States to take the following actions
    to foster a domestic
    environment of religious tolerance, peace and respect, by:

    Encouraging the creation of collaborative networks to build mutual
    understanding, promoting dialogue and inspiring constructive action

    towards shared policy goals and the pursuit of tangible outcomes, such
    as servicing projects in the fields of education, health, conflict
    prevention, employment, integration and media education;

    Creating an appropriate
    mechanism within Governments
    to, inter alia, identify and
    address potential areas of tension between members of different
    religious communities, and assisting with conflict prevention and

    Encouraging training of Government officials in effective outreach

    Encouraging the efforts of leaders to discuss within their communities
    the causes of discrimination, and evolving strategies to counter these

    (e) Speaking out against
    , including advocacy of religious
    hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or

    (f) Adopting measures to criminalize
    incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief
    ; {Review
    the definitions implicit in criticisms of Fitna and the Motoons!!!}

    Understanding the need to combat denigration and negative religious
    stereotyping of persons, as well as incitement to religious hatred, by strategizing and
    actions at the local, national, regional and
    international levels through, inter alia, education
    and awareness-building;  {Indoctrination.}

    Recognizing that the open, constructive and respectful debate of ideas,
    as well as interfaith and intercultural dialogue at the local, national
    and international levels, can play a positive role in combating
    religious hatred, incitement and violence;

    6. Calls upon all States:

    (a) To
    take effective
    to ensure that public functionaries in the conduct of
    their public duties do not discriminate against an individual on the
    basis of religion or belief;

    (b) To
    foster religious freedom and pluralism by promoting the ability of
    members of all religious communities to manifest their religion, and to
    contribute openly and on an equal footing to society;

    (c) To
    encourage the representation and meaningful participation of
    individuals, irrespective of their religion, in all sectors of society;

    (d) To
    make a strong
    effort to counter religious profiling,
    which is understood to be
    the invidious use of religion as a criterion in conducting
    questionings, searches and other law enforcement investigative

    7. Encourages States to consider
    providing updates on efforts made in this regard as part of ongoing
    reporting to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for
    Human Rights;

    8. Calls upon States to adopt
    measures and policies to promote the full respect for and protection of
    places of worship and religious sites, cemeteries and shrines, and to
    take measures in cases where they are vulnerable to vandalism or

    9. Calls for strengthened
    international efforts to foster a global dialogue for the promotion of
    a culture of tolerance and peace at all levels, based on respect for
    human rights and diversity of religions and beliefs, and decides to
    convene a panel discussion on this issue at its seventeenth session,
    within existing resources.

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Obamination: Jobs

Obamination: Jobs

Obamination addressed the nation about jobs. Sort of like someone who
administered poison telling you how to get well. The time has come to
tell him, his administration and their enablers in Congress to go to
Hell. If we won’t tell them, who will?  Lets not wait until
November 6, 2012; lets do it immediately.

The superscripts in the prepared remarks are linked
to my contumacious comments, which follow. You can click the
superscripts to read the relevant comment, then use your Backspace key to return to your
place in the text.


Remarks of
President Barack Obama

As Prepared for Delivery

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Washington, DC

Thursday, I visited a new, high-tech factory in Michigan where workers
are helping America lead the way in a growing clean energy

were proud of their work, and they should be.  They’re not just
showing us a path1
out of the worst recession in generations – they’re proving that this
is still a country where we make things2; where new ideas take root and
grow; where the best universities, most creative entrepreneurs, and
most dynamic businesses in the world call home3.
They’re proving that even in difficult times, there’s not a country on
Earth that wouldn’t trade places with us. 

doesn’t mean we don’t face some very tough economic challenges.
Many Americans are hurting badly right now.  Many have been
unemployed for too long.  Putting these men and women back to
work, and growing wages for everyone, has got to be our top priority4.

lately, the response from Washington has been partisanship and gridlock5
that’s only undermined public confidence and hindered our efforts to
grow the economy.

while there’s nothing wrong with our country, there is something wrong
with our politics6,
and that’s what we’ve got to fix.  Because we
know there are things Congress can do7, right now, to get more money
back in your pockets, get this economy growing faster, and get our
friends and neighbors back to work. 

payroll tax cut that put $1,000 back in the average family’s pocket
this year?8
Let’s extend it.  Construction workers who’ve
been jobless since the housing boom went bust?  Let’s put them
back to work rebuilding America.9  Let’s cut red tape in the
process so entrepreneurs can get good ideas to market more
quickly.  Let’s finish trade deals so we can sell more
American-made goods around the world.10  Let’s connect the hundreds
of thousands of brave Americans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan
to businesses that need their incredible11 skills and talents.

are all things we can do right now.  So let’s do them.  And
over the coming weeks, I’ll put forward more proposals12 to help
businesses hire and create jobs, and won’t stop until every American
who wants a job can find one.

we can no longer let partisan brinksmanship get in our way – the idea
that making it through the next election is more important than making
things right.  That’s what’s holding us back – the fact that some
in Congress13 would rather
see their opponents lose than see America win.

you’ve got a right to be frustrated.  I am.  Because you
deserve better.  And I don’t think it’s too much for you to expect
that the people you send to this town start delivering.14

of Congress are at home in their districts right now.  And if you
agree with me – whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican or not much
of a fan of either – let them know.

you’ve had it with gridlock, and you want them to pass stalled bills
that will help our economy right now – let them know15

you refuse to settle for a politics where scoring points is more
important than solving problems; if you believe it’s time to put
country before party and the interests of our children before our own –
let them know. 

maybe they’ll get back to Washington ready to compromise, ready to
create jobs, ready to get our fiscal house in order – ready to do what
you sent them to do.

we’ve still got a long way to go to get to where we need to be.
We didn’t get into this mess overnight, and it’s going to take time to
get out of it.  That’s a hard truth – but it’s no excuse for
inaction.  After all, America voted for divided government, not
dysfunctional government, and we’ve got work to do.  And when we
come together and find common ground, there’s no stopping this
country.  There’s no stopping our people.  There’s no holding
us back.  And there is every reason to believe we’ll get through
this storm to a brighter day.

for listening, and have a nice weekend.



