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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Vote Fraud–One Man One Vote; Unless He is a Democrat.

I found this on the Examiner, and I am sharing it with you because we
all need to know. I want the electorate to become aware of what is
happening, promoted by Democrat Party professional staff members around
the country.

`The ‘crats and their willing accomplices in the media tell us that
vote fraud is a fantasy.  This Project Veritas video proves
otherwise.  Please watch it and share it because it deserves to go

We need a choice, not an echo. We need a candidate
sufficiently intelligent and informed to realize and sufficiently
couragious to acknowledge the fact that the “Two State Solution” is
part of the probem; no solution.  I will vote for a candidate who
knows that Islam is the enemy and that terrorism is an intrinsic
sacrament of Islam.

I can not, in good conscience, cast a vote for
Willard Romney, but I hate Obamination with an ineffable passion
and do not want to see it prevail by fraud.

We need to abandon the corrupt and spineless GOP and form a
Conservative Party with spines & testicles; who will select its own
nominee on merit, without accepting input from the chattering class,
media and ‘crats.

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Death & Damnation

Is there any life left in the Tree of Liberty? You’re it!  Summon up all your grit & determination and resolve that Liberty will prevail!

Originally posted by seneca264 at Jihad Chat.

It often amazes me how many evil forces are at work to secure the final destruction of this once great and mighty nation. I find it ironic that the biggest evil force at work is our own president Bush and his administration. I can only wonder what and when the next big “plan” is going to be hatched from the back offices of the White House that will once again drive a nail in the coffin of America. I was never one to give up, but this battle to secure our country and return it to some level of sanity seems to be moving farther and farther from the grasp of the American people. Sure, we have some victories now and then, but for every step we go forward, we take 5 steps back. At this rate, this country will not survive long. The anti-American organizations like the ACLU, La Raza, CAIR, etc are slowly buying the support of our federal, state, and local officials. These organizations have slowly crept into our courts and governments and have basically highjacked the American way of life. Our laws will be slowly changed, one at a time, so as not to alarm the public. Heck, most Americans are too stupid, lazy, or ignorant to even care or know what is going on in their own country, let alone do anything about it.

Yes folks, we deserve to lose our great country. We have been very poor caretakers of our freedoms. We have been reduced to moral cowards that lack resolve in the face of this evil onslaught. I often wonder what would have happened to this nation if the Sons of Liberty and our founding fathers had capitulated in their belief that the colonies should be free from a tyrannical form of government. Thank God for brave men willing to put their lives on the line to secure our freedoms. What a disgrace we would appear to them if they could see us now.

The American citizen has been successfully neutered by our government. We have been reduced to fighting with worthless votes and hollow threats towards our elected representatives not to support them in the next election. I am sure you have these turncoats quaking in their boots folks. Your elected officials no longer need your worthless vote to stay in power, they will garner their votes from the “new” Americans that they cater to. Just take a look at my state of South Carolina. We elected the traitor Lindsay Graham on a strictly conservative platform and now he is handing out our country to every illegal that enters the U.S.

Sorry folks, we lost the battle to save this country. I feel sorry for our children and their chidlren. We will leave a legacy of failing and cowardice. Our generation will be shamed for enternity.

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Edwards…Poverty Monger

John Edward’s Poverty Tour

Let us pick this deceptive turd apart, shall we. It “IS” “Rather” simple to do.

The Politico:

Edwards to announce poverty tour

For a guy that doesn’t know what a rich man is, how in the hell is he going to be able to know what a poor man is? Eh?


Can JRE pull off a JFK, or an RFK (asks Politico chief political writer Mike Allen, who is sharing guestblogging duties while Ben is on vacation)? John Edwards plans to announce Monday that he’ll take a break from fund-raising and campaigning in early-voting states next week for a three-day, eight-state, 12-city “Road to One America” tour aimed at calling attention to poverty in the deep South, the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia and the Rust Belt. The campaign points out that none of the states he’ll visit has an early 2008 primary, and says Edwards won’t be doing rallies.

Edwards makes me sick. Not as sick as Hillary does but sick just the same. The Double Standard is all so telling and obvious but the dumb and dumber flock to him like a cockroach to a bug-zapper.

