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I usually confine the use of  the ironic “yeah, right” to commentary on the foibles of Muslims. Not this time.  I received an email appeal  which I have reproduced below, unedited.   Iran is about to join the nuclear club, probably within the next three years.

The theory is that  we can slow Iran’s nuclear development by reducing their income by reducing our reliance on imported oil.   There is only one practical way to reduce that dependence on imports: by increasing domestic production & refining.  That process has a long lead time, about ten years.  In three years Iran has  nukes; in ten we  throttle their  oil revenue.  Yeah, right.

Obamination has cut off domestic offshore exploration and production.  The next five year MMS plan got canceled.  Get a clue already!  It ain’t gonna happen.   If we had increased domestic exploration in 1995, we could be enjoying the benefits now.  But Slick Willy vetoed it.

Ahmadinejad needs nukes. Give him  a few.  That will solve his problem and ours, immediately &  permanently.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations on nuclear non-proliferation.  How ironic is that? Nobody is fooled by President Ahmadinejad’s attendance.  Iran’s intentions are abundantly clear and his nuclear ambitions threaten his neighbors, Israel’s existence, and our national security.  Iran is closer than ever before to obtaining nuclear weapons.  Are you doing all that you can to help prevent a nuclear Iran? Join us now!

You can play a key role in stopping Ahmadinejad and Iran by helping to reduce the United States’ reliance on foreign oil.

Iran receives up to $100 million a day in oil revenues, which is an astonishing $1.8 trillion over the next forty years.  That is $1.8 trillion that Iran can use to further their support of Hezbollah. $1.8 trillion that Iran can use in its pursuit of nuclear weapons.  $1.8 trillion that Iran can use to threaten the region and meet its stated goal of eliminating Israel from the map.

It is an imperative that we act now!  Join us in stopping Iran by shutting down the funding.  Help us prevent Iran and other dangerous regimes from supporting terrorism and spreading the world’s most deadly weapons.  Sign and circulate our petition today.

Rabbi Steve Gutow
President, Jewish Council for Public Affairs

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Tell Ken Salazar to Drill Here, Drill Now & Save Money!

An email from American Solutions informed me that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is considering postponing a decision on increased off shore drilling for two years.

Yesterday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar suggested he might delay the decision on offshore drilling until 2012. But he went on to say: “…we’ll decide based on the information we collected [during the comment period] and the analysis that’s been done during this period.”

Given the long lead times involved in leasing, exploration & production, any such delay is intolerable to those who want lower fuel prices, increased supply and reduced dependency on our enemies in OPEC.

Monday, September 21, ’09  is the deadline for submitting comments on  off shore drilling decision.  The form invoked by this link will make submitting your comment quick and easy.

Why should you care and take action? Because failure to do so costs you at the pump and in your utility bills.  Because dependence of foreign suppliers reduces our flexibility  in r foreign  and defense policy decisions.

The anti-energy interest groups always submit as many comments as possible at the last minute, so this final push is extremely important.

We cannot let their stall tactics continue to stand in the way of developing more American energy.

If Slick Willy had not vetoed increased leasing and exploration in ’95, we would have the benefit of increased domestic production now. Send your comments today, in hopes that the bureaucrats will do the right thing soon enough for your children to  enjoy the benefits before they retire.

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Tell DOI to Increase Domestic Oil Production

An email from American Solutions asserts that “U.S. Department of Interior decides when and where we drill, and they decide based on public feedback.”
American Solutions has a form letter prepared for us to sign and send. The text is editable, and I made good use of that feature.  The deadline for comments is September 21, so it is vital that you make good use of this link now.

The sooner we begin domestic exploration & production, the sooner we will diminish our suicidal dependence on an oil cartel owned by regimes which hate us. With the Obama administration and Democrat dominated Congress opposed to domestic oil production, an extreme quantity of public pressure is needed to influence the Department of Interior’s decision.

If you want lower and more stable gasoline, fuel oil & natural gas prices, click the link above and send that email, then urge your family, friends and associates to  do the same.

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