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Candidate Baiting

I missed the debate in Oakland because of a previous commitment. Tonight I watched it on You Tube. While Perry’s blank out is receiving most of the attention, I noticed that Santorum appears to have made a great deal of improvement compared to his performance at previous debates. I doubt that his improved presentation will move him up in the ranks, but it might set him up for the second slot on the ticket.

Gingrich seemed to be getting the audience’s attention and agreement. Too bad he has flip-flopped and has heavy baggage. He may be gaining on the second slot like Santorum.

Bachmann has the knowledge, policy and ability to articulate them, but has fallen out of the limelight; not getting the face time she deserves.  In my jaundiced view, Romney, Perry & Huntsman have one common element: shifty eyes.  To me, they appear untrustworthy.

Cain seems to cling too tightly to his 999 plan, fearing to stray far from it. But the audience appreciated his handling of the venomous questions about the harassment accusations.  It is likely that the controversy will backfire on his detractors by increasing his media attention, giving Cain more air time to explain his plan and policy positions.

Ron Paul appeared to be having a lucid moment, articulating solid economic theory; he does best when avoiding national security & foreign policy.

The thing that struck me about this debate was the apparent antagonism of the questioners. The woman in the center seemed to be shooting daggers with her eyes.  The baldy with the grey goatee appeared at one point to be suffering from a fire ant infestation in his hemorrhoids.

The tight time format with multiple candidates is not suited to major issues such as economic policy. Thirty seconds is not enough to outline an alternative to Obama Don’t Care.

I have a better idea, inspired by Jamie Glazov’s Front Page Magazine symposiums: a series of  single issue forensic debates carried out by email.  The emails would be arranged on a web page similar to Glazov’s symposiums. That would allow more deliberate and extended statements & responses and facilitate viewing by readers limited to low bandwidth dial up connections.

There is more than one way to solve the problem; the debates could be done with You Tube videos.  A Facebook group would be another alternative that could facilitate mass audience participation. It may be too late for the primary campaign, but creative minds could cook something up in time for the general election campaign next year.

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Poll Palsies


Click to enlarge

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June 29, 2007 — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the runaway winner over the race’s lone black candidate in the Democratic debate, according to groups of African-American voters in Harlem and Washington, D.C.

In the nation’s capital, 33 undecided voters who identified themselves as people of color and who supported John Kerry in 2004 scored last night’s face-off an overwhelming victory for Clinton.

Twenty-seven participants gave the former first lady the nod, compared to just two who went with Barack Obama.

The voters, gathered in a focus group with GOP pollster Frank Luntz on the Howard University campus outside the debate hall, each evaluated the candidates with a “dial machine” linked to a computer – turning the knobs to the right to 100 for great answers, or to the left to 0 for bombs.

Clinton scored consistently in the 80s, while Luntz’s panelists panned Obama as flat.

Even though the participants preferred Clinton, they went gaga over Obama when he ducked into their viewing room after the debate – whipping out camera phones and posing for photos – with one woman shouting, “We’ll see you in the White House.”

“That’s the idea,” he responded.

The Harlem panel, organized by The Post, had a more mixed response but still leaned to Clinton.

Of 18 voters – eight of whom were truly undecided – six thought Clinton won, two people gave candidate John Edwards the edge, and one gave Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd a nod.

Just one viewer thought Obama won, while eight others picked one of the other of the eight candidates on stage.

“I would have liked to have heard [Obama] give more of [Clinton’s] answers,” said Ernestine Roach, a 66-year-old Harlem denizen who works for the Sanitation Department.

Thomas Donaldson, a 41-year-old lawyer supporting Obama, said, “I think [Hillary] spoke forcefully and with conviction . . . I don’t think it’s a measure of his candidacy. I just think she’s a better performer.”

But Corwin Breeden, 43 – the lone vote for Obama as the debate winner – disagreed, saying, “I think he answered the questions appropriately, and he understands the significance of what black people stand for in this election.”

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A Real Debate

A Real Debate

Thursday, June 07, 2007 10:00 PM

The Lincoln vs. Douglas debates were the real thing. Current ‘debates’ are glorified press conferences. We need to return to the real thing!