Edwards pays $400 for a haircut, his house has more square footage than most Central American Counties, his “carbon footprint” is larger than the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, his last 3 jobs were medical malpractice attorney (ambulance chaser), U.S Senator and hedge fund manager, he owns at least one of those Two Americas, and he gets the “college rate” of $55K to speak about poverty.

Does anyone see the Double Standard here, besides me?


Instead, TV viewers will see Edwards in coal country, Edwards in a factory, Edwards on a farm, Edwards in a struggling neighborhood, Edwards in a school, Edwards in a health care clinic. “It’s an effort to show the rest of the country how 37 million Americans live their lives in poverty every single day,” an Edwards aide said. “It’s not only their workplaces — it’s their homes and the places they get health care.”

What if, Edwards, the man that knows not what a rich man is, gets in the faces of the down trodden and tells them that they CAN rise above their circumstances, JUST LIKE HE DID and that the poor need NOT depend upon government to get them (the poor) out of their personal quagmires? How about Edwards tells them to pull themselves up by their OWN bootstraps, apply themselves and bulldoze their way to the top…like Edwards did? How about that? Wouldn’t THAT be a novel idea? Wouldn’t THAT be a worthy and noble cause?


The photogenic swing is reminiscent of John F. Kennedy’s repeated coal-country campaigning before the West Virginia primary of 1960. His overwhelming victory ended Catholicism as an issue in the campaign and brought national attention to Appalachian poverty. Twenty-eight years later, Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis donned a hard hat and overalls for an hour-long tour of a West Virginia coal mine.

And Dukakis LOST big time and it sent his wife into the “clinic” for a spell due to utter humiliation when Ronaldus Maximus TROUNCED the Double Standard Dukakis machine in a landslide this country has only seen two of…both of them due to RWR!!


“By telling their stories to the rest of the nation, the tour will attempt to shed light on the new faces of poverty in America,” the Edwards campaign says in an announcement document. The former U.S. senator from North Carolina has a plan for “ending poverty in America within a generation” that includes an increase in the minimum wage, investments in rural community colleges, creation of 1 million short-term “stepping stone” jobs, and a program to encourage responsible fatherhood and fight teen pregnancy.

Or, how about if Edwards, if he REALLY cares about the poor, and he believes that everyone BUT his kind (the rich Leftinistra) should give up what they have and give to them what don’t have, freely gives HIS OWN DAMN MONEY to the poor and down trodden? Wouldn’t THAT mean something? Actions speak louder than words, Oh Mr I Don’t Know What A Rich Man “IS”!! Moron.


Edwards has been putting a new emphasis on his message of economic fairness as a way to make himself more than the anti-war candidate. He also wants to mop up union endorsements and get more traction among lower-income, working voters without a college education. But he’s so wealthy that he has struggled to mold a populist image.

Economic fairness…that’s one of those buzz words, right? That’s one of those “sound good” terms, right? But, what the hell does it mean? NOTHING! That’s what it means. He wants BIG LABOR UNION DOLLARS (will he give it to the poor?) to win an election by catering (pandering) to those with seemingly little hope because they rely on Big Brother and Big Brother has NO intentions of helping. Big Brother relies on the poor to keep control of the poor. That’s how socialism takes root.


Stop-by-stop information (along with a snide aside and an explanation of the RFK reference) after the jump.


Edwards will start next Sunday, July 15, with a walking tour of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. The three-day tour will officially begin the next day in New Orleans with a town hall in conjunction with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” where he’ll kick off the day’s theme of “Rewarding Work and Ending Poverty in America.” Then he’ll head to Canton, Miss.; Marks, Miss.; Marianna, Ark.; and Memphis, Tenn., where he’ll give the first of two speeches.

Ending poverty. Engels and Marx promised that Utopian impossibility. So. Edwards is a socialist as well. These trolls out themselves on a regular basis.


On Tuesday, July 16, he’ll take his theme of “Strengthening Neighborhoods and Cities Rising” to Cleveland; Youngstown, Ohio, where he’ll give the second speech; and Pittsburgh.


The finale will be Wednesday, July, 18, with a theme of “Restoring Hope to Rural America.” He’ll stop in isolated southwest Virginia, then will end in Whitesburg, Ky., and Prestonsburg, Ky. That’s the same Prestonsburg that was the final public stop by Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 on HIS iconic poverty tour.


