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Spew of Feces: Mahmoud Abbas at the General Assembly

Spew of Feces: Mahmoud Abbas at the General Assembly

President of the Falestinian Authority, during an illegal extension of
his term, desecrated the City of New York with his evil presence and
spewed feces at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

As with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address, I have
highlighted the most important parts and inserted superscripts linked
to my comments which follow the screed. Click the superscripts to read
my comments and press your Backspace key to return to your place in the

Update: publication of this post was delayed by
interruption of my internet connection. After the technical difficulty
was fixed, I discovered that Abbas has declared that he will not
negotiate until “settlement activity” is ended. It becomes ever more
obvious that Islam is interested in conquest, not in peace.

In a Reuters story on Yahoo News, Abbas is quoted as

will not accept (negotiations) until legitimacy is the foundation and
they cease settlement completely,”

H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas  United Nations General
Assembly Sixty-sixth Session

Mr. President of the General Assembly of the United Nations,

Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I extend my congratulations to H.E.
Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz AI-Nasser on his

assumption of the Presidency of the Assembly for this session, and wish
him all success.

I extend today my sincere congratulations, on behalf
of the Palestine Liberation

Organization and the Palestinian people, to the government and people
of South Sudan for its

deserved admission as a full member of the United Nations, wishing them
progress and


I also congratulate the Secretary-General, H.E. Mr.
Ban Ki-moon, on his election for a

new term at the helm of the United Nations. This renewal of confidence
reflects the world’s

appreciation for his efforts, which have strengthened the role of the
United Nations.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Question Palestine is intricately linked with
the United Nations via the resolutions

adopted by its various organs and agencies and via the essential and
lauded role of the United

Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
– UNRWA – which

embodies the international
responsibility1 towards the
plight of Palestine refugee
s2, who are the

victims of Al-Nakba 3(Catastrophe)
that occurred in 1948
. We aspire for and seek a greater and

more effective role for the United Nations in working to achieve a just
and comprehensive peace4

in our region that ensures the inalienable,
legitimate national rights5
of the Palestinian people6

defined by the resolutions of international legitimacy of the United


Ladies and Gentlemen,

A year ago, at this same time, distinguished leaders
in this hall addressed the stalled

peace efforts in our region.
Everyone had high hopes for a
new round of final status negotiations,

which had begun in early September in Washington under the direct
auspices of President

Barack Obama and with participation of the Quartet, and with Egyptian
and Jordanian

participation, to reach a peace agreement within one year. We entered those negotiations with

open hearts and attentive ears
and sincere intentions,
and we were ready with our documents,

papers and proposals. But the negotiations broke down7
just weeks after their launch.

After this, we did not give up and did not cease our
efforts for initiatives and contacts.

Over the past year we did not leave a door to be knocked or channel to
be tested or path to be

taken and we did not ignore any formal or informal party of influence
and stature to be

addressed. We positively considered the various ideas and proposals and
initiatives presented

from many countries and parties. But all of these sincere efforts and
endeavors undertaken by

international parties were repeatedly wrecked by the positions of the
Israeli government

quickly dashed the hopes raised by the launch of negotiations last

The core
issue here is that the Israeli government refuses to commit to terms of

for the negotiations that are
based on international law and United Nations resolutions
, and
that it

frantically continues to
intensify building of settlements on the territory of the State of

Settlement activities embody
the core of the policy of colonial military occupation9
of the

land of the Palestinian people
and all of the brutality of aggression10 and racial

against our people that this
policy entails
. This policy, which constitutes a breach of

international humanitarian law and United Nations resolutions, is the
primary cause for the

failure of the peace process, the collapse of dozens of opportunities,
and the burial of the great

hopes that arose from the signing of the Declaration of Principles in
1993 between the Palestine

Liberation Organization and Israel to achieve a just peace that would
begin a new era for our


The reports of United Nations missions as well as by
several Israeli institutions and civil

societies convey a horrific picture about the size of the settlement
campaign, which the Israeli

government does not hesitate to boast about and which it continues to
execute through the

systematic confiscation of the
Palestinian lands
11 and
the construction of thousands of new

settlement units in various areas of the West Bank, particularly in
East Jerusalem12,

accelerated construction of the annexation Wall13
that is eating up large tracts of our land, dividing

it into separate and isolated islands and cantons, destroying family
life and communities and the

livelihoods of tens of thousands of families. The occupying Power also
continues to refuse

permits for our people to build in Occupied East Jerusalem, at the same
time that it intensifies its

decades-long campaign of demolition and confiscation of homes,
displacing Palestinian owners

and residents under a multi-pronged policy of ethnic cleansing14
aimed at pushing them away from

their ancestral homeland.
In addition, orders have been issued to deport elected representatives

from the city of Jerusalem. The occupying Power also continues to
undertake excavations that

threaten our holy places15,
and its military checkpoints prevent our citizens from getting access to

their mosques and churches, and it continues to besiege the Holy City
with a ring of settlements

imposed to separate the Holy
City from the rest of the Palestinian cities16.

occupation is racing against time to redraw the borders on our land
according to what

it wants and to impose a fait
accompli on the ground that changes the realities and that is

undermining the realistic
potential for the existence of the State of Palestine.

At the same time, the occupying Power continues to impose
its blockade on the Gaza

Strip and to target Palestinian
civilians by assassinations, air strikes and artillery shelling,

persisting with its war of
aggression of three years ago on Gaza, which resulted in massive

destruction of homes, schools,
hospitals, and mosques, and the thousands of martyrs18


The occupying Power also continues its incursions in areas of
the Palestinian National

Authority through raids,
arrests and killings at the checkpoints
In recent years, the criminal

actions of armed settler militias, who enjoy the special protection of
the occupation army, has

intensified with the perpetration of frequent attacks against our
people, targeting their homes,

schools, universities, mosques, fields, crops and trees. Despite our
repeated warnings, the

occupying Power has not acted to curb these attacks and we hold them
fully responsible for the

crimes of the settlers.

These are just a few examples of the policy of the Israeli colonial settlement

and this policy is responsible
for the continued failure of the successive international attempts to

salvage the peace process.

This policy will destroy the chances of achieving a two-State
21 upon
which there is

an international consensus, and here I caution aloud: This settlement policy threatens to

undermine the structure of the
Palestinian National Authority and even end its existence.

In addition, we now face the imposition new conditions not
previously raised, conditions

that will transform the raging
conflict in our inflamed region into a religious conflict22
and a threat

to the future of a million and
a half Christian and Muslim Palestinians, citizens of Israel, a matter

which we reject and which is
impossible for us to accept being dragged into.

All of these actions taken by Israel in our country23
are unilateral actions and are not based

on any earlier agreements. Indeed, what we witness is a selective
application of the agreements

aimed at perpetuating the occupation. Israel reoccupied the cities of
the West Bank by a

unilateral action, and reestablished the civil and military occupation
by a unilateral action, and it

is the one that detennines whether or not a Palestinian citizen has the
right to reside in any part

of the Palestinian Territory. And it is confiscating our land and our
water and obstructing our

movement as well as the movement of goods. And it is the one
obstructing our whole destiny.

All of this is unilateral.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 1974, our deceased leader Yasser Arafat came to
this hall and assured the Members of

the General Assembly of our affinnative
pursuit for peace
24, urging the United Nations
to realize

the inalienable national
rights of the Palestinian people
stating: “Do not let the olive branch fall

from my hand”.

In 1988, President Arafat again addressed the
General Assembly, which convened in

Geneva to hear him, where he submitted the Palestinian peace program
adopted by the Palestine

National Council at its session held that year in Algeria.

When we adopted this program, we were taking a
painful and very difficult step for all of

us, especially those, including myself, who were forced to leave their homes
and their towns and

villages, carrying only some of
our belongings and our grief and our memories and the keys of

our homes to the camps of exile
and the Diaspora in the 1948 AI-Nakba
one of the worst

operations of uprooting, destruction and removal of a vibrant and
cohesive society that had been

contributing in a pioneering and leading way m the cultural,
educational and economic

renaissance of the Arab Middle East.

Yet, because
we believe in peace27
and because of
our conviction in international

legitimacy, and because we had the courage to make difficult decisions
for our people, and in the

absence of absolute justice, we decided to adopt the path of relative
justice – justice that is

possible and could correct
part of the grave historical injustice committed against our people

Thus, we agreed to establish
the State of Palestine on only 22% of the territory of historical

Palestine – on all the
Palestinian Territory occupied by Israel in 1967.28

We, by taking that historic step, which was welcomed
by the States of the world, made a

major concession in order to achieve a historic compromise that would
allow peace to be made in

the land of peace.29

In the years that followed – from the Madrid
Conference and the Washington negotiations

leading to the Oslo agreement, which was signed 18 years ago in the
garden of the White House

and was linked with the letters of mutual recognition between the PLO
and Israel, we persevered

and dealt positively and responsibly with all efforts aimed at the
achievement of a lasting peace

agreement. Yet, as we said earlier, every initiative and every
conference and every new round

negotiations and every movement
was shattered on the rock of the Israeli settlement expansion



Ladies and Gentlemen,

I confirm, on behalf of the Palestine Liberation
Organization, the sole legitimate

representative of the Palestinian people, which will remain so until
the end of the conflict in all

its aspects and until the resolution of all final status issues, the

I. The goal of the Palestinian people is the realization of their inalienable
national rights in their

independent State of Palestine,
with East Jerusalem as its capital, on all the land of the West

Bank, including East Jerusalem,
and the Gaza Strip, which Israel occupied in the June 1967 war,

in conformity with the resolutions of international legitimacy and with
the achievement of a just

and agreed upon solution to the
Palestine refugee issue in accordance with resolution 194, as

stipulated in the Arab Peace
Initiative which presented the consensus Arab vision to resolve the

core the Arab-Israeli conflict
and to achieve a just and comprehensive peace.
To this we adhere

and this is what we are working to achieve. Achieving this desired peace also
requires the

release of political prisoners
and detainees in Israeli prisons without delay

2. The PLO and the Palestinian
people adhere to the renouncement of violence30
and rejection and

condemning of terrorism31
in all its forms, especially State terrorism, and adhere to all

signed between the Palestine
Liberation Organization and Israel

3. We adhere to the option of negotiating a lasting solution to the
conflict in accordance with

resolutions of international legitimacy. Here, I declare that the
Palestine Liberation Organization

is ready to return immediately to the negotiating table on the basis of
the adopted terms of

reference based on international legitimacy and a complete cessation of settlement

4. Our people will continue their popular peaceful resistance to the
Israeli occupation33

and its

settlement and apartheid
and its construction of the racist
annexation Wall35
, and they

receive support for their resistance, which is consistent with
international humanitarian law and

international conventions and has the support of peace activists from
Israel and around the world,

reflecting an impressive, inspiring and courageous example of the
strength of this defenseless

people, armed only with their
dreams, courage, hope and slogans in the face of bullets, tanks,

tear gas and bulldozers.

