Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Border Wall: Damn Them All!!!

Give Pelosi & Schumer a CR Enema with a big veto scrawled on it!  Let them shut down the government or make them fund construction of the wall.


Have  they so soon forgotten how Sheikh Nafisi chortled about waltzing over the border with a five pound bag of anthrax spores to kill 100,000 Americans?   Why do you allow heroin and fentanyl to cross the border?

Border Security is a need, not a want. Get it done! Indigent, dependent voters to cement ‘crats in power is a want, not a need, tell the ‘crats to ‘rassit!!!

No wall, no CR! We will remember in November!!!




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Recharge Your Battery!!!

Watch and share this vital video of Sebastian Gorka!!!!



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