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FBI Expert: Qur’an is the revealed word

Judicial Watch used FOIA to obtain a report on the removal of documents from FBI training curricula. One of those documents yields a quote so stunning that Snooper Report ran it without substantial commentary.  My quest for more information led me through WND and Judicial Watch before I found the original:

The Qur’an is not the teachings of the Prophet, but the revealed word of God.”

How in Hell does that polemic dogma justify removing material from a training course for FBI agents? It is impossible to prove the existence, identity and character of deity.  Those are matters of faith.  The statement was made by a member of the Subject Matter Experts.  Was there any dissent among the experts? How many experts were involved? Who are those experts; what makes them esperts?  At least one of them is a Muslim: one of the enemy.   Did we let the enemy censor our training materials in WWII and the Cold War?  Why not?  What are the potential consequences of such treachersous suuicical idiocy?  Since when does any sentient person allow his enemy to determine for him what factual information about the enemy is relevant and objective?

Moe said that he was revealing Allah’s word.  Nobody else saw or heard Jibril. Nobody shared the revelations.  Moe could and did pull anything out of his ass and attribute it to divine revelation.  His child bride has a clue for you, Morons!

Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 311:

Narrated Aisha:

I used to look down upon those ladies who had given themselves to Allah’s Apostle and I used to say, “Can a lady give herself (to a man)?” But when Allah revealed: “You (O Muhammad) can postpone (the turn of) whom you will of them (your wives), and you may receive any of them whom you will; and there is no blame on you if you invite one whose turn you have set aside (temporarily).’ (33.51) I said (to the Prophet), “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.”

Can you obtain a clue?  That hadith proves that part of the Qur’an is situational scripture, invented by Moe to give the imprint of divine sanction to his sexual proclivities.

A search of the canonical hadith collections for “was revealed” returns 1,276 matching records.  In reviewing them, you will discover how revelations were edited on the fly to suit the needs of the moment.

I already showed you evidence that Moe was a false prophet who put words in the idol’s mouth to sanctify his lustful apetites. But that ain’t all: Moe was insane and suidical.

Moe supposedly received some of his revelations in the form of “good dreams which came true” Some of them came in the form of “the ringing of a bell, this form of Inspiration is the hardest of all “. Sometimes Jibril talked to him.   Witnesses described Moe losing consciousness, falling to the ground, moving his lips and tongue rapidly and sweating profusely even in cold weather.   It becomes obvious that the parts of the Qur’an not attributable to self-interest can be attributed to hallucinations associated with epilepsy.

Would any sane person take orders to wage genocidal warfare from a “prophet” who got them in dreams, bells or voices in his head?  An estimated 270*106 people died early because because a sufficient number of AssWholes did exactly that, motivated by believing the imperatives, threat & promise Moe preached to them.

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D Day 2013: Defeat Islam

 69 years ago, with Nazism controlling much of Europe,  courageous allies converged on the beaches to mount a surprise invasion which began the end of WWII in Europe.

With Western Europe and America under increasing and expanding occupation by the enemy forces of Islam, the time has come for a new generation to summon up its courage & greatness and save the world from an older threat widely ignored because it wears the false mantle of religion.

Like the Vichy French, Obamination and treacherous European leaders  co-operate with the invaders to subvert our sovereignty and subject us to slavery. We have no army, air force or navy; we have only our voices and keyboards; our fight is vocal and verbal: informing our countrymen of the fact that we are under siege.  Unlike our treacherous leaders, we correctly identify and characterize our enemy: normative Islam.  Not some imaginary distorted, perverted or hijacked extremism, but the real thing as preached & practiced by its founder: Muhammad 1400 years ago.

The modern Vichy are waging a vigorous campaign of denunciation and deceit; they seek to squelch our feeble warnings of clear & present danger. They announce that “Islam is a great religion of peace” with no connection to terrorism.  They tell us that the Boston Marathon Bombing was not an act of terrorism because it was not commissioned by Al-Qaeda.

They tell us that our exposure of Islamic doctrine & practice is “inflammatory”, that it incites violence, violating the ‘civil rights’  of  Muslims and subjecting us to criminal liability.

Nothing can be accomplished by individual acts of vigilantism, and those of who are reasonable do not advocate it.  We neither incite, suggest nor imply a need or desire for assaults on Muslims or vandalism against their property.  A few of us who do not make our livings by lecture fees & book royalties  openly demand effective government action to remove the fifth columns from our shores and exclude its members from entering.  We call for recognition of the fact that Islam is the enemy, not a legitimate religion and must be eradicated to make peace & security possible in the modern world.

In our legal system. truth is a defense against charges of slander.  In Shari’ah, it is not.

r2.2 Slander (ghiba) means to mention anything
concerning a person that he would dislike,
whether about his body,. religion, everyday life,
self, disposition, property, son, father, wife, servant,
turban, garment, gait, movements, smiling,
dissoluteness, frowning, cheerfulness, or anything
else connected with him.
[The Reliance of the Traveller, pg.  730.]

In Shari’ah, a conquered Christian forfeits his life for reviling Allah, Moe and or Islam.  But in America, we have a First Amendment which protects us when we speak and write the truth.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Are anonymous, unelected bureaucrats empowered to do that which is prohibited to Congress: to abridge the right of free speech & press and the right to petition for redress of grievances?  The answer is obvious on the face of the text. The Department of Justice is not allowed to impose injustice u0on us in the form of Shari’ah.

Am I a hypocrite for petitioning the government to outlaw Islam and  expel & exclude its adherents?  No! Islam is a continuing criminal enterprise; a war against humanity, not a legitimate religion.  You assume that Islam is a religion because it is couched in religious terms and claims divine sanction for its depredations.  You assume that, because ‘it is a religion’ it must be anodyne & beneficent; it ain’t. Islam’s mission is mercenary and its method is martial.

Moe was a profiteer, not a Prophet of God.  He heard sounds and saw lights; he feared that he was going mad.  Perceiving that he wrestled the devil, he contemplated suicide.   He ‘revealed’ situational scripture casting divine sanction about his sexual proclivities. He imputed to Allah words that came from Satan.

Moe was motivated by lust for loot; Allah is motivated by blood lust. These fatal facts are disclosed in the Qur’an’s Surah Al-Anfal 8:67.A Prophet is not permitted to hold prisoners for ransom until he has made a great slaughter.  Does it really mean that? See for yourself, broken down word by word. Consult Tafsir Ibn Kathir, tooDid Moe really do that? To the Banu Qurayza? Is it in the Qur’an?

Moe said that he was raised for Jihad, not for tillage.     He said that he got his income by his spear, disgracing and humiliating his opponents and that he was sent with a sword to see that only Allah is worshiped.

Moe dictated extortion letters to his scribes and dispatched them to rulers in the region by private courier.  Would a genuine Prophet of God send extortion letters?

Of course, American Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, perish the thought.  But one of the Boston Bombers is a naturalized citizen; he has admitted that he participated in terrorism motivated by Islamic doctrine. The sad facts:

  1. terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam
  2. Moe practiced and bragged about it
  3. Allah said that he would and did cast terror
  4. Allah commanded Muslims to engage in it
  5. Allah promised great reward for performing it.

Here is the evidence: from the Qur’an & hadith.   3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

Of course Muslims neither believe nor practice that. So they are going to Hell! Surah Al Baqarah 2:85 declares Islam to be an all or nothing, package deal with no selectivity allowed. 9:38-39, linked in the paragraph above, threaten Muslims with Hellfire if they do not participate in Jihad.  A Muslim who neither goes to war nor supports it financially meets with a sudden calamity. Get a clue for Chrissake!

Let us therefore resolve that this day: June 6, 2013 will be the first day of a renewed Crusade to remove Islam from our shores entirely and eventually make the world an Islam free zone.  Click the links in this blog post; read the relevant factual evidence, evaluate it and propagate it.  Let no eye remain blind nor ear deaf to the fatal facts which condemn Islam.

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Obamination: Future of our Fight against Terrorism

Obamination:Future of our Fight against Terrorism

The Weekly Standard published Obamination’s prepared remarks:  “Future of our Fight against Terrorism“.
As usual, when Obamination spews major volumes of feces, I cull the most egregious chunks for annotation.
Superscripts inserted into the quotes are linked to my commentary;
press your Backspace  key to return to your place in the quote
after reading the commentary.  Unless otherwise noted, all
emphasis is mine.

on September 11th 2001, we were shaken out of complacency. Thousands
were taken from us, as clouds of fire, metal and ash descended upon a
sun-filled morning. This was a different
kind of war
1. No armies came to our shores,
and our military was not the principal target. Instead, a group of terrorists2
came to kill as many civilians
as they could3.
And so our nation went to war4. We
have now been at war for well over a decade. I won’t review the full
history. What’s clear is that we quickly drove al Qaeda out of Afghanistan5,
but then shifted our focus and
began a new war
in Iraq6. This
carried grave consequences7
for our fight against al Qaeda8,
our standing in the world9,
and – to this day – our
interests in a vital region
Meanwhile, we strengthened our
defenses – hardening targets11,
tightening transportation
and giving law enforcement new tools to prevent terror. Most of these
changes were sound. Some caused inconvenience. But some, like expanded
surveillance, raised difficult questions about the balance we strike
between our interests in security and our values of privacy13. And in some cases, I
believe we compromised our basic values – by using torture to
interrogate our enemies14, and detaining individuals15
in a way that ran counter to the rule of law.
After I took office, we stepped up
the war against al Qaeda, but also sought to change its course. We
relentlessly targeted al
Qaeda’s leadership
16. We ended the war in Iraq17,
and brought nearly 150,000 troops home. We pursued a new strategy in
Afghanistan, and increased our training
of Afghan forces
18. We unequivocally banned
torture, affirmed our commitment
to civilian courts
19, worked to align our policies with the rule of
20, and expanded our
consultations with Congress.
Today, Osama bin Laden is dead21, and so are most of his
top lieutenants. There have been no large-scale attacks22
on the United States, and our
homeland is more secure
23. Fewer of our troops are in harm’s way24, and over the next 19 months
they will continue to come home. Our alliances are strong25,
and so is our standing in the world. In sum, we are safer26
because of our efforts.
Now make no mistake: our nation is
still threatened by terrorists27.
From Benghazi to Boston, we have been tragically reminded of that
truth. We must recognize, however, that the threat has shifted and
evolved from the one that came to our shores on 9/11. With a decade of
experience to draw from, now is the time to ask ourselves hard
questions – about the nature
of today’s threats
28, and how we should confront them29.


These questions matter to every
American. For over the last decade, our nation has spent well over a trillion dollars
on war
30 exploding our deficits31
and constraining our ability to nation
build here at home
32. Our service-members and their
families have sacrificed far more on our behalf. Nearly 7,000 Americans
have made the ultimate
33. Many more have left a part of
themselves on the battlefield, or brought the shadows of battle back
home. From our use of drones34
to the detention of terrorist
35, the decisions we are making
will define the type of nation36

– and world – that we leave to our children.

So America is at a crossroads. We
must define the nature and
scope of this struggle
37, or else it will define us,
mindful of James Madison’s warning that “No nation could preserve its freedom
in the midst of continual warfare
Neither I, nor any President, can promise the total defeat of terror.
We will never erase the evil that lies in the hearts of some human
beings, nor stamp out every danger to our open society. What we can do
– what we must do – is dismantle
networks that pose a direct danger
39, and make it less likely for
new groups to gain a foothold, all while maintaining the freedoms and ideals that we defend40.
To define that strategy, we must make decisions based not on fear, but
hard-earned wisdom. And that begins with understanding the threat we face41.
Today, the core of al Qaeda in Afghanistan and
Pakistan is on a path to defeat
42. Their remaining operatives
spend more time thinking about their own safety than plotting against
us. They did not direct the
attacks in Benghazi or Boston
43. They have not carried out a successful attack on our homeland
since 9/11
Instead, what we’ve seen is the emergence of various al Qaeda
affiliates. From Yemen to Iraq, from Somalia to North Africa, the threat today is more diffuse45,
with Al Qaeda’s affiliate in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP –the most
active in plotting against our homeland. While none of AQAP’s efforts
approach the scale of 9/11 they have continued to plot acts of terror,
like the attempt to blow up an airplane on Christmas Day in 2009.
Unrest in the Arab World46has
also allowed extremists to
gain a foothold
47 in countries like Libya and
Syria. Here, too, there are differences from 9/11. In some cases, we
confront state-sponsored
like Hizbollah that engage in acts of terror to achieve political
goals. Others are simply collections of local militias or extremists
interested in seizing territory. While we are vigilant for signs that
these groups may pose a transnational threat, most are focused on
operating in the countries and regions where they are based. That means
we will face more localized
threats like those we saw in Benghazi49
or at the BP oil facility in Algeria, in which local operatives – in
loose affiliation with regional networks – launch periodic attacks
against Western diplomats, companies, and other soft targets, or resort
to kidnapping and other criminal enterprises to fund their operations
Finally, we face a real threat
from radicalized individuals50
here in the United States. Whether it’s a shooter at a Sikh Temple in
Wisconsin; a plane flying into a building in Texas; or the extremists
who killed 168 people at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City –
America has confronted many forms of violent extremism in our time.
Deranged or alienated individuals – often U.S. citizens or legal
residents – can do enormous damage, particularly when inspired by
larger notions of violent jihad. That pull towards extremism appears to
have led to the shooting at Fort Hood, and the bombing of the Boston
yet less capable al Qaeda affiliates. Threats to diplomatic facilities
and businesses abroad. Homegrown extremists. This is the future of
terrorism. We must take these threats seriously, and do all that we can
to confront them. But as we shape our response, we have to recognize
that the scale of this threat51
closely resembles the types of attacks we faced before 9/11. In the
1980s, we lost Americans to terrorism at our Embassy in Beirut; at our
Marine Barracks in Lebanon; on a cruise ship at sea; at a disco in
Berlin; and on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie. In the 1990s, we lost
Americans to terrorism at the World Trade Center; at our military
facilities in Saudi Arabia; and at our Embassy in Kenya. These attacks
were all deadly, and we
learned that left unchecked
these threats can grow. But if dealt with smartly and proportionally53,
these threats need not rise to the level that we saw on the eve of 9/11.


Moreover, we must recognize that
these threats don’t arise in a vacuum. Most, though not all, of the terrorism we face is fueled by a
common ideology
54– a belief by some extremists that Islam
is in conflict55

with the United States and the West, and that violence against Western
targets, including civilians, is justified in pursuit of a larger
cause. Of course, this
ideology is based on a lie
, for the United States is not
at war with Islam57
and this ideology is rejected
by the vast majority of Muslims
58 , who are the most frequent
victims of terrorist acts.
this ideology persists, and in an age in which ideas and images can
travel the globe in an instant, our response to terrorism cannot depend
on military or law enforcement alone. We need all elements of national
power to win a battle of wills
and ideas
59 . So let me discuss the
components of such a comprehensive
counter-terrorism strategy
60 .
First, we must finish the work of defeating al Qaeda61 and its associated forces. In
Afghanistan, we will complete our transition to Afghan responsibility for security62.
Our troops will come home. Our combat mission will come to an end. And
we will work with the Afghan government to train security forces, and
sustain a counter-terrorism force which ensures that al Qaeda can never
again establish a safe-haven63
to launch attacks against us or our allies.


