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Pat Condell on Andy Choudary’s White House Razia

Pat Condell on Andy Choudary’s White House Razia

Pat uges us to let Andy in to spew his venom, in hopes that the populace will recognize evil when they hear it.  I am not so optimistic.  First,  the mainstream media will not give it complete coverage and few would watch it on CSPAN, if they would  broadcast it.  Second, the electorate demonstrated their lack of intelligence and judgment in the last half dozen Presidential elections, nominating and electing dufusses & a traitor.

The only good reason to give that scum a visa would be to serve as bait, so that the DHS could round up and deport the attendees who support imposition of Shari’ah.  Since Obamination is part of the problem, not part of the solution, that won’t happen.

Great Britain should send its garbage to Pakistan, we don’t want it!

While Pat makes light of it, Shari’ah is a serious subject.  It defines crimes against the Islamic state and prescribes corporal punishments. Didn’t we already try prohibition??

Chapter O16.0: The Penalty for Drinking


Any beverage that intoxicates when taken in large quantities is unlawful both in small and large quantities, is unlawful both is small and large quantities.whether it is wine, (A: fermented) raisin drink, or something else.


The penalty for drinking is obligatorily enforced against anyone who:

(a) drinks;

(b) has reached puberty;

(c) is sane;

(d) is Muslim;

(e) does so voluntarily;

(f) and knows it is unlawful (A: the restrictions mentioned above (o12.4) about the ignorance of the prohibition of adultery also applying here).


The penalty for drinking is to be scourged forty stripes, with hands, sandals, and ends of clothes. It may be administered with a whip, but if the offender dies, an indemnity (def: o4.4) is due (A: from the scourger) for his death. If the caliph (def: o25) increases the penalty to eighty stripes, it is legally valid, but if the offender dies from the increase, the caliph must pay an adjusted indemnity, such that if he is given forty-one stripes and dies, the caliph must pay 1/41 of a full indemnity.

Shari’ah says women and Christians are worth less than Muslims; yeah, right, thats the ticket.


(A: For the rulings below, one multiplies the fraction named by the indemnity appropriate to the death or injury’s type of intentionality and other relevant circumstances that determine the amount of a male Muslim’s indemnity (def: o4.2-6 and o4.13). )

The indemnity for the death or injury of a woman is one-half the indemnity paid for a man.

The indemnity paid for a Jew or Christian is one-third of the indemnity paid for a Muslim. The indemnity paid of a Zoroastrian is one-fifteenth of that a Muslim.

If you don’t know Shari’ah and you don’t care, your brain is encased in your underwear.

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Pat Condell Speaks up for Free Speech, Join Him!

Pat Condell has once again turned his wit on the opponents of free speech. He specifically condemns the persecution of Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.  Austria and Holland are not the only countries with hate speech laws that can condemn innocent critics of Islam.  When warning of an existential threat becomes a crime, justice is a dead issue

Condell rips into corrupt judges and corrupt, cowardly appeasers and journalists.   But if we remain silent, we, too will be complicit in the death of justice and liberty.  We must rise up  as one with a loud voice demanding the dropping of charges against the  innocents unjustly accused and  reimbursement for their legal expenses.  We must demand the repeal of hate speech & blasphemy laws.  We must tell the United Nations to go to Hell with its resolution “Combating Defamation of Religions”, soon to be voted on by the Third Committee.

Free to Believe has the best petition against the resolution:

I affirm the universal human right to freely choose and express an individual’s religious beliefs.

Accordingly, I urge fellow Member States of the United Nations to focus on protecting the fundamental freedom of individuals to express their religion or beliefs and to oppose the so called “defamation of religions resolutions.”

These resolutions seek to criminalize dissenting ideas and peaceful expression of non-favored religious beliefs. The “defamation of religions” resolutions are in direct infringement of the guarantees to free speech and belief found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For these reasons, I ask all Member States to vote NO on “defamation of religions resolutions.”

