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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

“No Labels”: BullShit!!!

When I go to the store to buy a can of beans, I want a can of beans, not tuna. I want a clear, legible label and a clear, legible price so I know what I am buying and how much it will cost.

When I go to the polls, I want to know exactly who and what I am voting for. I do not want to elect a pig in a poke like Shrub nor a damned Muslim like Obamination.

“No Labels” claims to be a non-partisan movement to overcome gridlock in Washington.  n reality,  it is a Democrat party front designed to deceive “moderates”, “independents” and careless Conservatives.

Their latest scam is a petition to back a mythical bipartisan Presidential ticket in ’20.

No way in Hell will I ever support a “unity ticket” other than two Conservatives on the GOP platform!  .  Trump & Cruz would be a great unity ticket!

I don’t give a damn who you pair with Clinton or Bloomberg, Biden or Sanders, Weed or Rubio. No damn way will I vote for that ticket!

Be aware, be alert, demand clarity, transparency and accountability!!!

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