5. When we bring our plight and our case to this international podium,
it is a confirmation of our

reliance on the political and diplomatic option and is a confirmation
that we do not undertake

unilateral steps36. Our
efforts are not aimed at isolating Israel or de-legitimizing it; rather
we want

to gain legitimacy37
for the cause of the people of Palestine. We only aim to de-legitimize

settlement activities, the occupation and apartheid and the logic of
ruthless force, and we believe

that all the countries of the world stand with us in this regard.

I am here to say on behalf of the Palestinian people
and the Palestine Liberation

Organization: We extend our hands to the Israeli government and the
Israeli people for peacemaking.

I say to them: Let us urgently
build together a future for our children where they can

enjoy freedom38,
security and prosperity.
Let us build the bridges of dialogue
instead of

checkpoints and walls of separation, and build cooperative relations
based on parity and equity

between two neighboring States – Palestine and Israel – instead of policies of occupation,

settlement, war and eliminating
the other39.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite the unquestionable
right of our people to self-determination and to the

independence of our State
as stipulated in international resolutions, we have accepted in the past

few years to engage in what appeared to be a test of our worthiness,
entitlement and eligibility.

During the last two years our national authority has implemented a
program to build our State

institutions. Despite the extraordinary situation and the Israeli
obstacles imposed, a serious

extensive project was launched that has included the implementation of
plans to enhance and

advance the judiciary and the apparatus for maintenance of order and
security, to develop the

administrative, financial, and oversight systems, to upgrade the
performance of institutions, and

to enhance self-reliance to reduce the need for foreign aid. With the
thankful support of Arab

countries and donors from friendly countries, a number of large
infrastructure projects have been

implemented, focused on various aspects of service, with special
attention to rural and

marginalized areas.

In the midst of this massive national project, we
have been strengthening what we

seeking to be the features of our State: from the preservation of
security for the citizen and public

order; to the promotion of judicial authority and rule of law; to
strengthening the role of women

via legislation, laws and participation; to ensuring the protection of
public freedoms and

strengthening the role of civil society institutions; to
institutionalizing rules and regulations for

ensuring accountability and transparency in the work of our Ministries
and departments; to

entrenching the pillars of democracy as the basis for the Palestinian
political life.

When division struck the unity of our homeland,
people and institutions, we were

determined to adopt dialogue for restoration of our unity. We succeeded
months ago in

achieving national reconciliation and we hope that its implementation
will be accelerated in the

coming weeks. The core pillar of this reconciliation was to turn to the
people through legislative

and presidential elections within a year, because the State we want
will be a State characterized

by the rule of law, democratic exercise and protection of the freedoms
and equality of all citizens

without any discrimination and the transfer of power through the ballot

The reports issued recently by the United Nations,
the World Bank, the Ad Hoc Liaison

Committee (AHLC) and the International Monetary Fund confirm and laud
what has been

accomplished, considering it a remarkable and unprecedented model. The
consensus conclusion

by the AHLC a few days ago here described what has been accomplished as
a “remarkable

international success story” and confirmed the readiness of the
Palestinian people and their

institutions for the immediate independence of the State of Palestine.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is no longer possible to redress the issue of the blockage of the horizon
of the peace

talks with the same
means and methods that have been repeatedly tried and proven

over the past years. The
crisis is far too deep to be neglected, and what is more dangerous are

attempts to simply circumvent
it or postpone its explosion.

It is neither possible, nor practical, nor
acceptable to return to conducting business as

usual, as if everything is fine.
It is futile to go into negotiations without clear parameters41
and in

the absence of credibility42
and a specific timetable.
Negotiations will be meaningless as
long as

the occupation army on the
ground continues to entrench its occupation43,

instead of rolling it

back, and continues to change
the demography of our country
44 in
order to create a new basis on

which to alter the borders.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a moment of truth and my people are waiting to
hear the answer of the world. Will it

allow Israel to continue its occupation, the only occupation in the
world? Will it allow Israel to

remain a State above the law
and accountability?
Will it allow Israel to continue rejecting

resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly of the
United Nations and the

International Court of Justice and the positions of the overwhelming
majority of countries in the



Ladies and Gentlemen,

I come before you today from the Holy Land, the land of Palestine,
the land of divine

messages, ascension of the
Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) and the birthplace of Jesus

Christ (peace be upon
him), to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people in the homeland and

the Diaspora, to say, after 63 years of suffering of an ongoing Nakba:
Enough. It is time for the

Palestinian people to gain
their freedom and independence.

The time
has come to end the suffering and the plight of millions of Palestine

the homeland and the Diaspora, to end their displacement and to realize
their rights, some of

them forced to take refuge more than once in different places of the

At a time when the Arab peoples affirm their quest for

– the Arab Spring – the

time is now for the Palestinian Spring, the time for independence.

The time
has come for our men, women and children to live normal lives
for them to be

able to sleep without waiting for the worst that the next day will
bring; for mothers to be

that their children will return
home without fear of suffering killing, arrest or humiliation47

students to be able to go to their schools and universities without
checkpoints obstructing them.

The time has come for sick
people to be able to reach hospitals normally48
and for our farmers to

be able to take care of their good land without fear of the occupation
seizing the land and its

water, which the wall prevents
access to
, or fear of
the settlers, for whom settlements are being

built on our land and who are
uprooting and burning the olive trees that have existed for

hundreds of years. The time has come for the thousands
of prisoners49
to be released from the

prisons to return to their
families and their children to become a part of building their homeland,

for the freedom of which they
have sacrificed.

My people desire to exercise their right to enjoy a normal life like
the rest of humanity.

They believe what the great poet Mahmoud Darwish said: Standing here, staying here,

permanent here, eternal here, and we
have one goal, one, one: to be.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We profoundly appreciate and value the positions of
all States that have supported

struggle and our rights
and recognized the State of Palestine following the Declaration of

Independence in 1988, as well as the countries that have recently
recognized the State of

Palestine and those that have upgraded the level of Palestine’s
representation in their capitals. I

also salute the Secretary-General, who said a few days ago that the
Palestinian State should have

been established years ago.

Be assured that this support for our people is more
valuable to them than you can

imagine, for it makes them
feel that someone is listening to their narrative
that their tragedy

and the horrors of Al-Nakba and the occupation, from which they have so
suffered, are not being

ignored. And, it reinforces their hope that stems from the belief that
justice is possible in this in

this world. The loss of hope
is the most ferocious enemy of peace and despair is the strongest

ally of extremism.

I say: The time has come for my courageous and proud
people, after decades of

displacement and colonial
occupation and ceaseless suffering, to live like other peoples of the

earth, free in a sovereign and
independent homeland.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to inform you that, before delivering
this statement, I, in my capacity as

President of the State of Palestine and Chairman of the Executive
Committee of the Palestine

Liberation Organization, submitted to H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon,
Secretary-General of the United

Nations, an application for the admission of Palestine on the basis of
the 4 June 1967 borders,

with AI-Quds AI-Sharif as
its capital, as a full member of the United Nations.

I call upon Mr. Secretary-General to expedite
transmittal of our request to the Security

Council, and I call upon the distinguished members of the Security
Council to vote in favor of

our full membership. I also appeal to the States that have not yet
recognized the State of

Palestine to do so.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The support of the countries of the world for our
endeavor is a victory for truth, freedom,

justice, law and international legitimacy, and it provides tremendous
support for the peace option

and enhances the chances of success of the negotiations.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your support for the establishment of the State of Palestine and for
its admission to the

United Nations as a full member is the greatest contribution to
peacemaking in the Holy Land.

I thank you.


  1. Responsibility for the
    Falestinians lies entirely with the membership of the Arab League, who
    staged a  series of genocidal attack on Israel, beginning in
    modern times, in 1948. Any broader responsibility is limited to Ummah
    al-Islamiyya, to pay Zakat to their distressed brethren.  Had the
    Arabs lived up to their responsibility, there would be no refugee
    problem for the Falestinians.
  2. The geographic region
    called Palestine was, prior to the Destruction of the Second Temple,
    known as Israel. The Romans renamed the occupied territory after the
    Philistines as an insult to the Jews whom they had thrown out of their
    homeland. The Jewish diaspora are the real Palestinian refugees.
  3. In 632, four years after Moe departed for
    his richly deserved eternal damnation,{fire be upon him) caliph Umar
    completed the conquest of the Roman Province of Syria, the indigenous
    population of which was Christian & Jewish, neither Arab nor

    In World War 1, the Ottoman Empire fought on
    the losing side, losing the desert to Great Britain. Following the
    Balfour Doctrine, the League of Nations gave Great Britain a mandate to
    restore the Jews to their ancient homeland which had been stolen from
    them. Great Britain reneged on the deal, forcing Israel to rise up
    against the occupying force and restored her sovereignty in 1948. The
    Arabs rejected the partition plan and Falestinian statehood,
    preferring  to launch a genocidal attack.
    To learn more about the relevant  history of the Levant, follow
    the links in the left sidebar of .

  4. Just, comprehensive and
    lasting peace is a function of your apostasy or death.If
    you abandon Islam or go to Hell, there will be peace in the
    region.  Until you follow one of those courses of action, there
    can be no peace.  If you wanted peace, you would have it. Instead,
    you want conquest, because it is the commandment of the demon to whom
    you are enslaved. You hope that we do not know about the Qur’an, but a
    few of us know, and we are sharing our knowledge with others.
    Comprehension of the true nature of Islam is propagating at an
    accelerating pace.