Now comes Conservatives Betrayed with a new proposal for a real forensic debate on foreign policy & Iraq between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul.

Such a debate could shake up the system and revise it for the better. My signature on the petition was #25. Lets all get behind this and make it happen!! Sign the petition here .


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Of Donkeys and Elephants…Differences

Of Donkeys and Elephants…Differences

Thursday, June 07, 2007 2:01 AM

Interesting read:

THE MOST cogent characterization of last night’s Republican presidential debate was made by Senator Hillary Clinton during the Democratic candidates’ debate two nights earlier. “The differences among us are minor,” she said. “The differences between us and the Republicans are major. And I don’t want anybody in America to be confused.”

In 1968, running for president as an independent, Alabama Governor George Wallace insisted that there wasn’t “a dime’s worth of difference” between the two major parties. No one who watched the two debates in New Hampshire this week would say that today.

On issue after issue, the contrasts came through loud and clear. Where the Democrats squabbled over who is the most opposed to the war in Iraq, nearly all the Republicans spoke about the importance of not abandoning Iraq before it has been stabilized — and defended the decision to invade in the first place. “Absolutely the right thing to do,” said Rudy Giuliani. Where Democrats called for ever grander and more expensive government health-insurance schemes, the Republicans called unambiguously for a freer market in healthcare. California Representative Duncan Hunter pointed out that 80 percent of the world’s miracle drugs are developed in the United States because of a free enterprise system that encourages pharmaceutical companies to take expensive risks. “Maybe they drill three dry holes in trying to produce a good drug that will save somebody’s lives,” he said. “Then they hit the jackpot and they produce something that will save people and help their health.”

On topics large and small — gays in the military, making English the official US language, using nuclear weapons to keep Iran from getting the bomb, even the proper role for former presidents — the differences between the parties came through, stark and unmistakable. If this week’s debates are a preview of coming attractions, the 2008 campaign will be very divisive, and deeply consequential.

Which of the morons on the left made the statement that health care in America should be a non-profit venture?  Who’s the idiot that said that?

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Democrats Are Ashamed of Their Debate Performances

Democrats Are Ashamed of Their Debate Performances

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 12:41 PM

Real Clear Politics

And ashamed they should be.  There were no emerging leaders of the free world at the debate…just whiners with no offerings of A Plan.

Democrats Shy Away from Debates on Web

Of all the Democratic candidates who appeared at Sunday’s debate, four didn’t feature clips from the debate on their YouTube channels, meaning either their web teams are slow or the campaigns didn’t find any flattering material for their candidates. Surely there is no lack of material from the debate on the web.


Bill Richardson‘s campaign has nothing concerning the debate at all, adding its most recent video last Friday.


Chris Dodd‘s campaign put up five videos yesterday, even a “live webchat” that Dodd had before the debate, but nothing from the event itself.


Dennis Kucinich‘s team put up a video yesterday but nothing from the debate.


Strangest of all is John Edwards‘ channel, which has only a video of him arriving at the debate. His official website also lacks debate clips. Why is the Edwards campaign not touting his well-received performance through its web campaign, which has been described as one of the best in either party?


Also odd is Barack Obama‘s page that only features one debate clip, fewer than Mike Gravels official page.


On the other hand, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden‘s campaigns have more than six videos from the debate, most of which were up early yesterday morning.

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American Solutions for Winning the Future

American Solutions for Winning the Future

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 2:24 PM


From the desk of Newt  Gingrich

Dear Fellow Americans,

I believe that today our nation is facing its greatest set of challenges since the Civil War.  These challenges include fixing education, energy, border security, and retirement savings at home.

That’s why I’ve formed American Solutions for Winning the Future.

We invite you to join American Solutions and help create a new wave of transformational change which moves government into the 21st century, strengthens and revitalizes our core values, and helps us protect America against our enemies.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich

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Quotes From GOP Debate

Quotes From GOP Debate

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 12:22 PM

Great quotes from last evening:

Quotes from the Republican debate Tuesday night: (with my commentary having watched it)


“The other thing we have to do: a much more aggressive political solution on the ground in Iraq. That has to take place, and that’s why I’ve pushing a three-state, one-country solution, where you have a Sunni region, a Shiite region and a Kurdish state that already exists, within a weak federation.”  Nope.  This won’t work there Skippy.  The thing that needs to happen and MUST happen is to revise the ROE such that we turn the troops loose like they were loosed in WWII…kick butt,  take no names and get the job done as quickly as possible.  Do NOT let up with a relentless offensive action.  Get the enemy on the run and chase them down and eliminate them.  Send the message, “DO NOT [MESS] WITH US!”

