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Now That The Troops Are In Place

I wonder if Reid can sleep at night. Perhaps he lays his head in nancy’s lap and she strokes he deflated and low approval ratings head?


For the first time since Baghdad fell, our military in Iraq has a comprehensive, integrated plan to defeat our enemies.

Until now, our efforts have always been piecemeal, stop-start affairs. Even our success in the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004 went unexploited.

Things have changed. And terrorists, not just Iraqi civilians, are dying.

The 10,000-man operation reported in the Baquba area is only one part of a broader effort. In the words of a well-placed officer in Baghdad, “Operations like that are going on around Fallujah, Salman Pak, in Eastern Anbar, the belts around Baghdad, in Arab Jabour, outside of Taji and throughout the Diyala River Valley.”

This widespread offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorists is part of a carefully developed, phased plan. The first step as the troop surge proceeded was to establish livable conditions in key neighborhoods of the capital.

That step was vital, but insufficient in itself. Terrorists fled, but they didn’t disappear. They just sought refuge elsewhere. And while neighborhood pacification involved aggressive tactical actions, it ultimately put our forces in a defensive posture.

And you can’t win solely by playing defense, either in the NFL or in war.

Gen. David Petraeus understood that. He’s done things methodically, operating from a coherent design – not just reacting as was our practice in the past, but imposing our will on the enemy. After regaining lost ground in Baghdad and exploiting Sunni Arab disillusionment with al Qaeda in Anbar Province, our military took the offensive. We pushed the enemy off “our” turf. Now we’re going after “their” turf.

This balance between defensive and offensive operations, integrated across central Iraq, is the first time we’ve seen a classic approach to military operations in post-Saddam Iraq. Amazing, but true.

What hurdles lie ahead?

First, it remains an open question whether we’ve got enough boots on the ground. While Petraeus and his team are using our forces with remarkable efficiency, there ain’t no more to send.

That was page 1.  Page 2 is even better.

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I Voted For Christian

You can vote for whomever you choose to. Just vote.

Energizer battery is having some sort of competition and this soldier, was chosen as a contender! When Bush visited him at Walter Reade W promised Christian he’d go running with him once he was able and back in 2006 they did! Christian is a purple heart recipient and has lost both his legs in Iraq.

Christian Bagge, a Purple Heart recipient who lost both of his legs while serving in Iraq, was chosen for his enduring spirit, Energizer spokesperson Jeff Bachmann said.

like the saying goes; vote early vote often! 🙂

Hat Tip to GL of NYC for the email!

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The Democratic Plan For Victory In Iraq

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No. I Have Not Forgotten

I haven’t forgotten the men I carried out nor the men that carried me out. I haven’t forgotten the faces of the demons that visit me every night…when they come. I haven’t forgotten the horrors of war. I haven’t forgotten the screams of pain or the screams of rage. I haven’t forgotten the tears for fallen comrades and I haven’t forgotten the idiots in congress, either.

I haven’t forgotten the physical and psychological scars…I see them every day. I haven’t forgotten that my eldest son is serving, protecting the idiots in congress and the idiots that support the idiots in congress.

I haven’t forgotten the words of the platitudes rendered by the idiots in congress. How can I forget and how can YOU forget? I see them every day. Don’t you?

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Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)

No editorializing required/needed…enjoy

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Rightfully Swiped From Miss Beth

BAD GUYS: Factual Videos-What THEY Don”t Want YOU To Know (What THEY HOPE Doesn”t Get Out)

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Is It ANY Wonder?

The Leftinistra, the armies of the socialist liberals, make the LAME claim that they received a mandate of some sort back in 11/06 as well as making some bizarre claim to a landslide victory in the same elections.


First of all, what was the mandate and how do the Leftinistra calculate a landslide victory? One MUST wonder where their feelers are…yes?


With all that being said and their insistence that they have the pulse of America, how, then, do they explain this?

Approval of Congress lowest in a decade

Only about a quarter of Americans approve of how it’s doing its job, a poll shows; most see ‘business as usual.’