    We know about Noble Qur’an 2:216,
    which ordains jihad for you. We know about 2:190
    which commands you to drive out those who drove you out; a command to
    reconquer lost territory, which motivates your reconquest of Israel. We
    know about 8:57,
    which commands you to deal harshly with those you defeat so as to
    terrorize prospective victims behind them.  We know about 8:60,
    which commands you to build the strongest possible army with which to
    terrify your intended victims.  We know about 8:67,
    which sets “great slaughter” as the price of admission to Allah’s
    celestial bordello

    We know about how Allah terrified Jews
    so that you killed them, enslaved their widows & orphans and seized
    their real and personal property.  We know how Moe committed
    genocide, slaughtering 800 Jews who had surrendered; how he inspected their sons for pubic hair and slew those
    who had developed it.  And we know about Moe instructing his
    companions to invade Syria first because “Allah has on my
    account taken special charge of Syria and its people
    .” We
    also read 7:167
    so we know that Allah will “certainly keep on sending against them
    (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection, those who would afflict
    them with a humiliating torment.”  We even know that the gates of
    Paradise will not swing open for you until you hunt down and kill the last Jew.

    Nay more! We have read Islamic law, so we know
    that jihad is “war against non-Muslims“.
    We know that it must be performed in every year, and that, if it is
    abandoned in a year without good cause, that all who knew of the
    obligation are in sin. We know that “The caliph makes war against Jews, Christians and

    We are not so stupid, ignorant and gullible as
    you hope.  We know that Allah
    promised you victory
    . We know that Allah promised that you would take
    over the land
    We also know by 13:41, that your conquest is irreversible.  That
    is how we know that Allah is an impotent idol: The Jews got part of
    their land back and you tried to exterminate them and failed several
    times.  I know that you will never tolerate the existence of
    Israel because she testifies to the fact that you worship an impotent
    idol, and I am telling everyone who will read this blog post.

  5. According to sacred and
    secular history, Judea & Israel were ancient kingdoms in the region
    now referred to as Palestine. We know that Jerusalem was the capitol,
    where King Solomon erected the Temple, the Assyrians destroyed it,
    Herod rebuilt it and the Romans destroyed it again.  When did you
    ever have a nation of Palestine? Who were its rulers? What was its unit
    of currency? What was its capitol city? How and when did it cease to
    exist as a sovereign nation?
  6. One terrorist’s admission to a newspaper
    spilled the beans.  Falestinians are not a distinct people with a
    national history. No people, no nationality, no historical basis for a
    nation of their own on Israel’s territory. Your lies are exposed and
    the game is up; sit down and shut up!

    Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper Trouw
    published an
    interview with Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee
    member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:

    The Palestinian
    people does not exist
    . The creation of a
    state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of
    Israel for our Arab unity. In
    reality today there is no difference
    between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese.
    Only for
    political and tactical
    do we speak today about the existence of
    a Palestinian people
    , since Arab national interests demand that
    posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people
    ” to oppose

    For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state
    defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a
    Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and
    Jerusalem. However, the moment
    we reclaim our right to all of
    Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and

  7. Abbas demanded a
    construction freeze as a precondition for negotiations. Netanyahu
    stupidly imposed the freeze for ten months. Abbas delayed talks until
    the last two weeks of the freeze, then he walked away.  Muslims
    only negotiate from a position of strength. When too weak to fight,
    they only grant a ten year truce during which they rearm and regroup
    for their next attack.
  8. There
    were no negotiations because you refuse to negotiate; you demand
    surrender as a precondition for peace talks. Go to Hell.
  9. Its Israel, stupid. It
    ain’t Palestine, it is Israel, the Jewish homeland. Muslims are the
    interlopers & illegal occupiers, since Umar’s conquest in 638.
  10. The projection continues;
    Muslims accuse their victims of their own offenses.  You killed a
    student and wounded a school bus driver with an expensive anti-tank
    rocket yet you accuse Israel of brutal aggression. Muslims were the
    aggressors in a series of four wars. Its time for the world to get a
  11. It ain’t your
    land; you stole it in 638.  You stole it again in 1948. Israel
    recovered it when you attacked again in 1967. Live by the sword, die by
    the sword. Quit kvetching, losers.
  12. Jerusalem is Israel’s capitol.
    King Hussein illegally seized half of it and excluded Jews from it in
    1948, in violation of international law and his oath. You have no right
    or claim in Jerusalem. Drop the fantasy. Islam’s so called claim on
    Jerusalem is founded in fabulism, a mirage.
  13. There would be no wall if you were
    not continually attempting to murder Jews.  The wall is necessary
    to slow down and deter genocidal attackers motivated by the damnable
    of Islam.  Everything you bitterly bitch about is a
    consequence of your genocidal aggression.
  14. AssWhole: you rival Barack Hussein
    Obama in arrogance & al-Taqiyya! You demand that the Falestinian
    state be Judenrein; that all
    Jews be expelled from Judea & Samaria. You enforce a law
    prescribing the death penalty for selling land to Jews.  May Satan
    take you soon in your hypocrisy!
  15. There are no Jewish excavations
    near Mecca. The excavations near the Temple Mount do not threaten
    anything except your malignant narrative. Your removal and dumping of
    rubble containing Jewish artifacts from the Temple Mount stands out as
    a real threat to archeology.
  16. Its
    Israel, stupid!  Jerusalem was the capitol, ruled over by David
    and Solomon, who were Jews, not Muslims. Jesus Christ worshiped in the
    Temple at Jerusalem; he, too is a Jew.  Jerusalem was never the
    capitol of any Arab or Muslim nation.  It was neglected by the
    Ottoman Empire, falling into decay during their occupation.
  17. Any fool with
    eyes can see that there is not sufficient land there for one state;
    Israel is far too small for long term survival. There is not enough
    real estate there for two nations.
  18. Yasser Arafat was fond of
    chanting “A million martyrs marching to Jerusalem”. You worship
    martyrs, naming schools and public places after those who die in the
    act of murdering Jews.  Martyrs are a great thing, they gain
    instant admission to Alllah’s celestial bordello and take 70 close
    relatives with them. Quit bitching about making martyrs.
  19. If you would implement and
    enforce your obligations under the Oslo Accords, there would be no need
    for Israeli incursions. You will not enforce them because murder is
    your way of life.
  20. Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight
    the pagans
    . Islam, not Israel invaded, conquered and occupied the
    Levant. It happened in 632. It is time to shut off the projector.
  21. Two states are not a solution.
    Statehood will not diminish your genocidal aggression, if anything, it
    would exacerbate your aggression.  There is absolutely no excuse
    for giving you a staging area for further attacks. If Israel moves for
    peace, she will usher you into Hell. Until she does, she will have no
  22. Allah said: “Fight against those
    who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid
    that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those
    who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people
    of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with
    willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.
    “. Moe said: “I
    have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the
    right to be worshipped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our
    prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood
    and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them
    except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah.”  Israel’s
    demand for recognition as the Jewish state turns the war into a
    religious conflict. Yeah, right.
  23. It ain’t your country, it
    is Israel! You had a chance for a country in 1948; you rejected that
    chance, preferring  to drive the Jews into the sea. Your genocidal
    attack was a failure, proving to all who will observe the truth that
    Allah is an impotent idol.
  24. You had a fine way of pursuing
    peace in 1948, 1967 & 1973. Why did you repeatedly fail to capture
    it? You do not want peace, you want genocidal conquest. Arafat is
    lonely in Hell, be swift to join him.
  25. You
    ain’t a people, you ain’t a nation and you have no historical, legal or
    moral right to Israel’s land nor to a nation.  You could have had
    a nation, but you did not want one.
  26. Egyptian radio
    broadcast orders to evacuate; clearing the way for their army to push
    the Jews into the sea. You left to clear a path for genocide. You have
    no right to return.  Losing aggressors do not write the rules.
  27.  If you are a Muslim, you
    believe in Allah, not in peace.  Allah said that he purchased your
    lives so that you fight in his cause, killing others and being killed.
    His cause is to make Islam dominant; global conquest. “The Good News that Muslims will conquer the Known
    World, and ultimately the Entire World
    “. Kiss my big, smelly,
    deformed, ulcerated foot.
  28. Israel
    recovered that land, stolen from her in 638 & 1948, only because
    you attacked her again with genocidal intent and lost. You bitch
    bitterly about the consequences of your own genocidal aggression. Go to
  29. What historic step did
    you take?  Did you make a good faith effort to stop terror
    attacks?  Did you end the inculcation of hatred in your schools,
    public television and Mosques?  Did you end incitement to violence
    against Israel?  Did you meet any of your obligations under the
    Oslo Accords?  Go to Hell.
  30. In a pig’s anus you do! If
    you renounce violence, you must abjure & denounce Allah’s damnable
    words including, but not limited to 2:216,
    & 9:123. By
    renouncing those ayat, you would become apostates, subject to
    execution. I disrespectfully direct doubters & dissenters to
    Reliance of the Traveller O8.1 & O8.7 [on the next page of the pdf.].
  31. In a pig’s anus you do! If
    you renounce terrorism, you must abjure & denounce Allah’s damnable
    words including, but not limited to 3:151,
    33:26, 33:27,
    & 59:13,
    subjecting yourselves, under the Islamic law cited above, to execution
    as apostates.
  32. Building
    apartments for Jews in Jerusalem is not settlement activity. Jerusalem
    is their capitol city. It belongs to Israel, not to you.
  33. Throwing
    rocks is not peaceful resistance. Launching mortar shells is not
    peaceful resistance. Launching rockets is not peaceful resistance.
    Blowing up buses is not peaceful resistance. Slaughtering families as
    they sleep is not peaceful resistance. You are occupying Israel; end
    the occupation immediately.  Go to Hell!
  34. You demand that your state be
    Judenrein and accuse Israel of apartheid. Go to Hell, hypocrite!
  35. You demand the exclusion of
    Jews from Jerusalem and call Israel racist. Go to Hell, hypocrite!
  36. Usurpation of
    Israel’s sovereign territory and declaration of a state without due
    process; in the absence of a functional government ain’t unilateral
    action. Yeah, right.
  37. Legitimacy? Either you have it or
    you don’t.  Israel has it, you don’t.  Your cause is
    illegitimate and can not be legitimatized.
  38. Your children can not enjoy freedom
    while enslaved to Allah. First, they must be emancipated from Allah,
    then from your satrapy.
  39. Allah’s Apostle said
    that the gates of the celestial bordello will not swing open for you
    until you kill the last Jew.  The genocidal statement is recorded
    in several ahadith including Sahih Bukhari 4.52.177 and Sahih Muslim 41.6985.
  40. Your
    intransigence in demanding surrender prior to peace talks is building
    pressure for your eradication.   Justice will only be served
    by the explosion.
  41.  Recognition of Israel as the
    Jewish state, genuine denunciation of violence, complete &
    permanent disarmament & demilitarization and Israel’s unquestioned
    right and duty to usher you into Hell at the first violation of those
    clear parameters; sounds like a plan.
  42. You have no credibility and
    can obtain none because you never implemented the Oslo Accords. Until
    you quit inculcating hatred and inciting violence, you have no
  43. Yes, it certainly is
    unreasonable to expect Israel to negotiate while you occupy her
    sovereign territory. Go home!
  44. Israel is not
    your country, and you are breeding like rats in it, changing the
  45. “One man, one vote, one time.” “It is not for a believer, man or woman,
    when Allâh and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should
    have any option in their decision. “[33:36]

