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Facebook Jihad

In this blog post, Citizen Warrior links to Defeat The Third Jihad, which exposes how Revolution Muslim advocates Facebook jihad.  The post reproduces a  post on Revolution Muslim and provides a link to Defeat The Third Jihad,Second Helping which makes further  disclosures and suggestions.  The RM post shows how they operate: making gratuitous co-ordinated complaints to Facebook about our accounts, groups and pages.

Muslim Hit List 1

Muslim Hit List 2

Organized Muslims are circulating lists of  “Islamophobes”, urging their fellows to demand that Facebook delete our accounts, groups and pages.  Because Islam is false and malicious from its foundation, it has no credible defense against revelation of its mission, tenets & practices.  It therefore can not and will not tolerate criticism.

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Ghazwat Ul Washington

I learned about this disgusting web cast from Logan’s Warning.

You can view the full sized image by clicking the image above.

For the uninformed, Ghazwat is the Arabic word for battle.  The conference might as well be titled “Attack on Washington”.  Got a clue yet?  Tawheed is a reference to monotheism; the assertion that Allah is the god.

The text over the lion, difficult to read in the image, is reproduced on the site.

“We shall examine the current war against Islam and Muslims and ask for how much longer can the kuffar be able to fight against the deen of Islam and the necessary steps needed for victory inshaAllaah ::

Topic 1 : The American Crusade Against Islam : Younus Abdullah (Revolution Muslim) :

Topic 2 : The Failure of the plots of Kufar : Anjem Choudary :

Topic 3 : Steps towards victory : Abu Waleed :

Topic 4 : History repeats itself :: Sheikh Abdullah Faisal :

Topic 5 : Conquest of Washington :: Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad :

:: This event will be broadcast globally on Paltalk room name: Authentic Tawheed :: Saturday 31st july starting 10am NYC – 3PM UK – 12 MIDNIGHT SYDNEY ::

If that fifth topic does not raise your ire, you may be dead already, at least from the neck up. If you want more information about the lecturers, use the links at Logan’s Warning.

Do not visit Paltalk without first installing & updating a good firewall, anti-virus and security software. It would be wise to make a system restore point as an extra precaution. Run a good registry repair utility after your visit. I use and recommend Advanced System Care and CCleaner.

Do not register with real identifying information; maximize profile privacy.  Do not use a feminine sounding  screen name. Never accept any files anyone attempts to send to you!

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Logans Warning posted a video I’d rather not see and hear.  I am sharing it with you because you need to see it, you won’t want to see it.  If you are a genuine American, you will, after watching this dua (prayer) video, join me in execration, raising supplication to the Almighty to turn the curse back on these  curseworthy  Muslims who pray for our destruction.  .

Revolution Muslim is based in N.Y.C.  Why in Hell do we allow these vermin to live among us as a fifth column?  What mental and moral disease  are we succumbing to that causes us to be so suicidal?  For Chrissake, be careful when voting and make no mistakes! Do not elect any more Muslims, LibTards or multicultural idiots!!


Eliminate all fire, choke & spill hazards from the operating environment before viewing this execratiom.

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