Something is amiss…yes? The vaunted majority in the CONgress has failed the American people. And which political party is in “control”? The Democrats? Mon dieu! Whom shall they blame for their failures? Will there be calls for impeachment? Censure? Special Prosecutors? Where is the outrage? Who’s to blame?Just 27% of Americans now approve of the way Congress is doing its job, the poll found, down from 36% in January, when Democrats assumed control of the House and the Senate.

And 63% of Americans say that the new Democratic Congress is governing in a “business as usual” manner, rather than working to bring the fundamental change that party leaders promised after November’s midterm election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), the first woman to hold that position, has also failed to impress many Americans. Only 36% approve of the way she is handling the job, the poll found.

And what is GWB’s rating right now? Isn’t it the SAME as Madame Stretch?

In contrast, 46% of Americans in the current poll said they approved of the way Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia handled the job after he led the GOP into the majority in 1994.

And the Leftinistra decry Newt as a what? His ratings are BETTER than the elite of the left!

The poll also found continued public unhappiness with President Bush, whose approval ratings have been stuck below 40% since last year.

Yet they are HIGHER than the Leftinistra. Imagine that.

Public disappointment with Congress swelled before Republicans lost power in November. Democrats swept in on promises to end the war and tackle a host of popular domestic issues, including raising the minimum wage, reducing prices on prescription drugs, promoting stem cell research and ending corruption.

Swept into power? And why was that? It was the dirty politics and the lies of the Leftinistra and the flip-flopping on issues that confused most and sickened others. And the Lame Stream Media fell lock-step in tune with the Leftinistra and enabled the lies and deceit. The Leftinistra lied and America has suffered because of it. All the Leftinistra wanted was power and control. What have they done with it? Not a damn thing.

Although some Democratic initiatives have passed the House, few have won passage in the Senate, where the party has held the majority by one vote.

So much for the vaunted majority. This is the LAMEST CONgress this veteran can remember and I voted for the very first time in 1973 and haven’t missed one since.

Bush and his Capitol Hill allies have thus far managed to block every Democratic attempt to force a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, much to the chagrin of Democrats around the country.

Not Democrats; bonehead…Leftinistra. Their IS a difference. The kook fringe freaks. The communist group A.N.S.W.E.R. and their moron counter-part Yellow Streak (formerly code pinko).


“They just haven’t seemed to have gathered things together the way they should,” said Martha Wilde, 81, a Democrat from Remer, Minn., who said she had been particularly disappointed in congressional Democrats’ lack of progress confronting the Bush administration over the war.

“I think they should force them more,” Wilde said.

They are unable to, Old One. They ran on lies and deceit.


A third of liberal Democrats, who constitute the party’s base, approve of the job Congress is doing; 58% disapprove, the poll found.

That’s a dramatic change from January, when a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll found that 43% of liberal Democrats approved of the job Congress was doing and 36% disapproved.

Imagine that.

Representatives of Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Democrats were undeterred by the public’s anger.

That is because THEY don’t listen to We The People, either. They listen to We The Freaks and Socialists.

“The American people are rightly frustrated with the ongoing war in Iraq, and Democrats will continue to work with Republicans to force the president to change direction in Iraq so our troops can come home and we can refocus our efforts on fighting terrorism,” said Pelosi spokesman Nadeam Elshami.

And this guy is a classic MORON. Talk about the WRONG reception to the “pulse” of America. The public angst, fool, is the lack of a VICTORY, moron. Cut and run is for cowards and fools and Leftinistra. Ask the troops. Check the chart at the end of this post as to how the MAJORITY of Americans feel about the Global War On Terror and the war in Iraq. Idiots.

The poll was conducted Thursday through Sunday; 1,183 adults were surveyed by telephone. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.


Here are the figures that the Leftinistra ignore and lie about. It proves that they lied to get into power.

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If I Die Before You Wake

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If I Die Tomorrow

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Remember Me

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