    The quest is for domination, not democracy; its about who sits on the
  46. Then
    let them denounce Islam, join the human race and abandon genocidal
    conquest. You can quit making war any day of the week, any week of the
    year but you will not because you are slaves of Allah. But I know
    something you wish I did not know: “And the life of this world is
    nothing but play and amusement. But far better is the house in the
    Hereafter for those who are Al­Muttaqûn (the pious – see V.2:2). Will
    you not then understand?” [6:32]
    Muslims do not want normal lives, they seek war and martyrdom as a
    guarantee of admission to the celestial bordello.
  47. They send their brats
    off to murder Jews, telling them not to shame their mothers by
    returning alive. Do you think we do not see the pictures of little boys
    carrying rifles and wearing bomb vests?  Do you think we do not
    read about teenagers being caught carrying knives and bombs into Israel
    or wearing bomb vests to the border?
  48. If you built hospitals
    instead of arsenals, buying medicine instead of explosives, that would
    not be a problem.
  49. Israel should execute one of
    those prisoners every day until Shalit is freed alive and unharmed. Of
    course, they will go directly to the celestial bordello, won’t they.
    Their relatives will celebrate their wedding to 72 houris.
  50. We have been listening
    for 62 years and we know it is a false narrative.


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Obamination: Spewing Feces in the General Assembly

Obamination: Spewing Feces in the General Assembly

Barack Hussein Obama converted the General Assembly of the United
Nations into another re-election campaign atump with a spew of snake
excrement designed to appeal to his base of electoral support:
Communists, both national and international.

Due to the target rich nature of this spew, I will
place my comments in an enumerated list, linking them to superscripts
in the spew. Click a superscript to read the associated comment, then
tap your Backspace key to return to your place in the spew.


Remarks by President Obama in Address to the United
Nations General Assembly


New York, New York



OBAMA: Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, ladies
and gentlemen: It is a great honor1 for me to be here today. I would like
to talk to you about a subject that is at the heart of the United
Nations — the pursuit of peace2
in an imperfect world.

and conflict have been with us since the beginning of civilizations.
But in the first part of the 20th century, the advance of modern
weaponry led to death on a staggering scale. It was this killing that
compelled the founders of this body to build an institution that was
focused not just on ending one war, but on averting others; a union of
sovereign states that would seek
to prevent conflict
3, while also addressing its causes4.

American did more to pursue this objective than President Franklin
Roosevelt. He knew that a victory in war was not enough. As he said at
one of the very first meetings on the founding of the United Nations,
“We have got to make, not merely peace, but a peace that will last5.”

The men and women who built this institution understood that peace is more than just the absence
of war6
A lasting peace — for nations and for individuals —
depends on a sense of justice
and opportunity, of dignity and freedom
. It depends on struggle and sacrifice, on compromise,
and on a sense of common

delegate to the San Francisco Conference that led to the creation of
the United Nations put it well: “Many people,” she said, “have talked
as if all that has to be done to get peace was to say loudly and
frequently that we loved peace and we hated war. Now we have learned
that no matter how much we love peace and hate war, we cannot avoid
having war brought upon us if there are convulsions in other parts of
the world.”

The fact is peace is hard7.
But our people demand it8.
Over nearly seven decades, even as the United Nations helped avert a
third world war, we still live in a world scarred by conflict and plagued by poverty9.
Even as
we proclaim our love for peace and our hatred of war, there are still convulsions in our world that
endanger us all

I took office at a time of two wars for the United States. Moreover,
the violent extremists who
drew us into war
10in the first place — Osama bin Laden, and his al Qaeda
— remained at large. Today, we’ve set a new direction.

the end of this year, America’s military operation in Iraq will be
over. We will have a normal relationship with a sovereign nation that
is a member of the community of nations. That equal partnership11
will be strengthened by our support for Iraq — for its government and
for its security forces, for its people and for their aspirations.

we end the war in Iraq, the United States and our coalition partners
have begun a transition in Afghanistan. Between now and 2014, an increasingly capable Afghan
security forces will step forward to take responsibility for the
future of their country. As they do, we are drawing down our own
forces, while building an enduring
with the Afghan people.

let there be no doubt: The tide of war is receding. When I took office,
roughly 180,000 Americans were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. By the
end of this year, that number will be cut in half, and it will continue
to decline. This is critical for the sovereignty of Iraq and
Afghanistan. It’s also critical to the strength of the United States as
we build our nation13

we are poised to end these
wars from a position of strength14
Ten years ago, there was an open wound and twisted steel, a broken
heart in the center of this city. Today, as a new tower is rising at
Ground Zero, it symbolizes New York’s renewal, even as al Qaeda is under more pressure15
than ever before. Its leadership has been degraded. And Osama bin16
, a man who
murdered thousands of people from dozens of countries, will never endanger the peace of the world

So, yes, this has been a difficult decade. But today, we stand at a
crossroads of history with the chance to move decisively in the direction of
To do so, we must return to the wisdom of those who created this
institution. The United Nations’ Founding Charter calls upon us, “to
unite our strength to maintain
international peace and security
.” And Article
1 of this General Assembly’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights
reminds us that, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity
and in rights18.”
Those bedrock beliefs — in the responsibility of
states, and the rights of men and women — must be our guide19.

in that effort, we have reason to hope. This year has been a time of
extraordinary transformation. More nations have stepped forward to
international peace and security. And more individuals are claiming their
universal right to live in freedom and dignity21.

about it: One year ago, when we met here in New York, the prospect of a
successful referendum in South Sudan was in doubt. But the
international community overcame old divisions to support the agreement
that had been negotiated to give South Sudan self-determination. And
last summer, as a new flag went up in Juba, former soldiers laid down
their arms, men and women wept with joy, and children finally knew the
promise of looking to a future that they will shape.

year ago, the people of Côte D’Ivoire approached a landmark election.
And when the incumbent lost, and refused to respect the results, the
world refused to look the other way. U.N. peacekeepers were harassed,
but they did not leave their posts. The Security Council, led by the
United States and Nigeria and France, came together to support the will
of the people. And Côte D’Ivoire is now governed by the man who was elected
to lead

year ago, the hopes of the people of Tunisia were suppressed. But they chose the dignity of peaceful
protest over the rule of an iron fist.

A vendor lit a spark that took his own life, but he ignited a movement.
In a face of a crackdown, students spelled out the word, “freedom.” The
balance of fear shifted from the ruler to those that he ruled. And now
the people of Tunisia are preparing for elections that will move them one step closer to the democracy
that they deserve

year ago, Egypt had known one President for nearly 30 years. But for 18
days, the eyes of the world were glued to Tahrir Square, where
Egyptians from all walks of life — men and women, young and old,
Muslim and Christian — demanded their universal
. We
saw in those protesters the moral force of
that has lit the world from Delhi to Warsaw, from
Selma to South Africa — and we knew that change had come to Egypt
and to the Arab world

year ago, the people of Libya were ruled by the world’s longest-serving
dictator. But faced with bullets and bombs and a dictator who
threatened to hunt them down like rats, they showed relentless bravery.
We will never forget the words of the Libyan who stood up in those
early days of the revolution and said, “Our words are free now.” It’s a
feeling you can’t explain. Day after day, in the face of bullets and
bombs, the Libyan
people refused to give back that freedom25
And when they were threatened by the kind of mass atrocity that often
went unchallenged in the last century, the United Nations lived up to
its charter. The Security Council authorized all necessary measures to prevent a massacre.
The Arab League called for this effort; Arab nations joined a NATO-led coalition that
halted Qaddafi’s forces
in their tracks.

the months that followed, the will of the coalition proved unbreakable,
and the will of the Libyan people could not be denied. Forty-two years
of tyranny was
in six months. From Tripoli to Misurata to Benghazi —
today, Libya is
Yesterday, the leaders of a new Libya took their rightful place beside
us, and this week, the United States is reopening our embassy in

is how the international community is supposed to work — nations
standing together for the sake of peace and security,
and individuals claiming
their rights
Now, all of us have a responsibility to support the new Libya — the
new Libyan government as they confront the challenge of turning this
moment of promise into a just and lasting peace
for all Libyans

So this has been a remarkable year. The Qaddafi regime is over. Gbagbo,
Ben Ali, Mubarak are no longer
in power
. Osama
bin Laden is gone, and the idea that change could only come through
violence has been buried with him. 26
is happening in
our world. The way things have been is not the way that they will be.
The humiliating grip of
corruption and tyranny is being pried open
. Dictators are on
notice. Technology is putting power into the hands of the people. The
youth are delivering a powerful rebuke
to dictatorship
, and rejecting the lie that some races,
some peoples, some religions, some ethnicities do not desire democracy27
The promise written down on paper — “all human beings are born free
and equal in dignity and rights” — is closer at hand.

But let us remember: Peace is hard. Peace is hard. Progress can be reversed.
Prosperity comes slowly. Societies can split apart. The measure of our
success must be whether people
can live in sustained freedom, dignity, and security28
And the United Nations and its member states must do their part to
support those basic aspirations. And we have more work to do.

Iran, we’ve seen a government that refuses to recognize the rights of
its own people29. As we meet
here today, men and women and children are
being tortured, detained and murdered by the Syrian regime. Thousands
have been killed, many during the holy time of Ramadan. Thousands more
have poured across Syria’s borders. The Syrian people have shown
dignity and courage in their pursuit of justice — protesting
peacefully, standing silently in the streets, dying for the same values
that this institution is supposed to stand for. And the question for us
is clear: Will we stand with
the Syrian people, or with their oppressors?

the United States has imposed strong sanctions on Syria’s leaders. We
supported a transfer of power that is responsive to the Syrian people.
And many of our allies have joined in this effort. But for the sake of
Syria — and the peace and security of the world — we must speak with
one voice. There’s no excuse
for inaction
. Now is the time for the United Nations Security
Council to sanction the Syrian regime, and to stand with the Syrian people.

the region, we will have to respond to the calls for change. In Yemen,
men, women and children gather by the thousands in towns and city
squares every day with the hope that their determination and spilled
blood will prevail over a
corrupt system.
America supports those aspirations. We must
work with Yemen’s neighbors and our partners around the world to seek a
path that allows for a peaceful
transition of power30 from President
, and a movement to free
and fair elections as soon as possible.

