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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Understanding the Caliphate Curve

The Sheikh is overoptimistic: Jihad endeth not ’till Islam is no more; not while the earth is Islam infested.

When you drill down to the root of the problem, it is ISLAM. Islam is the terror group.
Japan and Germany could be defeated militarily. Islam can not be defeated with bombs and bullets. Not without causing Muslims to disbelieve in Allah, his imperatives, threat & promise. While they believe, they will always repopulate, regroup, rearm and renew the Jihad.

The NeoConservative Christian Right

If you are a Muslim that adheres to some form of an Islamic curve for a Caliphate, then you are a danger to my way of life, to the American way of life, to the Christian way of life to the general Western way of life and to any way of life Islam disagrees with. Check out this quote from Daniel Greenfield:

We are not at war with an organization, but with the idea that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and are endowed by Allah with the right to rule over them, to rob them, to rape them and enslave them. ISIS is the most naked expression of this idea. But it’s an idea that everyone on the Caliphate curve accepts.

Until we defeat this racist idea, new Islamic groups will constantly keep arising animated by this vision. Wars fueled by supremacist beliefs have historically only ended when the illusion…

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