Please click this link and sign it. Spread the word; urge your friends to sign the petiton

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Pat Condell Blasts Shari’ah

Once again, Barenaked Islam got there first, embedding this video.   I am going to add  some value by transcribing the video so that you can have another chance to savor and  absorb some truth.  I will also add some commentary.

While run time is less than seven minutes, Pat packs in a log of words. It appears to me that he needed to stop to take a breath but pressed on regardless because of the importance of his message.  Transcribing this took about two hours.  That investment of time will be worth while if anyone reads and heeds Pat’s wisdom.

You know, it always amazes me how many people. in the west would happily compromise the foundations of our entire civilization to appease religious fascism.    I find it disturbing that they would care so little about their children’s future, even if they are too complacent or naive or politically blinkered to care about their own.

I have a problem with one phrase: “religious fascism”.  Fascism is  an authoritarian form of government. Islam is a deen: way of life which conflates the spiritual and temporal into one tyrannical regime.  Islam  has a religious component which is secondary, not primary.  Islam is primarily a war cult preying upon the rest of the human race.

And one of the most depressing questions I get asked by people like this is “Why do you hate Muslims?”.  Its depressing because anyone who has seen my videos knows very well that I’ve never expressed hatred for anyone. Hate is for losers, we all know that, because its self-destructive–we do all know that–don’t we?

Now, its often claimed that many people in the west are converting to Islam and its true that some are but its also  true that many Muslims in the west are leaving Islam but you don’t hear so much about them for obvious reasons.

Some of them have been brave enough to make themselves known and reach out to help other Muslims who want to escape the tyranny of their religion.  And, like them, its the religion that I  have a problem with, not the people. So, no, I don’t hate Muslims, thanks for asking; I wish them well, even the fanatics who stand at the roadside with their dopey little banners and bulging eyeballs calling for death to the west; I even wish those boneheads well in that I wish them good mental health if that isn’t too wildly optimistic.

I believe it is very over optimistic to wish those boneheads good mental health. Their insanity is  obvious even to the untrained observer.

And, of course I know that there are lots of moderate peaceful Muslims indeed, many of them are so moderate and peaceful — they’re invisible and silent and thats part of the problem.

Islam is neither moderate nor peaceful, it is literal, absolute, intolerant and violent, all by design. Muslims who do not fit that mold are termed hypocrites, whose Islam does not reach beyond their throats.  They are to be killed and gathered together with us–into Hell.

And, just because there are lots of peaceful Muslims, it doesn’t mean that the religion itself is not an aggressive fascist ideology that threatens all our freedom nor does it mean that western governments aren’t falling all over themselves to make excuses for it; pretending that Islam has nothing to do with the violence inspired and sanctioned by its scripture and repeatedly carried out in its name.

There are three critical ideas: only Allah has the right to be worshiped, only Allah has the right to rule and Muslims are obligated to enforce those rights. “violence inspired and sanctioned”? No! commanded! 8:39, 9:29 & 9:127 are commandments, not suggestions. The violence is how Muslims enforce Allah’s rights.

Just look at the craven behavior that allowed the massacre at Fort Hood to take place–we know it could have been prevented– but thanks to   political correctness in the American Army–the American Army– all the warning signs were ignored in case somebody  got offended.  All reference to Islam has been airbrushed out of the official Pentagon  report even though the guy handed out copies of the Qur’an beforehand and shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he carried out the murders.
I’m surprised the officers who charged him haven’t been charged with Islamophobia; maybe they will be at the trial when we find out what a victim he is and how living in a decadent country like America–his religion is the only thing keeping him sane.

Pat said it, and said it with super clarity.  I can’t add anything more than “Amen”.

All over the western world we’ve given Islamic supremacists the impression that they have every right to be outraged, insulted and offended by everything  we do and say.  And some of us have come to believe it ourselves, and that is the real core of this problem.

Our schools don’t teach our history accurately, they emphasize the negative aspects and deprecate the positive aspects.  As a result, we have lost knowledge of  the superiority of western civilization.

Mark Twain said that “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”   Well, political correctness is doing what you know ain’t right.