Bahrain, steps have been taken toward reform and accountability. We’re
pleased with that, but more is required. America is a close friend of
Bahrain, and we will continue to call on the government and the main
opposition bloc — the Wifaq — to pursue a meaningful dialogue that
brings peaceful change that is
responsive to the people
We believe the patriotism that binds Bahrainis together must be more
powerful than the sectarian forces that would tear them apart. It will
be hard, but it is possible.

We believe that each nation must chart its own course to fulfill the aspirations of its people,
and America does not expect to agree with every party or person who
expresses themselves politically. But we will always stand up for the
universal rights that were embraced by this Assembly. Those rights
depend on elections that are
free and fair31
; on governance
that is transparent and accountable
; respect for the rights of women and minorities32;
justice that is equal and fair33.
That is what our people deserve. Those are the elements of peace34 that can

Moreover, the United States will continue to support those nations that
transition to democracy
with greater trade and
— so that freedom
is followed by opportunity
We will pursue a deeper engagement with governments, but also with
civil society — students and entrepreneurs, political parties and the
press. We have banned those who abuse human rights from traveling to
our country. And we’ve sanctioned those who trample on human rights
abroad. And we will always serve as a voice for those who’ve been

I know, particularly this week, that for many in this hall, there’s one
issue that stands as a test for these principles and a test for
American foreign policy, and that is the conflict between the Israelis and
the Palestinians

year ago, I stood at this podium and I called for an independent Palestine36.
believed then, and I believe now, that the Palestinian people37
deserve a state
of their own
. But what I also said is that a genuine peace
can only be realized between the Israelis and the Palestinians
themselves. One year later, despite extensive efforts by America and
others, the parties have not
bridged their differences
Faced with this stalemate, I put forward a new basis for negotiations
in May of this year. That basis is clear. It’s well known to all of us
here. Israelis must know that any agreement provides assurances for
their security. Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis
of their state.

Now, I know that many are frustrated by the lack of progress. I assure
you, so am I. But the question isn’t the goal39 that we
seek — the question is how do we reach that goal40.
And I am convinced that there is no short cut to the end of a conflict
that has endured
for decades
. Peace
is hard work
Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the United
Nations — if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by
now. Ultimately, it is the Israelis and the Palestinians who must live side by
. Ultimately, it is the Israelis and the Palestinians — not
us –- who must reach agreement on the issues that divide
them: on borders
and on security, on refugees and Jerusalem41

Ultimately, peace
depends upon compromise
42 among people who must live
long after our speeches are over, long after our votes
have been tallied. That’s the lesson of Northern Ireland, where ancient
antagonists bridged their differences
That’s the lesson of Sudan, where a negotiated settlement led to an
independent state. And that is and will be the path to a Palestinian
state — negotiations between the parties.

We seek a future where Palestinians live in a sovereign state of their
own, with no limit to what they can achieve
There’s no question
that the Palestinians have seen that vision delayed
for too long
. It is precisely because we believe so strongly in
the aspirations44 of the
Palestinian people

that America has invested so much time and so much effort in the
building of a Palestinian state, and the negotiations that can deliver
a Palestinian state.

But understand this as well: America’s commitment to Israel’s
is unshakeable. Our friendship with
is deep and enduring. And so we believe that any lasting peace
must acknowledge the very real security concerns
that Israel faces every single day.

Let us be honest with
: Israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars
against it. Israel’s citizens have been killed by rockets fired at
their houses and suicide bombs on their buses. Israel’s children come
of age knowing that throughout the region, other children are taught to hate
Israel, a small country of less than eight million people,
look out at a world where leaders of much larger nations threaten to wipe it
off of the map
. The Jewish people carry the burden of centuries
of exile and persecution, and fresh memories of knowing that six million people were
killed simply because of who they are
. Those are facts. They
cannot be denied.

Jewish people have forged a successful state in their historic homeland.
Israel deserves recognition.
It deserves normal relations
with its neighbors. And friends
of the Palestinians do them no favors by ignoring this truth
just as friends of Israel must recognize
the need to pursue a two-state solution46
with a secure Israel next to an independent

That is the truth — each side
has legitimate aspirations
— and that’s part of what makes
peace so hard. And the deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in the
other’s shoes
each side can see the world through the other’s eyes. That’s what we
should be encouraging. That’s what we should be promoting.

body — founded, as it was, out of the ashes of war and genocide, dedicated, as it is, to the dignity
of every single person
— must recognize the reality that is lived
by both the Palestinians and the Israelis
. The measure of our
actions must always be whether they advance the right of Israeli and
Palestinian children to live lives of peace47 and security
and dignity
and opportunity.
And we will only succeed in that effort if we
can encourage the parties to
sit down, to listen to each other, and to understand each other’s hopes
and each other’s fears.
That is the project to which America is
committed. There are no shortcuts. And that is what the United Nations should be
focused on
in the weeks and months to come.

even as we confront these challenges of conflict and revolution, we
must also recognize — we must also remind ourselves — that peace is not just the
absence of war
.48 True peace depends on
creating the opportunity that makes life worth living.
And to do
that, we must confront
the common enemies of humanity: nuclear weapons and poverty, ignorance
and disease
. These
forces corrode the possibility of lasting peace and together we’re
called upon to confront them.

lift the specter of mass destruction, we must come together to pursue the peace and security of a
world without nuclear weapons
Over the last two years, we’ve begun to walk down that path. Since our
Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, nearly 50 nations have taken
steps to secure nuclear materials from terrorists and smugglers. Next
March, a summit in Seoul will advance our efforts to lock down all of
them. The New START Treaty between the United States and Russia will
cut our deployed arsenals to the lowest level in half a century, and
our nations are pursuing talks on how to achieve even deeper
reductions. America will continue to work for a ban on the testing of
nuclear weapons and the production of fissile material needed to make

so we have begun to move in the right direction. And the United States
is committed to meeting our obligations. But even as we meet our
obligations, we’ve strengthened the treaties and institutions that help
stop the spread of these weapons
. And to do so, we must continue
to hold accountable those
nations that flout them

Iranian government cannot demonstrate that its program is peaceful. It
has not met its obligations and it rejects offers that would provide it
with peaceful nuclear power. North Korea has yet to take concrete steps
towards abandoning its weapons and continues belligerent action against
the South. There’s a future of
greater opportunity

for the people of these nations if their governments meet their
international obligations. But if they continue down a path that is
outside international law, they must be met with greater pressure and
isolation. That is what our commitment to peace and security demands.

To bring prosperity to our people,
we must promote the growth that creates opportunity
In this effort, let us not forget that we’ve made enormous progress
over the last several decades. Closed societies gave way to open
markets. Innovation and entrepreneurship has transformed the way we
live and the things that we do. Emerging economies from Asia to the
Americas have lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty. It’s
an extraordinary achievement. And yet, three years ago, we were
confronted with the worst financial crisis in eight decades. And that
crisis proved a fact that has become clearer with each passing year — our fates are interconnected.
In a global economy, nations will rise, or fall, together.

today, we confront the challenges that have followed on the heels of
that crisis. Around the world recovery is still fragile. Markets remain
volatile. Too many people are out of work. Too many others are
struggling just to get by. We acted together to avert a depression in
2009. We must take urgent and coordinated action once more. Here in the
United States, I’ve announced a plan to put Americans
back to work and jumpstart our economy
, at the same time as I’m
committed to substantially reducing our deficits over time.

stand with our European allies as they reshape their institutions and
address their own fiscal challenges. For other countries, leaders face
a different challenge as they shift their economy
towards more self-reliance
, boosting domestic demand
while slowing inflation
. So we will work with emerging economies
that have rebounded strongly, so that rising standards of
living create new markets that promote global growth
. That’s
what our
commitment to prosperity

combat the poverty
that punishes our children
, we must act on the belief that freedom from want is a
basic human right
.50 The United States has
made it a focus of our engagement abroad to help people to feed
And today, as drought and conflict have brought famine to the Horn of
Africa, our conscience calls on us to act. Together, we must continue
to provide assistance, and support organizations that can reach those
in need. And together, we must insist on unrestricted humanitarian
access so that we can save the lives of thousands of men and women and
children. Our
common humanity is at stake. Let us show that the life of a child in
Somalia is as precious as any other.
That is what our commitment to our
fellow human beings demand.

stop disease that spreads across borders, we must strengthen our system
of public health. We will continue the fight against HIV/AIDS,
tuberculosis and malaria. We will focus on the health of
mothers and of children
And we must come together to prevent, and detect, and fight every kind
of biological danger — whether it’s a pandemic like H1N1, or a
terrorist threat, or a treatable disease.

week, America signed an agreement with the World Health Organization to
affirm our commitment to meet this challenge. And today, I urge all
nations to join us in meeting the HWO’s [sic] goal of making sure all
nations have core capacities
to address public health emergencies in place by 2012
. That is
what our commitment to the health of our people demands.

preserve our planet, we must not put off action that climate
change demands
We have to tap the power of science to save those resources that are
scarce. And together, we must continue our work to build on the
progress made in Copenhagen and Cancun, so that all the major economies here
today follow through on the commitments that were made
Together, we must work to transform the energy
that powers our economies
, and support others as they move down
that path. That is what our commitment to the next generation demands.

to make sure our societies reach their potential, we must allow our
citizens to reach theirs. No country can afford
the corruption that plagues the world like a cancer.

Together, we must harness the power of open societies and open
economies. That’s why we’ve partnered with countries from across the
globe to launch a new partnership on open government that helps ensure
accountability and helps to empower citizens. No country should deny
people their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion
but also no
country should deny people their rights because of who they love53
which is why we must stand up for the rights of gays and
lesbians everywhere

no country can
realize its potential if half its population cannot reach theirs
This week, the United States signed a new Declaration on Women’s
Participation. Next year, we should each announce the steps we are
taking to break down the economic and political barriers that
stand in the way of women and girls
. This is what our commitment to human

know there’s no straight line to that progress, no single path to
success. We come from different cultures, and carry with us different
histories. But let us never forget that even as we gather here as heads
of different governments, we
represent citizens who share the same basic aspirations — to live with
dignity and freedom;
to get
an education and pursue opportunity
; to love our families, and love and
worship our God
; to live
in the kind of peace that makes life worth living

is the nature of our imperfect world that we are forced to learn these lessons over and over
Conflict and
repression will endure so long as some people refuse to do unto others
as we would have them do unto us.
that is precisely why we have built institutions like this — to bind
our fates together, to help us recognize ourselves in each other —
because those who came before us believed that peace is preferable to war,
and freedom is preferable to
, and prosperity
is preferable to poverty
. That’s the message that comes not from
capitals, but from citizens
, from our people.

when the cornerstone of this very building was put in place, President
Truman came here to New York and said, “The United Nations is
essentially an expression of the moral nature of man’s aspirations.”
The moral nature of man’s aspirations. As we live in a world that is changing at a
breathtaking pace
, that’s a lesson that we must never forget.

