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North American Infidel Refutes CAIR’s About Islam Page!

My comments are at Logan’s Warning and dancingczars.

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Jihad Defined & Exemplified

this 20 page pdf contains the dirty details of the damnable doctrine.  See how Jihad is defined by Hilali & Khan in their footnote to 2.190 in Surah Al-baqarah.

See how Jihad is defined by Reliance of the Traveller. See how Jihad is exemplified in authentic ahadith.  follow links to the Jihad books of Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawuid, Malik’s Muwatta, Tirmidhi, Riyad us-Sa;ojeem. Sumam Obm  Majah and Sunan an-Nasai.

What is the ostensible purpose of Jihad?  What is its real purpose?  What does terror have to do with it?  Who did Moe pray to and what did he pray for?  Find the answers in this dissection of the damnable doctrine of Jihad!!!


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Hedaya 2.140 Annotated

For those who desire to know the truth about Jihad, its nature and purpose as revealed in Shari’ah: this post scratches beneath the surface and delves into the dirty details of the first page of The Institutes.

Scroll down to the image of page 140 of the second volume of Hedaya, the fiqh of the Hanafi madhab, and take note of the highlighte4d phrases which are expanded upon below the image.

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Vampirism is Real – it is Called Islam

Dr. Von Helsing would drive the stake into the vampire’s heart, through his body and into the floor of the coffin. Vlad Tepes impaled Ottoman tax collectors, driving pikes up their butts, so that the point protruded through the naval, setting the pike in the ground so that the impaled tax collector would soon die, squirming in agony in the mean time.

We let vampires into our army. One fragged an officer in Operation Desert Storm. An other shot and killed 13 at Fort Hood.
We let them into the Pentagon, one initiated the firing of our best Shari’ah expert. We let them into the White House and Department of Homeland Security. We are keeping our enemies too close, letting them into our homeland and giving them positions of power.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

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Ted Cruz: ‘Liberty is under assault’ CPAC Presentation Calls for abolition of IRS, repeal of Obamacare

Is Senator Cruz comfortable with Rev. Wright’s church in which he cursed America having 401c(3) status? Is he comfortable with mosques in which they ask Allah to “give us victory over the disbelieving folk” having that status?

I stand, without reservtion, with Senator Cruz concerning the need to campaign aggressively on conservative principles.

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