Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat


Senate Majority Leader  Reid expects minimal resistance to a new comprehensive Alien Amnesty proposal.  He expects it to slide through Congress unnoticed.  We must prove him wrong.  We must send a clear, unmistakable message.

This is not a partisan issue. This is a vital issue of national security and economics.  Open borders invite the entry of  disease including antibiotic resistant TB. Open borders invite the entry of  criminals including drug smugglers. Open borders invite the entry of Muslim terrorists, who could even sneak in a small nuclear weapon un noticed.

A law was passed and signed ordering the buiding of effective border fences.  That law is not being enforced. The fence must be completed and maintained.

A law was passed and signed to facilitate a computer database to identify illegal alien job applicants. Leftwingers seek to sunset that law.  It must be renewed and maintained.

Illegal aliens are felons. They broke our law when they crossed the border. Allowing them to remain and giving them amnesty is an injustice to those who are waiting to emigrate legally.  It would also attract many more illegal immigrants.

Amnesty was proposed and we shouted:


We were heard. A second attempt to pass amnesty was made, against our will. Again we shouted:


Now Senator Reid plans another attempt to ram amnesty through against our will. Together, with one loud clear voice, we shout:


Absolutely no alien amnesty!

  • Not as a stand alone bill.
  • Not as part of a package.
  • Not simple legislation.
  • Not comprehensive.
  • Not with a fence.
  • Not without a fence.
  • Not with increased enforcement.
  • Not without increased enforcement.
  • Not with a guest worker plan.
  • Not without a guest worker plan.

Exactly what part of this Do these corrupt politicians fail to comprehend?







My vote depends on your vote. Be careful when voting and make no mistakes.


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  2. In this economy? 533,000 jobs lost last month alone? He’ll have his head handed to him.

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  4. Glad to see someone else standing up online. Would like to connect. Please email me, thanks

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