Peace is hard, but we know that it
is possible
. So, together, let us be resolved to see that it is defined by our hopes and not by our
. Together, let us make peace, but a peace, most
importantly, that will last.


you very much. (Applause.)




  1. A statesman worthy of the honor of addressing
    the General Assembly would direct his words to them, not to the
    Communists and greedy grabbers who make up his electoral support base.
    If truly worthy of that honor, he would restrict his remarks to the
    subject at hand instead of wandering through the pages of the catalog
    of Communist talking points.
  2. War is not a function of poverty,
    deprivation, ignorance, disease or starvation. All too frequently,
    those evils are consequences of war. War is a function of the
    intersection of greed, lust for power and opportunity.  War is a
    function of predators.  Predators seek opportunity in the form of
    weakness.  When a predator senses weakness or lack of will
    to resist in potential prey, it attacks.   If you don’t want
    to be preyed upon, eliminate the predators.  If you can’t
    eliminate them, demonstrate possession of the will and ability to
    effectively defend yourself when attacked.  Peace is an abstract
    concept, not something to be pursued. If you seek peace, pursue
    predators; hunt them to extinction and convince potential predators
    that you are able and willing to end their existence if they attack. .
  3. “Thou shalt not covet they
    Neighbor’s…” If that commandment was obeyed, conflicts would not lead
    to war. If two men want the same land or the same woman, there is
    conflict and a potential for violence. If there is a strong police
    presence, clearly perceived by both parties, there will be no violence
    if both parties are sane and sober. Internationally, the UN ideal
    was to serve as the policeman.
  4. Poverty, ignorance and disease
    are not the causes of the ongoing war between Islam and Israel.
    Islam’s war against Jews, which began in the 7th century
    with Moe’s raids on the Jewish settlements around Medina, resulted from
    hatred and envy. Moe wove bits of Jewish scripture into his new cult in
    hopes of winning the Jews over to it. Instead, most saw through his
    deception and rejected Islam.  Moe wanted their land and wealth,
    so he fabricated pretexts, demonised the Jews,  roused the Islamic
    rabble to fight and launched his attacks.For proof of Moe’s mercenary
    motivation, refer to my blog post: Islam’s Mercenary Mission.

    Moe  went out to the Jews, told them that
    he owned the earth and desired to expel them, demanding that they
    embrace Islam in return for safety. This is related in Sahih Bukhari 4.53.392.  Asked about his
    priorities for conquest, Moe expressed a preference for the Roman
    Province of Syria, based on Allah’s having “on my account taken special
    charge of Syria and its people”. That is recorded in Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477.

    Caliph Umar “sent the Muslims to the great
    countries to fight the pagans.”, as recorded in Sahih
    Bukhari 4.53.386
    . Umar completed the conquest of Syria in 638. That
    is the root of the current war.  Islam regards all land conquered
    by Muslims to be Waqf, in irrevocable sacred trust; it must not be
    relinquished. For the details, refer to the Charter of HAMAS, Part III, Article 11.
    Allah promised victory, see 8:65
    & 13:41.

    When Kuffar reconquer land conquered by Islam,
    an intolerable condition is created: Allah is exposed as an impotent
    idol because he had promised victory.  Muslims could not tolerate
    the demonstration of impotence consequent on the Crusades and
    reconquered the Levant.  Then they fought on the wrong side of WW1
    and lost again.  Britain, with the Balfour Declaration and the
    League of Nations, restored part of Israel’s patrimony which had been
    stolen by Muslims in 638. Muslims can’t let that stand, so they went to
    war in 1948.  If they wanted a state of their own, along side
    Israel, they would have accepted the partition plan.  But they are
    not interested in a state, they are interested in a restored caliphate
    on all waqf land, and expanding on a global scale so they made war
    instead of peace.

    Allah’s jihad imperative against Jews is clear
    and unambiguous,  translated with great clarity by J.M.
    Rodwell.  Moe confirmed it, Tafsir Ibn Kathir explains it and
    Reliance of the Traveller codifies it into Islamic law.  Exactly
    what part of this does President Barack Hussein Obama, as a Muslim, not

    Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been
    given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not
    that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the
    profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they
    be humbled.  [The Order to fight People of the Scriptures until They
    give the Jizyah
    ] [“I have been
    ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be
    worshipped but Allah.’
    ] [The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and

    Allah said that “He would certainly keep on
    sending against them (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection,
    those who would afflict them with a humiliating torment. “. That
    promise is contained in 7:167.
    Tafsir Ibn Kathir tells us that Jesus will return
    to lead the Muslims in the final genocide against the Jews.  A
    hadith, recorded by Bukhari & Muslim, informs us that the gates of Paradise will
    not swing open for Muslims until they hunt down and kill the last

    [In the future, the Jews will
    support the Dajjal (False Messiah); and the Muslims, along with `Isa,
    son of Mary, will kill the Jews. This will occur just before the end of
    this world.]  [“The Hour will not be established until you fight
    with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will
    say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”]

    Poverty, ignorance & disease are not the causes of this war; it is
    caused by the damnable doctrines of Islam and no other cause.
    Peace will only be obtained by removing Islam from the region and the
    world. If Muslims do not quit believing
    or quit living, they will not quit waging war against Jews.

  5. In Islam, peace is the
    condition appertaining when Dar Ul-Harb is completely conquered and
    engulfed by Dar Ul-Islam; it is the fruit of conquest.  Islam does
    not make peace.

    So be not weak and ask not for peace (from the enemies of Islâm), while
    you are having the upper hand. Allâh is with you, and will never
    decrease the reward of your good deeds.

    That ayeh is quoted by Reliance of the Traveller O9.16, which informs us
    that truces can only last ten years
    and are important matters best reserved for the caliph because ” it is
    a matter of the gravest consequence because it entails the
    nonperformance of jihad, whether globally or in a given locality, and
    our interests must be looked after therein, which is why it is best
    left to the caliph under any circumstances,”.

