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Islamophobia: Projected Bigotry

When Muslims and LibTards accuse critics of Islam of “Islamophobia” bigotry and racism, they are projecting their own attitudes onto us.  They suffer from an irrational fear of criticizing Islam, that is the phobia.   They stubbornly ignore or reject  factual evidence of the evil nature of the war cult, that is the bigotry.  They harbor a secret white guilt, assuming that only members racial minorities can have virtue, that is the racism.   But Islam is a predatory way of life, neither a race nor a religion.

Mayor Peter Swiderski and his city board published a screed against AFDI’s informational bill board.  Links to the story follow.

“While the Board respects everyone’s right to free speech,” they wrote, “we categorically condemn the bigotry and innuendo expressed by this billboard message. To tar a faith and its followers because of the actions of a few is deplorable, hateful and morally repugnant.”

The Billboard:  “19,250 Islamic attacks since 9/11: It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism.

Where does that number come from:  has charts listing the attacks year by year.


bigotry and innuendo

Bigotry as defined by


stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot.


Bigotry is the extreme hatred of one group resulting from severe prejudicial attitudes.

The Mayor and Council presented no evidence of bigotry on the part of AFDI, they assumed it, that is bigotry and innuendo.  They are projecting their own attitudes onto AFDI.

the message

Opposition to Islam is not irrational, it is well founded based on the number of terror attacks in the last eleven years.

the omission

The Islamic doctrines which make Islam inimical to the peace and security of the human race in general and America in particular will not fit conveniently on a billboard.  A list of the doctrines, with the evidence of their meaning and application will not fit conveniently in a blog post either, so I will outline a selection of the most important doctrines with links to relevant Qur’an verses, hadith and Shari’ah. .


To tar a faith

The billboard does not tar Islam based on the actions of a few.  It simply refutes the bigoted accusation of  “Islamophobia”. Islam must be judged on its doctrines; its canon of scripture, exegesis, tradition & jurisprudence as well as its fruits: 270,000,000 early deaths since 622.

tarring the watchmen

AFDI and others are sounding a crucial warning about an advancing enemy which will never rest until we are conquered because they believe their eternal destiny: fire or paradise, to be a function of  “fighting in Allah’s cause”.  LibTards will not learn from history because they ignore it.  The territories of the Byzantine and Persian Empires were mainly Christian, now they are dominated by Islam.  India was Hindu and Buddhist.  How did they come under Islamic domination?  What caused the Crusades?  What caused the Barbary Wars?

LibTards are incapable of answering those crucial questions.  They can only emote, using the calumnious buzz words of the day to tar critics of Islam. No bigoted LibTard will click through the links provided above to read the Qur’an, Sahih Bukhari , Sunan Abu Dawud, Tafsir Ibn Kathir and Reliance of the Traveller, bigots can’t be bothered with relevant, verifiable factual evidence, they are prisoners of raw emotion.

Notice to Muslims & LibTards:

Keep on bitching about “Islamophobia”; we will exploit your corrupt, idiotic complaints as  opportunities to drive home the fatal facts of Islamic doctrine and practice which must not be ignored.  Islam is not a religion, it is a predatory way of life founded for the purpose of the personal emolument of its founder.  The relevant quotes from Islam’s canon are included in this blog post:  “Islam’s Mercenary Mission“.  Islam is not peaceful; it is genocidally violent, by design.  The documentation of this fatal fact is contained in this blog post:  “What’s Wrong With Islam & Muslims?“.

Notice to Pastors, Priests & Rabbis:

Muslims assert that Jesus and the Old Testament Prophets were Muslims.  Yeah, right, Jesus Christ is a genocidal warlord who will lead the Muslims in their final genocide.  Doubt this?  Can you absorb relevant factual evidence?  Will you? It is contained in this blog post:  “The Defamation of Jesus Christ“; do you have the courage to learn the truth?

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Bare Naked Islam Update 8/22/12 :)

She’s back!!! I found notice of a new post in my email about 9 9.m. Lets hope it lasts this time!

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Bare Naked Islam Update 8/21

Here is Bonni’s tweet:

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BNI has been under attack again all day. We are working on it and will be back up ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This message is displayed on the site:

BARE NAKED ISLAM will be back up on our powerhouse soon.

