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Orcs Attack Trump, Cruz & Carson, Demanding Submission to Islam

AssWholliness: Trump, Cruz and Carson attacked by UN

The United Nazi experts in genocide
& discrimination are

by  blatant  manifestations  of
hatred  and  intolerance,
including  by  public figures  in
response  to  terrorist  attacks
by  violent  extremists,”.

I refuse to be
sickened, I will not waste a good bowl of bean soup on their
self-righteous AssWholliness. I am
revolted and I raise the impudent digit of contumacious defiance.

attacks, those who perpetrate
them and the damnable doctrines which motivate them are and must remain
objects of hatred,
execration, condemnation & contempt.

Tolerance and respect, like credit, are
two way streets. “Credit is given where credit is due; we pay cash and
so will you.” applies to tolerance and respect.  Islam and
Muslims give none and earn none. They are intolerant and unworthy of
respect & tolerance.

Allah and his slaves curse us: 2.89, 9.30. No religion will be accepted
but Islam 3.85. Muslims are the best of
peoples, for the people, as they bring us to Islam with chains on our
necks 3.110, Bukhari 6.60.80.

“Including  by  public
figures” is an obvious reference to presidential candidates: Dr.
Carson, Donald Trump & Senator Ted Cruz.

Dr. Carson rejected the idea of electing
a Muslim to the presidency and with good reason. Islam is
compatible with our constitution.   Islam denies human rights,
equality and dignity.  It demands imposition of corporal
punishments. It demands execution of blasphemers and apostates. It
denies freedom of religion.

Dr. Carson called for leaving Muslim
refugees in their home region, where they belong.  While
terrorists have masqueraded as refugees to get into Paris and slaughter
innocent people. every Muslim is an existential threat to the extent
that he believes in Allah, his imperatives, threat and promise.
Keeping them out is the right thing to do.

Donald Trump called for a moratorium
Islamic immigration, and with good reason.  Islamic migrants
are an enemy fifth column, not refugees. They come as parasites and
conquerers, not to assimilate.  Its Hijra, stupid; what Moe
did to Yatthrib.

Senator Ted Cruz also wants to leave the
Muslims in their home region. He also called for carpet bombing ISIS.
Both with good reason.

Phobia implies irrational fear. There is
nothing irrational about fearing and hating  those Hellbent on
our destruction, commissioned by their deity to conquer and
dominate the world.   Allah commands Muslims to “strike terror“, “terrify thereby” and make a “great slaughter“, killing and
wounding “many of them“. He cast terror,
giving Muslims victory thereby.  Its in their canonical books,
which have been translated into our language and uploaded to the web so
we can read them. Carson, Cruz & trump should read them and get
a clue.  They should call the enemy what it is: Islam, not
Islamic terrorism”, which implies the existence of an anodyne
and benevolent Islam which does not exist.  3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67,
9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123,
59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

Dr. Carson, Senator Cruz & Mr.
Trump have a first amendment free speech clause right to criticize and
condemn Islam. So do I, and I exercise it.   The founders knew
that free speech is necessary to open debate in a representative
republic. We must be at liberty to learn and share the truth about
existential threats including but not limited to Islam.

Islam, Stupid! Allah said “fight themIslamic law says “The caliph makes war on Jews, Christians and
“… and “fights all other peoples until they
become Muslims”… What the Hell part of that do you damned fools not

Islamic law says that the minimum annual
jihad requirement is one military expedition in every
year but more is better.  It says that, if jihad is neglected
in a year when it is possible, all who know of the obligation are in
sin. The Book Of Jihad has Imam Al-Shafi’i’s  infamous fiqh
is more legible form. Reasonable, open mined men of good will read it
and curse Islam.

“Particularly  the  deliberate
and  dangerous  spread  of
and  the 
manipulation  of

people’s fears and concerns for political gain.”

Shrub & Obamination lied for political
gain, so did Hillary Clinton. Shrub said “Islam is a great religion of peace.”. He
lied. Islam
is permanent war. Obamination said “We are not at war with Islam.”
Islam is waging war against us and we need to reciprocate and
exterminate it.

Dr. Carson, Senator Cruz & Mr.
Trump lie about Islam by obfuscation: they do not state the
fatal facts as I have done above.  There is no “violent
extremism” or “radical
Islam” there is only Islam, as Moe preached and
practiced it in the 7th century.

“The Special Advisers
strongly and unreservedly condemn all criminal attacks by violent
extremists, wherever they may take

place. They underline, however, the damaging effects of

such attacks to a specific population, based on its identity,
as doing so has resulted in discrimination and targeting of Muslim

extremists”  is an accursed lie. The attacks in Paris and San
Bernardino were carried out by
believing Muslims, not extremists. The
words and works of the founder of Islam are  normative, not
extreme. Moe set the standard; deliberately building a reputation for
barbarian rapine by assassinations, pillage and genocide.

Recent United Nazi resolutions  reaffirm “that
and should not be associated with any religion, nationality,
civilization or ethnic group,”.  Who but Muslims engage in
terrorism?  When you hear hoof beats, do you expect the
arrival of
unicorns?  When you hear of a terrorist attack, do you
assume it was carried out by Christians?

is linked to Islam by its canonical books.  The
has Allah saying that he would and did cast terror, resulting in
victory over Jews. Moe said that he was made victorious with terror.
What the Hell part of that is  beyond your intellectual
to comprehend?