In every western country,  Islamic  extremists are allowed to exploit religious privilege for political ends by claiming to represent all Muslims and the media always treats them as if they do.

When you represent Islam, you represent Muslims. Islam is what Moe said and did, as codified in the Qur’an, Sira & hadith.  Islam is nothing else; nothing else is Islam.

These groups give themselves official sounding titles and talk a smooth line in community harmony while doing all they can to prevent integration–to keep Muslims apart and ghettoized in a separate society with a separate identity,  separate rules and standards–in other words, they exist to  cause division in society, to drive a wedge between communities that doesn’t need to be there any more than they need to exist as organizations.

They exist for the purpose of conquering us, by out breeding us, deceit, subversion  & intimidation if possible, by  war if necessary.

Take, for example, the Council on American  Islamic Relations, thats quite a puffed up, important sounding title, that implies equal ideologies–equal points of view that need to find a common ground–when, in fact, all that’s needed is for Muslim immigrants to adapt to the American way of life or to British or Australian or Canadian way of life or not to go there; to respect the laws and customs like everyone else, not to try to change them to Islamic ones.

And not to define themselves as a separate group deserving special status.  That’s where it begins and ends, there is no debate, there is no  common ground to find, there is no American Islamic relations and there is no  need for any self-appointed council of  Shari’ah advocating, Hamas linked religious fascists to oversee it.

Those two sentences are a gold mine of wisdom; read them repeatedly and absorb them completely.

Shari’ah in the west is like urine in a water hole: any amount is too much. Shari’ah dehumanizes women, it threatens the freedom and the dignity of every woman in the western world.  It discriminates  in such a fundamental way there’s no way around it, there’s no compromise.

Misogyny runs through it like a dye and that should be more than enough reason for us to banish it as aggressively and thoroughly as we banish rabies.

Pat, would you believe that Allah’s Messenger has a contrary opinion about water pollution?

Sunan Abu Dawud Book 1, Number 0067:
Narrated AbuSa’id al-Khudri:

I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah (peace_be_upon_him): Water is brought for you from the well of Buda’ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual clothes and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

If you live in the United States, and especially if you’ve ever accused anyone of Islamophobia, I urge you to read this book: Muslim Mafia If you read only one book this year or only one book in your whole life, make it this one for your sake and for the sake of your children, especially the female ones.

This book is the result of an undercover investigation that reveals the bare knuckle truth about CAIR. the Muslim Brotherhood, and the extensive network of Islamic fanatics who’ve eaten their way into American society like termites and seek to undermine it and destroy it from within.

It provides substantial documentary proof that Islamists have penetrated the highest levels of American politics and law enforcement in their quest to impose Shari’ah on the United States and get rid of the Constitution.

Aided and abetted by the most cowardly and shameful political correctness in government, in the media and especially within the FBI who seem to think its more important to be culturally sensitive than to defend national security.  This is an important book, which is why the American media has so assiduously ignored it.  In publishing it, the authors have done more for their country and for the civilized world than all the politicians on Capital Hill combined will have achieved in their entire careers.

Political Islam is a threat to all civilized people.  Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Atheists, Buddhists and especially Jews. If America falls, we all do, so, wherever you live in the world, if you care about freedom,  read this book and read it soon.   Peace.

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Pat Condell Condemns Cordoba House

Bare Naked Islam posted this excellent video in which Pat Condell, the British atheist curmudgeon,  expresses his outrage at Islamic arrogance and American political cowardice.

Pat Condell’s rapid fire delivery does not allow much time to let critical concepts sink in, so I have transcribed his remarks. This probably is not word for word perfect, but it is close enough for our purposes.

All you Americans. whov’e  been following the Islamization of Europe from afar with horrified incredulity if any of you are still nursing the cozy  illusion that it could never happen in your country, its time to wake up and rub those sleepy eyes because the moment of truth has arrived.  In case you haven’t heard there’s a plan afoot to build a  thirteen story Islamic Center and  Mosque  a few yards from ground zero in New York.  A plan that’s been enthusiastically welcomed by politicians and civic leaders eager to show how tolerant they are at other people’s expense.  Is it possible to be astonished but not surprised ?  Apparently its not enough that nearly three thousand innocent people had to lose their lives in a hideous act of religious mass murder but now their memory has to be insulted as well and the religion that murdered them allowed to build a. towering triumphalist Mosque on the ground where they died.

