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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as “furniture” for Muslim immigrants.

Refugees, my ass! Invaders!! Quit electing traitors!!!

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crew-2231211The western nation “Main Stream media.” won’t cover this …

That’s why if you want to know what is going on that they want us not to understand, go to a reputable blogger.

I’d like assure you that you are safe here.

80-haddad2_cbd77fd6711b2d9b6077a3528c76c148878604cf-1Of course this is all illegal.

Here we disclose how your friendly Muslim next door is selling arms illegally.


That’s right, Fort Meyers, Florida.

Semper Fi News

Yavex U.S.A.


September, 28, 2016

Yeah, keep letting them into our country!!!

If this doesn’t convince you that this IMMIGRATION is nothing less than an ARMED INVASION then nothing

80-haddad3_ab9952e9f90856bb3624f13af33d0cc2f3939d4cWonder still why all those young (military age) men without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those miles posing as refugees?

muslim_refugees1_1Wonder no longer, it’s Obama…

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US launches ‘self-defense strike’ against Shabaab in southern Somalia

CamelShit!!! If there was any intention of defeating the enemy, bombs would fall on the place where their commanders were meeting, their training camps and the town in which their headquarters are located.

Obamination does not intend to defeat them: he is one of them!

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From the…

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Orlando Terror Attack ‘Triggered’ by Pentagon Drone Strike

Malignant Malarkey!!! Islamic terrorism is doctrine driven, not grievance driven. Islamic law states that “Infidels may be attacked without provocation.” [Hedaya 2.141]

We do not have Muslim friends or allies! Such relationships are explicitly forbidden by Allah in his damned book.
* 3.118
* 4.89
* 4.139
* 4.144
* 5.51
* 5.57
* 58.14
* 58.22
* 60.1
* 60.13

There are two ways to defeat an ideology: kill the believers or cause them to quit believing. Which will it be??

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crew-2231211Sure it was according to the worst commander-in-chief in United States History.

Obama and Hillary are intense competitors for the title of “The biggest cover-up artists in recent memory. 

FBI withheld phone transcripts revealing Mateen’s motive!

Is there any wonder the FBI deservedly receives little to no respect.

Of course there is a song for that ! (Source)


The Washington Free Beacon

BY: Bill Gertz

September 28, 2016

The domestic terrorist behind the Orlando nightclub massacre was motivated by a Pentagon drone strike in Iraq a month before the shooting, according to police transcripts made public last week.

Conversations between Omar Mateen and a Orlando police negotiator on June 12 were kept secret by FBI and local police until Friday.

The secrecy contributed to misleading media accounts of the terrorist’s motives in the days after the killings.

Orlando Police officers direct family members away from a multiple shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., Sunday, June 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack) Orlando Police officers direct family members away from a multiple shooting at a…

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CAIR’s Awad: Anti-Terror JASTA Bill Part of “War on Islam”

CamelShit: radical, radicalizing, “war against Islam”, “nothing to do with Islam” .

Islamic terrorists are no different than any GdM except for their taking Allah’s commands seriously and implementing them. They are the Believers, as defined in 8.1-5, 9.111 & 49.15.

Radical means the root. The root of terrorism is in 3.151, 8.12, 8.57, 8.60, 59.2, 59.13 & 9.120.

Muslims are the enemy, Islam is the doctrine set that makes them inimical. Allah’s imperatives direct them; his threat and promise motivate them: Go to war or go to Hell. 9.38-39. Go to war and enter my celestial orgy: 9.111, 61.9-12.

War must be declared against Muslims and it must be waged effectively on the kinetic and ideological planes. Muslims must be made ashamed to be affiliated with Allah and those who will not apostitize must be sent to meet him in person.

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crew-2231211Of course Obama claims he vetoed the bill out of concern for unintended consequences, that it might open the door to similar litigation against U.S. military and government officials in other countries and “would neither protect Americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks.”

Yep I’m absolutely sure that is what the Kenyan was thinking.

the-twin-towers-on-fire-after-9-11-attackObama did in fact kill the bill, thus the unintended consequences of have a phony hiding out in the Oval Office with more ties to Islam than the United States. (Source)


CAIR and its offshoot propaganda units must be banned from the U.S. or at minimum lose their 501c3 status. (Source)

How can anyone with a lucid mind think otherwise?


By Steve Emmerson

International Project on Terrorism

Sep 26, 2016

It might be one of the few things on which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agree: President Obama was…

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Clinton Camp Cuts Off Press When Asked About Poll Showing Her Trailing Trump

It will be a difficult and tragic term if the Bloody Bitch Of Benghazi is elected, hacking up fur balls in the white House for four years.

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She said she would  come back to answer more questions.

e9ee3e24-1d18-4b8d-b1e6-7e923af8bdfa568c1e057fSlap….For a moment I forgot we were talking about Hillary.


She can no longer blame her coughing bouts on and “Allergy to Donald Trump.”

The media has finally got her in their cross hairs and they are going to take here down.


When they smell blood in the water and see circling sharks, they get out the lighter fluid and build the fire.

This is no longer something to laugh about, with the high probability that her team will figure out a way or multiple ways to steal the election, it would likely lead to a shooting war.

A very nasty shooting war.

Who will be around to protect her when We the People come for her?

Don’t bet on the Secret Service or the enlisted troops of our armed forces, they will be on our side.

dementiaBreitbart News…

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