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Wave3 has a transcript of the remarks of the liar in chief.  Obama is a liar and a hypocrite, accusing others of the same practices he engages in.

But what we’ve also seen in these last months is the same partisan spectacle that only hardens the disdain many Americans have towards their own government. Instead of honest debate, we’ve seen scare tactics. Some have dug into unyielding ideological camps that offer no hope of compromise. Too many have used this as an opportunity to score short-term political points, even if it robs the country of our opportunity to solve a long-term challenge. And out of this blizzard of charges and counter-charges, confusion has reigned.

Well, the time for bickering is over. The time for games has passed.

Democrats have consistently blocked Republican participation in the legislative process, voting down amendments on party line votes. Rep. Wilson was right: two amendments which would have inserted enforcement provisions against exploitation by illegal immigrants were defeated in committee.

Scare tactics?

One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about. They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it. Another woman from Texas was about to get a double mastectomy when her insurance company canceled her policy because she forgot to declare a case of acne.

That is an obvious appeal to emotion: sympathy for victims and fear that it could happen to us.

Obama claims that his plan will simultaneously cover more people for more services and reduce costs. Anyone who accepts such claims is a candidate for protective custody. The whole proposal is palpably uneconomic. We already have a shortage of primary care physicians and nurses. He is going to bring more people into the system, stretching it beyond capacity, and that is going to reduce costs. He is not considering overtime wages. He is not considering professional stress and burn out.

He is going to impose new restrictions upon insurance companies, reducing their profit potential, expecting them to reduce premiums, increase benefits and stay in business.  Has he considered the precarious position of AIG and others in the current financial market?  Of course not.

He promises that you can keep your doctor and your insurance plan, but the current legislation has provisions which will make that impossible.  CSN News has an excellent article detailing Obama’s previous lies some of which were repeated in this speech.

Anything Congress will pass and the President will sign will result in the destruction of our present system. Increased costs, decreased services, long waiting times and rationing are inevitable. There is no real possibility of avoiding the problems encountered in the British, Canadian & French systems.

Now is the time to say no. Now is the time to say HELL NO! Now is the time to scream God damn HELL NO!!!! Lets make it so loud and clear that it can not be ignored. Lets make sure that our representatives and senators understand that a yes vote on Obama Care means a HELL NO!!!! vote on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

At, you simply enter your Zip Code and click the Federal Officials link. Paste the following html code into the email form.

<a href=””>the bottom line</a>

If your congress critter has any sense at all, seeing the page invoked by that link will convince him that you are serious about rejecting their vicious schemes and removing him from office if they persist in dragging us down the road to serfdom. Now is the time to make them understand that we know they are selling gold & delivering manure. We ain’t buying anymore.

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