Is America losing its mind?  It says a lot about the people behind this scheme that they have the bad taste even to propose building a Mosque in such a place, but to describe it as they have  as a tribute to the victims is beyond bad taste and shows a profound contempt for those who died.  It would be hard to imagine a more provocative gesture short of standing on their graves and burning the American flag.

Yet, how typical of Islam, with its own hair-trigger sensitivity to the slightest imagined insult to do something so arrogant and so insensitive.

Its gonna cost a hundred million dollars to build this thing, but nobody’s prepared to say where the money is coming from.  We do know that the Saudis fund a lot of Mosque building  in the west when they are not busy trying to stamp out freedom of speech at the United Nations or telling Fox News what to broadcast so I guess we’ll all be paying for it every time we  start the car.

You know, it seems to me a much more appropriate place for a Mosque in New York would be the United Nations building itself, because that organization has become so  Islamo-friendly in recent years that frankly I’m surprised it doesn’t already have a minaret.

You know, I’m not even American but it makes me sick to my stomach to think that Islam is gonna be allowed anywhere near ground zero because 9/11 could never have happened if not for Islam and its teachings and its doctrine  of jihad and its false promise of an impossible afterlife without which none of those gullible lunatics would have been persuaded to carry out such an insane act.   And also because it wasn’t just an attack on America  but on all of us in the civilized world.  As were the bombings in London, in Madrid, in Bali, the shootings in Mumbai and  everywhere else the religion of peace decides it doesn’t like the way people do things.

Any religion that endorses violence is incapable of delivering spiritual enlightenment.  How obvious does that have to be?  And it has no right even to call itself a religion  Without the shield of religion to hide behind, Islam would be banned in the civilized world as a political ideology of hate and we have no obligation to make allowances for it anymore than we do for Nazism.

Its a bigger threat to our freedom than Nazism ever was.  Yes, both are totalitarian and both divide the world  unnecessarily into us and them, the pure and the impure and  both make no secret of their desire to exterminate the Jews.  But we were all more or less on the same side against the Nazis  whereas the Islamonazis have got plenty of friends among people in the West who ought to know better.

American politicians now regularly make the kind of dhimmi noises about diversity as an excuse for Islamization, the same kind of thing that we’ve become so depressingly familiar with in Europe.

Its true that diversity has been good for America, its been the making of that country but American diversity has always been grounded in respect for the values- the individual liberties that make  America what it is. Islam rejects those values and thats the difference and its a very important difference.  Islam despises what America is, it rejects everything America stands for including  freedom and diversity and any Muslim who denies that is a liar.

The organization behind this scheme is called the Cordoba Initiative and the building is to be called Cordoba House.  And this is because Cordoba or Cordova is the city in southern Spain where  Muslims built their first great Mosque at the start of and as a symbol of their conquest of Spain.

The ground zero Mosque is intended to serve the same purpose in America. Building Mosques on conquered sacred ground is standard practice, its what Islam has always done to assert its supremacy and that is whats happening here.  And of course they know how insulting it is, how offensive it is; are you kidding? Why do you think they chose this site as close as possible to ground zero? Or do you think that that was just an accident?  And they also know that once its built it will be there forever as a permanent affront to all Americans — gloating in triumph and a major bridgehead in the ongoing stealth jihad.  Thats how the Muslim world will see it and thats how they’ll be encouraged to see it, and to be fair to them, thats exactly what it will be, confirming what they’ve always suspected: America is a soft country–a decadent country crippled by political correctness; confused and guilt ridden, with no backbone and no pride.

They plan to open it next year, on September the eleventh, the tenth anniversary of the atrocity.  Is that tasteless enough for you? I’m surprised they haven’t organized a 757 fly past.