Are Mafia members
discriminated against when suspected of extortion and smuggling?
Neither are Muslims discriminated against by the sure
that  members of their ummah perpetrated  a

must be removed and
excluded from Dar ul-Harb because each one of them is a potential
terrorist, only awaiting the confluence of Iman and the call to jihad.
The MINO can become a Believer and join the jihad at any
without warning.

Go to “The
Book Of
Jihad”, linked above, and read about the fard of jihad. When we
retaliated against Afghanistan, it converted from fard al-kifaya to
fard al-ayn. The obligation to wage war against us is now individually
binding on every Muslim wheresoever dispersed over the face of the
earth.  Each Muslim is obligated to do whatever he can to injure  or enrage us; to punish us for not being Muslims.
Allowing the like of Syed  Farook to reside among us
is suicidal  insanity.

“The Special Advisers
recalled that any “advocacy
of national,
racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to
discrimination, hostility or violence” is prohibited under
international  human rights law and by the  national
laws or
constitutions of many countries.”

I call CamelShit!
When Geert  Wilders published Fitna,
Ban Ki-moon used that
malignant language to condemn it as incitement
to  hatred and
violence. Arrogant AssWholes
equate exposure of evil with evil.  Wilders simply shows you
Qur’an verses that incite hatred & violence  and the
Imams who
rouse the rabble by preaching them in their mosques.

ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG require that Islam be proscribed by law for

violating human
rights,  warmongering
& inciting
genocide, but  the Secretary General wants to ban Fitna

Reuters quotes U.N.
Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon about Fitna:“There is no
justification for hate
speech or incitement
to violence,” Ban said in a
statement. “The right of free
expression is not at stake here.”


recent  weeks,  there  have
numerous  acts  of  intimidation
violence  against  Muslims and
sites,  including  vandalism  of
as  well  as  discriminatory,
xenophobic  and
statements.  Some  of  these
have  referred  to  all
Muslims –
and  all
refugees  and asylum
seekers originating from Syria and Iraq –

There is no excuse for
unprovoked insult & assault against anyone, Muslim or not.
There is
no excuse for vandalism & arson.  Those are crimes. I
advocate nor incite them.  If mentally unstable individuals
such acts when outraged about Islamic terrorism, that is not the fault
of those of us who expose it.

Islam is
not a race. You can not change your race. Ayaan Hirsi Ali remains Black
after apostatizing. Dougie Hooper remains White after reverting. Race
is immaterial to the issue at hand. AssWholes play the race
card as a tool for squelching debate.

Islam began as an Arab Mafia but it conquered and subsumed Asians,
Blacks and Caucasians. Its multi racial.  Exposing, condemning
objecting to Islam is not racist.  There is no element of
or racism in fact
based declarations that Muslims should not be
admitted to America or elected to high office.

Christian and Yazidi refugees from Iraq & Syria are not
Muslims are.  Muslims are obligated to obey Allah and emulate
Messenger.  Allah commanded them to “strike
terror”, “terrify”
prospective enemies and “fight
those of the disbelievers nearest you.
Moe was “made victorious with terror”.  Muslims are
told in 33.21, to emulate him. Obedient
Muslims are terrorists. Islam entails terrorism. AssWholes, like LibTards and other
analencephalopaths, can’t comprehend that because they do not use their

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, mastermind of
the second WTC attack, said it best in his “Response To  The Nine Accusations“.

Therefore, killing you and fighting
you, destroying you and  terrorizing
responding back to your attacks, are all considered to be
legitimate duty in our religion

What part of  terrorizing you
is a great legitimate duty in Islam do you not comprehend?!

“Refugees from Syria and
Iraq are fleeing precisely

the kind of violence that we in the West also fear. To turn

them away when they are seeking refuge is an affront to our common

The AssWholes
played the guilt card. Two of the terrorists who attacked Paris were
Syrian refugees” .
That is ample cause for telling them to

“At this time when the
world is facing complex challenges, including confronting extremist
violent groups and individuals, Governments and other leading actors in
society should publicly counter
lies, prejudice and fear”

Islam is
the violent group; the rest are subsets of Islam,
undifferentiated from it in any significant way.  This blog
is countering
lies & prejudice with facts.  Fear is a
result of terrorism, both the end and the means  Muslims seek
.  That fear must motivate citizens to demand
that Islam
outlawed and Muslims  expelled and excluded.

Current immigration law permits exclusion of subversive and violent
enemies. The  constitution is not a suicide pact. Freedom of
religion does not extend to attacking, killing, enslaving, plundering,
raping and enslaving non-believers, all of which are entailed by Islam.
Where you find the right to perform such acts, there you will find the
right to manifest, practice & propagate Islam; not in our

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4 highly DISTURBING facts about the San Bernardino shooters

Those were GdM, in contact with foreign terrorists but apparently not on the security radar.

They are rotting proof of the necessity of expelling and excluding GdM from Dar ul
-harb. That is the only way to prevent attacks like theirs.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

The San Bernardino Massacre facts have been slow coming. Most of yesterday the most Conservative of the television networks – Fox News – reported the reluctance of authorities to call the massacre an Islamic terrorist attack. I did not hear the names of the Muslim Bonnie & Clyde terrorists until this morning. Surprise! Their names were Islamic in nature even though the male was born in the USA. As far as I know to date the wife (Tashfeen Malik) was identified as an American but as a gal that Syed Farouk married in Saudi Arabia and brought back to the USA. (My guess is my info will have been made public before I even post this on my blog.)

AND CRAZIER! Even though Muslim Bonnie & Clyde were armed to teethe with automatic weapons and homemade bombs, the authorities still are failing to call this Islamic terrorism.


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