Afghanistan, we must define our effort not as a boundless ‘global war
on terror’ – but rather as a series of persistent, targeted efforts to
dismantle specific networks of
violent extremists
64 that threaten America. In many
cases, this will involve partnerships65
with other countries. Thousands of Pakistani soldiers have lost their
lives fighting extremists. In Yemen, we are supporting security forces
that have reclaimed territory from AQAP. In Somalia, we helped a
coalition of African nations push al Shabaab out of its strongholds. In
Mali, we are providing military aid to a French-led intervention to
push back al Qaeda in the Maghreb, and help the people of Mali reclaim
their future.


Much of our best counter-terrorism cooperation66
results in the gathering and sharing of intelligence; the arrest and
prosecution of terrorists. That’s how a Somali terrorist apprehended
off the coast of Yemen is now in prison in New York. That’s how we
worked with European allies to disrupt plots from Denmark to Germany to
the United Kingdom. That’s how intelligence collected with Saudi Arabia
helped us stop a cargo plane from being blown up over the Atlantic.


But despite our strong preference for the detention and
prosecution of terrorists
sometimes this approach is foreclosed. Al Qaeda and its affiliates try
to gain a foothold in some of the most distant and unforgiving places
on Earth. They take refuge in remote tribal regions. They hide in caves
and walled compounds. They train in empty deserts and rugged mountains.

In some of these places –
such as parts of Somalia and Yemen – the state has only the most
tenuous reach into the territory. In other cases, the state lacks the capacity or will to
take action
It is also not possible for America to simply deploy a team of Special
Forces to capture every terrorist. And even when such an approach may
be possible, there are places where it would pose profound risks to our
troops and local civilians– where a terrorist compound cannot be
breached without triggering a firefight with surrounding tribal
communities that pose no threat to us, or when putting U.S. boots on
the ground may trigger a major international crisis.


To put it another way, our operation in Pakistan against Osama
bin Laden cannot be the norm
The risks in that case were immense; the likelihood of capture,
although our preference, was remote given the certainty of resistance;
the fact that we did not find ourselves confronted with civilian
casualties, or embroiled in an extended firefight, was a testament to
the meticulous planning and professionalism of our Special Forces – but
also depended on some luck. And even then, the cost to our relationship
with Pakistan – and the backlash among the Pakistani public over
encroachment on their territory – was so severe that we are just now
beginning to rebuild this important partnership.
is in this context that the United States has taken lethal, targeted
action against al Qaeda and its associated forces, including with
remotely piloted aircraft commonly referred to as drones. As was true
in previous armed conflicts, this new technology raises profound
questions – about who is
and why; about civilian
and the risk of creating new
;72 about the legality of such
strikes under U.S. and
international law; about accountability and morality
Let me address these questions. To
begin with, our actions are
Don’t take my word for it. In the intelligence gathered at bin Laden’s
compound, we found that he wrote, “we could lose the reserves to the
enemy’s air strikes. We cannot fight air strikes with explosives.”
Other communications from al Qaeda operatives confirm this as well.
Dozens of highly skilled al Qaeda commanders, trainers, bomb makers,
and operatives have been taken off the battlefield. Plots have been
disrupted that would have targeted international aviation, U.S. transit
systems, European cities and our troops in Afghanistan. Simply put,
these strikes have saved lives.
America’s actions are legal. We were attacked on 9/11. Within a week,
Congress overwhelmingly authorized the use of force. Under domestic
law, and international law, the United States is at war with al Qaeda,
the Taliban, and their
associated forces
We are at war with an organization that right now would kill as many
Americans as they could if we did not stop them first. So this is a
just war – a war waged proportionally, in last resort, and in
yet as our fight enters a new phase, America’s legitimate claim of
self-defense cannot be the end of the discussion. To say a military
tactic is legal, or even effective, is not to say it is wise or moral76
in every instance. For the same human progress that gives us the
technology to strike half a world away also demands the discipline to
constrain that power – or risk abusing it. That’s why, over the last
four years, my Administration has worked vigorously to establish a
framework that governs our use of force against terrorists – insisting
upon clear guidelines, oversight and accountability that is now
codified in Presidential Policy Guidance that I signed yesterday.
the Afghan war theater, we must support our troops until the transition
is complete at the end of 2014. That means we will continue to take
strikes against high value al
Qaeda targets
but also against forces that are massing to support attacks on
coalition forces. However, by the end of 2014, we will no longer have
the same need for force
77, and the progress we have made
against core al Qaeda will reduce the need for unmanned strikes.
the Afghan theater, we only target al Qaeda and its associated forces.
Even then, the use of drones is heavily constrained. America does not
take strikes when we have the ability to capture individual terrorists
– our preference is always to detain, interrogate, and prosecute78them.
America cannot take strikes wherever we choose – our actions are bound
by consultations with partners, and respect for state sovereignty79.
America does not take strikes to punish individuals – we act against
terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the American
people, and when there are no other governments capable of effectively
addressing the threat. And before any strike is taken, there must be
near-certainty that no
civilians will be killed or injured
80 – the highest standard we can


last point is critical, because much of the criticism about drone
strikes – at home and abroad – understandably centers on reports of
civilian casualties. There is a wide gap between U.S. assessments of
such casualties, and non-governmental reports. Nevertheless, it is a
hard fact that U.S. strikes have resulted in civilian casualties, a
risk that exists in all wars. For the families of those civilians, no
words or legal construct can justify their loss. For me, and those in
my chain of command, these
deaths will haunt us
as long as we live, just as we are haunted by the civilian casualties
that have occurred through conventional fighting in Afghanistan and
as Commander-in-Chief, I must weigh these heartbreaking tragedies
against the alternatives. To do nothing in the face of terrorist
networks would invite far more civilian casualties – not just in our
cities at home and facilities abroad, but also in the very places –like
Sana’a and Kabul and Mogadishu – where terrorists seek a foothold. Let
us remember that the terrorists we are after target civilians, and the death toll from their acts of
terrorism against Muslims
82 dwarfs any estimate of
civilian casualties from drone strikes.
foreign governments cannot or will not effectively stop terrorism in
their territory, the primary alternative to targeted, lethal action is
the use of conventional military options. As I’ve said, even small
Special Operations carry enormous risks. Conventional airpower or
missiles are far less precise than drones, and likely to cause more
civilian casualties and local outrage. And invasions of these
territories lead us to be viewed as occupying armies; unleash a torrent
of unintended consequences; are difficult to contain; and ultimately
empower those who thrive on violent conflict. So it is false to assert
that putting boots on the ground is less likely to result in civilian
deaths, or to create enemies
in the Muslim world
The result would be more U.S. deaths, more Blackhawks down, more
confrontations with local populations, and an inevitable mission creep
in support of such raids that could easily escalate into new wars.
So yes, the conflict with al
Qaeda, like all armed conflict, invites tragedy. But by narrowly
targeting our action against those
who want to kill
us, and not the people they hide among, we are choosing the course of
action least likely to result in the loss of innocent life. Indeed, our
efforts must also be measured against the history of putting American
troops in distant lands among hostile populations. In Vietnam, hundreds
of thousands of civilians died in a war where the boundaries of battle
were blurred. In Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the courage and
discipline of our troops, thousands of civilians have been killed. So
neither conventional military action, nor waiting for attacks to occur,
offers moral safe-harbor. Neither does a sole reliance on law enforcement85
in territories that have no functioning police or security services –
and indeed, have no functioning law.
is not to say that the risks are not real. Any U.S. military action in
foreign lands risks creating more enemies, and impacts public opinion
overseas. Our laws constrain the power of the President, even during
wartime, and I have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the
United States. The very precision of drones strikes, and the necessary
secrecy involved in such actions can end up shielding our government
from the public scrutiny that a troop deployment invites. It can also
lead a President and his team to view drone strikes as a cure-all for terrorism86.


believe, however, that the use of force must be seen as part of a
larger discussion about a comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy.
Because for all the focus on the use of force, force alone cannot make us safe.87
We cannot use force everywhere
that a radical ideology takes root
;88 and in the absence of a strategy that reduces the
well-spring of extremism,
89 a perpetual war90
through drones or Special Forces or troop deployments – will prove
self-defeating, and alter our
country in troubling ways
So the next element of our
strategy involves addressing
the underlying grievances and conflicts that feed extremism
from North Africa to South Asia. As we’ve learned this past decade,
this is a vast and complex undertaking. We must be humble in our
expectation that we can quickly resolve deep rooted problems like
poverty and sectarian hatred. Moreover, no two countries are alike, and
some will undergo chaotic change before things get better. But our
security and values demand that we make the effort.


This means patiently supporting transitions to democracy93
in places like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya – because the peaceful
realization of individual
94 will serve as a rebuke to
violent extremists. We must strengthen the opposition in Syria, while isolating extremist elements95
– because the end of a tyrant must not give way to the tyranny of
terrorism. We are working to
promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians
– because it is right, and because such a peace could help reshape
attitudes in the region. And we must help countries modernize
economies, upgrade education, and encourage entrepreneurship – because
American leadership has always been elevated by our ability to connect
with peoples’ hopes, and not simply their fears.

on these fronts requires sustained engagement, but it will also require
resources. I know that foreign aid is one of the least popular
expenditures – even though it amounts to less than one percent of the
federal budget. But foreign assistance cannot be viewed as charity. It
is fundamental to our national security, and any sensible long-term strategy to
battle extremism
.97 Moreover, foreign assistance
is a tiny fraction of what we spend fighting wars that our assistance
might ultimately prevent. For
what we spent in a month in Iraq
at the height of the war, we could be training security forces in
Libya, maintaining peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors,
feeding the hungry in Yemen, building schools in Pakistan, and creating
reservoirs of goodwill that marginalize extremists.


America cannot carry out this work
if we do not have diplomats
serving in dangerous places
. Over the past decade, we have strengthened security at our
, and I am implementing every recommendation of the
Accountability Review Board which found unacceptable failures in Benghazi.
I have called on Congress to fully fund these efforts to bolster
security, harden facilities, improve intelligence, and facilitate a quicker response time
from our military
if a crisis emerges.
I said earlier, this threat is not new. But technology and the Internet
increase its frequency and lethality. Today, a person can consume hateful propaganda100,
commit themselves to a violent
and learn how to kill without leaving their home. To address this
threat, two years ago my Administration did a comprehensive review, and
engaged with law enforcement. The best way to prevent violent extremism102 is to work with the Muslim
American community – which has consistently
rejected terrorism
– to identify signs of radicalization, and partner with law enforcement
when an individual is drifting towards violence. And these partnerships
can only work when we recognize that Muslims are a fundamental part of
the American family
Indeed, the success of American Muslims, and our determination to guard
against any encroachments on their civil liberties, is the ultimate
rebuke to those who say we are at war with Islam.
thwarting homegrown plots presents particular challenges in part
because of our proud commitment to civil liberties for all who call
America home. That’s why, in the years to come, we will have to keep
working hard to strike the appropriate balance between our need for
security and preserving those freedoms
that make us who we are. That means reviewing the authorities of law
enforcement, so we can intercept new types of communication, and build
in privacy protections to prevent abuse. That means that – even after
Boston – we do not deport someone or throw someone in prison in the
absence of evidence. That means putting careful constraints on the
tools the government uses to protect sensitive information, such as the
State Secrets doctrine. And that means finally having a strong Privacy
and Civil Liberties Board to review those issues where our
counter-terrorism efforts and our values may come into tension.
these issues remind us that the choices we make about war can impact –
in sometimes unintended ways – the openness and freedom on which our
way of life depends. And that is why I intend to engage Congress about
the existing Authorization to Use Military Force, or AUMF, to determine
how we can continue to fight
terrorists without keeping America on a
perpetual war-time footing

The AUMF is now nearly twelve
years old. The Afghan War is coming to an end. Core al Qaeda is a shell
of its former self. Groups like AQAP must be dealt with, but in the
years to come, not every
collection of thugs that labels themselves al
Qaeda will pose a credible threat to the United States
107. Unless we
discipline our thinking and our actions, we may be drawn into more wars
we don’t need to fight, or continue to grant Presidents unbound powers
more suited for traditional armed conflicts between nation states. So I
look forward to engaging Congress and the American people in efforts to
refine, and ultimately repeal, the AUMF’s mandate. And I will not sign
laws designed to expand this mandate further. Our systematic effort to
dismantle terrorist organizations
108 must continue. But this war,
like all
wars, must end. That’s what history advises. That’s what our democracy

And that brings me to my
final topic: the detention of terrorist suspects.

To repeat, as a matter of
policy, the preference of the
United States is to capture terrorist
.110 When we do detain a suspect,
we interrogate them. And if the
suspect can be prosecuted, we decide whether to try him in a civilian
court or a Military Commission. During the past decade, the vast
majority of those detained by our military were captured on the
battlefield. In Iraq, we turned over thousands of prisoners as we ended
the war. In Afghanistan, we have transitioned detention facilities to
the Afghans, as part of the process of restoring Afghan sovereignty. So
we bring law of war detention to an end, and we are committed to
prosecuting terrorists111
whenever we can.

The glaring exception to this
time-tested approach is the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. The
original premise for opening GTMO – that detainees would not be able to
challenge their detention – was found unconstitutional five years ago.
In the meantime, GTMO has become a symbol around the world for an
America that flouts the rule of law. Our allies won’t cooperate with us
if they think a terrorist will end up at GTMO. During a time of budget
cuts, we spend $150 million each year to imprison 166 people –almost $1
million per prisoner.
112 And the Department of Defense
estimates that we
must spend another $200 million to keep GTMO open at a time when we are
cutting investments113
in education and research here at home.

As President, I have tried to
close GTMO. I transferred 67 detainees to other countries before
Congress imposed restrictions to effectively prevent us from either
transferring detainees to other countries, or imprisoning them in the
United States. These restrictions make no sense. After all, under
President Bush, some 530 detainees were transferred from GTMO with
Congress’s support. When I ran for President the first time, John
McCain supported closing GTMO
No person has ever escaped from one of
our super-max or military prisons in the United States. Our courts have
convicted hundreds of people for terrorism-related offenses, including
some who are more dangerous than most GTMO detainees. Given my
Administration’s relentless pursuit of al Qaeda’s leadership, there is
no justification beyond politics for Congress to prevent us from
closing a facility that should never have been opened.

Today, I once again call on
Congress to lift the restrictions on detainee transfers from GTMO. I
have asked the Department of Defense to designate a site in the United
States where we can hold military commissions. I am appointing a new,
senior envoy at the State Department and Defense Department whose sole
responsibility will be to achieve the transfer of detainees to third
countries. I am lifting the moratorium on detainee transfers to Yemen,
so we can review them on a case by case basis. To the greatest extent
possible, we will transfer detainees who have been cleared to go to
other countries. Where appropriate, we will bring terrorists to justice
in our courts and military justice system. And we will insist that
judicial review115
be available for every detainee.