  6. Peace
    has nothing to do with dignity, prosperity, social justice or any other
    item in the Communist litany. Peace is the absence of war and threat of
    war. If either war or the threat thereof are present, peace is
    not.  The condition precedent for peace is the total defeat of the
    aggressor. In the case of Islam, that requires the destruction of Islamic faith. While
    Muslims continue to believe,
    Islam is not defeated and there will be no peace.
  7. Peace is not hard, it is impossible.
    While human nature remains what it is, there will always be greedy or
    narcissistic megalomaniacs who assert a divine commission to conquer
    and rule the world.  The proximate solution to this insoluble
    problem is to bring about the death of those megalomaniacs and the
    defeat of their armies so that they permanently lose the will to wage
    war.  Maintaining the fragile peace is only possible by
    manifesting such military strength and resolute will that
    warmongers are deterred from mounting attacks for fear of
  8. You have the power, but not
    the will to deliver peace. Harry Truman showed the way in August of
  9. That
    maundering anal orifice is deliberately conflating cause and effect.
    Wars cause poverty, poverty does not cause wars. Islamic aggression has
    a  is driven by Islamic doctrine which has a mercenary motivation. Muslims are threatened with eternity in the fire if they sit
    at home and promised eternity in gardens flowing with rivers of wine if they wage jihad. While Muslims
    believe those threats and promises, peace is impossible.
  10. Islam has a standard, set by
    Moe’s recitation & sunnah. When one reads the Qur’an & hadith, one discovers the fatal fact that
    normative Islam is genocidally
    violent by design.  Usama bin Ladin was a
    believer, not an extremist. He acted in obedience to Allah; in
    emulation of Moe.
  11. Allah expressly forbids
    partnership with Kuffar in several ayat including: 3:28,
  12. Capable of what? Are they
    capable of preventing the creation and maintenance of terrorist
    training camps?  Are they willing to prevent the creation and
    maintenance of terrorist training camps?  Can they protect secular
    Muslims from the Taliban?  Are they willing to protect the secular
    Muslims?  I see no evidence of either capacity or will.
  13. We can not restore what you have
    destroyed unless we first get rid of you and your willing associates in
    Congress. That process will not be rebuilding, it will be tearing down
    the counterproductive policies and regulations you have
  14. What strength? Our inventories
    of cruise missiles and smart bombs have been depleted. Our forces are
    over extended. Our troops are exhausted from excessively long combat
    rotations and many are losing life and limb as a result of your
    suicidal rules of engagement.  In the best case, strength is
    weakness if not accompanied by resolve; the will to completely destroy
    the enemy.  While Islam exists, we have no victory, we have a
  15. Al-Qaeda is not the
    enemy, it is one of many brigades. Islam is the enemy, no matter what
    name it operates under. HAMAS, Hezbollah, PLO and Al-Qaeda are one;
    they are Islam.
  16. One down, one billion to go.
    Killing one General does not end the war. Leaders can be replaced, like
    shark’s teath, when one falls, another steps forward to take his place.
    Winning the war and establishing peace requires killing the
  17. Peace is a compound condition,
    not a direction. Peace is the absence of war & threat of war. Peace
    can not be obtained while Islam exists. Progress toward peace is only
    made by inducing the apostasy or death of Muslims.
  18. The UN may
    declare that everyone is born free & dignified, but Islam denies
    it. Moe’s denial is clear on the face of Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387, which confirms the jihad
    imperatives. When disbelievers recite Shehade and follow Islam’s rules
    & rituals, then “their
    blood and property will be sacred to us
    “.  Our blood and
    property are not sacred to Muslims until we become Muslims.  “”Whoever says, ‘None has the
    right to be worshipped but Allah’, faces our Qibla during the prayers,
    prays like us and eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and
    has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have.
    We have no rights or dignity until we become Muslims!  Exactly
    what part of that does Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim, not
  19. How
    about the right of citizens of Israel to live in peace on their own
    land, free from assault, attack and abduction, without a constant rain
    of rockets & mortar shells?  It is not possible for Jews to
    enjoy those rights in Israel while there are Muslims within rocket
    range.  Israel will have no peace until their enemy is eliminated
    from the region.  Falestinians do not have any rights that Jews do
    not have. No matter what ‘rights’, privileges or prosperity you provide
    to them, they need to exterminate the Jews.  That fatal fact will
    not change until they quit believing in Allah or quit living. Nothing
    can alter this objective factual reality. Malignant maundery does not
    cut the mustard.
  20. You can
    not maintain what does not exist.  Peace and security can not be
    maintained because they do not exist. Peace and security do not exist
    because Islam exists.
  21. They can only claim
    their rights and dignity by breaking Allah’s yoke of slavery and
    rejoining the human race. While they are Muslims, they are Allah’s
    slaves, with no rights or dignity, they fight in Allah’s cause, killing
    others and being killed. The “Arab spring” is not about rights and
    dignity, it is about exchanging one tyrant for another.
    Exchanging one tyrant for another is change without improvement.
  22. Three
    years ago, we stupidly elected you. We are worse off for it.  I
    wrote in Alan Keyes.
  23. Democracy is mob
    rule.  How is mob rule superior to any tyrant?  Tyranny of
    the majority is still tyranny. Tunisia is still misruled by Muslims and
    will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Improvement can only
    come with secular, limited government.
  24. A few demanded
    universal rights, those with guns demanded Shari’ah. Guess who
    prevailed.  Exchanging one tyrant for another is not an
    improvement. The Arab spring is a flood of blood.
  25. They have no
    freedom, they are Allah’s slaves. They have toppled one tyrant to
    enthrone another, gaining nothing. The only improvement is a small
    reduction in the number of Muslims in the world.
  26. “Change”
    is an Obama campaign slogan. Change is not synonymous with
    improvement.  The change they want is global conquest. Who gives a
    damn how they accomplish that objective?  Ballot or bullet, its a
    bad outcome!  Electing Obama changed things for the worse. Islamic
    attacks and conquest change things for the worse. We need to roll back
    both of them.
  27. 33:36.
    It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allâh and His Messenger have
    decreed a matter
    that they should have any option in their
    decision. And whoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has indeed
    strayed in a plain error.    Moe ruled by decree, and he
    is the exemplar for Muslims to emulate. 33:21.
    Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh (Muhammad ) you have a good example to
    follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allâh and the Last Day
    and remembers Allâh much  Islamic law is what Moe said and did; so
    much for democracy in Islam.
  28. People
    can not live in freedom when they are Allah’s slaves.  They need
    to throw off Allah’s yoke and rejoin the human race.  Until they
    do, everyone else is in danger from them, with neither peace nor
  29. What did you do
    about it when the green revolt began?  You allowed it to be
    suppressed.  What will you do when their next protest is
    launched?  You will sit idly by and watch the suppression, just as
    you did last time.
  30. Peaceful transition to
    what?  From one tyrant to another. Replacing one loaded diaper
    with another is change without improvement.
  31. Free & fair,
    such as where ballot boxes were stuffed in Alaska and New Black
    Panthers swung batons at the entrance to a polling place?  Or “one
    man, one vote, one time”?
  32. Such as the rights
    of women in Saudi Arabia? And the rights of Christians in Egypt,
    Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia?
  33. Free & fair, such as requiring two female
    witnesses to match that of one male? Such as barring Christians from
    giving testimony?
  34. Elections, justice and rights are
    not elements of peace. War is a function of greed, avarice, the lust
    for power & Islamic doctrine. Peace is a function of the absence of
    those evils.  At he height of its Empire building, Rome had an
    elected senate, did that stop their conquest?  Hitler was elected,
  35. It
    is the genocidal intention of Islam toward Jews.  The gates of
    Paradise won’t swing open until they kill the last Jew. Get a clue from
    Sahih Bukhari 4.52.177.
  36. How much money have we given
    them?  How much did they get from the UN & EU?  How much
    did Arafat & his cronies bank?  You want them to be
    independent? Then quit enabling their dependency. Cut off the flow of
  37. Two World Net Daily articles
    contain vital information which is necessary to understand this crucial

    * We have all been had!

    * Palestinian people do not exist

    Here is a vital excerpt from the second article.

    Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper
    Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization
    executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:

    The Palestinian people
    does not exist.
    The creation of a Palestinian state is only a
    means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our
    Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference
    between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese
    . Only for
    political and
    tactical reasons
    do we speak today about the existence of a
    Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand
    that we
    posit the existence
    of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.

    For tactical reasons,
    Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise
    claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly
    demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we
    reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute
    to unite Palestine and Jordan.

  38. Islam demands
    genocide & politicide; Israel demands the right to live in peace in
    their own homeland. How do you hope to bridge that difference?
    Islam demands total surrender from the start. No negotiation is
    possible. Israel can not obtain peace without pushing the Muslims back
    beyond rocket range.  The land belongs to Israel, was stolen in
    638 & 1948. Israel won it back when the Muslims attacked again in
    1967. There is no excuse for demanding that Israel yield that land.
  39. The goal is just peace: Israel alone,
    secure in her own homeland without attack and the threat thereof.
  40. The goal can be reached
    by removing Muslims from the region, inducing mass apostasy or ushering
    them into Hell. There are no alternatives.
  41. Would you give half of Washington D.C. to
    the Confederacy? Who would get the Capitol?  Who would get the
    White House?  Exactly why in Hell should Israel give their enemies
    one blessed centimeter of their homeland?  In 1948 King Hussein
    seized half of Jerusalem, promising to all ow access. What really
    happened?  How did Jewish tomb stones wind up in latrines?
    Why were Jews completely excluded from the Temple Mount?  Exactly
    why should Jerusalem revert to those conditions?  Exactly why
    should Muslims be firing rockets and artillery from the Golan Heights
    and the peaks of the Jordan Rift Valley?  The Muslims left the
    land they were squatting on with assurances that Jews would be driven
    into the sea so that the Muslims could hold the entire area. Their
    genocide failed.  Why in Hell should Israel let them return with
    their brood, to try again?
  42. “Long live Israel.”
    || “From the river to the sea.”  How do you compromise with
    genocide.  God  bless you, I want to know: exactly how in
    Hell do you compromise with genocide. Answer this question in a
    comment, please.  “Ok, just kill 4 million of us.” Great idea,
  43. They want to
    achieve three things, reconquer Israel, merge the region into a
    caliphate and conquer the rest of the world. No limits! What a great
  44. Damned fools
    and traitors assert that Falestinians have ‘legitimate aspirations’,
    operating on the assumption that the hierarchy of needs we all learned
    about in Psychology 101 applies to Muslims.  Unfortunately, it
    does not. Lets get real.  Islam is not about live long and
    prosper, it is about die fighting and get into the celestial
    bordello.  Islam values Allah’s celestial bordello over this
    worldly life.

    Verily, Allâh has
    purchased of the believers their lives and their properties
    ; for
    the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh’s
    Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed.
    It is a promise in
    truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel
    (Gospel) and the Qur’ân. And who is truer to his covenant than Allâh?
    Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the
    supreme success .

    O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked
    to march forth in the Cause of Allâh (i.e. Jihâd) you cling heavily to
    the earth? Are you
    pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But
    little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the

    The life of
    this world is but play and pastime,
    but if you believe (in the
    Oneness of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism), and fear Allâh, and avoid evil,
    He will grant you your wages, and will not ask you your wealth.

    And know that your
    possessions and your children are but a trial
    and that surely
    with Allâh is a mighty reward.

    And it is not your
    wealth, nor your children that bring you nearer to Us
    pleases Allâh), but only he (will please Us) who believes (in the
    Islâmic Monotheism), and does righteous
    deeds; as for such, there will be twofold reward for what they did, and
    they will reside in the high dwellings
    (Paradise) in peace and

    63:9. O you who believe! Let not your properties
    or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allâh. And
    whosoever does that, then they are the losers.

  45. The Oslo Accords
    contain a provision requiring the cessation of inculcating hatred &
    inciting violence.  Arafat never implemented that provision. No
    Muslim ever will.  Like Lucy snatching the ball away from Charlie
    Brown, the Muslims will never negotiate in good faith.
  46. Two states: Israel & Trans
    Jordan. What happened in 1948?  What happened in 1967?  Can
    you get a clue?
  47. Ever heard of the
    Maillot Massacre?  How about the murder of the Fogel family?
    Then there was an anti-tank rocket fired at a school bus, killing one
    boy and injuring the driver.  Israeli children will only live
    peacefully and securely when the world is an Islam free zone.
  48. That kind of
    blather induces incontinence. Barack Hussein Obama is merging his
    Socialist agenda into the peace issue. When there is war or the threat
    of war there is no peace.  When there are Muslims, there is no
    peace.  Peace and Islam are polar opposites.  Peace is not a
    function of prosperity, wealth, social justice, etc.  Peace is a
    function of the extinction of predators, extraneous issues should not
    be conflated with peace.
  49. Pandora’s box is
    open, the lid is lost and the demons are loose.
    Proliferation happened and it can not be reversed. Anyone who trusts
    Communists or Muslims who have nukes is a suicidal idiot.
  50. Once
    again, the specter of International Socialism, aka. Communism raises
    its ugly head and bares its fangs.  Obama is not satisfied with
    wrecking the American economy, he wants to wreck the whole world and
    make us pay for it.
  51. Anthropomorphic climate change is a
    proven fraud. That spew of malarkey from President Obama is a great
    embarrassment to the nation who stupidly elected him three years
    ago.  There is nothing more deleterious to our economy than his
    cap and tax plan. The need for economic growth militates against that
    malicious policy.
  52. Freedom
    of speech, such as Pakistan’s blasphemy law, which they are trying to
    impose through the UN? . Freedom of religion such as Egyptian Copts are
    experiences with assaults, murders and arson with impunity?
  53. Shari’ah prescribes the death penalty
    for homosexuality. Iran hangs Queers.
  54. In Islam. women are chattel;
    men own them.  Exactly how do you hope to change that?