But you know, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here in London, we had a similar situation just recently when  they wanted to build a gigantic Mosque to overshadow the Olympic games.  Public opinion put a stop to that and public opinion can put a stop to this disgraceful plan as well and it can tell this group and the politicians who support them that enough is enough and that this is one insult too far and that America is a big country and there is plenty  of room for them to build their offensive Mosque, if they have to, somewhere else, somewhere perhaps more appropriate to the spirit of their religion like the Arizona desert of Death Valley. Peace and God bless the Kuffar.

Evidently Pat suffers from cognitive dissonance, the victims of 9/11 were not murdered, they are victims of jihad.   They were killed in a military attack upon civilians.  The main  religious component of the act is the religious obligation to carry out attacks on kuffar, which is classified as fard al-kifaya: binding upon all eligible male Muslims until a sufficient number have reported to the battlefront.  The minor religious component is the  pronunciation of takbir while slitting throats.  “Allah-hu Akhbar” means “Allah is greater”.  Shouting it during an attack is one way of instilling terror into their victims.

Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life: intra-species predation.  You will not likely come to a full realization of this until you read the Qur’an and hadith.  I have documented the most important verses and sayings in another blog post: Islam’s Mercenary Mission.   Islam has a religious component, which is used to motivate the attackers and rationalize their depredations.

Pat mentioned another important issue: triumphalism.  Islam convinces its acolytes that Allah has promised them victory, that they will conquer and dominate the entire world.  Quranic verses contributing to triumphalism include: 2:137, 3:123, 3:125, 3:126, 3:127, 3:160, 5:52, 13:41, 14:15, 17:6, 40:51 and 61:9 .  Ibn Kathir’s Tafsir confirms the obvious; the titles alone should be sufficient to enlighten the observant reader.

In order to promote and perpetuate the wars that provided his income, Moe had Allah command the Muslims to conquer the entire world. The jihad imperatives are found in 8:39 and 9:29.  To motivate Muslims to go to war, Moe promised them eternity in a celestial bordello and threatened them with eternal damnation if they refused.

One of Pat’s statements stands out above the rest, I want to make sure that you understand it.

Any religion that endorses violence is incapable of delivering spiritual enlightenment.  How obvious does that have to be?  And it has no right even to call itself a religion  Without the shield of religion to hide behind, Islam would be banned in the civilized world as a political ideology of hate and we have no obligation to make allowances for it anymore than we do for Nazism.
Islam does not just endorse violence, it ordains it. Killing and being killed  fighting in Allah’s cause is the basis of the relationship between Allah and his slaves. Our  First Amendment forbids congress from  making any law prohibiting  the free exercise of religion.  Misidentification as a religion shields Islam from prohibitive legislation.  Jihad, genocide & terrorism are intrinsic sacraments of Islam, it can not be practiced without them. Islamic law requires a minimum  of one ghazwat in every year.   This is how Al-Shafi’i interpreted  that law:

“The least that the imam must do is that he allow no year to pass without having organised a military expedition by himself, or by his raiding parties, according to the Muslims’ interest, so that the jihad will only be stopped in a year for a (reasonable) excuse.”
Why in Hell would a free nation allow that demonic ideology to gain a foothold on its soil?

Construction of Mosques and minarets is symbolic of  Islamic Supremacism.  Wherever Islam conquers, it tears down temples, supplanting them with Mosques as a symbol of supremacy.  To make this issue more clear to you I will quote  two provisions of Islamic law from Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 11.5, which lists seven restrictions on conquered Jews & Christians.

-5- may not build higher than or as high as the Muslims’ buildings, though if they acquire a tall house, it is not razed;

-7- and are forbidden to build new churches.
There is no good reason for accepting this insult.  We must rise up and condemn it and the politicians who permit it.  Stand up like Pat Condell and let your voice be heard.

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Pat Condell on the Trial of Free Speech

Bare Naked Islam posted a video of Pat Condell letting fly at those responsible for the trial of Geert Wilders. The fast talking Mr. Condell has a a way with words & wit that endears him to a loyal band of fans.

