Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back

VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Democrats begin to understand that their stance on gun control is wrong: They will regret it during the upcoming elections

We do not need gun control,we need AssWhole control!!! Nikolas Cruz should have been committed with his younger brother and the key thrown away. Because he was not adjudicated and locked away, 17 are dead and 14 are hurting.

Conservatives should not need any spur or stimulus to cause them to vote. No single election or series of elections can take back our country from the tyrants or guarantee liberty. Every election is critical!!! That includes the primaries. Vote as if your liberty depends on it, ‘cuz it does.

I go further. Train your brats!! You train your dog not to bark and bite. Train your brats not to be AssWholes!!!!! That means no teasing, hassling, harassment or bullying. it means live and let live. Life is short and full of troubles without your brats adding to them. You go to school to learn, not to piss people off.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

February 27th, 2018

Remember, influential black members of the clergy have just announce the back both the NRA and the Second Amendment. (Source)

Please take a moment if you will, to imagine what it would be like to be awakened in the middle of the night with no means of protection.

Without the Second Amendment the First Amendment to the Constitution doesn’t matter.

Indeed their stance has always been to keep blacks beholding to them while many are still pissed that they still aren’t on the plantation picking cotton.

I some parts of the South in America they are still viewed as sub-human primates and little else.

God forbid they should have been able to do that.

It was their constitutional right to do so.

Democrats in the day of the KKK recognized blacks as subhuman primates and were still mad about them gaining their freedom.


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