P.S. In Maureen Dowd’s essential Sunday account of an interview with Edwards about his tastes in books, music, TV and actors (“Phantom At The Opera: He likes his culture with a drawl”), print she quotes the former senator as saying: “Elizabeth thinks the two rules you always use in politics are: Don’t dance. And don’t wear hats.” Ms. Dowd adds: “Especially not if you’ve got such a fabulous haircut to show off.” And we might add: Tough to stick to in coal country.


UPDATE: In response to a comment below from reader SRB, who challenged the use of “overwhelming,” here are the 1960 West Virginia primary results: 60.8 percent for Kennedy, to 39.2 percent for Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota. See the whole chart here.


The general election, probably what SRB was thinking of, was one of the closest in history — 49.7 percent for Kennedy to 49.5 percent for one Richard Milhous Nixon of California.

Pathetic. Truly and indeed pathetic. They should be ashamed of themselves. JFK has to be rolling his eyes and looking to Truman and Dewey and saying,”What happened?”

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Fred Fest


Welcome to Fred-Fest ‘08

The Candidate both sides Love to Hate!

Written by JB Williams

For a well-known and previously well-liked southern gentlemen and respected former U.S. senator, who is not yet officially in the race for the White House, Fred Thompson sure is drawing a lot of unfriendly fire from both sides of the political aisle. Clearly the man both sides see a need to derail is Fred Thompson, which must mean, he is seen as the man to beat in ’08, at least in the minds of the other candidates.
An old friend once told me, when you stand with your head above the crowd, you had better be ready to catch all the rotten tomatoes. Fred’s not only a head above the crowd physically, but it seems idealistically too. And here come those tomatoes…

Let me see if I can remember all the reasons why we’re not supposed to support Fred Thompson for president… according to politicos across the political spectrum.

  • He’s too old (64)
  • He has cancer
  • He lacks political experience, or, he’s a Washington insider
  • He’s been both bachelor and family man, twice
  • He’s too conservative, or, not conservative enough
  • He likes pretty women, though not the same way Bill Clinton does
  • He’s too tough on abortion, but not tough enough for some
  • He’s a national security hawk, or, maybe a globalist dove
  • He’s a political nobody, or, a respected member of the Council on Foreign Relations
  • He was a Washington lobbyist, though by all accounts, an underpaid one
  • He’s just a TV prosecutor, or, a real prosecutor who often plays himself on TV
  • He was a Watergate Nixon insider, or, he was a leading Watergate prosecutor
  • Nixon thought he was a dunce, until the dunce forced Nixon to resign the Oval Office

Political pundits and campaign war rooms have carefully investigated Thompson and so far, this is what they have come up with as their reasons for which Thompson shouldn’t be the next president. Of course, politicos see all things in stark contrast, left-wing versus right-wing only. Left-wing pundits say he’s too far right and of course, right-wing pundits say he’s too far left.

What pundits tend to forget is that more than 80 percent of Americans are neither right-wing nor left-wing. These extreme partisan positions are reserved for political pundits and the politicians they aim to promote, or assassinate, as the case may be.

But most Americans see both politicians and their paid pundits as useless wing-nuts, – which explains why both the Republican White House and the Democrat congress are equally unpopular among average Americans today. Both are no more than just right-wing and left-wing political junkies, busy double-talking and back-stabbing on behalf of themselves, not the American people.

In this way, the above list is more than just a list of reasons not to support Thompson. It might be the list of reason why so many Americans are supporting Thompson, on both sides of the political aisle.

Although Thompson has been drafted into the ’08 race by the disenchanted (read disenfranchised) conservative base of the Republican Party, strong signs are emerging that many Democrat voters are now favoring Thompson as well. That’s why Howard Dean himself is worried enough about Thompson to be personally engaged in his political assassination before he even tosses his hat in the ring.

For the first time since Reagan, a president might be elected by both Republicans and Democrats. People finally fed up with partisan bickering, who are in search of an American president, not just a Republican or Democrat committee mouthpiece, appear to be more than slightly intrigued by Thompson.

Partisan committee elite types don’t get that most Republicans are right of social liberal Rudy Giuliani, but left of isolationist libertarian Ron Paul. Likewise, most Democrats are somewhere right of pure socialist Hillary Clinton, but left of – say – Democrat hawk Zell Miller.

