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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Dajjal Explains Reason ‘Islam’ NOT ‘Peace’

Did you know that the founder of Islam dictated and dispatched extortion letters to regional rulers? See two of them here with links to a trove revealing the evil of Islam.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Mo says, U Convert or Die

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ALLEN WEST: CONGRESS MUST PROBE MILITARY FIRINGS Sees trend of relieving hundreds of senior officers as orchestrated from Oval Office…

Elections have consequences. Black ovals elect, white ovals reject. Be careful when voting and elect no ‘crats.

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US Senate to Debate Iran Nuclear Bill: Obama’s plans will be crushed

Corker’s bill is bullshit: 180° out of phse with the assertions made in support of it. The bill, if passed, will require a super majority to turn down the treaty instead of a supermajority to ratify it.

McConnel and his leadership team are AssWholes and traitors deserving to be primaried until they are removed by the voters,.

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How Innocent Scott Walker Supporters Were Persecuted in Wisconsin

‘Crats: AssWholes in AssWhollery. Aggressive corruption!! Be careful when voting and make no mistakes.

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Inside the Mind of a Jihadist

Mr. President, Honorable Senators, Honorable Representatives:
Take the first steps to eliminate Islam from the face of the earth: 1.6B Muslims
apostatized or dead. Begin in he ideological battle by exposing the Ummah to the horrific reality of Allah and his Messenger. Show them that Allah is Satan. Show them that Moe was a lecherous, adulterous pedophile and plundering, genocidal warlord and extortioner.

Do that by taking one of three existing screen plays based on the Sira off the shelf, producing and distributing them globally in multiple languages.

Take the second step: usher as many terrorist leaders as possible into Hell. Bomb and strafe their funeral processions and those of the terrorists therein dispatched to Hell.

If you will not perform those necessary things, then admit your treacherous dishonor, resign and be replaced by men of honor and integrity who will defend the human race against the legions of Hell.

Aspirants: withdraw your tongues from Satan’s anus and speak the truth: clearly state the name of the enemy: Muslims and the threat doctrine that makes them inimical to the human race: Islam. Its not radical. Its not extreme. It is ISLAM, as Moe preached and practiced it, recorded in the Qur’an, hadith & sira.

If you are unaware of the fatal facts of Islam, then start learning today, before continuing your campaigns. Begin with these documents which will lead you to the canonical texts of Islam.

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FBI Holds “Special” Meeting in Juárez to Address ISIS, DHS Not Invited

This is what happens when you elect and re-elect an enemy agent to high office and pusillanimous AssWholes to Congress. Do not repeat that mistake in ’16 !!

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Bad News About My Health

Those who learned phoenetically will get the joke at first glance.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

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Teacher Fired for Telling Truth about Islam!

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Skeletons- See No, Hear No & Speak No

John R. Houk
© April 21, 2015
OnApril 11 I shared my displeasure that Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (Lamar CSID) disciplined Foster High School social studies teacher Herby (Dale in FFA email – Herby in Houston Chronicle) Woolverton for passing out an eight page truth telling expose of the real Islam to his students. (You can the eight pages in entirety at the end of that post.)
Catching up on my email reading today I have discovered that Herby Woolverton has actually been fired! Why? Because CAIR Houston whined to the School Board that Woolverton misrepresented Islam ergo he disseminated racist Islamophobic material. As I pointed out in the April 11 post the content of the eight pages could be a summary of the Quran, Hadith, Sira and the Sharia Law still enforced in most Islamic dominated nations.
Ergo since Woolverton offended Radical Islamic…

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The Coming Storm

Marx needed to destroy Christianity to establish Comunism. Muslims need to destroy Christianity to establish Islam. First they eliminate our faith, then they fight it out, Doubters, deniers and dissenters: read the Communist Manifesto and The Qur’anic Concept of War, pg. 60.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Sharia- Terror's Secret Weapon

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ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

ISIS my ass, its ISLAM, Stupid!!
Korans and prayer rugs; who uses those?

Secure the border!!! Primary the RINOs who refuse to get it done.

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