Blogs which expose the evil doctrines and practices of Islam ain’t popular among Muslims. High volume blogs are hated with a red hot passion. I have no doubt that BNI will continue to be under attack for the foreseeable future.

Let us thank God for BNI’s brief periods of up time and pray for more.

Thanks for your patience !

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Rep.Joe Walsh:PC Costs lives, While Practicing PC

These statements by Congressman Joe Walsh and his detractors must be
subjected to logical analysis in the light of the facts.  I am
therefore embedding the videos with as much transcription as I can
muster.  You will find superscripts in the transcriptions linked
my comments which appear below the horizontal line.  Click the
superscripts to read my commentary, the press your Back Space key to
return to your place in the transcript.

My commentary contains links to Islam’s canon of
scripture, tradition, exegesis, biography & jurisprudence.  i
exhort readers to make good use of those links to documents which
contain the evidence which proves my points.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Bare naked Islam for bringing this to my
attention  Congressman Joe Walsh favored his constituents with an
honest statement about the consequences of political correctness and an
ill-informed statement about Islam.  CAIR and its dhimmis are
exploiting the Congressman’s remarks for political gain.  I will
use them as an opportunity to educate you and hopefully Rep.

Walsh statement:

CAIR press conference

The audio from the town hall meeting is not good enough to allow full
transcription.  Rep. Walsh is talking about PC in relation to the
Fort Hood Massacre, saying that the government is too afraid of
offending Islam to avert that tragedy.

In reality, Maj. Hasan’s superior officers knew that he is a Muslim and
that he had made (and presented to fellow officers) a Powerpoint presentation  in which he quoted
verses from the Qur’an and sayings from authentic hadith collections
which clearly establish the Islamic mandate of world conquest in an
uncritical manner. In the absence of PC, Hasan would have been
cashiered immediately.  Because of PC, he remained in the service
and was able to perpetrate his massacre.

“As a government and people we have
been a bit too worried about being
This is a real threat, its not just over there, and its here and we’ve
gotta keep a look out for it.  (Racist?2) Oh gosh,
not at all. Most
Muslims, just like most Christians; most everybody are wonderfully
patriotic, loving, peaceful people3

but there is a radical
strain of Islam that is trying to hijack that religion4

and we’ve seen  from 9/11 on we’ve seen attacks around the world
and we’ve seen attacks here,  Fort Hood being one example and
we’ve seen a number of attacks that have been thwarted.  So its not a condemnation
at all of the Muslim religion
5, its a condemnation of radical
; a radical strain of Islam6 which has tried to hijack that
religion.  “

“Because our government is too politically correct, 12 Americans
died.”  Exactly what is not objectively true about that
statement?   They retained a traitor in the officer corps
because they were reluctant to offend Muslims.

Next comes CAIR and its coterie of self-hating dhimmis to condemn Rep.

Rabbi Brant Rosen:

“In his remarks, Congressman Joe Walsh made it abundantly clear7 where
he stands and now the time has come for all people of good will of
every faith tradition to send these ideas8 down and to say together that
there is no place for this kind of hatred9 in public discourse.  ”


Ahmed Rehab,executive Director, CAIR

“There is a problem that has to be addressed: I don’t know if they10 are
trying to sound like the racist11 bigoted12 backward party or if its just
happened, but the leadership needs to step up and live up to the legacy13
of the great GOP of the past and know that America can not move
forward  with hate and divisiveness14 but with hope and

Laith Saud, Professor, Depaul U.
Religious Studies:

“Its not an accident that you see such a diverse group of people
standing here. We are  all alarmed at what the GOP is doing
to  the social fabric of this country.” 15

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Weasel Zippers for posting this video of Rep.
Walsh responding to his critics.

“Last week I spoke about the threat
that radical Islam poses to
America.  I ‘ve said what I said hundreds of times: while the
overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans are as peace loving as anyone
else, there are radical Islamists right here in the United States
trying to kill Americans and destroy this country.

The Committee on Homeland Security of which I am a member, has held
numerous hearings on this issue.  We have heard from countless
experts,including Obama  Administration officials, about this
growing home grown threat from radical Islam.  However, some want
to pretend16 that these threats do not exist.  CAIR,
the Council on
American Islamic Relations, wants me to apologize for what I said. its
important to know that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI
have severed all ties to CAIR because of their ties to terrorism.