Describing why he doesn’t think abortion should be allowed for the case of a rape victim who became pregnant, he said: “Will that make the woman in a better situation if that’s what takes place? I don’t think so, and I think we can explain it when we look at it for what it is, a beautiful child of a loving God that we ought to protect in all circumstances, in all places _ here in the womb, somebody that is struggling in poverty, the family that’s struggling, we should work and look at all life, be pro-life and whole-life for everybody.”  I’ll buy that and I wholeheartedly agree.  Why murder an unborn baby, an innocent?



“With respect to Iran, I think that there is no choice at this point other than to join up with people across the world in order to put on serious, mandatory sanctions against Iran and to do everything that is going to be necessary to try to bring them to the notion that it is better for them to give up this sort of plan rather than to proceed the way we are.  This sounds good and I am liking Gilmore but this tidbit was more “sound-good” sound byte.  The world has seen that sanctions do NOT work, especially when there is NO enforcement of the sanctions by the would-be violators of said sanctions.  Remember the Food For Oil scandal that the democrats swept under the rug?  The Germans and the Russians “sneakiing about” behind the scenes in Iraq?  Hello?

However, I think that we have to have an honest discussion with the American people about this. We have to ask ourselves this question: Are we prepared to have Iran have a nuclear weapon?”  MOABs work really good, Jim.



“I think we can agree, all of us, on this stage, that we should seek reductions in abortion. I ultimately do believe in a woman’s right of choice, but I think that there are ways in which we can reduce abortions. Abortions went down 16 percent when I was the mayor. Adoptions went up 133 percent during the eight years that I was mayor, compared to the prior eight years.”  “I will give you 30 seconds to actually answer the question…”  Dodgeball.  Wasn’t impressed with this one in a positive manner.

Responding to a hypothetical situation in which people in custody in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have knowledge of an imminent terror attack, he said: “In the hypothetical that you gave me, which assumes that we know that there’s going to be another attack and these people know about it, I would tell the people who had to do the interrogation to use every method they could think of. Shouldn’t be torture, but every method they can think of. And I would support them in doing that.”  I’ll buy that one and support it.  Torture, so they say, can get you information but how reliable is it?  Sleep deprivation works REALLY well.  Playing Guns and Roses works even better…that music really sucks.



“That is the first thing I would love to do as president, put a ‘Going Out of Business’ sign on the Internal Revenue Service and stop the $10 billion a year that it costs just for them to operate. If we had a fair tax, it would eliminate not just the alternative minimum tax _ personal income tax, corporate tax. It would eliminate all the various taxes that are hidden in our system, and Americans don’t realize what they are paying.”  BINGO!!  Get RID of The Infernal Revenue Service!  The 16th Amendment was NEVER legally ratified ANYWAY!!  I’ll buy this one wholeheartedly.  AMEN!!  HOOAH?

“We value the life of one as if it’s the life of all. And that’s why we go after the 12-year-old Boy Scout in North Carolina when he’s lost. That’s why we look for the 13 miners in Sago, W.Va., when the mine explodes, that’s why we go looking for the hikers in Mount Hood. Because we value life. That’s what separates us from the Islamic jihadists who are out to kill us.”  Another accolade to Huckabee.  The GOP (most anyway) have a differing viewpoint on the value of life than the terrorists and their American allies within the Leftinistra.



Responding to a hypothetical situation in which people in custody in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have knowledge of an imminent terror attack, he said: “This would take a one-minute conversation with the secretary of defense. I would call him up, or call him in, I would say to sec def, in terms of getting information that would save American lives, even if it involves very high pressure techniques, one sentence: Get the information … and I will take full responsibility.”  I’ll buy this round as well.  Whatever it takes.  Rabid dogs are rabid dogs.  Unless one thinks a rabid dog gets constitutional rights.  Moron Leftinistra.