Even after we take these
steps, one issue will remain: how to deal with those GTMO detainees who
we know have participated in dangerous plots or attacks, but who cannot
be prosecuted
116 – for
example because the evidence against them has been
compromised or is inadmissible in a court of law. But once we commit to
a process of closing GTMO, I am confident that this legacy problem can
be resolved, consistent with our commitment to the rule of law.

I know the politics are hard.
But history will cast a harsh judgment on this aspect of our fight
against terrorism, and those of us who fail to end it. Imagine a future
– ten years from now, or twenty years from now – when the United States
of America is still holding
people who have been charged with no crime
on a piece of land that is not a part of our country. Look at the
current situation, where we are force-feeding detainees who are holding
a hunger strike. Is that who we are? Is that something that our
Founders foresaw? Is that the America we want to leave to our children?

Our sense of justice is
stronger than that. We have prosecuted scores of terrorists in our
courts. That includes Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up
an airplane over Detroit; and Faisal Shahzad, who put a car bomb in
Times Square. It is in a court of law that we will try Dzhokhar
Tsarnaev, who is accused of bombing the Boston Marathon. Richard Reid,
the shoe bomber, is as we speak serving a life sentence in a maximum
security prison here, in the United States. In sentencing Reid, Judge
William Young told him, “the way
we treat you…is the measure of our own
.” He went on to point to the American flag that flew
in the
courtroom – “That flag,” he said, “will fly there long after this is
all forgotten. That flag still stands for freedom.”

America, we have faced down
dangers far greater than al
119. By staying true to the
values of our
founding, and by using our constitutional compass, we have overcome
slavery and Civil War; fascism and communism. In just these last few
years as President, I have watched the American people bounce back from
painful recession, mass shootings, and natural disasters like the
recent tornados that devastated Oklahoma. These events were
heartbreaking; they shook our communities to the core. But because of
the resilience of the American people, these events could not come
close to breaking us.

I think of Lauren Manning,
the 9/11 survivor who had severe burns over 80 percent of her body, who
said, “That’s my reality. I put
a Band-Aid on it, literally, and I move

I think of the New Yorkers
who filled Times Square the day after an attempted car bomb as if
nothing had happened.

I think of the proud
Pakistani parents who, after their daughter was invited to the White
House, wrote to us, “we have raised an American Muslim daughter to
dream big and never give up because it does pay off.”


I think of the wounded
warriors rebuilding their lives, and helping other vets to find jobs.


I think of the runner
planning to do the 2014 Boston Marathon, who said, “Next year, you are
going to have more people than ever. Determination is not something to
be messed with.”

That’s who the American
people are. Determined, and not to be messed with.

Now, we need a strategy – and
a politics –that reflects this resilient spirit. Our victory against
121 won’t be measured in a
surrender ceremony on a battleship, or
a statue being pulled to the ground. Victory will be measured in
parents taking their kids to school; immigrants coming to our shores;
fans taking in a ballgame; a veteran starting a business; a bustling
city street. The quiet determination; that strength of character and
bond of fellowship; that refutation of fear – that is both our sword
and our shield. And long after the current messengers of hate have
faded from the world’s memory, alongside the brutal despots, deranged
madmen, and ruthless demagogues who litter history – the flag of the
United States will still wave from small-town cemeteries, to national
monuments, to distant outposts abroad.  And that flag will still
stand for freedom.

Thank you. God Bless you. And
may God bless the United States of America.

  1. This is a complex war, with
    a diffuse & complex aggressor  some of whose elements act by
    proxy. This is an asymmetrical war, with an aggressor relatively weak
    in conventional armaments, who can not stand up to our military force
    in open warfare.

    The primary enemy is Islam, the secondary
    enemies are a handful of Islamic theocracies and the mass of enemy
    combatants are Muslim Believers.

    This is a war of attrition, death by a
    thousand cuts, with each cut calculated to draw maximum blood without
    provoking existential retaliation.  It is designed, as were the
    Wars, to bankrupt us and wear down our will to resist.

  2. The  Magnificent
    Nineteen constituted the invasion force; the spearhead of the Army of
    Islam.  Their strategy was to weaken our will & resolve while
    doing maximal economic damage so as to reduce our ability to mount an
    effective defense. They targeted highly symbolic structures for maximal
    psychological impact.
  3. They targeted civilians
    for maximal emotional impact.
  4. Our
    President, a G’d’d Traitor, lied to us about the identity and nature of
    the enemy.  Instead of applying a nuclear eraser to Afghanistan,
    Pakistan, Iran Saudi Arabia & Iraq as a wise and patriotic leader
    would do, Shrub mounted half-assed invasions, with insufficient force
    and suicidal rules of engagement.  Instead of removing the true
    cause of the conflict: Islam,
    Shrub allowed it to be perpetuated and
    enshrined in the Constitutions of the ‘rebuilt’ nations he had so
    unwisely invaded and occupied.
  5. Al-Qaeda is not the
    , it is one enemy battalion.
    Many of its personnel relocated to Pakistan and other places. Shrub
    should have obliterated them while he had the opportunity.
  6. The
    invasion of Iraq was not a new war, it was a second front. The enemy is
    Islam, not Afghanistan and
    not Al-Qaeda. Wherever Muslims are dispersed
    over the face of the earth is a separate battle front in this war until
    Islam is eradicated.
  7. Our fight is against Islam: Muslims; Al-Qaeda is one complex
    member of that set.
    Afghanistan & Iraq should have been nuked, both were invaded, on
    the cheap, with drastic consequences and nothing gained.  Because
    their populations and governments remain Islamic, every dollar, every
    drop of blood, every limb and every life expended in the effort was
    wasted. Wasted because Islam
    still exists in Afghanistan  &
  8. Al-Qaeda is not the
    enemy, any more than the Panzers were the enemy in WWII. Islam is the
    enemy. Terrorism is its tactic; the various terrorist groups are
    divisions of its army, not separate enemies.
  9. Anyone who gives a damn
    what any foreigner thinks of us; who is concerned about “our standing
    in the world”; who denigrates the morality of our self defense– is
    mentally & morally unfit to call himself an American and should
    renounce his citizenship & emigrate.
  10. Our
    interests in the region are: to maintain the flow of energy, and
    eliminate Islam; to induce the maximum possible incidence of apostasy
    or death. Neutron bombs are the obvious weapon of choice for Iraq.
  11. There are few fixed targets to
    harden. There is no way to harden office towers against the impact of
    hijacked aircraft.
    You can not harden our food or water supplies. You can not harden the
    Boston marathon.  Obamination sells a false sense of security
    where no security exists or can exist without the complete exclusion of
    Islam & Muslims.
    Because of WMD and rockets capable of
    delivering them over great distances, there can be no security without
    the total eradication of Islam.
  12. Frisking
    and strip searching innocent civilians does nothing to enhance
    transportation security. If you want enhanced security, simply exclude
    all Muslims
    from all public transit venues & vehicles.  If you want
    homeland security, get them and keep them out of this
    country entirely.
  13. Privacy is for citizens,
    not for enemy combatants communicating with them by cell phone to
    construct their plans and implement their plots.  Tracing
    terrorist’s contacts is not a violation of the right to privacy; there
    is no right to get off Scott free.
  14. Our basic values: Life, Liberty,
    Property & Prosperity [pursuit of happiness].  A carefully
    defined & controlled system of government is required to obtain and
    maintain those values for citizens. Swift
    and impartial trials without self-incrimination are for citizens
    accused of domestic criminal offenses, not for enemy combatants
    attacking and killing us or our armed forces in an attempt to destroy
    our way of life.

    The prohibition of cruel & unusual
    punishments and torture are
    for citizens, not for Khalid Sheikh Mohammad & Co. They love death
    as we love live because death at the hands of their enemy is their
    ticket to Allah’s celestial Bordello; their Get Out of Hell Free Card.
    Water boarding is not torture; it does no permanent damage; it just
    makes them sense greater proximity to Shaheed status.

  15. Catch & releasing
    is for sport fishing, not war. Those who shoot at us should be
    permanently removed from the battlefield; preferably placed under it.
    Accepting locals taken from the streets and handed over by ‘allies‘ in
    Afghanistan & Iraq was not a good idea, they may be victims of
    private quarrels.
  16. Targeting
    leaders creates temporary dislocation at best; it does not win the war.
    Usama bin Laden has been replaced, as have lower echelon leaders. If
    you kill or capture Ayman al-Zawahiri, he, too will be replaced and the
    war will continue until there are no more living Muslims on the face of
    the earth. .
  17. We ended our
    participation in combat, we did not end the war.  Iraq is not the
    war; it is one battlefront. Iraq remains populated and governed by
    Muslims: we ended a battle, not a war, and we ended it in defeat. Worse
    yet, it was an intentional, engineered defeat.
  18. Only a damned fool trains
    his enemy.  If they are Muslims, they are enemies, not alliesGet a Godblessed clue for Chrissake!
  19. Civilian
    courts are for citizens accused of domestic offenses, not for
    foreigners at war with us; trying to kill us and destroy our way of
    life. Enemy combatants should be killed on the battlefield, not tried
    in court.
  20. Islam
    is not a signatory to the Geneva Accords.  There is no caliph; no
    central governing authority responsible for its entire fighting force.
    Muslims do not abide by the Geneva Accords; there is no reason why we
    should when fighting them.  Obamination is not advocating a higher
    moral position, he is echoing enemy propaganda because he is one of
    them, not one of us.
  21. Is he really dead?
    When, where and how did he die? Prove it! What difference does it make?
    Ayman al-Zawahiri is running the show now. Leadership is
    replaceable.   This war will not end until the existence of
    Islam ends. So long as there are Muslims on the face of the earth, they
    will repopulate, regroup, rearm and renew their attacks. Islam is the
  22. The scale of the
    attacks is insignificant.  Terrorism is designed to cause maximum
    societal disruption  at minimal expense. Each and every terror
    plot, whether successful or
    frustrated, increases the level of fear & insecurity.  The
    next large scale attack can come on any day; at any hour of the enemy’s
    choosing. The Boston Marathon bombs could have killed many more
    victims if properly placed and timed.

    The legless, burn victims & shrapnel
    victims suffer just as much and will face just as much expense without
    regard to the scale of the bombing. What difference does the scale of
    the attack make to those who lost loved ones?

  23. More secure?
    Prove it!!! Four people are dead and more than 200 maimed because
    you allowed the Brothers Tsarnaev to re-enter and remain in this
    country.  The homeland can never be secure while the enemy’s fifth
    column is present. Security will not exist until all Muslims are
    expelled and excluded.
  24. None
    of our troops would be in harms way if we had nuked Afghanistan, Iran,
    Iraq, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia off the face of the earth immediately
    after the Accursed Abomination which they co-sponsored.
  25. We do not have
    Muslim allies or partners! Muslims are expressly forbidden to form
    equal and inferior relationships with infidels. I disrespectfully
    direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to the following Ayat: 3:28, 3:118, 4:89 , 4:139 , 4:144, 5:51, 5:57.
  26. We are safer only to the extent that
    there are fewer live Muslims on the face of the earth.
  27. Terrorists are Muslims: believers who attempt to obey Allah and emulate Moe.
    I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to the
    following list of relevant ayat & ahadith to obtain a Godblessed

    3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67,
    9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123,
    Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

    Allah said that he would cast terror and did cast terror. Allah
    commanded Muslims to strike terror. Moe said that he was made
    victorious by terror. Moe also dictated and dispatched threatening extortion letters to his intended

  28. The strategic threat is
    one of imperialistic conquest & domination.  The tactical
    threat is anything they can do to injure or enrage us.  I
    disrespectfully & contumaciously direct doubters, dissenters &
    deniers to the following relevant tafsir & ayah; obtain a
    Godblessed clue, for Chrissake!
    9&l=eng&nAya= 120# 9_ 120

  29. Islam
    can never be defeated, it must be destroyed; completely eliminated
    because its damnable doctrines are permanently and immutably enshrined
    in the Qur’an.  8:39 & 9:29, cited in #27
    open ended, outcome oriented fight until loops with neither geographic
    limits nor expiration dates. Those ayat are the primary jihad
    imperatives, confirmed in Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387 and codified in Reliance of the Traveller, O9.8.
    After reading O9.8 & 9.9, scroll back to O9.1 to read about the
    communal obligation of offensive Jihad. If it is possible but not
    performed, all who know of the obligation are in sin.  You will
    find 9:38 linked in #27 above; click through and read 38 & 39. Go
    to war or go to Hell. Every Muslim has a Get Out of Hell Free Card,
    explained in 61:10-13, also linked in # 27.  Go to war and go to

    To fully comprehend what believers are and what they do,
    you must read 8:1-5
    and explore the context. Go to the home page linked at the top and
    search for “go out” and “spend” without the quote marks; read all the
    matching records.

    Turn next to 9:111, also linked in #27 above. Read
    and re-read it until you understand it. Who are believers; what do they
    do?  Turn next to 49:15 likewise linked.  Believers are “only
    those who” doubt
    not but strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause of Allâh

    Islam presents a continuing,. persistent
    threat because believers must wage Jihad in fear of Hellfire. If they
    desire to collect on Allah’s promise of perpetual virgins and rivers of
    wine & honey, they must participate in Jihad.

  30. What
    price Liberty? Can you put a price tag on it? What price
    security?  How much cheaper would it have been to nuke the
    principal sponsors of the Accursed Abomination instead of mounting
    invasions? What have we accomplished with those invasions?
  31. Who exploded the deficit
    more, You or Shrub?
    Slick Willy’s failure to retaliate for previous attacks invited the
    Accursed Abomination by demonstrating weakness & lack of resolve;
    was that a good idea?
  32. This nation was built in
    1778, there is no need to build or rebuild it; to recast it as a
    Socialist tyranny.

  33. The
    limbs & lives of those servicemen who were injured and killed were
    sacrificed by traitors to the demon of political correctness,.Carter,
    Reagan, Bush, Slick Willy & Shrub were not willing to acknowledge
    the fatal facts laid out above: the identity & character of the
    enemy  and the fact that it must be eradicated to restore peace
    & security because they falsely equate eradicating Islam, an
    implacable predator and continuing war crime against humanity with the
    unjustifiable Shoah.  Obamination perpetuates their treachery
    because he is one of the enemy, not one of us. 

  34. Using
    drones to usher terrorists into Hell saves American lives and money, it
    is a good practice which should have been implemented much earlier and
    more intensely. 

  35. Muslims
    are terrorists, not suspects. Those captured on the battlefield do not
    require trials. Catch and release is for sport fishing, not for
    war.  Why release them to kill again?

  36. A
    world containing Islamic institutions and Muslims is a world at war,
    with constant terrorism and threat of mass casualty attacks.  When
    Iran finally obtains suitable nukes and ICBMs, they will use them
    without hesitation.  Allowing the continued existence of Islam on
    the face of the earth leaves a legacy of suffering and death.

