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VICTORY Is Not Defeat


While I am completely in agreement with the speaker’s anger, passion and sense of urgency, I am in profound disagreement with three of the ideas he promotes.

  1. Term limits.
  2. The draft.
  3. Eliminating the Electoral College.

Congressional term limits would throw out the statesmen, though they are few, with the demagogues & pork fiends.  We do not presently need and can not afford an army of the size that would result from universal service. The Electoral College is needed to prevent the densely populated urban areas along the coasts from running away with power. It should not be tampered with.

Mailing tea bags to Washington seems to me to be a wasteful symbolic gesture.  Security procedures instituted after the Anthrax attacks  have have hampered important and necessary postal communication with Congressmen. Mailing tea bags would compound that problem.

There are petitions you can sign & promote and tea parties to attend. But, if you really want to instill fear in the hearts of the demagogues, those activities pale before the one act that has real potential: a mass exodus from the corrupt parties to a new startup: the Loyalist Party. When the the corrupt  parties phone or  write begging for money, turn them down and tell them where your support is going and why.  If enough people do that, the parties will be forced to take notice.

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Vigilance Within Our Nation

Through an aggressive campaign of literature distribution, volunteers walking door to door, the running of radio and television advertisements, the United American Committee will spread its message of awareness. As a volunteer within the United American Committee once said; “May our enemies never make a move, without America being aware of it.”, it is the goal of the U.A.C. to promote the close monitoring of Islamic extremist activities within the U.S. borders, as well as promoting the facts of other issues which will effect us all, either not covered by, or not covered largely by traditional media. Thomas Jefferson himself said; “May the eye of vigilance never be closed.”. We within the U.A.C. feel that far too many threats within American borders go unnoticed, and unmonitored. We will bring awareness of these threats to the American people so that we may confront them as a nation. To secure our future of freedom, safety, and good traditional American values, our very way of life. That is the primary focus of the United American Committee.
JOIN US! And do your part to assure that America stays aware.

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On Bob Schieffer At CBS

Some things and some people in life either bring positives or negatives into their spheres of influence.

Bob Schieffer is stuck in the middle as are most Leftinistra. As is the “norm” of the LSD Press Rooms around the world, the points, issues and concerns are glossed over and missed by the alleged Intelligentsia. He starts off good, giving the impression that he just MIGHT have a fair shot at getting something right…not bad for a lefty…getting something right.

I have never been much for third parties and independent candidates.

So far, so good.  They muddy the waters and they destroy the chances of someone decent getting elected.  For example, Ross Perot screwed the country by getting the no-name Clinton elected.  And look where we are because of it.

For all of its flaws, the old two-party system has brought us a long way in this country, and I’m slow to change. But as I watch the Senate fumble around with the immigration bill, it made me wonder: Has our two-party system lost the ability to get anything done?

Here we go.  He gives the inference that the issue is immigration.  What a PUTZ!  The issue, dear Bobby, is ILLEGAL immigration and AMNESTY and FREE RIDES given to NON US citizens while the CITIZENS get schmotz!

We keep hearing that both parties are playing to their base.

Republicans don’t want to offend conservatives so they block real immigration reform.

Again with the stupidity, repeating over and over the WRONG issue like it is the right issue.  So whom is pandering to whom, Bobby?

The Conservatives (not Republicans or Democrats) are blocking AMNESTY for ILLEGAL alien immigrant law breakers.  That is the issue.  Get it right.

Democrats fear the liberal left, so they don’t want reform.

Democrats ARE the liberal left, goober.  Where ya been?

Result: Nothing gets done on that or anything else.

And nothing will get done with dolts such as yourself pandering to the other dolts and missing the real issues as you pander to each other.

Yet polls show a majority of Americans want reform, want a guest worker program for illegal immigrants in this country, favor a way to make their status legal. Who speaks for that segment of the electorate? Certainly, not Democratic and Republican leaders, who are so busy pacifying those so-called base voters.

The CBS polls?  The MSLSD polls?  The Leftinistra polls?  Which polls are you yammering about?  Guest workers?  No.  We do NOT want such an amnesty breeding program.  Get it right.

Favor a way to make a way for legal status?  How about, like, OBEYING the friggin’ laws?  How’s that you pandering dweeb?  I know.  Obeying laws to a Leftinistra is anathema.  Get over it.

Who speaks for “that segment of the electorate”?  Which segment?  The imagined ones like you described?  Moron.

I hope we do see a third-party candidate in the presidential race next year, not because I favor anyone who might run as an independent, but because a third choice would force both the Republicans and the Democrats to move more to the center to stop an independent from siphoning off moderate voters.

Wrong again, meat whistle.  We are on to your type.  Y’all preach the deceitful  issues and muddy up the already murky waters of hate and discontent.  What y’all are looking for is another Ross Perot Incident so your retarded communist in socialist garb candidates have a shot at the title.  As it is right now, neither one of your DNC types has a shot.

“Towards the center”…you mean mediocrity, correct?  Like I said…we are on to you and your type.

If both parties are forced to shift their hunt for votes to the center rather than the edges of their parties, who knows? They may find some common ground every once in a while and actually get something done.

Dear Booby, I mean Bobby or, Robert…whatever…still on to you.  You CANNOT shake us.  We are here to stay,  silent no more.  This is yet another shining example of ignorance and lies.  This whole “immigration debate” is about developing a whole new voting base because the ones that exist HATE your kind.  Your kind have destroyed this great nation.

The politicos NO LONGER represent “We The People” and “We The People” are going to Take Our Country Back.  Do NOT get in our way. 

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