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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

An Epiphany

From a Wise One at The Victory Caucus 

Many Americans have had an epiphany. Congress doesn’t care about them or their concerns. Congress is acting in the best interests of their constituents – and it ain’t us.

In 2005 I had my own epiphany. Congress was attempting to pass a major reform to the bankruptcy laws. They had been trying since 97 with no luck, but it looked like it was going to finally happen. Bankruptcy judges and trustees, those that had to deal with the law every day and for the most part objectively, were almost unanimous in their opposition to the changes. They would be costly, result in no substantial change in outcomes, but limit access to those most in need. Those that taught bankruptcy in law schools thought it was a bad idea. And of course, bankruptcy attorneys thought it was a bad idea. But, “personal responsibility” and “fraud” and “cost to people that were responsible – “bankruptcy costs everyone $400 a year in increased interest costs” – drove the debate. What did ordinary American’s think? That those opposed to the reform had a vested interest in the status quo. Many had “heard of” or “knew” people that gamed the system. This was a bad reform and it has hurt people….but Congress was acting to protect it’s constituents – and it was not those that were in dire financial condition. You may have heard about the 2 million people that rushed to file bankruptcy before the law changed – what you may not have heard was that the large credit issuers, almost without exception, reported NO change in profits during that time…so much for harm….oh, and, has your credit card rates declined over the last 2 years?

My epiphany was that those crazies that oppose congressional bills were NOT just a lunatic fringe not looking at the big picture. Two years ago, I was one of those crazies on the lunatic fringe. How many other bills had I ignored over the years because they really didn’t affect me and a bunch of crazies were predicting doom? How often was Congress passing legislation that was harmful to US, but beneficial to their constituents but I was too [insert appropriate term: lazy, disinterested, stupid, careless, ignorant].

Congress is not used to being called into account and they DON’T LIKE IT. They want us to TRUST THEM…they is from the government and just want to help…

Anti-incumbent movements, term-limiters and third party ranters are looking upon the average Republican or Democrat and saying: see, told ya.

Congress is doing what they were elected to do, represent their constituents….and it is NOT the American people.

Tracy Coyle
former Republican now independent
My blog: Moderate Mainstream

June 29, 2007 Posted by | Epiphany | 7 Comments


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