This explains the temporary fascination with Barack Obama, who is trying to walk a tightrope down the center of his party. His blank résumé is making it tough for Hillary to attack because he hasn’t been around long enough to complete more than the ID section of that résumé. Look for Al Gore to re-emerge once voters figure out that there’s nothing in that fancy Gucci suit from Illinois.

Bottom line – true right-wingers and hardened left-wingers are equally disturbed by current campaign developments. That would be the 20 percent of America that lives, eats, sleeps and breathes politics, 10% hardcore leftists who want to dictate a socialist policy to the DNC and 10% extreme right-wingers who want to dictate an isolationist policy to the RNC.

As for the rest of America, the 80 percent of voters who are fed up with both partisan back-stabbing extremes that leaves their American agenda trapped between two constantly warring political factions, they’re in search of someone to lead the nation towards an American agenda, not just a partisan agenda that keeps the country stuck in neutral in a perpetual power struggle.

Thompson, a plain spoken decent man who has made a living in the private sector through various respected professions, a man who has known success and failure – victory and disappointment – love and loss – how to be alone and how to run a family, might be just the ticket for Americans who can relate more to him than any career politician currently stinking up Washington DC.

For a change, the pundits might have it right, once you put all of their assertions together in one place.

Thompson appears neither too left nor too right, neither left-wing nor right-wing, but somewhere in between, depending upon which issue you care to consider. He appears to be just like most Americans, more certain about his love and respect for true American values and principles than any party power agenda.

I say appears because he has yet to announce or present his official platform. While the pundits are busy pretending to know “what Fred would do” for the benefit of their chosen candidates, the fact is that only Fred knows what Fred intends to do as president at this moment and until he announces and presents his platform, it will remain that way.

Since he continues to climb in the polls without running, it might be a while before he decides to announce. So far, letting the others defeat themselves seems a pretty good strategy from where I sit. A pretty cost efficient strategy too…wholly un-Washington like, which is another reason the pundits don’t like him much. He’s a bit of a wild card in their eyes…

If my tea leaves are correct, the very things that upset the Washington elite seem to excite the average American voter. Hell – Fred might win as a write-in at this point.

Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on one thing right now, – those pure partisan extremists who have been in Washington for eight years or more need to find a new career and make room for anyone willing to represent all Americans for a change.

We’ve sure tried it the pure partisan way and none of us like how that turned out. Any candidate that speaks to the 80% who are neither left nor right wing extremists is likely to be tough to beat in ’08. Not being a career politician will help too.

Like him or not, Fred is just Fred. Fred is as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. The American people will have to elect such a man. And the Washington elite never will approve…especially the politicos at either extreme.

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On Hillary and Scooter Libby

By now, even the jerks on the left know that the “issue” with Scooter Libby was a manufactured BDS driven witch hunt. Fitzgerald KNEW from the beginning that Armitage was the leaker of the non-covert bitch Valerie Plame and her retarded and wussified dweeb of a coward husband knew as well.

Is my angst showing?

This is what makes Czarina’s statement about the commutation of Libby’s sentence the real joke of the day. This woman, and I use that term loosely, is no better than Fitzgerald and Armitage. Knowing the truth and doing nothing of it equates to needing to be euthanized. They should all check in immediately to wherever Kavorkian is hanging out so he can assist them with the relieving themselves of all this BDS hatred. It would the best they could do for this country. They just plain suck.

Here is what the idiot that would be King (she has to have a bigger unit than Bill does):

Liberals Cry about Bush commuting the sentence of Scooter Libby


Liberals are all upset about President Bush pardoning Scooter Libby.


Senator Clinton issued the following statement on President Bush’s decision to commute the sentence of Scooter Libby:

“Today’s decision is yet another example that this Administration simply considers itself above the law. This case arose from the Administration’s politicization of national security intelligence and its efforts to punish those who spoke out against its policies. Four years into the Iraq war, Americans are still living with the consequences of this White House’s efforts to quell dissent. This commutation sends the clear signal that in this Administration, cronyism and ideology trump competence and justice.”

That criminal Hillary DARES claim someone is above the law? PLEASE! Spare us the bullshit! Hillary is a QUACK!