“If we have border enforcement, we will be able at that point to start to regulate the internal problem that we’ve got, because as long as you’ve got a revolving door and you have no border _ and this 2,000-mile porous border, incidentally, is our biggest homeland security problem. It’s not just an immigration problem. It’s a homeland security problem.”  That’s TWO!!  Close the damn border!  Tell Mexico to kiss our hinder parts and tell the Leftinistra to STFU!!



“I intend to lead. I don’t intend to follow. I don’t intend to block things. I intend to get results and I intend to work on the hard things, not the easy ones.”  Whatever, dude.  Can you be any more vague?  RINO.

“We have procedures for interrogation in the Army Field Manual. Those I think would be adequate in 999,000 of cases, and I think that if we agree to torture people, we would do ourselves great harm in the world.”  I can see your point, skippy, but in some cases, you just might be wrong.  I am not saying stretch folks on the rack or place bamboo shards under fungernails but sometimes a good butt-whipping does work.



“Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we’ve been over there. We’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years. We’ve been in the Middle East _ I think Reagan was right. We don’t understand the irrationality of Middle Eastern politics. ”  Ron Paul is an absolute friggin’ flake, fruit loop and baffoon.  He “changed” to the GOP to get elected and once in,  began espousing his LIBERAL Libertarian crap.  A “Truther”.  A moron.  An idiot.  Go home, retire, dig a hole and climb in.  Stick your head out like a gopher and BLAM!  Moron.



“I’ve always been personally pro-life. I’ve taught that to others, it’s been part of my faith. The question for me was: What should government do in this kind of setting? And the Supreme Court stepped in and took a decision, and I said I’d support that decision. And then I watched the impact of that decision as I was governor of Massachusetts.”

“Look, I’ve been governor in a pretty tough state. You heard of blue states. Have you ever bought a suit and you looked at it and you can’t tell if it’s blue or black? That’s how blue Massachusetts is. And in that state I’ve had to stand up for life and I have. I’ve had to stand up for traditional marriage and I have.”

These two statements “sounded” too well  rehearsed and I don’t trust rehearsed answers.  It reeks on insincerity.  Too polished for me.  The jury is still out on ole Romney.


“There are a million programs that we operate and that we pay for with the federal government that are far beyond the bounds of the Constitution. Follow the Constitution and you’ll know what’s necessary, and that’s the defense of the country. That’s it for the federal government.”  I like Tom and his stance on the border but he is REALLY weak on the war.  I agree with his statement about the over-bearing federal government.  Doesn’t seem to be strong enough to stand up with fortitude to the Leftinistra socialists.



“There is no question that the al-Maliki government needs to step up and do what is right. The United States government has been there for four years. We’ve lost many individuals _ 3,400 individuals as of today. And it’s time for the al-Maliki (government) to vote whether or not they want us in the fifth year to stay in their country or whether or not they want us to go home.”  There is NO question that this guy did not show up at the debate.  Go home and climb into the same hole as Ron Paul.  You deserve each other.

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The Obvious Is Obscure

The Obvious Is Obscure

Friday, May 11, 2007 5:16 PM

Preaching to the choir can be effective at times.  Other times, well, it just feels good to rant.

This article is about the “debate” with the republican presidential wanna-be presidential hopefuls.  I watched it.  I wasn’t impressed.  The questions fielded were so inane it was pathetic.

Silly me.  I expected more from men aspiring to be the most powerful politican in the world.

As for the “debate” with the democratic presidential wanna-be presidential hopefuls,  it was exactly what I expected.  Retarded and a glorified bash everything associated with BDS.  NOTHING was offered but bashing and on that point they allagreed.

Never trust anyone that has to tear someone else down to elevate their own sel-abased self-worth.

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The GOP Debate

The GOP Debate

Friday, May 04, 2007 11:44 AM

I wasn’t impressed to the degree I was hoping for.  I got spoiled by Ronald Wilson Reagan and NONE of these are him.  I don’t think the GOP will  ever present one up.  Hopefully Fred Thompson will  throw in.  Duncan Hunter was OK but the bells didn’t ring.

Spree has a live run down here and the WSJ Online has a good piece here.

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