  37. We
    can not define the scope, scale & nature of the war; those are
    defined by the enemy who declared and is prosecuting the war against
    us.  We must acknowledge the fact that this war is permanent, starting in 623 and unending until the
    last Muslim is dead or apostatized or until the last Jew is murdered.
    Until Iran can combine nukes with ICBMs, this war is asymmetrical and
    low intensity.  This is an existential conflict, terminable only
    by extinction of the aggressor.  

  38. If
    we can’t preserve our Liberty in the context of permanent war, then we
    must exterminate the aggressor in order to terminate the war and
    preserve our Freedom. 

  39. Islam
    is an existential enemy posing an unending, genocidal threat of
    terrorism & war. Belief in Allah, his imperatives, threat &
    promise motivates Muslims to engage in imperialism, extortion &
    plunder.  While there are believers, there is permanent war. Only
    the extinction of Islam
    through mass apostasy or death can end the

  40. Islam, al-Ikhwan-al-Muslimeen,
    Al-Qaeda, etc. etal are one: ISLAM.
    Quit playing the name game; acknowledge objective factual reality.

  41. Know
    your enemy: begin by reading its canonical texts: the Qur’an, Sahih
    Bukhari’s books of Jihad, Khumus & Expedition and The Life of
    Muhammad. Or take the short course:  The Prophet of
    .  If you need more links to texts, visit .

  42. Islam
    can never be defeated without destroying the faith of the believers. I
    disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to page 60 of
    The Quranic Concept
    of Wa
    to obtain a Godblessed clue.  While one believing Muslim remains alive, Islam is not defeated!

  43. The
    attacks are directed by Islam;
    Allah & Moe through
    the Qur’an,. Sunnah & Shari’ah.   Believers attack
    because Allah commands it; Moe exemplified it, and  threatened
    them with eternal damnation if they refuse to follow his example.
    The existence of independent operators  not directly guided by any
    specific terrorist organization other than  the top level group: Islam, does not contradict
    the fatal facts. Islam is
    permanent war. The
    war ends when Islam no longer
    exists; when there are no more living
    believers; not before.

  44. The
    willfully blind can not see the forest for the trees.  With no
    trees, there would be no forest. With no Islam or no believers to
    implement it, there would be no Islamic terrorism. With Islam and believers to implement it,
    with or without Al-Qaeda, there is Islamic

  45. The threat comes from Islam, always has; always will. All
    the rest is just a diversionary name game.

  46. The
    Accursed Abomination came before the “unrest”. The contest for
    occupancy of various thrones and a re-established caliphate is not a
    cause of terrorism against us.

  47. There
    are no extremists; only believers.
    Believers fight in Allah’s
    which is to make Islam dominate the world. They kill others and are
    killed. Obamination funded and armed the blood thirsty believers who
    have taken over Tunisia, Libya & Egypt and are waging war in Syria.

  48. State
    sponsored or independent, Shi’ia or Sunni, they all have something in
    common: they are Believers.
    Are you entirely clueless?
  49. The only good Muslim
    attack is one that kills only  Muslims. Regardless of where they
    happen and their scope & scale, terror attacks on non-Muslims are
    war crimes against humanity.
  50. [extremists, radicals,
    fundamentalists, terrorists, Mujahideen]: the set of Believers.
    is no radicalism. There is no extremism. There are only men who believe
    in Allah’s imperatives, threat & promise and attempt to implement
    the imperatives to realize the promise.  Muslims are not
    radicalized; they learn the content of and develop belief in the
    damnable doctrines of their execrable war cult.
  51. Low intensity
    warfare: “How hard can we push before they wise up and eradicate us? “.
    How many casualties are you willing to tolerate? One or two at a time
    with guns or knives?  Thousands with aircraft flown into office
    towers?  Hundreds at the Marine Barracks? Dozens at Embassies? how
    many sailors did the Barbary Pirates abduct, enslave and murder before
    we fought two Barbary Wars? Do you want peace & security or do
    you want Muslims in the world? You can not have both; choose wisely.
  52. Which attack was not left
    unchecked? Which attack did we retaliate effectively against?
    Which retaliation resulted in the termination of the threat?
  53. Proportionally?
    When a wasp stings you, what do you do? Swat one wasp and his nest
    mates will retaliate. You destroy the entire nest. So it is with
    Islam.  Open your Qur’an to 5:32 and read it carefully. Killing one innocent
    person is equivalent to killing all of humanity.  Follow up with Ibn Kathir’s tafsir of that verse.  Only
    Muslims are innocent: all others are in rebellion against Allah;
    deserving to be killed. When any infidel is killed by Islamic
    terrorists, proportionate response requires the extinction of Islam;
    destroy the nest and its inhabitants.

    Offensive Jihad is fard al-Kifaya: a communal obligation
    binding upon all eligible adult male Muslims until a sufficient number
    have reported to the front. When we retaliate, Jihad becomes fard Ayn:
    individually binding upon all Muslims, including women, sheikhs and

  54. Islamic terrorism
    is a function of belief in Islamic ideology enshrined in the Qur’an and
    exemplified by Moe’s Sunnah.

    • Only Allah has the right to be worshiped.  3:2
    • Only Allah has the right to legislate & rule, which he
      delegated to Moe and his successors. 33:36
    • Jihad is ordained for Muslims. 2:216
    • War must be waged against pagans until only Allah is worshiped
      a global scale. 8:39
    • War must be waged against Jews & Christians until they are
      subjugated & extorted. 9:29
    • Acts of terrorism are credited to the terrorist as righteous
      deeds. 9:120

    • The blood and property of infidels ain’t  sacred to
      Infidels only acquire human rights when they become Muslims. Bukhari 1.8.387
    • The basic penalty for “waging war against Allah and his
      Messenger” is execution. 5:33

  55. When this nation became
    independent from England, the Barbary Pirates sacked our shipping.
    Paying tribute nearly bankrupted the new nation. Thomas Jefferson and
    J.Q. Adams asked Tripoli’s Ambassador to England by what right they
    attacked us. He replied:

    that [the right]
    was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their
    Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority
    were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them
    wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take
    as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle
    was sure to go to Paradise.”

    Sahih Bukhari 4.52.386
    informs us that Umar sent his army to the great nations to “fight the
    pagans”.  When a Persian General asked why, he got this answer,
    which you should compare to that given by the Barbary Pirates.

    Our Prophet, the Messenger of our
    has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya
    (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:–
    “Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to
    lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever amongst us
    remain alive, shall become your master.”


  56. Islam
    is a lie, told by a liar and perpetuated, supported, protected &
    promoted by liars.  Moe
    did not have a pipeline to God, he had Epileptic seizures, accompanied
    by hallucinations.  When receiving revelations, Moe fell to the
    ground, lost consciousness, sweated profusely, moved his & tongue
    rapidly  and snorted like a young camel. Moe feared that he
    was losing his sanity and was demon possessed. He even attempted

    Worse yet, Moe recited situational scripture
    to give divine sanction to his lusty lifestyle.   Proving
    these fatal facts of Islam is beyond the scope of this post. I
    disrespectfully & contumaciously refer doubters, dissenters &
    deniers to the following references.

  1. The best professional liars
    mix in a little truth to enhance
    believability, Obamination is no exception. Islam is at war against us,
    but we are not reciprocating. If we had a President instead of a
    cowardly Traitor in 1993, we would have declared war against Islam
    immediately after WTC1.
  2. No Muslim can
    abjure terrorism without signing his own death warrant as an apostate. Islam is a bundled package deal; all
    or nothing.

    Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture
    and reject the rest
    ? Then what is the recompense of those who do
    so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day
    of Resurrection they shall be consigned
    to the most grievous torment
    . 2:85

    Islamic law lists 20 items which entail apostasy,
    these are included in that list.

  • (6) to be sarcastic
    about Allah’s
    name, His

    command, His
    interdiction, His promise, or His


  • (7) to deny any verse of
    the Koran
    or anything

    which by scholarly consensus (def: b7)

    belongs to it, or to add a verse that does not belong

    to it;

  • (14) to deny the
    obligatory character of

    something which by the
    consensus of Muslims

    (ijma’, def: b7) is part of
    , when it is well

    known as such, like the prayer (salat) or even one

    rak’a from one of the five obligatory prayers, if

    there is no excuse (def: u2.4);


  1. First, we must
    identify the enemy, second, we must accurately describe its character;
    then we must identify and counter the ideas which constitute its ideology. Carter, Reagan,
    Bush, Slick, Shrub & Obamination refused
    to take any of those steps. The doctrines listed in #54
    are absolutely intolerable because they deny our lives & liberties
    yet no President has acknowledged them, much less attempted to counter
  2. First
    and foremost: expel and exclude all Muslims
    from the borders of Western
    Civilization. Terrorism can not be countered while the enemy has a
    fifth column on our territory. Second, locate and identify every
    terrorist training facility on the face of the earth and carpet bomb
    them with Daisy Cutters. Third, bomb & strafe the funeral
    procession of every terrorist you usher into Hell. Fourth, make a list
    of Islamic cities, beginning with Mecca & Medina and destroy one of
    them immediately after each subsequent terror attack. Fifth, do
    everything Constitutionally possible to counter the movement to destroy
    the Christian faith and remove it from the public square. Sixth, utter
    and publish in the face of the Ummah the fatal facts which can destroy
    their faith: Moe was an impious fraud and Allah is an impotent idol.
    Google “The
    Innocence of Muslims
    ” + “true or false?”  and read the
    first blog post in the serps.
  3. The
    enemy is Islam, not Al-Qaeda,
    which is only one division of the
    enemy.  The conflict is existential; victory requires extinction.
    While there is Islam &
    believing Muslims, the war will continue.
  4. The
    population and government of Afghanistan are Muslims.  Only a
    damned fool thinks they will fight off the Taliban  and prevent a
    return to their former status as a state sponsor of terrorism.
  5. Only a damned fool thinks
    that terrorists will restrain terrorism. While Afghanistan remains
    Muslim, it remains terrorist.
  6. “Its Islam, Stupid!”. There is
    no extremism; there are no extremists; only
    believing Muslims.  The war will not end and will not be won until
    there are no more believing Muslims on the face of the earth.
  7. Muslims are expressly forbidden to be
    our friends, partners or allies. Refer to #25 for the details.
  8. Islamic regimes may
    hand over the occasional rebel seeking to overthrow them, but they are
    not likely to engage in serious cooperation against terrorists.
    Terrorism is an act of war, to be punished by the total destruction of
    the state sponsors, not a domestic crime to be prosecuted and punished
    by jailing the terrorist.
  9. Islamic
    terrorism is not a bank robbery or purse snatching, it is an act of
    war. Terrorists must be ushered into Hell, not into court.  Money
    spent on courtroom security, lawyers, prosecutors and judges in
    terrorism trials is entirely wasted.
  10. Islamic
    states are state sponsors of terrorism; part of the problem, not part
    of the solution!
  11. The
    fact that Usama was under the state  protection of Pakistan
    confirms the fact that we should have immediately nuked that Hell hole
    off the face of the earth.
  12. Known enemy
    commanders, officers and large concentrations of troops should be
    targeted. U/B.L. should have been taken out with a drone strike.
  13. If they are
    Muslims, they are not civilians; they are terrorists. The wives and
    children of terrorists must not serve as human shields. This war ends
    in victory when there are no more believing
    , not before.
  14. Islamic terrorism
    is doctrine driven, not grievance driven. New enemies pop out of the
    wombs of Muslim women every day, they are not created by anything we
  15. Since
    when is it illegal or immoral to eliminate enemy combatants using
    tactics and weapons designed to minimize collateral damage and risk to
  16. Picking off
    a few dozen high value targets does not win the war, while necessary,
    it is insufficient and by itself, no cause for celebration or bragging.
    This war will only end in victory when Islam
    becomes extinct.
  17. “Its Islam,
    Stupid!”.  Islam declared and is prosecuting war against us.
    Restoring peace and security requires the extinction of Islam, an
    implacable predator which will never stop attempting conquests so long
    as it exists.
  18. The enemy
    is Islam! Al-Qaeda is only part of the problem, not the entire problem.
    Eliminating Al-Qaeda entirely would not end the war with victory.
  19. Nuking
    Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq & Saudi Arabia immediately after
    the Accursed Abomination would have precluded the need for force
  20. Detention & trial are
    for domestic criminals, not for enemy combatants. Just kill them on the
    battlefield or drown them in the nearest hog farm holding tank. No use
    wasting time and money on trials for Islamic terrorists!
  21. How
    can you respect the sovereignty of a failed state that willfully gives
    aid and comfort to those who attack us? Afghanistan & Pakistan made
    themselves fair game and should have been nuked in ’01.
  22. They
    are Muslims; associates and families of those would maim and mutilate
    us; they are fair game, not civilians. They should have been erased
    from the face of the earth in ’01.
  23. They want
    us dead because we are not Muslims. Because we are not them, they must
    torment and kill us.  They perceive a divine mandate to kill or
    enslave us. They deliberately set out to mutilate and maim as many
    of  us as possible; to maximize emotional and economic shock to
    our system.  They believe that their god has commanded them to
    attack and conquer us. They believe that he will damn them to eternal
    Hell fire if they do not try and will reward them with eternity in his
    celestial bordello if they do. If we do not eradicate them, the war
    will continue forever until we are finally conquered.  Wheresoever
    the enemy is gathered; whenever they meet to forge their plots, there
    let our bombs and bullets fall like a warm spring rain! With and
    without their friends and families; usher them into Hell. Old Harry
    knew how to end the War in the Pacific and he did it. Emulate him
    without remorse.
  24. Islam
    is tyranny; tyrants have rivals for power. Sunni & Shi’ia are in
    conflict over occupancy of their various thrones and ultimately, the
    caliphate if they can re-establish it.  When they kill each other,
    it is a good thing, not a tragedy.  Ex-Muslims are the best kind;
    dead Muslims are second best.
  25. Islamic
    terrorism is doctrine driven, not grievance driven.  Only the
    wombs of Muslim women create terrorists; they are born, not made.
  26. If they are
    Muslims, they need to kill us; they are under a demonic mandate to
    conquer the entire world for Allah and perceive us as the biggest
    obstacle to global conquest. The Barbary Pirates attacked our shipping
    because it “was written in their laws“.
    Can you get a clue?  Peace
    and security can only be obtained by making Islam extinct. Islam can
    not be reformed. It can not be pacified. It can not be placated. It can
    not be rendered harmless without eliminating it entirely.
  27. Islamic
    terrorism is not a law enforcement issue; it is a battle tactic. The
    issue is war. The issue is the continued existence of people who
    believe that they have a divine mission to conquer and enslave us.
    While they believe that Allah will damn them if they avoid fighting and
    bless them if they attack us, we can have no peace without ushering
    them into Hell.
  28. Islamic
    aggression can only be ended by making Islam
    extinct. Invasions won’t
    do it. Occupations won’t do it. Drone strikes won’t do it.
    Prosecutions won’t do it. No combination of those tactics will do
    it.  Only the complete extinction of Islam will end the war.
  29. Only the extinction
    of Islam can make us safe. A
    world without Islam is a world
    without Islamic aggression including terrorism.
  30. There
    is no such ideology; there is only Islam,
    which declares that only
    Allah has the right to be worshiped and the right to legislate &
    rule. Islam declares that
    Allah’s rights must be secured by global
    conquest; that all who do not worship Allah must be killed or enslaved.
    While men harbor those ideas, peace is impossible. While men believe
    that Allah will bless them for going to war or damn them for sitting
    passive at home, they can not be stopped from terroristic conquest
    short of extinction.
  31. Extremism
    is a lie! Jihad; genocide & terrorism are normative Islam, not
    extreme. They were legislated and exemplified by Moe who said that he
    was made victorious by terror and wealthy by conquests. Obtain a
    Godblessed clue for Chrissake! Islamic aggression flows from the Qur’an
    & Sunnah, not from poverty, ignorance, hunger, oppression,
    repression or anything else.
    When the Barbary Pirates sacked our merchantmen, there were no boots on
    the ground in the Hijaz and Israel was occupied by the Ottoman
    Empire.  We did not provoke attack by anything more than not being

    Islamic law says that infidels may be attacked
    without provocation. Can you obtain a Godblessed clue for Chrissake?

