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AssWhole Control, not Gun Control!!

Update 03/18/’18:

Fox News reports that documents reveal a call by
school officials and a deputy sheriff for the involuntary commitment of
Nikolas Cruz in September of ’16.  Had the Baker Act been enforced
properly, Cruz would have been prevented from purchasing his weapon.
Click through the link above and read the report for the details.

Local officials and the FBI dropped the ball
numerous times.  No new law could have prevented the massacre. We
need AssWhole control, not gun control!!!

After every mass shooting incident, a chorus of gun control demands drowns out plans for rational solutions.  Now is the time to put an end to the malignant malarkey.

Guns outnumber AssWholes  wanting to misuse them.  When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns and the innocent will be defenseless against them.

Priority one: AssWhole control!  When it is discovered that someone has a mindset for murder, get him adjudicated and locked up.  Cruz had made threats.  He had engaged in violence. There were  numerous police responses to his residence. He posted his intent on social media.  If the FBI had followed up properly, he could have been brought before a judge and sent away. 17 innocent people would still be alive.

If and when you see or hear someone expressing intent or desire to commit mass murder or expressing admiration for a murderer, document it and report it at once!  Drive that message home to your children.  And explain the importance of avoiding false witness.

No new law would have prevented Cruz from killing.  But the Coach might have stopped him short if he had been armed. Armed guards at the right time and place could have stopped the slaughter. An armed and trained teacher could have stopped it.   But there would have been no slaughter if Cruz had been secured in a mental asylum.

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  1. PROBLEM! Every state in the USA USED to have at least one Mental Hospital. An insane person could be kept safely in a secure facility in HUMANE circumstances, even for LIFE if need be. In the 1970’s, THE ACLU declared it “inhumane” and got most of them closed down. Now, no matter how many times people report them to local police or even THE FBI, they can only hold them a short time on a “mental hold” before releasing them to go home.

    President Reagan, James Brady, Gabrielle Giffords, and John Lennon all were shot by mentally ill people. The only place to “hold” a criminally insane person is PRISON, and THEN only AFTER he or she has KILLED! GUNS are NOT the problem, CRAZY people are the problem! Pass all the laws you want to- – just TELL ME ONE LAW A CRAZY PERSON WILL OBEY! If he can not buy a gun legally he will buy one in an alley from another criminal- – or he will steal one, but be assured, he WILL GET ONE!
    When I was 66, a 24 year old man high on meth ran from the police who were chasing him near my home. He ditched them, jumped over my 6′ fence, ran in my back door. He could easily have killed me, but I had a MEAN DOG and a pistol!
    That is why I am a LIFE MEMBER of THE NRA! Guns are not the problem! NRA is not the problem. MENTAL ILLNESS is the problem!

    Comment by grannybeepbeep | March 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Last week on a radio show, the speaker of the Florida house of reps. reported that Florida’s Baker Act authorizes the commitment of insane persons who pose a threat to the community. Nikolas Cruz was eligible under that act. The local authorities who neglected to trigger the act have much mayhem to answer for.

      Comment by dajjal | March 7, 2018 | Reply

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