Let me be clear:  bowing down to political correctness has and
will get Americans killed.  We must always speak the truth to this
threat no matter how politically incorrect.  Yet Tammy Duckworth
agrees with CAIR when she calls me irresponsible.  Tammy, What
exactly did I say that you disagree with?  Yes or no: do you agree
with the Obama Administration that there is a home grown threat that
exists from a radical strain of Islam?

Miss Duckworth, if you truly think my remarks are irresponsible, I
invite you to join me in a debate on this very issue.

  1. Blessed right, and your repeated disclaimer
    that most Muslims are peace lovers is a prime example.  Have you
    performed a scientific survey of American Muslims on the issues of
    peace and attacks against Americans?  Have you discounted the
    survey results for the practice of al-Taqoyya & kitman given divine
    sanction by Surah Al-Imran 3:28? For a full explanation of that verse, refer
    to its topic in Tafsir Ibn kathir.
  2. What race is Islam? Islam has conquered,
    intimidated or seduced members of several races, so that there are
    Arab, Caucasian, Negro and Asian Muslims.  Islam is a way of life,
    not a race.  Playing the race card is a diversion, not a defense;
    a meritricious attempt to demonize and discredit critics of Islam.
  3. Do ‘peace loving’ {hypocrites} Muslims constitute a different race?
    Exactly how is their supposed status as lovers of peace relevant to
    false accusations of racism?
  4. Rep. Walsh repeated in that sentence, two
    of the most damnable lies about Islam.  There are no radical
    Muslims; there are believers and hypocrites whose faith goes no deeper than their
    throats.. Believers are those who fight in Allah’s cause with their wealth and their lives,
    killing others and being killed. Only those who join the jihad are believes.

    Islam has not been hijacked and is not being hijacked; it was revealed
    under two dispensations: Mekkan and Medinan.  In Mekkah, Moe was
    out numbered and overpowered, living at sufferance of those whose
    beliefs he insulted and whose livelihood he threatened. In Medina, Moe
    built an army and began raiding camel caravans to raise funds to
    enlarge it until he was able to conquer Mekkah.  In Mekkah, Moe
    preached tolerance and forbearance.  In Medina, he preached
    defense and retaliation.  As his army grew large enough, he
    preached offensive warfare. Let doubters, dissenters & deniers turn
    to The Sealed Nectar to obtain a clue.

    Terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam. I
    direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to the following Qur’an
    verses & ahadith; note the explicit language used by several
    translators including “strike terror” and “to terrify thereby”:  3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67,
    Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

  5. Two classes of people will not
    condemn Islam: ignoramuses and traitors.  Islam is not a religion;
    it is a deen: way of life:  intraspecies predation.  Islam
    preys upon the  rest of the human race.  The mission of Islam
    is not spiritual, it is mercenary: Moe’s enrichmentthrough
    the propagation and perpetuation of war.  Moe got his income by
    his spear.  He said that he was sent with a sword to see that only
    Allah is worshiped. He declared jihad to be the peak of Islam.  Two
    difficult to find ahadith are quoted in one tafsir by Ibn kathir; decent people of good
    will will read them and curse Islam.  For further details, refer
    to “Islam’s Mercenary Mission“.
  6. Islam is Islam; there is no radical
    Islam.  Open the Qur’an read Surah Al-Anfal & Surah At-Taubah
    using the links provided above. Allah’s imperatives to genocidal
    conquest and terrorism are contained in those surahs; they are an
    intrinsic part of Islam.  Islam is not “Cafeteria Catholicism” it
    is a bundled package deal: all or nothing. I refer doubters, dissenters
    & deniers to Surah Al-Baqarah 2:85
    to see it right from the demon’s book.

    Islamic law is based on what Allah & Moe
    said and did.  The Qur’an & hadith define and exemplify Islam;
    Shari’ah codifies it.  Are mandatory annual military attacks against passive
    radical? They are part of Islam’s legal standard. Muslims
    can attack infidels without provocation.  The
    caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians and
    fights all other peoples until they become Muslims.  That is
    standard, off the shelf Islam, neither extreme nor radical.