  32. The war is perpetual, declared in
    622 and ending only on Judgment Day.  Obtain a Godblessed clue for

  33. By
    stupidly ignoring several attacks and engaging in weak, ineffective
    retaliation for others, we displayed weakness and lack of resolve to
    the enemy, inviting them to hit us again. Any outcome short of the
    extinction of Islam will leave us vulnerable and eventually
    conquered.  We need to eliminate Islam, as quickly and as cheaply
    as possible.
  34. Extremism
    is a lie! Islam’s genocidal, terrorist war of conquest is not extreme;
    it is normative.  What part of “Fight them until” do you not
    understand?  What part of “I will cast terror” do you not
    understand?  What part of “Allah cast terror” do you not
    understand? What part of  “I have been made victorious with
    terror” do you not comprehend? Islam is doctrine driven, not grievance
    driven.  U.B.L:. & A.Z. were wealthy professionals, not
    paupers. Law, medical & engineering students have engaged in acts
    of terrorism.

    Allah punishes pacifism and rewards terrorism;
    can you obtain a Godblessed clue for Chrissake?
    9&l=eng&nAya= 38# 9_ 38
    9&l=eng&nAya= 120# 9_ 120

  35. Malignant Malarkey!!!
    Islam and democracy are polar opposites. Only Allah has the right to
    rule; man made law is the antithesis of Islamic theocracy.  The
    transition is from one dictator to another.
  36. There can be no
    realization of individual aspirations in an Islamic theocracy except
    for the aspirations of the theocrat  who occupies the seat of
  37. There are no
    extremists; there are only believers. We do not have a dog in that
    fight, let them kill each other!
  38. Only
    a damned fool believes there can be peace between Muslims and
    Jews.  Only a damned liar says it is possible. Obtain a Godblessed
    clue, for Chrissake!!!
    9&l=eng&nAya= 29# 9_ 29
    7&l=eng&nAya= 167# 7_ 167
    13&l=eng&nAya= 41# 13_ 41

    Israel is living proof of the fact that Allah is an impotent
    idol whose promise and threat are vain. Muslims will never tolerate

  39. “Its
    Islam, Stupid!”. There is
    no extremism; genocidal, terrorist conquest
    is normative Islam, commanded
    by Allah and exemplified by Moe.

    Induce as many Muslims to apostatize as possible and usher the
    recalcitrant believers into Hell. There is no other way.

  40. A demagogic
    combination of the myth of alternative spending and malignant maundery.
    Muslims are not security forces!!! Peace agreements between Muslims and
    Israel are not worth the paper they are written on.

    A hungry Muslim who starves is one less Muslim
    we need to kill on the battlefield.  What do they teach in those
    Pakistani schools?

  41. Of all the stinking piles of turd,
    this takes the brass plated prize.  Obamination rejected pleas for
    enhanced security, When the attack came, he turned a deaf ear to pleas
    for assistance and fired two Generals and an Admiral who tried to send
  42. Muslims are not radicalized, they only
    become familiar with normative Islamic doctrines and increase their
    faith.  It makes no difference whether the process is facilitated
    by videos, books, chat rooms, message boards or in direct contact with
    an Imam.  Islam is what
    it is: genocidal terrorism; permanent
    war.  It is that way by design because Moe made his living by
    plunder and extortion.
  43. The
    violent agenda is part of normative Islam.
    Why does the Qur’an
    have a chapter named ‘The Spoils of War“?
    Why does each of the
    six canonical hadith collections have a book of Jihad?
  44. The
    best way to terminate the existence of Islam
    is to induce mass
    apostasy: cause Muslims to cease believing in Allah, and his
    imperatives,  threat and promise. Provide them evidence of the
    fact that Moe was a false prophet; a profiteer and Allah is an impotent
  45. Muslims
    can not reject terrorism because it is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam.
    If they abjure any part of the Qur’an, they apostatize, risking the
    death penalty.  Allah said
    that he would and did cast terror
    describing the results. Moe said that he was made victorious with
    terror. Methods of casting terror included assassinations, such as
    those of Kab Ashraf and Asma bint Marwan, genocide of a settlement that
    surrendered and burning date palm groves.
  46. Muslims
    are not part of America, they are an occupying force: an enemy fifth
    column outbreeding us for eventual demographic conquest in the long run
    if other methods fail. The doctrines of Islam are not compatible with
    our founding documents.
  47. We
    can not have security and Muslims. We must choose one. We can not have
    liberty and Islam. We must choose one. I choose security and liberty.
    Expel and exclude Muslims!
  48. Domestically:
    expel and exclude Muslims. Internationally: nuke them off the face of
    the earth. No Islam; no
    Islamic terrorism. While there is Islam,
    will be terrorism.
  49. The
    threat comes from Islam;
    through the Qur’an & Sunnah.  It
    results from what Allah said and Moe did for Muslims in all ages to
    emulate. They do not need to kill or maim anyone to induce
    terror.  Every foiled plot is evidence of the fact that Muslims
    are plotting to harm us.  Every individual act of random Islamic
    assault whether by fist, knife, gun or vehicular assault reduces
    perception of security and trust.
  50. Thee
    is one terrorist organization: Islam.
    Eliminate it if you seek peace.
  51. Ours is a
    Representative Republic, not a Democracy, but that makes no difference
    in  the need to end the war in victory as swiftly and
    inexpensively as possible. In 1805 and 1815, we did not have the means
    to exterminate Islam; now we
  52. We
    need to change that damn fool policy.
  53. The crime/punishment model
    must be abandoned. Terrorism is an act of war, not a domestic criminal
  54. How much would it cost to
    hog tie each one and toss them into the holding tank of a hog farm?
  55. His favorite demagoguery: the
    myth of alternative expenditures. He
    has more alternatives than dollars to dump on them.  There would
    be no need for Gitmo if we had nuked Afghanistan immediately after the
  56. Appeal to
    authority is a logical fallacy, and I put no stock in McCain in any
  57. They need no more than a swift
    tribunal and a swift execution; minimal waste of time and money.
  58. This scenario
    punches a big hole in the crime/punishment model. They are enemy
    combatants, not citizens holding up a convenience store.
  59. What
    did they do? How did we obtain custody of them?  Why did we
    bother? Why did we not just nuke Afghanistan and be done with it?
  60. None
    of those listed, with the exception of Tsarnaev, deserves or has a
    right to a trial.  Establish
    identity:  Muslim &
    action, then have a summary execution.
    This is a war in which no prisoners should be taken. Tsarnaev was not
    caught in the act and he is a citizen.
  61. We did not
    overcome Communism, except in the short term. It has not been
    eradicated and it can bounce back.
    Muslims believe in a divine mandate to conquer us and seize our
    wealth.  They are blessed if they do and damned if they don’t.
    They will never cease from attacking until they are dead or apostates.
  62. Political
    exploitation of that quote illustrates with great clarity the
    bottomless venality of the demagogue.  80% second and third degree
    burns are often fatal and always extremely painful and expensive to
    treat. That
    suffering was intentionally imposed by the servants of Satan seeking to
    kill & maim as many of us as possible and destroy our
    civilization.   There is no Band-Aid cure for those burns and
    none for the damage done to our economy. This trivialization exposes
    Obamination’s venality as nothing else can.
  63. There is and
    can be no victory over terrorism until the ideology which motivates it
    is completely eradicated. So long as one believing Muslim  lives,
    he will breed more, and the violence will continue.  There is no
    victory without extinction in an existential war.


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Exposing Islam Through CAIR’s Lies about the Boston Marathon Bombing

Bare Naked Islam posted and commented on a CAIR OPED, from which I extracted
a crucial phrase and did a search. The text turned up on CAIR’s
Facebook page.  I have reproduced it below, highlighting some
important words, phrases & clauses which I will dissect below
the OPED.

Nihad Awad, like all lying Muslims, assumes that we
are stupid, illiterate and gullible. With a smug smirk he plays
semantic games, cherry picks scripture and misrepresents the damnable
doctrines & practices of Islam.

The bothers who bombed the Boston Marathon were
Muslims. The surviving bomber said that they were motivated by
religion.  What component of Islam would motivate anyone to maim
and mutilate as many people as possible?   After reading this
post, you will be able to answer that question.

[Qur’an & hadith links added. Superscripts are linked to my

#CAIR ISLAM-OPED: A Word of Truth on
Jihad and Islam

By Nihad Awad

There is a growing attempt by some commentators to label the recent
bombings in Boston as “jihad” and to blame the deadly blasts on a
concept they call “radical Islam.”

I call “radical Islam” non-existent because radicalism or extremism
not permissible in Islam
. Islam prohibits extremism2 and an
part of the faith is moderation. A more accurate term
might be
“Al-Qaeda ideology

The Quran, Islam’s foundational holy text, states clearly: “We made you
to be a community of
the middle way
, so that (with the example of your
lives) you might bear witness to the truth before all mankind.” (Quran,

The Quran also states: “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for
justice, as witnesses to God, even against yourselves, or your parents,
or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for God can best
protect both.” (Quran, 4:35)

There is no such thing as radical Islam4,
but there are radical

– just as there are extremists
of every other religion
6 or belief.

But there’s a huge difference between the existence of radical
individuals and a religion
that permits radical beliefs or actions
These radicals
certainly do not represent the teachings of Islam or the
behavior or beliefs of mainstream Muslims7.

In one Islamic tradition, called a “hadith,” the Prophet Muhammad said:
“Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion
will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be
extremists, but try to be near to perfection and receive the good
tidings that you will be rewarded; and gain strength by worshipping in
the mornings, the nights.” [Bukhari 1.2.38]

In recent years, we have seen the term “jihadist” come to be used as if
it means a person who kills people out of a religious motivation8,
this is terribly inaccurate.

does not mean “holy war.” 9
jihad means to “struggle,”
strive and exert effort. It is a central and broad Islamic concept that
includes struggle against evil inclinations within oneself, struggle to
improve the quality of life in society, struggle
in the battlefield for
10(e.g., – having a standing army
for national
11), or
against tyranny or oppression

For the sake of accuracy and to avoid spreading false information about
a major world religion, extremist
Muslims who commit crimes
should be
called criminals or, in cases where the definition fits, terrorists.
should not legitimize
their actions by calling them jihadists, even if
they attempt to call themselves by that label and seek a false
religious connection or justification. These criminals should not be
honored with a religious label.

Islam allows legitimate self defense, but prohibits
the killing of
innocent people
12, even in times of war or
conflict. Aggression
is never

“And fight in the cause of God those who

, and do
commit aggression
. Indeed God does not love those who are
(The Quran, 2:190).

So yes, there are some Muslims who have extreme views, or mental
illnesses, or political grievances, or a host of other reasons that
lead them to kill people, and this is not only a tragedy and a crime
but an egregious
violation of the principles of Islam

The difference between Muslim killers and killers from other
backgrounds is often the way they are described by the media and viewed
by the public: with Muslim killers, the
crime is almost always
attributed to their religion

Because the word “terrorism”15 is used almost exclusively to
crimes whose perpetrators are Muslims, you might think that a majority
of mass killings and acts of terrorism in the U.S. were committed by
Muslims. But when we look at the facts, that perception does not hold

* According to FBI statistics, of all terrorist attacks on U.S. soil
from 1980 to 2005, six percent were committed by Muslims. (Source:

* According to a study from the Combating Terrorism Center at the US
Military Academy, since 2011, politically-motivated attacks by Muslim
Americans have killed 33 people, while terrorist attacks by white
supremacists and other right-wing extremists killed more than 200
people. (Source:

* According to a report by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and
Homeland Security, “66 Americans were killed in mass shootings by
non-Muslims in 2012 alone, twice as many fatalities as from
Muslim-American terrorism in all 11 years since 9/11.” (Source:

In a well-known hadith, a man asked the Prophet Muhammad, “What is the
?” to which Prophet Muhammad replied, “Speaking a word of
truth to an oppressive ruler.”

The constant misuse of terms like “jihad” and “radical Islam” is
offensive to the truth and is counterproductive to our nation’s efforts
to achieve security.

It is time we all speak a word of truth by applying the proper labels
to criminals and their acts of violence, no matter their religious

[Nihad Awad is national executive director for the Washington-based
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest
Muslim civil liberties group. He may be contacted at: ]


ISLAM-OPED is a syndication service of the Council on American-Islamic
Relations (CAIR) designed to offer an American Muslim perspective on
current political, social and religious issues. ISLAM-OPED commentaries
are offered free-of-charge to one media outlet in each market area.
Permission for publication will be granted on a first-come-first-served

Please consider the following commentary for publication.

CONTACT: CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper,
202-744-7726, E-Mail:


radical Islam

To be effective, a professional liar will include
some truth in his spew of malignant malarkey.  It is true that
there is no such thing as radical Islam.  Islam is what it is; its
standard was set 1400 years ago by Moe’s recitation, which is recorded
in the Qur’an and exemplified by Moe’s sunnah
& SiraImperialism, terrorism, rape & pillage are
intrinsic sacraments of Islam
, not bida introduced by “extremists
or radicals”

I disrespectfully direct doubters, deniers &
dissenters to Craig Winn’s The Prophet of Doom,
which combines the most significant parts of the Qur’an, hadith, Sira
& Tahrik in 1000 pages supplying the context & chronology
lacking in the Qur’an.  If you lack the patience for 1000 pages,
read the In
His Own Words Appendix
for the highlights.


Normative Islam is extreme; it encompasses global imperialism, terrorism, genocide, rape and
.  Those intrinsic sacraments of Islam are not
prohibited. Transgressing the limits is prohibited.

The limits are set in Sahih Muslim 19.4294,
in which Moe commands his generals to make holy war. What would profane
it? Embezzling spoils, killing children, mutilating bodies and fleeing
from battle are the limits which must not be transgressed; which would
profane Islam’s holy war.

