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Democrats begin to understand that their stance on gun control is wrong: They will regret it during the upcoming elections

We do not need gun control,we need AssWhole control!!! Nikolas Cruz should have been committed with his younger brother and the key thrown away. Because he was not adjudicated and locked away, 17 are dead and 14 are hurting.

Conservatives should not need any spur or stimulus to cause them to vote. No single election or series of elections can take back our country from the tyrants or guarantee liberty. Every election is critical!!! That includes the primaries. Vote as if your liberty depends on it, ‘cuz it does.

I go further. Train your brats!! You train your dog not to bark and bite. Train your brats not to be AssWholes!!!!! That means no teasing, hassling, harassment or bullying. it means live and let live. Life is short and full of troubles without your brats adding to them. You go to school to learn, not to piss people off.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 27th, 2018

Remember, influential black members of the clergy have just announce the back both the NRA and the Second Amendment. (Source)

Please take a moment if you will, to imagine what it would be like to be awakened in the middle of the night with no means of protection.

Without the Second Amendment the First Amendment to the Constitution doesn’t matter.

Indeed their stance has always been to keep blacks beholding to them while many are still pissed that they still aren’t on the plantation picking cotton.

I some parts of the South in America they are still viewed as sub-human primates and little else.

God forbid they should have been able to do that.

It was their constitutional right to do so.

Democrats in the day of the KKK recognized blacks as subhuman primates and were still mad about them gaining their freedom.


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How to combat terrorism and the terrorist on as many fronts as possible

Clarion Project’s happy horse shit is based on false premises:
1. Terrorism is separate and distinct from Islam.
2. Islamism is separate and distinct from Islam.
3. Normative Islam is non-violent; terrorism is a function of ‘radicalism’ / ‘extremism’.

Jihad is intrinsic to Islam and terrorism is intrinsic to Jihad. Muslims are commanded to perform acts of terrorism and promised a reward for them. Allah promised he would ‘cast terror’ and fulfilled his promise. Moe was ‘made victorious with terror. See the disgusting details fully documented here:

Security in the presence of the enemy is a comforting fiction; totally illusory. Our government is neither competent nor commuted to the task. Any Muslim, anywhere, at any time can get Iman and go splodydope. Law enforcement is reactive, not proactive. After the shooting, stabbing or bombing, it’s too damn late! War is proactive, it can engage in peremptory attack. There is a war on, since 623. Islam is waging it, we are not. While there is Islam, there will be no peace. See the blog series for the damnable details:

TSA H DHS must score 100%m Terrorists just need to get lucky. To stop terrorism, get rid of Muslims!!! Without them there would be no Islamic terror attacks!!!

Muslim Ban!!! Total, complete, permanent and retroactive! No Muslims: no Islamic vehicular assaults, shootings, stabbings, fraggings, hijackings or arson.

That does nothing to stop missiles which could be launched from Iran. Invasions do not cut the mustard. We are still mired in Afghanistan after 16 years and Iran is dominating Iraq. We needed to nuke them 16 years ago.

Regime change is no solution. While Dar al-Islam remains populated and ruled by Muslims, the Jihad will continue.

Make Muslims quit believing. Make them ashamed of Islam. Induce mass apostasy or be conquered. Exhibit evidence to prove that Allah is Satan and Moe was a false prophet; a profiteer. Pound it home. Poleaxe them with it. Give Fr. Zakaria and Br. Rachid powerful satellite networks to broadcast their message to Muslims. Finish the project that began with “Innocence Of Muslims”.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 25, 2018

There are obviously far more than six ways to counter terrorism.

An additional glaring example would the United States love with political correctness, ergo they won’t profile the obvious but lone to take 89-year-0ld grandmothers out of their wheel chairs and make them take their shoes off.

The TSA continues to havefailures even when they know they are being tested on a given day.

In fact the level of failure is 95% (Source)

This would seem like an excellent position for unemployed veterans who would take their jobs seriously.

Then we have the lovely below whose response to the gentleman who just set off the metal detector,“You look good to go, welcome to America.”

Certainly some slip through the cracks, but I’d be in favor of intense profiling as done in Israel and most freedom loving countries outside the United States.

Seizing and…

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What Israel does to protect its students from Palestinian Muslim attacks on schools

Gun control: identify your target, it’s background, take aim and don’t flinch.
Loonie control: adjudicate & commit Loonies to Loonie Bins.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 24th, 2018

Sadly in the U.S. our politicians are fixated on dogma.

They want more and more gun control, some would even like to see the 2nd Amendment eliminated.

This nonsense comes predominately from the hacks on the progressive left.

Most men and women in Israel have been members of the Israeli Defense Force.

Terms of Service

Compulsory Service: All eligible men and women are drafted at age 18. Men serve for three years, women for 21 months.

Deferments may be granted to qualified students at institutions of higher education. New immigrants may be deferred or serve for shorter periods of time, depending on their age and personal status on entering the country.

Reserve Duty: Upon completion of compulsory service each soldier is assigned TO a reserve unit.

Men up age 51 serve 39 days year period time which can be extended in times emergency.


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AssWhole Control, not Gun Control!!

Update 03/18/’18:

Fox News reports that documents reveal a call by
school officials and a deputy sheriff for the involuntary commitment of
Nikolas Cruz in September of ’16.  Had the Baker Act been enforced
properly, Cruz would have been prevented from purchasing his weapon.
Click through the link above and read the report for the details.

Local officials and the FBI dropped the ball
numerous times.  No new law could have prevented the massacre. We
need AssWhole control, not gun control!!!

After every mass shooting incident, a chorus of gun control demands drowns out plans for rational solutions.  Now is the time to put an end to the malignant malarkey.

Guns outnumber AssWholes  wanting to misuse them.  When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns and the innocent will be defenseless against them.

Priority one: AssWhole control!  When it is discovered that someone has a mindset for murder, get him adjudicated and locked up.  Cruz had made threats.  He had engaged in violence. There were  numerous police responses to his residence. He posted his intent on social media.  If the FBI had followed up properly, he could have been brought before a judge and sent away. 17 innocent people would still be alive.

If and when you see or hear someone expressing intent or desire to commit mass murder or expressing admiration for a murderer, document it and report it at once!  Drive that message home to your children.  And explain the importance of avoiding false witness.

No new law would have prevented Cruz from killing.  But the Coach might have stopped him short if he had been armed. Armed guards at the right time and place could have stopped the slaughter. An armed and trained teacher could have stopped it.   But there would have been no slaughter if Cruz had been secured in a mental asylum.

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Read The Memo; Demand Special Counsel

The Federalist published the memo and cover letter. Having read them, I share them with you and urge you to read them and contact your Representative & Senators to demand appointment of special counsel to investigate and prosecute perjurious fraud upon the FISA Court. #ReadTheMemo #SpecialCounsel #LockThemUp #RememberInNovember


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