  7. Malarkey! Rep. Walsh muddied the subject
    with his idiotic denial of the offensively aggressive nature of Islam.
    He expressed opposition to “radical Islam”: to jihad & terrorism.
    Exactly what in Hell is wrong with opposition to terrorist
  8. The idea expressed by Rep Walsh are
    clear;  exactly why in Hell should these ideas be condemned?
    Which of them is not objectively true? :

    1. “Radical Islam” seeks to injure and kill Americans.
    2. Terror attacks have been perpetrated all over the world and in
    3. Political correctness regarding Islamic terrorism cost thirteen
      lives at Fort Hood.
  9. What hatred did Rep. Walsh express in his
    statement to the town hall meeting? What hatred did he express  in
    the video clip?
  10. Rep. Walsh spoke on his own accord, there is
    no indication that he represented the party or anyone other than
    himself in his remarks. The GOP, not CAIR appoints its spokesmen.
  11. What race is Islam?  Rehab is an Arab,
    Hooper is White and Wahhaj is Black. What race is Islam!  If Islam
    is a race, it is not qualified for First Amendment protection.
    Exactly what mention did Rep. Walsh make of race?
  12. Bigotry is prejudiced, closed minded
    rejection of facts.  Exactly what bigotry did Rep. Walsh engage
  13. President Lincoln freed the slaves in the
    1860s; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery one
    hundred years later. Moe engaged in razzia for the express purpose of
    enslaving captives to sell for profit.  The Africans sold to
    colonists were enslaved by Muslims, not by the GOP.  Your
    hypocrisy shines and stinks like a dead carp under the noonday
  14. The Democrat Party is the party
    of hate & divisiveness: exploiting race and class hatred in its
    Presidential campaign.  Rep. Walsh engaged in neither hate nor
    divisiveness.  He issued a warning about the presence in America
    of an enemy fifth column and the danger of ignoring it. That is neither
    hateful nor divisive.  Islam divides the world into Dar ul-Islam
    and Dar ul-Harb. Dar ul-Islam is where Allah’s writ runs. Dar ul-Harb
    is  the house of war; every place not dominated by
    Islam.   Islam preaches “love and hate for the sake of
    Allah”, the concept is called Wala wal Bara.  Islam and the Democrats are
    the parties of hate and division!
  15. Rep. Walsh is alarmed at  deliberate ignorance of the damnable
    doctrines & practices of Islam which permitted a “soldier of
    Allah  to rise to and remain in the rank of Major in the U.S. Army
    and kill thirteen soldiers.  You are alarmed by the concept of
    freedom of expression which permits an aware and alarmed citizenry to
    warn of impending danger including that promoted and perpetuated by
    Allah’s imperative,
    threat and promise.
  16. Congressman, why do you persist in the
    pretense of passive Islam?  Shrub lied when he declared Islam to
    be “a great religion of peace”. Islam was spread  by the
    sword.  The original religion of Islam is jihadJihad is war against non-Muslims.  Summon
    your courage, put on the whole armor of God and tell the truth: “Its Islam, stupid!”.

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Bare Naked Islam Update Aug. 16

Yesterday there was no web presence. Today there is an under construction count down clock indicating 22 hours to go to an anticipated up time of Noon Friday,

There was one brief tweet yesterday indicating continued attack by Pakistanis.

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Bare Naked Islam Update 08/12/12

Bare Naked Islam is off line again, I don’t know why. A tweet from Bonni expressed hope that the site would be back up in a day or two.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BARE NAKED ISLAM will be back up in a day or two.

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Obamination:Misrepresenting Islam–Iftar 2012

presided over an Iftar August 10, 2012.  As is his habit,
Obanination spewed snake excrement.  I will footnote the
interesting chunks of crap with my comments which follow the
transcript.  Click the superscripts to view the comments, use your
Back Space key to return to your place in the spew.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you,
everybody.  (Applause.)  Please, please have a seat.
Good evening, everyone.  And welcome to the White House.

