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International Judge Muhammad Day Update: the Videos and Sources

Pastor Terry Jones wants us to study the life of

Muhammad; to discover his character and that of the cult he
founded.  He mentions the hadith and Quran but does not tell us
where to find them.  He summarizes two horrific accounts of murder
not included in the easily accessible hadith collections.  I have
embedded the three videos below, included my  raw notes taken as I
watched the videos, and will provide a list of links to source texts.

This blog post and the videos embedded below are not
hate speech. They are not incitement to violence.  They are
educational.  Pastors Jones & Sapp are passionate opponents of
Islam because they recognize its evil mission and methods.  You
will, too, after reading the following resources.

In this somewhat rambling video, Pastors Jones &
Sapp describe Moe’s childhood, youth and first marriage.  They
inform us that Moe suffered from epilepsy and depression; and  was
suicidal.  That much is true according to hadiths and

Pastor Jones claims that Moe’s father died when Moe
was five years old.  According to the sources I have read,
Abdullah died before Moe was born,.  Some say about six months,
others claim that he died several years before Moe’s birth.
Pastors Jones & Sapp seem to imply that Moe was a jinx, I think
that is carrying things too far; there is no evidence that he had
anything to do with the demise of his older relatives.

They say that Islam is “of the devil”. I agree that
it is demonic, it sure as Hell is not divine!  The Qur’an, hadith
& Sira won’t tell you that directly, you must read between the
lines and do some logical analysis.   It sure ain’t divine unless
the Almighty Creator desires “great
” .

Moe charged with promotion of murder; destruction of people and
property through the Qur’an.

Moe lacks the lifestyle & character of a Prophet of God.

Qur’an commands war. “Cleanse Arabia of Christians & Jews.

Violation of Women’s rights.  Violence against

Violence against Infidels: 370,000,000
victims.  1.6B led astray; going to Hell.  According to Bill Warner, the estimate is 270 million; I think
Jones made an error.

60M Hindus  killed.

Circumstances of infancy and youth: can only turn out bad.

Declares source: Qur’an & hadith.

Mother thought he was possessed?

Father died at 5, Mother at 6?

Wayne Sap implied that Moe’s demon possession was related to the
familial mortality.

Married older woman.  25/40.

“Religion of Peace” but attacked our Embassy. Talks peace but does not
live it.  No freedom of religion or speech.

Totally broke when Khdija died?  [Moe was feeding an army.]

Ran to wife from the cave and whined .

Tried suicide?

Qur’an was inspired by Satan.   Wive convinced Moe his
visitation was angelic, not demonic.

Description of revelations are accurate.

Advises to read books but does not name them.

PBUH  because he never had peace”

Cursed foes and those who rejected Islam.

Satanic verses mentioned.

Second part: character and relationships to be discussed.

Part two has them preaching Jesus, contrasting him with Moe.

Pastor Sapp says Moe did not know whose voice he heard. At first
contact, that was true, but his wife convinced him it was an angel, not
a devil. After that, Moe claimed it was the angel Jibril.

Discussion ensues of gold digging; wasting his wife’s

Says Moe changes from weirdo to pervert.  Segue to marriage to
Aisha.  According to the hadith, Sira & Tahrik, he really did
marry a six year old girl.

Condemns lack of outrage over abortion and enslavement to Islam.

First mention of situational scripture in relation
to marriage to Aisha.  “Muhammad was special.”

Next comes the Miraj. “Fairy tale city.”… Likens
it to Harry potter.  Questions sanity and intellectual capacity of

Shown Heaven & Hell, should have stayed there;
is there now. Calls Moe: liar, deceiver & pervert.

Describes negotiation over compulsory salat.

Discusses the move to Medina, called it Mekkah by
mistake.  Tosses in Islamic deception.

Discusses  violence which escalates with the
number of Muslims.

Discussion of Islamic supremacism lacks clarity, but
is valid.

9/11 was a wake up call.

Islam hates Jews.  “Kill any Jew that falls
into your power.”, quoting Moe.  Why does Jones not cite 7:167
& Sahih Muslim 41.6985?

[34:46]  Discusses “Innocence of Muslims” and
the rioting: the violence is intrinsic.

The murder of a critic: “Who will rid me of this
woman”. Slams doll representing Moe face down on desk.

Contrasts Jesus and Moe.   Described murder of one eyed

Launched 78 raids in his last decade.

Mentions that Moe got his income by his sword.  In the texts, its
by his spear.  Big difference.

Describes the murder of Um Qirfa. But does not
mention the central detail of the murder immediately He eventually gets
around to it.

Asks why Moe would torture someone like that, answers because he had
reached the highest realm of sickness.  But that is error: Moe did
that to bolster his barbarian image in order to terrify potential
victims into submitting without a fight.  Sapp alludes to it

Cites 5:33, which is not absolutely clear on the
face of the text; needs the help of tafsir for clarification.

“Religion of thievery.” Discusses Moe’s genocide of
a Jewish tribe.

Found Moe guilty: declared execution of judgment on
Moe and the Qur’an and intention to show the trailer of “Innocence of
Muslims”.  Askes viewers to carefully examine the life of

being false prophet; leading astray

2.promoting murder, rape and destruction through the Koran

3. Violations against women, minorities and Christians leading to 370M

Will execute Moe and the Qur’an.

Ignites Koran and doll representing Moe. .

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