Please visit the site above to see the list of PARDONS Bill The Cigar Boy Sex Fiend and Addict issued. WHERE WAS HILLARY’S ANGST THEN? Oh. Wait. Her brother-in-law was pardoned by Billy Bob Can’t Keep His Pants Zipped Moron. I see. And Scooter Libby was the attorney! GO FIGURE!

What a schmuck this Hillary creep is. DAMN!

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Another Candidate Blows With The Wind?

Say it ain’t so!!

Errol Louis on Obama

Obama has to cope with a soon-to-be-published biography that suggests he has been trimming his sails to fit the prevailing political winds for years.

The book is “Obama: From Promise to Power,” by Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendell. The scenario is 2002 when, according to Mendell, Obama was being asked to speak out against the Iraq invasion and hesitated, only going public in order to attract political guru David Axelrod to his U.S. Senate campaign.

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Please…Not Another DS Proponent

Barack Obama. Although I have no intentions of voting for the man, I did have some inkling of respect for him going up against The Rodham (Czarina) and for his “projected candor”. We all know that the politicians no longer represent “We The People”. The status quo in DC is unacceptable.

Shortly, I will have videos up in the VOD:POD of his “sound goods”.

On the same day that Barack Obama outlined his plan for tougher restrictions on lobbyists, the campaign manager to a rival Democratic presidential candidate questioned his commitment to practicing a new kind of politics.

His yapping to the Vocal Minority left fringe moonbats is laughable. It stems from the misconception that a “few radicals has hijacked a peaceful religion”. That statement right there and anyone agreeing with it, is not worthy to clean toilets at a zoo, let alone be POTUS.

Case in point. The below video, albeit the speaker has good intentions and the “sound good” sound bytes appear to be sincere, places on public display the ignorance of the inexperienced. When will politicians listen to those that know?

There are other videos in my VOD:POD listed under “favorites” of Barack. I haven’t “caught” him in any lies yet but I am sure they will follow. Of the three DNC front-runners, he appears to be the most honest. We all know that Hillary is a flat-out liar and criminal. Edwards has stated that he isn’t quite sure what a rich person is.

Naturally, no one being offered up by the DNC has a snowball’s chance in hell to match tit for tat with the likes of Fred Thompson.

Until We The People get someone that will adhere to the tenets of Reagan Conservatism, tis country will continue to suffer.


This is what I am talking about.  The creature is out of touch and is doing EXACTLY what he has been whining about others doing.  Double Standards.  Moron.

CBS News: (go figure)

Sen. Barack Obama told a church convention Saturday that some right-wing evangelical leaders have exploited and politicized religious beliefs in an effort to sow division.

“But somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and faith started being used to drive us apart. Faith got hijacked, partly because of the so-called leaders of the Christian Right, all too eager to exploit what divides us,” the Democratic presidential candidate said in a 30-minute speech before a national meeting of the United Church of Christ.

“At every opportunity, they’ve told evangelical Christians that Democrats disrespect their values and dislike their church, while suggesting to the rest of the country that religious Americans care only about issues like abortion and gay marriage, school prayer and intelligent design,” he said.

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Which Fred Is Running?

From JB Williams, via email:

Which Fred is Running for President?
Written by JB Williams

I probably know more about Fred Thompson than any other candidate, which is why I worked with my reader base to help draft Fred into the ’08 Presidential race. But that doesn’t mean that an honest concerned American doesn’t need to ask the right questions before climbing fully onboard any political train today.

If Jesus Christ himself were running today, we’d have to ask the same questions in light of today’s deception and corruption filled arena of national politics, especially if Jesus is now a member of CFR. So, though I’m thrilled that Fred Thompson has answered the people’s call to run, I’m still waiting to see which Fred is going to run.

Will it be the real pro-American, conservative, plain-spoken good-ole-boy from down south Fred Thompson, who knows what he thinks, says what he thinks and makes no apologies for what he thinks?

Or will it be the new and improved Fred Thompson, spit shined by the globalist oriented and liberal leaning Council on Foreign Relations? – The organization largely responsible for turning a good American conservative family into a spineless bunch of so-called “compassionate conservatives” whose greatest accomplishment might just be their destruction of the Republican Party and true American conservatism.