Of all the freedoms we cherish as Americans, of all the rights that we
hold sacred, foremost among them is freedom of religion, the right to
worship as we choose..1
It’s enshrined in the First Amendment of our Constitution — the law of
the land, always and forever.  It beats in our heart — in the
soul of the people who know that our liberty and our equality is
endowed by our Creator.  And it runs through the history of this
house, a place where Americans of many faiths can come together and
celebrate their holiest of days — and that includes Ramadan.2

As I’ve noted before, Thomas Jefferson once held a sunset dinner here
with an envoy from Tunisia — perhaps the first Iftar at the White
House, more than 200 years ago.  And some of you, as you arrived
tonight, may have seen our special display, courtesy of our friends at
the Library of Congress — the Koran that belonged to Thomas
Jefferson.  And that’s a reminder, along with the generations of
patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam — like so many faiths — is
part of our national story3.

This evening, we’re honored to be joined by members of our diplomatic
corps, members of Congress — including Muslim American members of
Congress, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson — as well as leaders from
across my administration.  And to you, the millions of Muslim
Americans across our country, and to the more than one billion Muslims
around the world — Ramadan Kareem.

Now, every faith is unique.  And yet, during Ramadan, we see the
traditions that are shared by many faiths:  Believers engaged in
prayer and fasting, in humble devotion to God.  Families gathering
together with love for each other.  Neighbors reaching out in
compassion and charity, to serve the less fortunate.  People of
different faiths coming together, mindful of our obligations to one
another — to peace4,
and dignity6
for all people — men and women.  Indeed, you know that the Koran
teaches, “Be it man or woman, each of you is equal to the other.7

And by the way, we’ve seen this in recent days.  In fact, the
Olympics is being called “The Year of the Woman.”
(Laughter.)  Here in America, we’re incredibly proud of Team USA
— all of them — but we should notice that a majority of the members
are women.  Also, for the very first time in Olympic history,
every team now includes a woman athlete.  And one of the reasons
is that every team from a Muslim-majority country now includes women as
well.  And more broadly — that’s worth applauding.
(Applause.)  Absolutely.

More broadly, we’ve seen the extraordinary courage of Muslim women
during the Arab Spring — women, right alongside men, taking to the
streets to claim their universal rights, marching for their freedom8,
blogging and tweeting and posting videos, determined to be heard.
In some cases, facing down tanks, and braving bullets, enduring
detentions and unspeakable treatment, and at times, giving their very
lives for the freedom that they seek — the liberty that we are lucky
enough to enjoy here tonight.9

These women have inspired their sisters and daughters, but also their
brothers and their sons.  And they’ve inspired us all. Even as we
see women casting their ballots and seeking — standing for office in
historic elections, we understand that their work is not done.
They understand that any true democracy must uphold the freedom and
rights of all people and all faiths. We know this, too, for here in
America we’re enriched by so many faiths10, by men and women — including
Muslim American women.

They’re young people, like the student who wrote me a letter about what
it’s like to grow up Muslim in America.  She’s in college.
She dreams of a career in international affairs to help deepen
understanding between the United States and Muslim countries around the
world.  So if any of the diplomatic corps have tips for her —
(laughter.)  She says that “America has always been the land of
opportunity for me, and I love this country with all my heart.”
And so we’re glad to have Hala Baig here today.  (Applause.)

They are faith leaders like Sanaa Nadim, one of the first Muslim
chaplains at an American college — a voice for interfaith dialogue
who’s had the opportunity to meet with the Pope to discuss these
issues.  We’re very proud to have you here.

They are educators like Auysha Muhayya, born in Afghanistan, who fled
with her family as refugees to America, and now, as a language teacher,
helps open her students to new cultures.  So we’re very pleased to
have her here.  (Applause.)

They are entrepreneurs and lawyers, community leaders, members of our
military, and Muslim American women serving with distinction in
government.  And that includes a good friend, Huma Abedin, who has
worked tirelessly — (applause) — worked tirelessly in the White
House, in the U.S. Senate, and most exhaustingly, at the State
Department, where she has been nothing less than extraordinary in
representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear11.
Senator Clinton has relied on her expertise, and so have I.

The American people owe her a debt of gratitude — because Huma is an
American patriot, and an example of what we need in this country —
more public servants with her sense of decency, her grace and her
generosity of spirit.  So, on behalf of all Americans, we thank
you so much.  (Applause.)