Al-Qaeda ideology

Al-Qaeda is a subset of the Muslim Brotherhood,
which is a subset of Islam; what is their ideology?  Islamic
is most clearly stated in the motto of the Brotherhood,
which is copied in the Charter of HAMAS.

is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution:
Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of
its wishes
  • Only Allah has the right to be worshiped.  3:2
  • Only Allah has the right to legislate & rule, which he
    delegated to Moe and his successors. 33:36
  • Jihad is ordained for Muslims. 2:216
  • War must be waged against pagans until only Allah is worshiped on
    a global scale. 8:39
  • War must be waged against Jews & Christians until they are
    subjugated & extorted. 9:29
  • The blood and property of infidels is not sacred to Muslims.
    Infidels only acquire human rights when they become Muslims. Bukhari 1.8.387
  • The basic penalty for “waging war against Allah and his
    Messenger” is execution. 5:33

radical Islam

This entry is redundant: see .Extremism.

radical Muslims

The correct expression is: Believers.
Believers are defined in 8:1-5.  The meaning will not be clear until
you look up the context of “spend” and “go out” at .  The
definition in 9:111 is more explicit: they sold their souls to
Allah for admission to his celestial bordello so they fight in his cause,
killing and being killed.  In 49:15, they are described as only those who fight
in Allah’s cause.

extremists of other

Tim McVeigh was a lapsed Catholic who acted out of
political, not religious motives.  Christians who shoot
abortionists or bomb abortion mills, like McVeigh, act in contravention
of Christ’s teaching and example.  Muslims engaged in terrorism
act in obedience to Allah and emulation of Moe.

mainstream Muslims

Was Moe, the founder of Islam, a mainstream
Muslim?  If not, then who is?  Moe revealed the Qur’an, which
enshrines the doctrines of Islam; are those doctrines not mainstream?
If Moe’s sunnah does not define mainstream Muslims, what does?

They said that when the apostle heard
about Abu Sufyan

coming from Syria, he summoned the Muslims and said, ‘This is the

Quraysh caravan containing their property. Go out to attack it, perhaps

God will give it as a prey.’


‘Abdullah b. Abu Bakr told me that one
of Aslam told him that B. Sahm

of Aslam came to the apostle and complained that they had fought and got

nothing and found nothing with the apostle which he could give them. He

said: ~O God, You know their
condition and that they have no strength,

and that I have nothing to give
them, so conquer for them the wealthiest

of the enemy’s forts with the
richest food.’ The following day God conquered

the fort of al-Sa’b b. Mu’adh
which contained the richest food in Khaybar.

Moe was a predator. Predation is part of mainstream
Islam.  In Tabari, Vol. VIII, page 122, we find the sad story of
the death of Kinanah, chieftan of Khaibar Oasis.

Then he asked him for the rest of it.
Kinanah refused to surrender

it; so the Messenger of God
gave orders concerning him to al-Zubayr

b. al-‘Awwam, saying, “Torture
him until you root out what he has.”

Al-Zubayr kept twirling his
fires tick in his breas
t 510 until

Kinanah almost expired; then the Messenger of God gave him to

Muhammad b. Maslamah, who beheaded him to avenge his brother

Mahmud b. Maslamah.


religious motivation

If your Lord issued divine imperatives commanding
you to wage war against pagans and ‘people of the book‘ and if he threatened you with eternal damnation if you refused to wage war and promised you admission to his celestial bordello
if you join the jihad, that would be religious motivation to engage in
offensive conquest.  What if your Lord promised you extra credit
towards an upgrade in your seat in his celestial bordello for any step you take to injure or enrage disbelievers;
would that be religious motivation?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his co-conspirators filed
with the military tribunal a signed response to the

“nine accusations” against them. In their document, they spill the

Many thanks to God, for his kind gesture, and choosing us to
perform the act of

Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and Muslims.

Therefore, killing you and
fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you,

responding back to your
attacks, are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion

actions are our offerings to
. In addition, it is the imposed reality on Muslims in
Palestine, Lebanon,

Afghanistan, Iraq, in the land of the two holy sites [Mecca and Medina,
Saudi Arabia], and in the rest ofthe

world, where Muslims are suffering from your brutality, terrorism,
killing ofthe innocent, and

occupying their lands and their holy sites. Nevertheless, it would have been the greatest
religious duty

to fight you over your
. However, today, we fight you over defending Muslims,
their land, their

holy sites,and their religion as a whole.

That is neither radicalism nor extremism; that is normative Islam, as
Moe preached and practiced it.  That is motivated by Allah’s
imperatives, threat and promise. Those are religious motivations.


Jihad means extreme exertion and striving.  It
is not defined in the Qur’an, but it is defined in a footnote by Hilali
& Khan in their translation of 2:190.

[1] (V.2:190) Al-Jihâd (holy
fighting) in Allâh’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is
given the utmost importance in Islâm and is one of its pillar (on which
it stands). By 
Jihâd Islâm
is established, Allâh’s Word is made superior, (His Word being 

ilaha illallâh 
means none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh), and His Religion
(Islâm) is propagated. By abandoning 
Jihâd (may
Allâh protect us from that) Islâm is destroyed and the Muslims fall
into an inferior position; their honour is lost, their lands are
stolen, their rule and authority vanish. 
Jihâd is
an obligatory duty in Islâm on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape
from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfil this
duty, dies with one of the qualities of a hypocrite.

‘Abdullâh bin Mas‘ûd رضي الله عنه: I asked Allâh’s Messenger صلى الله
عليه وسلم “O Allâh’s Messenger! What is the best deed?” He replied, “To
offer the 
Salât (prayers)
at their early fixed stated times.” I asked, “What is next in
goodness?” He replied, “To be good and dutiful to your parents.” I
further asked, “What is next in goodness?” He replied, “To participate
in Jihâd in Allâh’s Cause.” I did not ask Allâh’s Messenger صلى الله
عليه وسلم anymore and if I had asked him more, he would have told me
more. (
Hadîth No.41).

holy fighting in Allah’s cause

What makes fighting holy?  Intentions:
intending to please Allah.  What profanes it? Embezzling spoils, killing
children, mutilating corpses and fleeing from battle.

What is Allah’s cause? To make Islam dominate the world.

legal definition

The Reliance of the Traveller, the Shafi’i school’s
handbook of Shari’ah, certified as accurate and authentic by the
Sheikhs of Al-Zzhar University, defines Jihad in Book O9.0.

(O: Jihad means to
war against non-Muslims
, and is etymologically derived from the
word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is
the lesser jihad. As for the greater jihad, it is spiritual warfare
against the lower self (nafs), which is why the Prophet (Allah bless
him and give him peace) said as he was returning from jihad.

“We have returned from the lesser jihad to the
greater jihad.”

The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to
scholarly consensus (def: b7) is such Koranic verses as:

-1- “Fighting is prescribed for you” (Koran 2:216);

-2- “Slay them wherever you find them” (Koran

-3- “Fight the idolators utterly” (Koran 9:36);

and such hadiths as the one related by Bukhari
and Muslim
that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

“I have been commanded to fight people until
they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer, and pay zakat. If they say
it, they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the
rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah”;

and the hadith reported by Muslim,

“To go forth in the morning or evening to
fight in the path of Allah is better than the whole world and
everything in it.”Details concerning jihad are found in the accounts
of the military expeditions of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give
him peace), including his own martial forays and those on which he
dispatched others. The former consist of the ones he personally
attended, some twenty-seven (others say twenty-nine) of them. He fought
in eight of them, and killed only one person with his noble hand, Ubayy
ibn Khalaf, at the battle of Uhud. On the latter expeditions he sent
others to fight, himself remaining at Medina, and these were
forty-seven in number.)


“Jihad is ordained for you” in 2:216 Allah says
Jihad, not defense.  When Moe was weak, with no army, Allah
prescribed patience and forbearance. When he moved to Medina and built
a small force, Allah prescribed defensive and retaliatory fighting in 22:39.
When his army grew strong enough to raid camel caravans and small
settlements, Allah revealed the primary Jihad imperatives in Surahs
Al-anfal & At-Taubah.

The Reliance of the Traveller, in Book O9.1,
sets forth two types of jihad: offensive and defensive. The former is
required in every year, and if not performed when possible, all who
know of the obligation are in sin.  The obligation is communal,
binding on all eligible male Muslims until a su8fficient number has
reported to the front.

O9.1: The Obligatory Character of Jihad

is a communal obligation (def: c3.2).  When enough people perform
it to successfully accomplish it, it is no longer obligatory upon
(O: the evidence for which is the Prophet’s saying
(Allah bless him and give him peace),

“He who provides the equipment for a soldier in
jihad has himself performed jihad,”

and Allah Most High having said:

“Those of the believers who are unhurt but sit
behind are not equal to those who fight in Allah’s path with their
property and lives. Allah has preferred those who fight with their
property and lives a whole degree above those who sit behind. And to
each, Allah has promised great good” (Koran 4:95).

If none
of those concerned perform jihad, and it does not happen at all, then
everyone who is aware that it is obligatory is guilty of sin, if there
was a possibility of having performed it.
In the time of the
Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) jihad was a communal
obligation after his emigration (hijra) to Medina. As for subsequent
times, there are two possible states in respect to non-Muslims.

first is when they are in their own countries, in which case jihad
(def: o9.8) is a communal obligation, and this is what our author is
speaking of when he says, “Jihad is a communal obligation,” meaning upon the Muslims each year

The second state is when non-Muslims invade a
Muslim country or near to one, in which case jihad is personally
obligatory (def: c3.2) upon the inhabitants of that country, who must
repel the non-Muslims with whatever they can).

Reliance O25.9
outlines the duties of subordinate rulers; one of them holds a clue for
you: to wage war against neighboring infidels and distribute the
spoils.  .

The Hanifi school adds some crucial clarity.

Al-Hedaya Volume II, Book IX, Chapter 1, Page 141

The destruction of the sword is incurred by infidels, although they be
not the

first aggressors, as appears from various passages in the sacred
writings which are generally received this effect.

standing army

The purpose of Islam’s army is offensive, not
defensive: to strike terror into the hearts of intended victims.
Note the expressions used in multiple translations of 8:60.

Islam prohibits
killing innocent

SnakeShit!!! 5:22
does no such thing!  Words have meanings, but Muslims have their
own. They play a vicious semantic game which must be exposed.

5:32. Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if
anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread
mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if
anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all
mankind. And indeed, there came to them Our Messengers with clear
proofs, evidences, and signs, even then after that many of them
continued to exceed the limits (e.g. by doing oppression unjustly
and exceeding beyond the limits set by Allâh by committing the major
sins) in the land!.

Note the highlighted escape clause.  The prohibition is in 4:92.

4:92. It
is not for a believer to kill a believer

except (that it be) by mistake, and whosoever kills a believer by
mistake, (it is ordained that) he must set free a believing slave and a
compensation (blood money, i.e Diya) be given to the deceased’s family,
unless they remit it. If the deceased belonged to a people at war with
you and he was a believer; the freeing of a believing slave (is
prescribed), and if he belonged to a people with whom you have a treaty
of mutual alliance, compensation (blood money – Diya) must be paid to
his family, and a believing slave must be freed. And whoso finds this
(the penance of freeing a slave) beyond his means, he must fast for two
consecutive months in order to seek repentance from Allâh. And Allâh is
Ever All­Knowing, All­Wise.

4:93. And whoever kills a believer
intentionally, his recompense is Hell
to abide therein, and the
Wrath and the Curse of Allâh are upon him, and a great punishment is
prepared for him.

Who is innocent? Only Muslims!!!  If you ain’t
Muslim, you are a rebel against Allah and his Messenger, due to be
killed for waging war against them.

The truth is revealed in 5:33 and clarified by Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

5:33. The recompense of those who wage
war against Allâh and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only
that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be
cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is
their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the

`Wage war’ mentioned here means, oppose and contradict, and it includes
disbelief, blocking roads and spreading fear in the fairways. Mischief
in the land refers to various types of evil.

aggression is never

It is difficult to find a more egregious lie. You
have already seen ample proof of the obvious objective factual reality
if you have read this far.  Whether you read Reliance of the Traveller, Risala or Hedaya, the aggressive and offensive nature of
Jihad is clear in Shari’ah.

Moe dictated and dispatched extortion letters by
private courier to his intended victims.  Two of those letters are
extremely clear, leaving nothing to the imagination; I will link to
them. You can find the others on those sites.

The quote to 2:190 is not accurate; the operative expression is
transgress the limits, not commit aggression.

religion & crime

Islam is a crime against humanity: a war
crime.  Its mission is mercenary and its method is martial.


What did the terrorists say when they slit the
throats of the flight crews?  What did Nidal Malik Hassan shout
when he shot the soldiers at Fort Hood?  What did they say when
they cut off Nick Berg’s head?  What did they shout when they blew
up children at Beslan?

Mohammad Atta, in his final message to the Magnificent 19, directed them
to shout the Takbir

while slaughtering because
it terrifies disbelievers

“When the confrontation begins, strike
like champions who do not want to go back to this

world. Shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts
of the non-believers.”

What did Allah say he would and did cast?  How
did Moe say he was made victorious?

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Combatting intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization

The 2013 edition of “Combating Defamation of Islam” is entitled:  “Combatting intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization“. The new resolution
incorporates the boilerplate of previous resolutions reaching back to
the Durban Declaration and Plan of Action by reference. Those wishing
to read the entire pile of drek can find it here:

This resolution contains one boilerplate paragraph
which warrants detailed deliaring; I intend to concentrate on that
paragraph. [Emphasis added.] [For a point by point dissection of the other malignant malarkey in the resulution, refer to this post which dissected last year’s resolution.]

Reaffirming that terrorism in all its forms
and manifestations cannot
and should not be associated with any religion, nationality,
civilization or ethnic group, (UNGA resolution 67/178, pp7)


    Death &
Damnation!!!Terrorism is an
intrinsic sacrament of Islam!! Who in
Hell associated terrorism with Islam???



How did Allah associate Islam & terrorism?
Directly & explicitly in the Qur’an! [Translated by Hilali &
Khan unless otherwise noted,]

  • 3:151. We shall cast terror into the hearts
    of those who disbelieve
    , because they joined others in worship
    with Allâh, for which He had sent no authority; their abode will be the
    Fire and how evil is the abode of the Zâlimûn (polytheists and
  • 3:152. And Allâh did indeed fulfil His Promise
    to you when you were killing them
    (your enemy) with His
    Permission; until (the moment) you lost your courage and fell to
    disputing about the order, and disobeyed after He showed you (of the
    booty) which you love. Among you are some that desire this world and
    some that desire the Hereafter. Then He made you flee from them (your
    enemy), that He might test you. But surely, He forgave you, and Allâh
    is Most Gracious to the believers.