I have transcribed the video because Condell’s pace makes contemplation difficult. Some of the concepts involved need a little time to be absorbed properly. The title is “The Crooked Judges of Amsterdam“. I wonder if they can reach across the channel to haul him up on charges of contempt of court? His words leave no doubt about his attitude toward political correctness, multiculturalism, Islam, the Dutch law under which Wilders is charged and the legal process involved.

Condell is attributing two murders to p.c. and multiculturalism, implying that they set the stage for the murders. He attributes the trial to immorality and cowardice, accusing European governments of selling the citizen’s birthright: free speech, out from under them. By his lights, a cowardly regime is persecuting a heroic parliamentarian for defending his civilization against an invading parasitic predator. They are pandering to Islam out of intimidation.

As you watch the video and read the transcript, bear in mind that the process taking place in Amsterdam is one the OIC wants to see duplicated in every Western nation where free speech once prevailed. They are demanding that criticism of Islam be outlawed nationally and internationally.

We have no lever of power with which to affect the travesty unfolding in Amsterdam. We can observe and criticize, venting as Condell has done, but we need to do more. We need to be vigilant to prevent or reverse the enactment by our own legislatures, of legislation patterned after that of the Netherlands or modeled on the resolutions passed by the UN and Human Rights Council in recent years.

We need to turn Islam’s own weapon against it in a legal counter attack by pointing out the fact that orthodox Islamic doctrines and practices violate provisions of ICERD,. ICCPR & CPPCG which require that it be proscribed by law. The International Qur’an Petition is our way of turning the tables on Islam. We must exploit it to the hilt. Sign it, copy it, paste it into an email to everyone you can hope to influence and exhort the recipients to sign and forward it.

This week in an Amsterdam courtroom, we saw the beginning of what could be both the trial of the century and the crime of the century. What an honor for the Netherlands so early in the century. Well this determined statement of dhimmitude we’ve yet seen in Europe, and thats saying something, the Dutch Authorities are pushing ahead with the prosecution of an elected parliamentarian for the crime of embarrassing them with the truth.

There’s an ideological fervor about this prosecution thats almost religious in its intensity. because lets be clear that this is a heresy trial by any other name. They can’t refute Mr. Wilders’ statements since they’ve resorted to the kind of cheap legal stunt that we’d expect from the likes of Mugabe to shut their opponent up.

They’ve accused him of being divisive and inflammatory and yes, sometimes the truth can be divisive and inflammatory but its been suppressed for long enough and its become sufficiently taboo as it clearly has in the Netherlands because, according to the prosecution, it doesn’t even matter that what he says is true, what matters is that its illegal.

Well, when the truth is against the law, then there’s something seriously wrong with the law. Because when the truth is no defense, there is no defense. and the law has no anchor, so it may drift wherever the wind of political expedience blows. And this week it blew straight into a crooked courtroom in Amsterdam, where Justice will now be made to fight for its life, starved of the oxygen of truth that gives it life.

These are desperate tactics from desperate people who’ve tied themselves up in such knots of relativist guilt they’re incapable of acknowledging the truth let alone dealing with it. They’re like somebody whose prepared to chop off their own hand to avoid being seen scratching their ass in public. What makes it worse is that clinging to something that doesn’t even exist–the multicultural bubble burst a long time ago when Pim Fortuyn: was murdered, when Theo van Gogh. was murdered, both for the crime of expressing an opinion in what’s supposed to be one of the world’s leading liberal democracies. It was then that the Dutch people, better than anybody else in Europe, came face to face with multiculturalism–what it really is and what it really means.

On the surface, it sounds like a pleasant word , invoking a kind of rainbow society of mutually enriching cultural perspectives, and what could be better than that? But that’s not what it is at all and that was never the intention. If they’d been honest from the start about what it really is: Islamization, they know that they’d never have been allowed to get away with it. But people are beginning to realize that now Islam is in fact what they’re getting and and its all they’re getting and that’s why the Freedom Party is leading the opinion polls in the Netherlands from nowhere in just a few short years.