These are the faces of Islam in America12.  These are just a few
of the Muslim Americans who strengthen our country every single
day.  This is the diversity13 that makes us Americans; the
pluralism that we will never lose.

And at times, we have to admit that this spirit is threatened.
We’ve seen instances of mosques and synagogues, churches and temples
being targeted.  Tonight, our prayers, in particular, are with our
friends and fellow Americans in the Sikh community.  We mourn
those who were senselessly murdered and injured in their place of
worship.  And while we may never fully understand what motivates
such hatred, such violence, the perpetrators of such despicable acts
must know that your twisted thinking is no match for the compassion and
the goodness and the strength of our united American family.

So tonight, we declare with one voice that such violence has no place
in the United States of America14.
The attack on Americans of any faith is an attack on the freedom of all
Americans.  (Applause.)  No American should ever have to fear
for their safety in their place of worship.  And every American
has the right to practice their faith both openly and freely, and as
they choose15.

That is not just an American right; it is a universal human
right.  And we will defend the freedom of religion, here at home
and around the world.  And as we do, we’ll draw on the strength
and example of our interfaith community, including the leaders who are
here tonight.

So I want to thank all of you for honoring us with your presence, for
the example of your lives, and for your commitment to the values that
make us “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice
for all.”  (Applause.)

God bless you.  God bless the United States of America.

8:48 P.M. EDT


  1. Freedom of religion is an
    individual right, declared in the Declaration of Independence and
    enshrined in the Bill of Rights so that the federal government is
    prohibited from establishing a national church and dictating religious
    doctrines.  Freedom of religion can not be extended to Islam
    because  jihad, “holy fighting in Allah’s cause“, is “the apex of its hump” (the highest peak of Islam).
    It is not possible that the Bill of Rights can empower Islam to deny our freedom to manifest Christianity.
    It is not possible that the Bill of Rights can empower Muslims to wage war against us.
  2. Ramadan is not a holy day, it is a holy
    month: a celebration of the commencement of Moe’s revelations.
    Obamination is celebrating Moe’s insanity.
  3. This nation was founded by
    Christians, not Muslims.  Islam’s role consisted of attacking our
    shipping, seizing ships, cargoes and crews, enslaving the men and
    holding them for ransom.  Paying tribute to the Barbary
    nearly bankrupted the new nation.
  4. Ramadan celebrates the revelation of the
    Qur’an. It is impossible to link the Qur’an & Ramadan to
    peace.  The Qur’an ordains jihad for Muslims. It commands Muslims to wage perpetual war against Christians. Islamic law
    requires the caliph to mount a minimum of one military
    expedition against kuffar in every year
    and declares that infidels may be attacked without provocation.
  5. The indemnity for loss of one finger is ten camels. At
    that rate, the indemnity for loss of a hand would be fifty camels. Estimating the value of a camel at $1000, that
    makes a hand worth $50,000.00. Islamic law prescribes the penalty of hand amputation for stealing an item
    worth more than $58.00.  Justice?  Yeah, right.
  6. Moe declared that our blood and property are not sacred to Muslims until
    we become Muslims.  Dignity? Yeah, right.
  7. The indemnity for killing a male Muslim is
    100 camels. The indemnity for killing a Muslima is 50 camels. The indemnity for killing a Christian  is one
    third that for killing a Muslim
    . Equality?  Yeah, right.
  8. Muslim Spring has nothing to do with
    freedom. It is a contest over who is going to sit on the dictator’s
    throne.  They are revolting for power, not for freedom.  The
    result diminishes freedom, it does not augment freedom.
  9. If they sought freedom and liberty, their
    first act would be to abjure Islam and cast off Allah’s yoke of
    slavery.  Muslims have sold their souls to Allah
    for admission to his celestial bordello, so that they fight in his
    cause, killing others and being killed.  Unless and until they
    abjure that contract, they are not seeking liberty, they are seeking
  10. Faith is more than form, it is
    content.  The doctrines Muslims believe in do not enrich
    America.  Only Allah has the right to be worshiped. Only Allah has the right to ruleMoe wants loot, Allah wants genocide. Allah rewards Muslims for acts of terrorism. Allah will damn you for shirking jihad.  Allah will bless you for going to jihad.
  11. Legislation by mutual consent,
    arrived at by an elected legislature is a democratic value.
    Imposition of Allah’s Shari’ah by force is an Islamic value. The two
    can not be squared; they are polar opposites.
  12. Huma Abedin’s face is that of an
    exotic beauty, belonging to her; it is not the true face of
    Islam.  Obamination seeks to personify Islam; to ascribe, without
    evidence, virtues to a physically attractive person and extend them to
    her belief system.  The true face of Islam is worn by Maj. Nidal
    Malik Hasan, S.O.A.