    • Allah next conveys the good news that He
      will put fear of the Muslims, and feelings of subordination to the
      Muslims in the hearts of their disbelieving enemies
      , because of
      their Kufr and Shirk. And Allah has prepared torment and punishment for
      them in the Hereafter.
  • 8:12. (Remember) when your Lord inspired the
    angels, “Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast
    terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved
    , so strike them over the necks, and smite over
    all their fingers and toes

  • 8:57.  If thou comest on them in the war,
    deal with them so as to strike fear
    in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember. [Pickthall]

  • 8:60. Against them make ready your strength to the
    utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror
    into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others
    besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know. Whatever ye
    shall spend in the cause of God, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall
    not be treated unjustly. [Abdullah Yusuf Ali]

  • 33:26. And those of the people of the Scripture
    who backed them (the disbelievers) Allâh brought
    them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts
    (so that) a
    group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captive
  • 33:27. And He caused you to inherit their lands,
    and their houses, and their riches, and a land which you had not
    trodden (before). And Allâh is Able to do all things.

  • 59:2. He it is Who drove out the disbelievers
    among the people of the Scripture (i.e. the Jews of the tribe of Banî
    An-Nadîr) from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think
    that they would get out. And they thought that their fortresses would
    defend them from Allâh! But Allâh’s (Torment) reached them from a place
    whereof they expected it not, and He cast terror
    into their hearts
    , so that they destroyed their own dwellings
    with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take
    admonition, O you with eyes (to see).

  • 59:13. Verily, you
    (believers in the Oneness of Allâh – Islâmic Monotheism) are more awful as a
    fear in their (Jews of Banî An-Nadîr) breasts than Allâh
    . That
    is because they are a people who comprehend not (the Majesty and Power
    of Allâh).


  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331:Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah:

    The Prophet said, “I have been given five things which were not given
    to any one else before me.

    1. Allah
    made me victorious by awe
    , (by His frightening my enemies) for a
    distance of one month’s journey.

    2. The earth has been made for me (and for my followers) a place for
    praying and a thing to perform Tayammum, therefore anyone of my
    followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due.

    3. The booty
    has been made Halal (lawful) for me yet it was not lawful for anyone
    else before me.

    4. I have been given the right of intercession (on the Day of

    5. Every Prophet used to be sent to
    his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.

  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220:Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the
    shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror
    (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while
    I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to
    me and put in my hand.
    ” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has
    left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures
    (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).

Casting Terror

Allah, in his Qur’an, said that he would and did
cast terror into the hearts of disbelievers. Moe said that Allah made
him victorious through terror.  How did Allah cast terror?
Lets look a little deeper below the surface.

On page 326 of The Life of Muhammad, Ishaq summarizes
NQ8:57 & 60 thusly:

‘If you come upon them in war, deal
with them so forcibly as to
those who follow them, haply they may take warning,’ i.e.. make a severe

warning of them to those that come after, that haply they may

‘And prepare what you can against them, and cavalry by which

you may strike tenor
,”to the enemy of God and your enemy, as far as HIS

words. ‘And whatever you spend in the way of God will hc repaid to you:

you will not be wronged; 1.e. you will not lose your reward which God in

the next life and a rapid recompense in this world.

Allah told Moe to threaten his victims with the strongest possible army
and rough them up enough to terrify prospective victims.

Readers who are aware of current events will recall incidents of
Muslims taunting Jews with cries of  “Khaybar”, one of Moe’s
brutal genocidal conquests,. The practical application of 8:57 is
exemplified by Khaybar’s effect on Fadak, which is revealed on page 523 of The Life of Muhammad.

When the apostle had finished with
Khaybar. God struck terror to

hearts of the men of Fadak
when they heard what the had done tothe men of Khaybar . They sent to him an offer of peace on condition

they should keep half of their produce. Their messengers came to him in

Khaybar or an the road or after he came to Medina, and he accepted fheir

terms.Thus Fadak became his private property.because it had not been

attacked by horse or camel.’

Kab Ashraf was the chief of a Jewish settlement and
a poet who had mocked Moe, who commissioned his assassination.
The story of the assassination and its effect are told on page 368 of The Life of Muhammad.

Our attack upon
God’s enemy cast terror among the Jews
, and there was no Jcw in
Medina who did not fear far his rife.”

Asma bint Marwan was a poet  who mocked Moe and
complained bitterly of his murders upon which he had her killed. The
story is told on page 676 of The Life of Muhammad. Her murder, like
that of Ashraf, had the intended effect:

The day after Bmt Marwan was klled the
men of B. Khatma.  became Muslims
bcuuse they saw the power of Idam

Assassination & genocide were not the only
methods of casting terror; Moe’s companions also destroyed date trees
with the same objective in mind.  Turn to the commentary of
Muhammad Shafi in the Mariful Qur’an for the details:  page 374 of Volume 8. .

The reference in the verse is to the
cutting, by the orders of the Holy Prophet , of thepalm trees of Banii Nadir who had shut themselves in their fortresses in

defiance of the Holy Prophet’s orders to surrender. So, some of the

Companions, in
order to anger them or cast terror into their hearts
, cut

and burned down some of their date trees.

The OIC and their dhimmis demand that UN member
states criminalize revelation of the fact that terrorism is an
intrinsic sacrament of Islam. Allah said that he would cast terror and
subsequently described the effects of casting terror: genocide,
enslavement, dispossession & dispersion.  Moe bragged about
being made victorious with terror but we should be fined, imprisoned or
executed for telling you about their demonic ideology and deeds.

When we declare that Allah is Satan, we are not
stereotyping Muslims; we are stating the obvious: the deity they
worship is demonic.  When we declare that Moe was a barbaric,
genocidal, profiteer, murderer, lecher & child molester, we are
stating the obvious, not stereotyping Muslims.  Every Muslim who
does not want to be known as a demon worshiper and terrorist emulator
need only apostatize, disassociating themselves from the demon and his

Freemen who wish to remain free and live in peace
and security need to rise up as one disrespectfully demanding that
effective action be taken to remove Islam from the face of the
earth.  I exhort citizens of the USA to sign this on line petition
which will email itself to your Representative & Senators.

The annual UN resolutions passed by the HRC & GA
have no legal force but international human rights covenants such as
ICERD can be enforced against signatory member states. An ad hoc
committee of the HRC meets for ten days twice each year to craft a
binding protocol to inject the resolutions into ICERD so that they can
be enforced
.  Few people know about this parallel track and
is doing anything to derail it.

A good offense is the best defense, so we must
disrespectfully demand that Islam be outlawed for its egregious
violations of ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG.

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Israel Should Make This Battle The Last

Israel should make this battle the last.

My friend J.C. proposes a one bullet solution:
lining up Ahmadinejad & Assad for a head shot.  While that
would be emotionally satisfying, it would not solve the problem.

Islamic hatred & reconquest of Israel is not
driven by personalities, aspiration to statehood or grievances.
Islamic hatred & reconquest of Israel is driven by the accursed
doctrines of Islam enshrined in the Qur’an and exemplified in
hadith.   The concept of Wala wal Barah applies: “love and
hate for the sake of Allah”. Muslims are to love what Allah loves and
hate what Allah hates.  Allah hates Jews and curses them.
Allah plans to burn them in Hell. Allah will continually send someone
to torment and humiliate Jews until the last day.  Who will he
send?   The gates of Allah’s celestial bordello will not
swing open to admit Muslims until they exterminate the Jews.

Moe declared that he wanted to expel the local Jews
from the Hijaz. He arrogantly claimed ownership of the earth.  He
expressed a preference for conquering Israel ahead of Yemen , saying
that Allah had, on his account, taken a special interest in the Jews.

Allah promised the Muslims that they could defeat a
military force twice their number yet, in five tries, the Muslims,
vastly outnumbering the Jews, were defeated.  Allah promised the
Muslims that their conquests are irreversible, but Israel has recovered
some  territory.  Israel’s existence is the ultimate
blasphemy: it proves that Allah is an impotent idol whose promises are
vain.  Because of this fatal fact, it is impossible that any
negotiations, concessions or good will gestures  will appease the
Muslims and bring peace and security to the Levant.  The rocket
attacks will come to a permanent end when there are no living Muslims
within rocket range, not before.

Israel must make a full and permanent end of the
occupation of her territory by Muslims.   Gaza must be
purged, annexed and permanently settled by Jews.

Contumacious demands for restraint, cease fire & surrender must be
rejected. Israel must defy the immoral & unethical demands of
UN, E.U. & U.S. and secure her own people from attack.

Two states are not a solution. One state, Israel
alone with no Muslims nearby is the solution; the only solution.

  • “those who earned
    Your Anger
    (such as the Jews)” [1:7]
  • “…those who
    whom is the Curse of Allâh and of the angels and of mankind
    combined. ” [2:161]
  • “those (Jews) who incurred the Curse of
    Allâh and His Wrath
    , those of whom (some) He transformed into monkeys
    and swines
  • “your Lord declared that He would certainly keep
    on sending
    against them (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection, those who
    would afflict them with a humiliating torment
  • Fight
    against those who
    (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the
    Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His
    Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e.
    Islâm) among the
    people of the Scripture
    (Jews and Christians), until
    they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves
    . ” [9:29]
  • “…Allâh’s
    Curse be on them
    , how they are deluded away from the truth! ” [9:30]
  • “…from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)
    and Al-Mushrikûn will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of
    creatures.” [98:6]
  • “See they not that We gradually reduce the
    land (of disbelievers, by giving it to the believers, in war victories)
    from its outlying border
    s. And Allâh judges, there is none to put
    back His Judgement
    and He is Swift at reckoning. ” [13:41]
  • “…So if
    there are of you a hundred steadfast persons, they
    shall overcome two hundred
    , and if there are a thousand of you,
    shall overcome two thousand with the Leave of Allâh….” [8:66]
  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 93, Number 551:

    Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shu’ba:

    I heard the Prophet saying, “Some
    people from my followers
    will continue to be victorious over others till Allah’s Order (The Hour) is
    established.” (See Hadith No. 414)

  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 392:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    While we were in the Mosque, the Prophet came out
    and said, “Let us
    go to the Jews
    ” We went out till we reached Bait-ul-Midras. He
    said to them, “If
    you embrace Islam, you will be safe
    .You should know that the earth belongs to
    Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land

    So, if anyone amongst you owns some property, he is permitted to sell
    it, otherwise you should know that the Earth belongs to Allah and His

  • Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477

    Narrated Ibn Hawalah:

    The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: It will turn out that you will be armed
    troops, one is Syria, one in the Yemen and one in Iraq
    . Ibn
    Hawalah said: Choose for me, Apostle of Allah, if I reach that time. He
    replied: Go to Syria, for it is
    Allah’s chosen land
    , to which his best servants will be gathered

    but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your
    tanks, for Allah
    has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people

  • Sahih Muslim Book 041, Number 6985:

    Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as
    saying: The last hour would not
    come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims
    would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or
    a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of
    Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him
    ; but the tree
    Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

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Islam Must Be Completely Rejected!

Writing at Atlas Shrugs, Robert Spencer criticizes
the writing of  Douglas J. Feith and Seth Cropsey and Andrew
McCarthy’s criticism of their article. While his criticism is generally
accurate, I have one bone to pick:  [Emphasis added.]

a distinction does indeed need to be made in
American law between Islam as a religion and
Islam as a political system that is authoritarian, supremacist, and
at variance with our Constitutional principles and freedoms in numerous

I dissent!!!: Spencer stated the truth’s polar opposite. Islam is a unitary Deen: way of life:> intraspecies predation.  No part of it is acceptable in a civilized nation.

2:85. After this, it is you who kill one another and drive out a party of you from
their homes, assist (their enemies) against them, in sin and
transgression. And if they come to you as captives, you ransom them,
although their expulsion was forbidden to you. Then do you believe in a
part of the Scripture and reject the rest
? Then what is the recompense
of those who do so
among you, except disgrace in the life of
this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be consigned to
the most grievous torment. And Allâh is not unaware of what you

8:39, 9:5, 9:29, 9:38-39 9:111, 9:1209:123 & 33:26-27 are inseverable parts of Islam, entailed
in the practice thereof.  It is impossible to properly worship
Alllah without them.

Allah and Moe must be obeyed.  Moe must be emulated. Is there a right to pillage, plunder, genocide, rape & enslave?  If so, all our rights are abrogated
and forfeit.  If not, there is no right to propagate and practice Islam.

If Jihad: offensive warfare against infidels, is not
performed in any year when it is possible, all who know of the fard
al-kifaya are sinners.

none of those concerned perform jihad, and it does not happen at all,
then everyone who is aware that it is obligatory is guilty of sin
if there was a possibility of having performed it. In the time of the
Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) jihad was a communal obligation
after his emigration (hijra) to Medina. As for subsequent times, there are
two possible states in respect to non-Muslims

The first is when they are in their own countries, in which case jihad
(def: o9.8) is a communal obligation
, and this is what our
author is speaking of when he says, “Jihad is a communal obligation,” meaning upon the Muslims each year….

When their numbers are sufficient to confer impunity, the bloodshed
begins.  Act now, before it is too late: send an email to your
Representative & Senators demanding that Islam be defrocked, cast
out of the free exercise clause’s penumbra of protection and proscribed
by law. Please sign, send your emails, like, tweet and spread the
petition by email with an exhortation to forward it.

View this document on Scribd

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Why I Will Not Vote for Willard Romney

In my youth, I voluntarily swore a profane oath that I would never
knowingly vote for a Communist, Socialist, Democrat, crook or
liar.  I never cast such a vote and never will. When Nixon &
Bush ran for second terms, I wrote in Jesus Christ.  When Shrub
ran for a second term, I wrote in Alan Keyes.  When McCain ran, I
wrote in Keyes again.

When I did my first write in, my father was a member
of the election board. It pissed him off; it pissed them off. Tough
crap!  I will not knowingly participate in the destruction of the
last best hope of liberty.

I voted for Rick Santorum in the primary, and would
have settled, reluctantly, for Gingrich although I do not trust
him.  I am one who advocated a brokered convention.  I was
resigned to ignore the top of the ticket and cast my vote for Paul
Ryan.  Now I am unable to do that because I saw a report in the LA Times which exposes some idiotic
and treasonous remarks made by Romney.  I will not sell my soul or
my liberty that cheaply!  I can not hold my nose; I can not fudge:
I must reject evil, lesser or not.

the idea of using something
that some people consider sacred
and then
parading that out in a negative
way is simply inappropriate and wrong
,”  “And
I wish people wouldn’t do it.  Of course, we have a 1st
Amendment.  And under the 1st Amendment, people are allowed to do
what they feel they want to do.  They have the right to do that,
but it’s not right to do things
that are of the nature of what was done
by, apparently this film.”

