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Which Fred Is Running?

From JB Williams, via email:

Which Fred is Running for President?
Written by JB Williams

I probably know more about Fred Thompson than any other candidate, which is why I worked with my reader base to help draft Fred into the ’08 Presidential race. But that doesn’t mean that an honest concerned American doesn’t need to ask the right questions before climbing fully onboard any political train today.

If Jesus Christ himself were running today, we’d have to ask the same questions in light of today’s deception and corruption filled arena of national politics, especially if Jesus is now a member of CFR. So, though I’m thrilled that Fred Thompson has answered the people’s call to run, I’m still waiting to see which Fred is going to run.

Will it be the real pro-American, conservative, plain-spoken good-ole-boy from down south Fred Thompson, who knows what he thinks, says what he thinks and makes no apologies for what he thinks?

Or will it be the new and improved Fred Thompson, spit shined by the globalist oriented and liberal leaning Council on Foreign Relations? – The organization largely responsible for turning a good American conservative family into a spineless bunch of so-called “compassionate conservatives” whose greatest accomplishment might just be their destruction of the Republican Party and true American conservatism.

We’re about to find out when Fred soon formally announces his candidacy, expected to take place on or around Independence Day.

Just in case Fred is reading this morning, I’ll make my personal plea for the real Fred Thompson to stand up, the one the people drafted… the one that can not be manipulated into policy platforms that the real Fred would never support, just for political expediency.

Senator Fred Thompson stood with the conservative base of the Republican Party

* Strongly Opposed to Abortion
* Supportive of Gender & Ethnic Equality
* Strongly Opposed to Special Treatment based on Sexual Orientation
* Opposed to “hate-crime” protections based on Sexual Orientation
* Supports teaching family values in school
* Opposes any Federal Health Care System
* Supports privatizing Social Security
* Strongly supports school vouchers and parental choice
* Supports a death penalty for violent crimes
* Strongly supports Gun ownership rights
* Opposes welfare for illegal aliens
* Supports an immigrant work visa program
* Supports fair free trade
* Supports honest campaign financing and reporting
* Supports stronger intelligence, military and security spending
* Supports International Peace Keeping Coalitions
* Opposes government waste and growth
* Supports efforts to reduce and eliminate illegal drug use
* Supports allowing churches to provide community support

Recently, Thompson spoke plainly about the current illegal immigration problem… in a radio message titled Southern Exposure.

In an interview with conservative radio host Mark Levin, Thompson commented on the current Washington wrangling over the illegal immigrant vote, – “The Democrats have decided that the politicians that make it the easiest for people to come into this country are going to get their votes. And some of the Republicans are looking at that and saying, “They may just be right, and we want to get in on the action.” I think that’s driving a lot of this. You know, I don’t know the answer to that, but if you study history, you come to the conclusion that doing the right thing often times works out. We can’t predict how this is going to work or how that’s going to work, but when the rule of law is at stake, when national security is at stake, when you’re doing some things that’s unfair to good people who are standing in line waiting their turn to be good United States citizens legally, then you have to put that [politics] aside.”

At this late stage of a problem that has been allowed to exist since the closing of Ellis Island in the 50’s, anyone who claims to know exactly which silver bullet will solve the illegal immigrant problem is either an outright liar or an idiot. But starting from a very conservative pro-law enforcement position is certainly a good start.

He’s technically not yet in the race, but already leading the field for the nomination.

I predict that if Fred gets this issue right in his campaign platform, he will trounce not only all other Republican candidates in the RNC primaries, but every other candidate running for the oval office. Both conservatives and liberals are angry over the current push for amnesty in Washington. If Fred can come up with the right answer to the hottest political issue in America today, he will be all but impossible to beat in ’08. (Note to Fred – NO Amnesty!)

On the other hand, if he allows his friends over at the globally compassionate CFR to make another Bush out of him, he will find his poll numbers looking much like that of President Bush, or worse yet, that of congress.

Thompson could face the Clintons in the general election. One would hope that he would stick to his traditional candor when reminding voters of the Thompson Committee Report, which investigated real political corruption on a monumental scale.

The report called for criminal prosecution of the Clintons for their role in our nation’s most egregious campaign funding scandals. That report was deep sixed by Clinton crony Janet Reno and completely buried by the lamestream press which was blindly committed to keeping the Clintons in power, no matter their traitorous criminal activities.

I like the real Fred Thompson very much and so do all the people across this nation who worked hard to get him into the race. The fact that he’s the only candidate in the race smart enough to not really want the most thankless job in the world shows two important Thompson character traits.

1) He’s obviously no dummy… for only a dummy would want the hell that comes with running for and being President of the United States today.

2) When called to serve, despite a comfortable acting career, money in the bank, a beautiful young family and his golden years in sight, Thompson agreed to answer a call to serve once again, this time on behalf of the people who have had their fill of typical Washington nonsense, from both political parties.

If Fred can manage to emerge from his whirlwind grooming process, surrounded by literally hundreds of CFR members anxious to set his agenda, with his own soul and agenda intact, he will be a formidable candidate to be reckoned with and he may well make one of the greatest American Presidents, at a time when America very much needs just such a leader.

I’m pulling for you Fred… and so are many Americans, conservatives in particular, who feel completely unrepresented in Washington today. We’re still the American majority and we’re looking for a chance to prove it!

Represent us please, since nobody else in Washington wants to anymore…

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  1. Love it Snoop.
    We need the REAL Fred that is for sure.
    I can’t wait for him to be in the debates.

    Comment by cassygop | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Definitely want the real Fred and not the new one I’m hearing about so much from liberals.

    P.S. I like this blog and I’ve found myself visiting it more and more often. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to add you to my blogroll at

    Comment by mdvp | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  3. We passionately seek a genuine Conservative, not another conman. Lets put Fred and his rivals to the tests, examine their records, and base our decision on reality instead of wishful thinking.

    Three things will alienate me:
    * ‘health care’
    * ‘global warming’
    * adjectives attached to Islam.

    He who pitches any of those negative factors will have a hard time getting my vote.

    Comment by dajjal | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  4. mdvp…go for it and thanks!

    Comment by snooper | June 22, 2007 | Reply

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