    Obamination is alluding to the letters sent
    by five members of the House Intelligence Cmte. about granting security
    clearances to Muslims having links to the Muslim Brotherhood.  He
    is, by innuendo, calumniating the committee members. Huma is so
    beautiful, and the exemplar of every virtue according to Obamination;
    it must be impossible that she could be a security  risk.
    The committee members put their focus on the wrong  association
    because they lack the courage to make a full frontal assault on the
    problem.  It is fashionable to attribute evil doctrines and
    practices to the Muslim Brotherhood but anathema to criticize
    Islam.  In reality, the brotherhood is nothing more or less than
    Islam.  Allah is their goal. That should be your first clue. The
    Qur’an is their constitution. That is your second clue.  Imposing
    Shari’ah on a global scale is their objective.  Death in Allah’s
    cause is their highest aspiration.  Those are clues for you but
    you can not perceive them because you have not read the Qur’an and
    hadith.  The brotherhood adds nothing to Islam doctrinally; it is
    only a reflection of heightened zealotry as described in Surah
    At-Taubah 9:111.

    Huma is not a security threat because
    her father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and her mother,
    brother and sister are active members. She is a security threat because
    she is a Muslim, a believer in Allah’s imperatives, threat and
    promise.  Huma is married to a Jew, a relationship strictly
    prohibited in Islamic law because their children will not be raised as
    Muslims and Kuffar are not permitted to have authority over
    Muslims.  But Islamic clerics are not condemning her marriage
    because it gave her a step up to a position of influence where she has
    the ability to advance the short term objective of “destroying their
    miserable house”. The necessity of engaging in subversion outweighs the
    law against Muslimas marrying Kuffar.

  13. Diversity does not make us Americans!
    Being born here makes us Americans. A mix of Christians, Jews and
    atheists is diversity enough, we do not need to add our sworn enemies
    in order to have diversity.
  14. Murder and arson are criminal
    offenses, regardless of the identity of the victims. The intrinsic evil
    of those crimes is not increased because the victims are Sikhs or
    Muslims.  Churches are burned and Christians are assaulted and
    murdered damn near every day in Africa and Egypt but we do not hear
    Obamination objecting to it or proposing aid to the victims.  He
    admits Muslims as refugees but  excludes persecuted
    Christians.  As Islamic demographics increase here, the incidence
    of attacks on Christians and churches will increase
  15. Rights are reciprocal.  In
    the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Christians are arrested, jailed and
    deported for having prayer meetings in their apartments.  In
    Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan, they are not allowed to build new
    churches or maintain existing churches. Islamic law specifically
    forbids building churches, displaying crosses, ringing bells and public
    prayer & processions.

    Islam is inseverable, an all or nothing package deal
    which includes genocidal conquest
    and licenses Muslims to rape captive women.  The practice of Islam is
    not complete without jihad!  It is therefore impossible that
    Muslims can have a right to practice Islam because it contravenes our
    right to live in peace free of threat and assault.  9/11  was
    an Islamic act of worship;
    read the second page of the confession.

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Bare Naked Islam Update 08/04/12

A new tweet brought my attention to a series of tweets dating back to Aug. 2. I present them in chronological order, oldest first.

It seems that BNI had trouble with the new server and is moving again, hoping to be up and running Aug. 6.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BNI is projected to be fully operational again within an hour. Keep your fingers crossed.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BNI is still having some problems with the new Server. Hope to have the bugs worked out by end of day. Thanks for your patience.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

ATTENTION! BARE NAKED ISLAM will be down for 3 days. I am getting my own dedicated server. Seems my site makes people nervous. Go figure.

barenakedislam ‏@barenakedislam

BARE NAKED ISLAM scheduled to be back up on new server Monday, Aug. 6th, around 5PM (EDT)

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