The subject of that statement was “Innocence
of Muslims”, a low quality video accurately
depicting Moe as a suicidal lunatic, lecher, pedophile, murderer,
barbarian war lord and false prophet.   Islam is
intrinsically evil: it was contrived for the purpose of enriching and
empowering its founder through the professional practice of piracy and
perpetuation of war. Terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam, the
“original religion” of which is Jihad, which is “war against
non-Muslims.  I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters &
deniers to the following well documented blog posts on the subject:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with uttering and publishing the
fatal facts about Moe and the continuing criminal enterprise he
disguised as a religion.  The American electorate needs to know
those facts so that they can demand effective homeland security and
foreign & military policy.  The Ummah al-Islamiyya : Allah’s
slaves need to know those facts so that they can break Allah’s yoke of
slavery and emancipate themselves. Many Muslims have searched Google
for the truth of the video.
They have a right and duty to discover the truth.  Some of them
found it in the  blog post linked immediately above the

The same Facebook post which alerted me to Romney’s
treason quoted above also reminded me of earlier statements through this article at US News. I was aware of this
treasonous idiocy, but the lapse of time had pushed it below the
threshold of active memory.

didn’t refer to Islam at all, or to any other religion for that matter.
I spoke about three major threats America faces on a long term basis. Jihadism is one of them, and that is
not Islam
. If you want my views on Islam, it’s quite
straightforward. Islam is one
of the world’s great religions and the great majority of people in
Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker.
want to raise families and have a bright future.

is, however, a movement in the world known as jihadism. They call
themselves jihadists and I use the same term. And this jihadist
movement is intent on causing the collapse of moderate Muslim states
and the assassination of moderate Muslim leaders. It is also intent on
causing collapse of other nations in the world. It’s by no means a branch of Islam.
It is instead an entirely different entity. In no way do I suggest it
is a part of Islam

In a previous paragraph, I linked to two blog posts
which quote Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis &
jurisprudence.  Read them and curse Islam.  In my view,
Romney lifted Satan’s tail and inserted his tongue when he made those
statements. I will not knowingly vote for anyone who does that.

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Islamophobia: Camel Crap!!!

Bare Naked Islam posted a two video set featuring a CAIR representative, a
Sikh and a retired intelligence officer who slickly spewed a stream of
lies  in calumniation of Islam’s critics.  I only display
these obnoxious videos to you so that you can better appreciate the
truth about Islam and Islamophobia.

  • 2010: 160 anti-Muslim hate crimes.
  • Rate of growth of anti-Muslim hate groups trippled.
    • Define hate group.
    • Prove that the definition fits.
    • How is hate relevant?
      • Exactly what is wrong with hating a sworn enemy that murdered
        3000 people in three barbarian attacks and promises more and larger
        attacks with a stated objective of destroying our society and
        subjugating us?
  • Ramadan hate crimes ranging from desecration of graves to

    • Exactly who incites such reprehensible illegal acts?
      • Who suggests that they should be performed?
      • Who expresses approval of them?
  • Islamophobia has unfortunately become an epidemic in the United

      • What is Islamophobia?
        • Phobia implies irrational fear.
        • What is irrational about fear and loathing of a war machine
          that has murdered an estimated 270*106
          innocent people since 623?
  • Who & what are the “roots of Islamophobia & intolerance”
    and what can we do to root them out?

    • Thus begins the straw man argument and calumniation of critics
      of Islam who expose its rotten core to public view.
  • …Embrace Muslims as Americans and embrace Islam as another
    mainstream religion.

    • Only damned fools would do such a stupid thing! Muslims are not
      Americans, they are an enemy fifth column. The purpose of Islamic
      emigration is to begin a slow process of demographic conquest, the
      consequences of which are manifesting in France with riots &
      streets clogged with AssLifters. In Scandinavia, they
      manifest in rapes and brutal assaults with No Go Zones in major
      cities.  As the Muslim population increases, the violence
    • Damned fools believe that they have Muslim friends; that we
      have Muslim partners and allies in Islam’s war against us.  I
      disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to the
      following Qur’an verses for a dose of objective factual reality.

    • Islam is not a mainstream religion. Islam is not a religion, it
      is a “deen” best translated as way of life.  Islam prescribes
      strict rules for every aspect of human life from conception to
      burial.  The “original religion of Islam” is
      Jihad.  If Muslims abandon Jihad in favor of commerce, trade or
      agriculture as a means of generating income and wealth, Allah will
      curse them with disgrace until they return to their “original
      I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to Sunan Abu Dawud 23.3455 to obtain a God blessed

  • The Project:
    The Brotherhood’s 20 year plan
    to defeat America.  Long and detailed, but worth the effort to
    read.  The Brotherhood is nothing special, it is simply an
    aggregation of believers.  Your problem is, that, as an ignorant
    damned fool, you do not know what a believer is nor what a believer
    does. Read these verses to obtain a God blessed clue for Chrissake!

    • 8:1-6
      What is the meaning of “go out” and ” spend in the way of

    • 9:111
    • 49:18
  • CAIR
    wants you to think that there is
    a matching pattern in distrust of Catholics and Muslims.  You
    need to understand something: Muslims are obligated to conquer the
    entire world. I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters &
    deniers to the following sources to obtain a God blessed clue. 

  • Hated
    minority of the day.  

    • And
      for good reason: they are sworn enemies, obligated by their demon, to
      conquer the entire world. This nation’s first foreign war was fought
      against Muslims in 1805. Read this
      Wikipedia article about the First Barbary
      war to obtain a God
      blessed Clue. if these AssWholes had their way, Jefferson’s
      report to Congress would have been illegal.  
  • Offensive
    and imperialist system.

  • At war with an increasing segment of
    the Muslim world because of our policies.

    • Exactly
      what American policy provoked the Barbary Pirates in 1786? Did we have
      troops in Saudi Arabia? Were we supporting Israel, which was dominated
      by the Ottoman Empire?  Tripoli’s Ambassador to London told
      Jefferson why they attacked us; the reason has not changed in the
      intervening centuries: Islamic law requires it! I disrespectfully
      direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to obtain a God blessed clue,
      for Chrissake!

      • The
        ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the
        Laws of the
        (Mohammed), that it was written in
        their Koran
        , that all
        nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that
        it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could
        be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners
        that every Mussulman (or Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure
        to go to heaven.
    • KSM
      and his co-conspirators filed with the military tribunal a signed response to the “nine accusations” against
      them.  In their document, they spill the beans.  

      • Many
        thanks to God, for his kind gesture, and choosing us to perform the act
        of Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and Muslims.

        Therefore, killing
        you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding
        back to your

        are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion.

        These actions are our offerings to

        God. In addition, it is the imposed reality on Muslims in Palestine,
        Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, in the

        land of the two holy sites [Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia], and in the
        rest ofthe world, where

        Muslims are suffering from your brutality, terrorism, killing ofthe
        innocent, and occupying their lands

        and their holy sites. Nevertheless, it
        would have been the greatest religious duty to fight you over your

        However, today, we fight you over defending Muslims, their land, their
        holy sites,and their

        religion as a whole.

        • I want this to sink in through your thick
          skull, so it bears repetition:

          • Nevertheless, it
            would have been the greatest religious duty to fight you over your

        • Can you obtain a clue? Islam is at war
          with anyone and everyone who ain’t Muslim.

  • Muslims
    hate freedom and liberty–that is nonsense.

    • That
      is true. Muslims hate infidels: any and every non-Muslim.
      Infidels are objects of hatred, to be killed as punishment for
      infidelity.  I disrespectfully direct doubters, dissenters &
      deniers: ignorant damned fools one and all, to the following Islamic
      texts to obtain a God blessed clue. Islam considers mere disbelief as
      constituting rebellion against Allah, a death penalty offense.

      • 5:33 which
        prescribes hudud: amputation, crucifixion, execution or expulsion for
        those who “wage war against Allah and his Messenger” The verse does not
        define “wage war”; for that, we must turn to Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

      • `Wage
        war’ mentioned here means, oppose and contradict, and it includes
        blocking roads and spreading fear in the fairways.
      • Islamic
        law imposes death as the penalty for infidelity. In the case of pagans,
        it means “destruction of the sword”. Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians
        may purchase their lives, from year to year, by paying jizya in lieu of

  • Echoes
    of Hitler

    • The
      smug, smarmy AssWhole
      is trying to tar Islam’s critics with the brush of Nazism.  Go
      look up Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, find out who he was, where he spent the
      WW2 years and what he did there.  Hitler admired Islam, preferring
      its militancy to christianity’s “flabbiness”. 
  • Replacement enemy.
    • That
      is a popular theory, but it would apply to governments, not to
      individual citizens and their associations.  
  • Cherry pick the worst images.
    • Open
      the Qur’an to Surah two and read through Surah nine, keeping notes of
      the violent verses which exhort Muslims to engage in offensive
      conquest, promising great rewards for compliance and threatening
      terrible punishment for shirking. Open Sahih Bukhari to Book 52, read
      it and continue through Book 53, then read Book 59. What was Moe
      commanded to do? What did he do? What was his attitude toward spoils of
      war? What was his attitude toward terror as a battle tactic?  Open
      Reliance of the Traveller to Book O, Chapter 9 and read through O9.14.
      What is Jihad?  What is the obligation to perform it; on whom is
      it binding and how frequently? On whose initiative is jihad undertaken?
      What does the Caliph do? What happens to captured women and
      children?   This is not cherry picking, it is pattern
      matching.  Allah said, Moe said; Moe did; the words and
      actions fit hand in glove.  Get a clue!
  • They hate our foreign policy.
    • Exactly what foreign policy did the Barbary pirates hate?
      What explanation did they give for attacking us? What did Khalid Sheikh
      Mohammadwrite about why they attacked us?
    • Israel
      was conquered by caliph Umar in 638.  They took it from the Romans
      but, instead of giving it back to the Jews, they occupied Israel and
      continued their occupation through WW1, which they lost. The Jews got a
      tiny fragment of their land back from England, and Muslims can’t
      tolerate it because it is proof that Allah is an impotent idol whose
      threat and promise are vain.  Allah promised victory; a two to one
      kill ratio.  He promised permanence, that Islamic conquest was
      irreversible.  Israel puts the lie to Allah’s promises.  I
      disrespectfully direct doubter’s dissenters & denier’s to the
      Qur’an & hadith to obtain a God blessed clue.

  • Put every country but theirs first.
    • The smug, smarmy AssWholes
      are asserting that our support of Israel is based on racism, and
      results in Islamic aggression.  Israel was not in the picture when
      the Barbary Pirates sacked our shipping and nearly bankrupted us with
      demands for tribute. Israel has a historic, legal and moral right to
      her land, Muslims do not, they are the occupying invaders and genocidal
      attackers of civilians.
    • Antisemitism
      sticks out like a sore toe.  It is very poorly concealed in this
      video, we need only stop and think clearly for a moment to recognize
      it.  While Muslims use our foreign policy as a pretext, there is
      no real linkage.  They are implacable existential enemies who can
      not be appeased.
  • Undermining the Constitution.
    • Shari’ah
      is 180° out of phase with the Constitution.  It imposes barbarous
      corporal punishments. It allows child marriage and divorce.  It
      allows polygamy and divorce by triple talaq. A divorced woman
      loses child custody if she remarries and can not obtain it if she is
      not Muslim.  A Muslim woman inherits
      half as much as her brother. The indemnity for killing a woman is one
      half that for killing a Muslim; the indemnity for killing a Christian
      is one third.  Infidels can not testify in court against
  • 8:56 into the second video, it is
    suggested that Jihad is a minor part of Shari’ah.

    • In
      fact, it spans ten pages in Reliance of the Traveller and close to a
      hundred pages in Hedaya.  It seems that the
      requirement of annual raids on passive infidels is of no
      importance.  The Qur’an’s 8:39, 8:67,  9:29, 9:120 &
      9:123 are meaningless abstractions. Take another look at what KSM
      wrote and get a clue.
  • Straw man / red herring.
    • In the last 30 years, 50 cases involving Shari’ah have passed
      through American courts. Many of them involved divorce and child
      custody issues. Read Books M and N of Reliance of the Traveller to
      discover how foreign those rules are to our system of law.

Islam must be made extinct because it is an
implacable predator which can be neither appeased nor reformed.
In modern times, with atomic weapons and other WMD, the existence of
intra-species predation can not be tolerated.  Once they couple
nukes with effective delivery systems, they will use them on us, and
the oil revenue is greasing the skids toward that cataclysm.

It is not possible to obtain homeland security while we
are under occupation by Islam’s fifth column.  They must be
expelled and excluded.  The mosques, masjids, madrassahs and
Islamic centers must be closed.

Can there be a right to attack “those nearest you”,
seize their property, rape their widows and enslave their children? If
not, there can be no right to practice Islam. A Muslim either goes to
Jihad or goes to Hell.  Jihad is an essential part of Islam
because Allah ordained and commanded it. Moe practiced it, and Muslims
are commanded to emulate him.  When their numbers begin to confer
impunity, the violence begins as it has in France and Britain

The free exercise clause of the First Amendment is
for legitimate religions, not war machines.  Open the Qur’an to
Surah Al-Anfal and read it carefully. Then read Surah At-Taubah.
To whom do the spoils belong? What legitimate religion contemplates
accrual and distribution of spoils of war?  Read “Islam’s
Mercenary Mission” and pay attention to the details revealed in
hadith.  Allah made spoils lawful for Moe because he saw Moe’s
weakness and humility.  Moe wanted loot, Allah wanted great
slaughter.  Moe’s provision was under the shade of his spear and
anyone who disobeyed his order would be humiliated and abased.
That is not the attitude of a Prophet of God.  Moe went on slave
raids and raped captive women.  What prophet does that?  Moe
had critics  assassinated for reciting mocking poetry.  That
is not the work of a prophet of God.   Moe dictated and
dispatched extortion letters; what prophet of God does

The penumbra of free exercise clause protection must
be removed from Islam. Islam must be declared subversive, aggressive
and seditious, which it indisputably is. It must be outlawed; its
adherents expelled and excluded.

We must get the attention of Congress and motivate
them to investigate Islam and discover exactly what it is and what it
does.  For this purpose I urge you to sign the International Qur’an petition,
sending emails to your Representative & Senators.  Urge
everyone you can influence to sign and promote the petition.

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New International Qur’an Petition

Raymond Ibrahim explained how the blasphemy law Islam is demanding
would outlaw Islam
. His logical and factual foundation is sound,
but Islam is a one way street.  Islam is in egregious and flagrant
violation of existing human rights covenants and nobody is doing
anything to enforce them.  We must rise up as one demanding

The original on Petition Site expired.  The new
version is at Petition2Congress which lets you email the petition to
your Congressman, Senators and the President in one easy step.

The petition  calls for Islam to be stripped of
its false mantle of religion, cast out of the umbra of  the First
Amendment’s free exercise clause and proscribed by law.

For the sake of brevity, this version is limited to
a short declaration and a list of  urls containing vital evidence
cited in the declaration.   A 30kb pdf file, embedded below
through Scribid, contains the  text of the original petition
including quotes from and links to the Qur’an, hadith, Shari’ah and
three international human rights covenants which provide ample evidence
to support the demand for proscription of Islam.

If you love life, liberty & prosperity and want to live in peace
and security without the threat and reality of terrorism, sign, share,
tweet, email and embed this petition and its supporting document.
it go viral! Urge Congress to take action.  If not us, who? If not
when?      If you do not have the good fortune to
be an American, send the petition to your MP and MEP.

Read and sign the petition here:

Read the supporting documentation here:

Qur’an Petition

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