  1. Government subsidized & dictated
    proof of concept enterprises are not the path to prosperity.  They
    are the path to failure. The Chevy Volt can not be mass produced at an
    affordable price. If it could be, the generating capacity needed to
    operate the fleet does not exist and will not because of onerous
    regulations blocking the construction of new generating capacity.
    Lighter, more efficient batteries will not solve the problem. The
    energy density simply is not available. There is no alternative to
    hydrocarbon motor fuel. Economic recovery needs to be demand driven,
    not government driven.
  2.  This is a country with little remaining manufacturing industry primarily because of
    your allies: unions and crony capitalists. The unions priced labor out
    of the market. Government wanted “economic development”,
    as “industrialization”, for Asia & Latin America. Crony capitalists
    wanted lower energy costs. Together, they shipped jobs overseas.
  3. No, Mr. President, this is America,
    not Israel. Get your bearings.
  4. Government’s top priority is national
    security.  We need prosperity to finance security and we need
    security to maintain prosperity. Employment & wages are not the
    government’s province, they belong in the private economy. Government
    employs too many and pays too much, contributing to our spiral of
    economic decline, not curing it. We are deep in debt because of
    government profligacy, not despite it.

    Everyone’s income is
    someone else’s expense. When wages increase, prices increase… leading
    to demands for higher wages. Some of us are old  enough  and
    sober enough to remember what happened under Johnson, Nixon &
    Carter.  By printing money, you are artificially inflating the
    cost of everything we
    need.  By increasing the cost of fuel, you are inflating the price
    of all commodities, products and services. You’re policies are the
    problem, not  the solution.

  5. Strike Washington, insert The White
    House & Democrat Party. Barry bitches bitterly about his own
    conduct, attempting to project it onto others who are innocent.
  6. Your “politics”: your Socialist Agenda
    & partisanship; those are the problem; what is wrong with our
    politics. This nation’s economic salvation is dependent on the
    immediate resignations of yourself, the Vice President, the Secretary
    of State and your Czars.   Go to Hell and good riddance to
  7. Congress can do nothing positive because AssWholes
    control the Senate and you wield the veto pen. Your words are perverse
    because you want the Congress to enact your own counter productive
    policies which will deepen and prolong the depression.  Congress
    should reverse every Gd’d thing it did under the second term of Shrub
    and your first term. That would be a good start, but insufficient to
    solve the problem.
  8.  That “tax cut” helps only those who
    have jobs, while they have jobs. It also contributes to the insolvency
    of Social Security and Medicare.  Besides which it is a drop in
    the bucket while the flood of food and energy inflation spurred by your
    damn fool policies robs us of purchasing power.
  9. Nobody can get a mortgage. Union wages drive up housing costs. Federal regulations drive up
    housing costs. Artificially low interest rates distort the market. This
    whole problem stems from the idiotic and self-serving legislation &
    regulations of Franks, Dodd & co., exploited by their crony
    capitalist patrons.
  10. Please explain to us how you will engineer one sided trade deals so that our exports will increase
    but imports won’t. How will you get the rest of the world to agree to
  11. Incredible” skills? Exactly what part
    of their legendary skill and courage lacks credibility?  If they
    are not credible, how can those skills be marketed at home in our
    domestic economy?  How do we put sniping, defusing IEDs, rifle and
    artillery fire to work in the domestic economy?  Will we put them
    to work putting down the riots you and your allies are working hard to
    foment with your class warfare politics?  Or will Blackwater hire
    them and go to work putting down the riots in Europe? That would not be
    “at home”, would it?
  12. Repeal Obama Dont’t Care to reduce costs and
    increase predictability. Make the “Bush tax cuts” permanent by removing
    the sunset clause. Cancel the ass-idiot regulations that will double
    the cost of electricity. Cancel the new regulations on truck fleet fuel
    economy that will raise the cost of everything and put truckers out of
    work. Remove the restrictions on domestic oil exploration &
    production both on and off shore. Do those things immediately and make
    them permanent!!!
  13. Some in Congress: the G’d’d
    liberals and one in the White house; those are the obstacles to
    progress. We need to get rid of them and we can’t wait until November
    6, 2012.
  14. You delivered. You promised hope: you
    delivered despair. You promised change: you delivered ruin.
    Politics as usual: promise gold; deliver excrement. The electorate
    needs to learn from this. Most of them are not smart enough to learn.
    Everyone who voted for Obama should be removed from the voter
    rolls  because they are incompetent.
  15. Let them know? Yeah, right. Members of Congress: if you voted
    for the stimulus bills, TARP or Obama Don’t Care, resign at once. Do not pass go, do
    not collect a pension, just go to Hell. The American people are fed up
    with your conduct in office: misfeasance, malfeasance &

Readers, here is your assignment:


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