And its also why the ruling class is so desperate to destroy Mr. Wilders before the next election, because they know that his views are popular enough to change things, to put an end to the multicultural lie and give the Dutch people back their country and that’s why he is facing trial. Can I say that?

Maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised its come to this, after all they do have a history of ganging up on their popular politicians in the Netherlands. Isn’t that how Pim Fortuyn: was murdered? Some leftist lunatic took the establishment and the press at their word that he was a public menace for opposing Islamization and killed him for it. The next day, all the people who’d been vilifying him were suddenly his best friends, they were shocked — how could this have happened? But they all know how it happened, the whole world knows how it happened and if it hadn’t happened this trial wouldn’t be taking place today.because Islam wouldn’t be the problem it is today and maybe Amsterdam would still be the one of the world’s favorite cities and not the kind of place where gay people are afraid to go out for fear of being beaten up by gangs of Muslim youths. .

The Dutch ruling class has shown that its prepared to stoop to anything, even as far as undermining the very cornerstone of Western Civilization, freedom of speech to prop up a rotten ideology that is not only dead but whose corpse is now beginning to smell. and you know that smell, its that pungent mix of authoritarianism and cowardice that we’ve all become depressingly familiar with.

Certainly, here in Britain, we know all about it, we’ve had twelve years of it and we haven’t forgotten the shameful events of this time last year when Mr. Wilders was refused entry to Britain because our government allowed itself to be bullied and threatened by a handful of Muslim loud mouths who took it upon themselves to suppress free speech in a free country and and were allowed to get away with it because otherwise they might have been offended oh, perish the thought!

Why the Hell shouldn’t Muslims be offended, what are they anyway, babies? Nobody gives a damn how offended the rest of us are at having our culture squatted on by an aggressive religious totalitarianism and being told to shut up about it. And that’s why this trial is not just about the Netherlands, it affects all of us. Now the Dutch people have got a well deserved reputation for tolerance and open mindedness, the very qualities many argue have gotten us into this mess in the first place so they’re a bit further down the road of multicultural dhimmitude than most countries, but its a road that we’re all traveling in the West and if we stay on it, we’ll all arrive at the same unhappy cross roads in another court room in another country; its only a matter of time.

Fear of free speech is a symptom of a profoundly neurotic and dishonest society which is what we’ve got on our hands now. All over the Western world its the same sorry story. We have governments and police forces who cringe before Islam while fiddling away our civil liberties because of Islam. We have a media that can’t even use the word Islam in connection with terrorism when the two things couldn’t be more intimately connected if they were Siamese twins yet they’re quite happy to label Mr. Wilders as a “far right politician” in the kind of casual slander that passes for journalism these days. especially at the wretched BBC who have been too politically correct even to acknowledge that this trial is taking place.

Anyone who isn’t angry and ashamed that it is taking place doesn’t deserve to live in a free society. The trial has already left as dark a stain on Dutch history as McCarthyism left on American history and its only going to get worse because not only have the crooked judges denied Mr. Wilders the witnesses he needs to defend himself, but they’ve also made sure that the trial will coincide with the election campaign making it as difficult as possible for him to put his case to the people.

This man is a hero, not a criminal and its time the rest of stood up and said so loud and clear because there is too much at stake to be polite anymore. And there’s too much at stake to be afraid anymore. This intellectual terrorism has got to stop. Our birthright is being deliberately sold from under us by people who don’t have the right of ownership.and we are now on the verge of bequeathing our children and grandchildren the kind of society that we wouldn’t want to be born into; it doesn’t get any more immoral or cowardly than that. You know, in the English Language we have an expression “Dutch courage”, its not really courage at all, its the kind of courage you get when you’ve had a bit too much alcohol to drink– well there is this new expression: “Dutch justice” its not really justice at all, its the kind of justice you get when you’ve overdosed on cultural relativism and your spine has completely disappeared.

Shame on the Netherlands; shame on the Western media for not raising a howl of protest against this outrageous attack on our basic freedom and shame upon shame on the crooked judges of Amsterdam. Was there something else? Oh yeah, peace, would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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