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Studies In Islam (Jihadism)

Studies In Islam (Jihadism)

Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:20 AM

This is a one stop collection of posts on this blog in the study and research of Islam/Jihadism. Be prepared to spend some time here to learn and understand our enemies. The majority of Americans have been led to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that they can “assimilate” into our culture. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not if they are true Islamists. Islamists are a cruel and vicious power. They are NOT to be trusted at all.

NOTE! More will be added as they are posted. Be sure to check back in once in a while.

Know Thine Enemy (part 1) [the beginning]

Know Thine Enemy (part 2) [religion of peace?]

Know Thine Enemy (part 3) [jihad]

Know Thine Enemy (part 4) [terrorism]

Know Thine Enemy (part 5) [genocide]

Know Thine Enemy (part 6) [misogyny]

Know Thine Enemy (part 7) [situational scripture]

Know Thine Enemy (part 8) [islamophobia & moderation]

Know Thine Enemy (part 9) [absolutism & abrogation]

Know Thine Enemy (part 10) [supremacism & intolerance]

Know Thine Enemy (part 11) [triumphalism]

Know Thine Enemy (part 12) [carrot & stick]

Know Thine Enemy (part 13) [inquisition]

Know Thine Enemy (part 14) [commencement]

The Realities of Muslim Immigration

Brought To You By Islam (Religion of Peace?)

Genocide, Genocide, Genocide (part 1)

Genocide, Genocide, Genocide (part 2)

Genocide, Genocide, Genocide (part 3)

Hamas On Our Shores


The Ultimate AssIdiocy: funding Fallestine

A Terrible Lie

Islamic Tools of War

Islamic Hypocrisies

Hydra Of War

Keep Them Out

Islam: The Grand Delusion

Liberalism vs Islamism

Political Correctness: The Incubator of Islamism

Islamists Are The Enemy

Myth vs Fact 1

Myth vs Fact 2

Myth vs Fact 3

Myth vs Fact 4

Myth vs Fact 5

Myth vs Fact 6

Myth vs Fact 7

Myth vs Fact 8

Myth vs Fact 9

Myth vs Fact 10

Myth vs Fact 11

Myth vs Fact 12

Myth vs Fact 13

Myth vs Fact 15 

Myth vs Fact 14

Myth vs Fact 16 

No More Tribute Peace Process

What Really Happened In The Middle East?

Islam v Islamists

An Ignoramus Tries To Debate a Scholar

Refutation of Idiocy

The Truth Matters Part 1

The Truth Matters Part 2

The Truth Matters Part 3

The Truth Matters Part 4

The Truth Matters Part 5

The Ultimate AssIdiocy: funding Fallestine

Road Apples

Breaking The Manacles of Islam

Islam Needs an Exorcist

The Islamic Mein Kampf

One Muslim Swerving Toward Truth

No More Tribute!

Resources for Crusaders

Nuclear 911

Nuclear 911

Nuclear 911

No More Jizya

Religion of Peace?

The Face of Our Enemies

Jihad In US Streets

Calculus of the Enemy

Cultural Jihad In America

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