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The Rev. Jesse Jackson was arrested yesterday at a demonstration outside a south suburban gun shop and charged with one count of criminal trespass.

Jackson was arrested when he refused to move away from the entrance to Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, police said.

He has protested with other community activists outside the shop in recent weeks after a 16-year-old honor student was gunned down on a city bus.

Jackson says the shop’s proximity to Chicago provides gang members and criminals easy access to firearms.

REV. JESSE JACKSON SR.: Duke: Horror and Truth

Wizbang: (I knew this would bring Troll 2 in)

“Divorced Mother Of Two, Working Way Through College, Allegedly Raped, Abused By Gang.” Had the headline read that way, the fury would have been great. [because there was no fury about the case -ed] The facts that the police didn’t arrest anyone, that the gang was not talking, that it took two days for the police to search the scene of the crime would have added to the anger.


But that’s not how it was reported. Rather, it was reported that a black stripper was accusing members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape after she and another woman were hired to dance for them at a party. That method of reportage put race and class in the center of the story.


Unfortunately, for three young men, Nifong’s getting “carried away” got carried too far – right to the feet of Jesse Jackson. Jackson came to the defense of the so-called victim in this case even going so far as to publicly announce on Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes that he would offer a “don’t strip scholarship” to the accuser. On that same program, co-host Sean Hannity asked Jackson if he would recant his statement if the three players were found not guilty. Jackson replied, “no because I do not believe they are innocent and justice will prevail.”

Well, Mr. Jackson, you were half right. Justice did prevail. Three innocent men were exonerated for a crime they did not commit. The question now remains, Mr. Jackson, do you intend to offer an apology to the three falsely accused players? Mr. Jackson is guilty of one of the worst cases of racism in recorded history and yet he has not even offered one iota of an apology or other reparation. Jackson was so quick to judge these three because they were white and the so-called victim was black – a classic example of racism if there ever were one. Rather than wait until all of the evidence had been presented in a court of law before a jury, Jackson had already appointed himself judge, jury and executioner of these three Duke University students and now, with egg all over his face, Jackson acts as though he did nothing wrong. In fact, it might be safe to say that as far as Jackson is concerned, the three are guilty and no evidence to the contrary will change his mind, regardless of how irrefutable that evidence may be.


Why is Jesse the bigot so silent and where are the apologies?

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