We’re about to find out when Fred soon formally announces his candidacy, expected to take place on or around Independence Day.

Just in case Fred is reading this morning, I’ll make my personal plea for the real Fred Thompson to stand up, the one the people drafted… the one that can not be manipulated into policy platforms that the real Fred would never support, just for political expediency.

Senator Fred Thompson stood with the conservative base of the Republican Party

* Strongly Opposed to Abortion
* Supportive of Gender & Ethnic Equality
* Strongly Opposed to Special Treatment based on Sexual Orientation
* Opposed to “hate-crime” protections based on Sexual Orientation
* Supports teaching family values in school
* Opposes any Federal Health Care System
* Supports privatizing Social Security
* Strongly supports school vouchers and parental choice
* Supports a death penalty for violent crimes
* Strongly supports Gun ownership rights
* Opposes welfare for illegal aliens
* Supports an immigrant work visa program
* Supports fair free trade
* Supports honest campaign financing and reporting
* Supports stronger intelligence, military and security spending
* Supports International Peace Keeping Coalitions
* Opposes government waste and growth
* Supports efforts to reduce and eliminate illegal drug use
* Supports allowing churches to provide community support

Recently, Thompson spoke plainly about the current illegal immigration problem… in a radio message titled Southern Exposure.

In an interview with conservative radio host Mark Levin, Thompson commented on the current Washington wrangling over the illegal immigrant vote, – “The Democrats have decided that the politicians that make it the easiest for people to come into this country are going to get their votes. And some of the Republicans are looking at that and saying, “They may just be right, and we want to get in on the action.” I think that’s driving a lot of this. You know, I don’t know the answer to that, but if you study history, you come to the conclusion that doing the right thing often times works out. We can’t predict how this is going to work or how that’s going to work, but when the rule of law is at stake, when national security is at stake, when you’re doing some things that’s unfair to good people who are standing in line waiting their turn to be good United States citizens legally, then you have to put that [politics] aside.”

At this late stage of a problem that has been allowed to exist since the closing of Ellis Island in the 50’s, anyone who claims to know exactly which silver bullet will solve the illegal immigrant problem is either an outright liar or an idiot. But starting from a very conservative pro-law enforcement position is certainly a good start.

He’s technically not yet in the race, but already leading the field for the nomination.

I predict that if Fred gets this issue right in his campaign platform, he will trounce not only all other Republican candidates in the RNC primaries, but every other candidate running for the oval office. Both conservatives and liberals are angry over the current push for amnesty in Washington. If Fred can come up with the right answer to the hottest political issue in America today, he will be all but impossible to beat in ’08. (Note to Fred – NO Amnesty!)

On the other hand, if he allows his friends over at the globally compassionate CFR to make another Bush out of him, he will find his poll numbers looking much like that of President Bush, or worse yet, that of congress.

Thompson could face the Clintons in the general election. One would hope that he would stick to his traditional candor when reminding voters of the Thompson Committee Report, which investigated real political corruption on a monumental scale.

The report called for criminal prosecution of the Clintons for their role in our nation’s most egregious campaign funding scandals. That report was deep sixed by Clinton crony Janet Reno and completely buried by the lamestream press which was blindly committed to keeping the Clintons in power, no matter their traitorous criminal activities.

I like the real Fred Thompson very much and so do all the people across this nation who worked hard to get him into the race. The fact that he’s the only candidate in the race smart enough to not really want the most thankless job in the world shows two important Thompson character traits.

1) He’s obviously no dummy… for only a dummy would want the hell that comes with running for and being President of the United States today.

2) When called to serve, despite a comfortable acting career, money in the bank, a beautiful young family and his golden years in sight, Thompson agreed to answer a call to serve once again, this time on behalf of the people who have had their fill of typical Washington nonsense, from both political parties.

If Fred can manage to emerge from his whirlwind grooming process, surrounded by literally hundreds of CFR members anxious to set his agenda, with his own soul and agenda intact, he will be a formidable candidate to be reckoned with and he may well make one of the greatest American Presidents, at a time when America very much needs just such a leader.

I’m pulling for you Fred… and so are many Americans, conservatives in particular, who feel completely unrepresented in Washington today. We’re still the American majority and we’re looking for a chance to prove it!

Represent us please, since nobody else in Washington wants to anymore…

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Why Kevin McCullough Dropped Mitt for Fred

Once AGAIN, Townhall comments for Townhall authors is DOWN. This is why I have moved to WORDPRESS. I wanted to leave Kevin a message but could not. Hopefully, he will get the pingback.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why I dropped Mitt for Fred…

Posted by: Kevin McCullough at 12:13 PM

In the election cycle that has been underway this incredibly early part of 2007, I have had a chance to shake the hands and speak personally with all of the presidential candidates.

I have to say in the early going, and largely due to a few factors – his defense of marriage in Massachusetts, his stunning credentials and record of CEO success, and because of my good friend’s great book “A Mormon in the White House” by Hugh Hewitt – I was leaning strongly Romney.

Here on TownHall, Dean Barnett has challenged all of us to articulate clearly who we are supporting so that we have the most honest debate possible. He said so, and then immediately proclaimed his loyalty to fellow New Englander – Mitt Romney.

Matt Lewis has not fully endorsed John McCain but he has definitely been faithful to keep some of us more anti-McCain cranks honest about the facts of Senator Cranky.

Patrick Ruffini has openly admitted his connection to the Rudy 2008 campaign and in doing so is benefitting TownHall readership by giving us a perspective that would more than likely be absent were he not to do so.

I have never done so in a campaign cycle – certainly never this early – but I am proud to announce that today (really as of mid-day yesterday) I am an eagerly, enthusiastic, anticipatory supporter of Fred Thompson. I have leaned his direction ever since first hearing the possibility but had to tell myself that focusing on the declared candidates was the reality – everything else just speculation.

I believe Thompson will win for a variety of reasons. He understands technology, and the total scope of the blogosphere in a far more superior way to any of the rest of the candidates. But he has also not abandoned the gray hairs – of which there are far more of than ever before for an election cycle in America. He’s gone from last place to tied for first without spending any money – and behind the laid back calm gentile facade is a fierce defender of America.

So I figured – why hide it anymore. I’m a Fred-head. So yes – the Musclehead blog will have a Fred-bias to it – as the Hewitt blog has a Mitt-bias, and as the Medved blog as an Amnesty-bias. The important thing is that we are honest about the views from which we are coming from and allow you the TownHall reader to examine our rationale for itself.

So what pushed me over the edge? Well, Fred has had some bang-up speeches and television appearances. He’s written a weekly column for us here on TownHall bringing his common sense directly to us, and in doing so he’s eliminated a lot of the filters by which messages can usually get mangled. He also speaks so that everybody in the room can understand – and funny enough according to the poll numbers – they do. I do look forward to seeing Fred in the debates and when he arrives, look for him to shoo away the attacks of the others with the ease that he puffed cigar smoke into the face of Michael Moore.

But if you really have to know what pushed me from Mitt to Fred: National Right To Life 100% rating… and the rest of what he says in this video to the NRLC that met in Washington last night.

The video is here and on my VODPOD

Plain speak on life, culture, and terror… He is unequivocal – and none of the others are.


The Leftinistra WILL not be like this because they CANNOT!

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Stop Her Now Dot Com Is On The Move


Stop Her Now


The Washington Times

Inside Politics

By Jennifer Harper
Published June 15, 2007

Folks in Texas have a few notions about welcoming Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on her campaign stop there today.

Dick Collins, founder of the Dallas-based anti-Hillary “educational” group Stop Her Now, will fly a giant aerial banner over downtown Dallas this afternoon. The New York Democrat’s plane is due to stop and refuel sometime during that period.

“We want to make sure Senator Clinton receives a proper Texas welcome,” Mr. Collins said. “Our mission is to follow Hillary across the country, exposing her liberal ideology. Senator Clinton makes this easy when she drops into our back yard.”

The banner is rumored to say something along the lines of “rescue America from the radical ideas of Hillary.” The group has a substantial Web site, a blog, MySpace and Facebook pages and its own YouTube channel.

“Our Facebook group boasts more members than Senator Mike Gravel, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Mike Huckabee, Representative Tom Tancredo, and Representative Duncan Hunter. We have become the most interactive presidential education Web site on the Internet,” Mr. Collins said.

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