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Comment on forgetting 9-11

An anonymous comment on my post dissecting 22 damned lies in Obamination’s weekend address about the anniversary of the Accursed Abomination exposes several significant fallacious memes which must be refuted.  I will refute them one by one, out of sequence for maximal clarity.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Obamination: Forgetting the Abomination-9-11“:

If the American know about the suffering of the Palestinian refugees in their daily life , which all originates from their exodus since 1948 and replacing the Jewish settlers instead.When we revise the US successful administrations’ attitudes to the side of Israel one can easily detect the reasons of Palestinians’ anguish which will reasonably lead to some wrong judgements towards America among masses , but educated people know very well that this is wrong ,we know that those who helped every nation when a natural disaster happens wouldn’t accept this enormous burden of oppression upon our people .We know very well too, that Israel and Zionism could benefit cunningly from the aftermath of the 9/11 disaster .So while their powerful media ignore those muslims who died in that tragic incident, they insist to refer to any criminal all over the world with “A MUSLIM” if his religion was Islam and forge in the American mind that Islam, it’s God it’s prophet and it’s holy book all call for violence, thus the image of 1.5 billion Muslims becomes a criminal prototype one.Isn’t it more than enough ,when the death toll is more than 2 million Iraqis, around one million Afghans ,about 8 thousand US troops and the triple of wounded and dis tarted. ,THE MAIN CAUSES OF THESE WARS COME FROM THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE , Just once let the US govt try to give the rights to Palestinians, to stop the vito in the security council .See how the response is different,the Libyan example is still fresh!!!


When indigenous Israelis rose up in legitimate rebellion against illegal occupation by Rome, Rome suppressed the rebellion and imposed a new name on the province, naming it after the Philistines as an insult to the Jews.  A linguistic corruption of that name stuck and was adopted by historians.

When Moe created his war cult, he did not create it out of the whole cloth, instead he wove in bits and pieces of Jewish & Christian scripture and apocrypha in hopes of deceiving the local Jews & Christians so as to convert them to his war cult by fraud.  Many Jews recognized the dirty trick and laughed Moe to scorn.  Angry at being recognized as a fraud and rejected, Moe turned his wrath on the Jews.

Moe raided the local Jewish settlements in and around Yathrib and set his sights on a regional and global scale. Examine the evidence.

  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 392:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    While we were in the Mosque, the Prophet came out and said, “Let us go to the Jews” We went out till we reached Bait-ul-Midras. He said to them, “If you embrace Islam, you will be safe.You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land. So, if anyone amongst you owns some property, he is permitted to sell it, otherwise you should know that the Earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle.”

  • Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477
    Narrated Ibn Hawalah:

    The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: It will turn out that you will be armed troops, one is Syria, one in the Yemen and one in Iraq. Ibn Hawalah said: Choose for me, Apostle of Allah, if I reach that time. He replied: Go to Syria, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your tanks, for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people.

  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331:
    Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah:
    The Prophet said, “I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me.
    1. Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a distance of one month’s journey.
    2. The earth has been made for me (and for my followers) a place for praying and a thing to perform Tayammum, therefore anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due.
    3. The booty has been made Halal (lawful) for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me.
    4. I have been given the right of intercession (on the Day of Resurrection).
    5. Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.
  • Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 386:
    Narrated Jubair bin Haiya:
    ‘Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight the pagans.[…] Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:– “Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever amongst us remain alive, shall become your master.”[…]

In Bukhari 4.53.392, we learn that Moe invited the Jews to Islam, and declared his intention to expel them if they rejected it. Note his declaration that he owns the earth. His arrogant narcissism is confirmed in Bukhari 1.7.331-2 & 5. The scope of his conquest is global.  Note the confirmation of this fact in the Qur’an translations of Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Hilali & Khan. [8:39]

  • And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily God doth see all that they do.
  • And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.

Surah Al-Anfal 8:39, cited above, tells Muslims to wage war against pagans until resistance ceases and only Allah is worshiped on a global scale. Another ayeh is more directly related to the present cases, examine it closely.

  • 9:29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

J.M. Rodwell’s translation of this ayeh is crystal clear and bears a striking resemblance to its codification in Reliance of the Traveller.

  • 9:29. Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled.
  • O9.8: The Objectives of Jihad

    The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4) -which is the significance of their paying it, not the money itself-while remaining in their ancestral religions) (O: and the war continues) until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax (O: in accordance with the word of Allah Most High,[…]

Abu Dawud 14.77 informed us that Allah took special charge of the Levant on Moe’s account and Moe set its conquest as priority number one.  In Bulhari 4.53.386, we learned that caliph Umar sent the Muslims to the great countries to fight.  We also saw confirmation of the Jihad imperative.  One of the areas Umar conquered was the Roman Province of Syria, in 638.

Jews & Christians are indigenous to the Levant, Arabs are not. They invaded, conquered and illegally occupied the Levant in 638 because of Moe’s passionate hatred of the Jews.  Muslim Arabs are the invaders, interlopers & illegal occupiers of Eretz Yisroel and oppressors of indigenous Jews & Christians.

The Ottoman Empire fought on the losing side of WW1 and lost the Levant. Great Britain was given a League of Nations Mandate to create a national home for the Jews in the territory which has been stolen from them in 638 by caliph Umar.  The Brits reneged on the promise of the Balfour Doctrine, giving most of the Levant to Trans-Jordan and suppressing the return of the Jews.  After WW2, Israel overthrew the last of her conquerors and restored their national identity.

In 1948, the Arab League invaded Israel, with undisguised genocidal intent. They told the local interlopers & occupiers to leave, clearing the way for genocidal conquest.  But Allah, being an impotent idol, failed to give them the promised victory.  The Muslims who left Israel were not accepted by their Arab brethren, who preferred to keep them stateless and homeless, as a festering sore, political token and cannon fodder.

In 1967, they tried again. Allah, still an impotent idol, again failed to give them the victory they had been promised and they lost Judea & Samaria which they had seized illegally in 1948.

The Muslim narrative tells us that Falestinians are indigenous to the Levant. It tells us that they have a right to a state of their own. Unlike Israel, they never had a state of their own on that land.  If you claim otherwise, reply in a comment to each of the following questions.

  1. What was the name of the Falestinian state?
  2. When was it established?
  3. When and by whom was it abolished?
  4. What was its language?
  5. What was its culture?
  6. What was its currency?
  7. Who was its last Falestinian ruler?
  8. Where was its capitol?

Nobody can give truthful answers to those questions because the Falestinian narrative is malignant malarkey, a complete fabrication of falsehood.


Palestinian people do not exist

July 11, ’02, Joseph Farah published under that title, in World Net Daily,  a revelation of truth difficult for many to accept. He lifted the wool, exposing the fraud perpetrated by the propagandists.   One quote in that article stands out above the rest for  the clarity of its revelation.

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. …[Zahir Muhsein, P.L.O. Executive Cmte.]

Moral men can not, apprised of this fatal fact, remain silent. We must expose it to the eyes and ears of the world.  There is a foundation under the big lie,  seldom exposed to view.


Such suffering as the Falestinians endure is either self-imposed or imposed by their Muslim brethren for political gain.  If they were not constantly attacking Israel, there would be no security measures.  You could have had a state of your own in ’48, but you opted for genocide instead. You lost, suffer the consequences in silence. Shut up already, we’ve endured enough of your caterwauling.

Israel and Zionism could benefit

Blood libel! “Jews perpetrated 9-11” in order to put the onus on Islam.  Unfortunately for you, we know the truth. Usama bin Ladin threatened us twice, in writing.  After the attack, he bragged about it on video tape. Mohammad Atta left behind a copy of his final instructions to the attackers.


In response to a nine count bill of indictment, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four companions uttered and published a damning confession, which I quote.  May the Almighty Creator bring down upon them immediate death and eternal damnation!

[…]With regards to these nine accusations that you are putting us on trial for; to us, they are not
accusations. To us they are badges of honor, which we carry with pride. Many thanks to God, for his
kind gesture, and choosing us to perform the act of Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and Muslims.
Therefore, killing you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding back to your
attacks, are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion. These actions are our offerings to
God. In addition, it is the imposed reality on Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, in the
land of the two holy sites [Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia], and in the rest ofthe world, where
Muslims are suffering from your brutality, terrorism, killing ofthe innocent, and occupying their lands
and their holy sites. Nevertheless, it would have been the greatest religious duty to fight you over your
infidelity. However, today, we fight you over defending Muslims, their land, their holy sites,and their
religion as a whole.[…]

K.S.M & co. did it, and they are proud of their work. They consider waging war against infidelity to be a religious obligation, as stated in Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9.1.

Muslim = criminal

Do you emulate Muhammad, as you are commanded to do?

  • 3:132. And obey Allâh and the Messenger (Muhammad ) that you may obtain mercy.
  • 33:21. Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh (Muhammad ) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allâh and the Last Day and remembers Allâh much.

How did Muhammad gain his income?

Don’t try to tell me that Muhammad got his living by hunting wild game because the next clause is entirely unrelated to hunting, it refers to men who don’t do what Muhammad told them to do. Lets see exactly how Moe got his income; was it or was it not through organized crime?

  • 8:1. They ask you (O Muhammad ) about the spoils of war. Say: “The spoils are for Allâh and the Messenger.” So fear Allâh and adjust all matters of difference among you, and obey Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad ), if you are believers.
  • 8:41. And know that whatever of war-booty that you may gain, verily one-fifth (1/5th) of it is assigned to Allâh, and to the Messenger, and to the near relatives [of the Messenger (Muhammad )], (and also) the orphans, Al-Masâkin (the poor) and the wayfarer, if you have believed in Allâh and in that which We sent down to Our slave (Muhammad ) on the Day of criterion (between right and wrong), the Day when the two forces met (the battle of Badr) – And Allâh is Able to do all things.
  • 33:26. And those of the people of the Scripture who backed them (the disbelievers) Allâh brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captives.
    33:27. And He caused you to inherit their lands, and their houses, and their riches, and a land which you had not trodden (before). And Allâh is Able to do all things.
  • 8:67. It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war (and free them with ransom) until he had made a great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land. You desire the good of this world (i.e. the money of ransom for freeing the captives), but Allâh desires (for you) the Hereafter. And Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise.
  • 3. The booty has been made Halal (lawful) for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me.
  • Sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4327:
    The spoils of war were not made lawful for any people before us, This is because Allah saw our weakness and humility and made them lawful for us.


Moe dictated and dispatched extortion letters. Here is a relevant sample, there are more where this came from.


    In the name of ALLAH the compassionate, the Merciful

    From Muhammad, Prophet of Allah

    To the People of Aqaba

    May peace be on you. I praise Allah who is one and except whom there is nobody else to be worshipped.

    I do not intend to wage war against you till you receive my written reason for it. It is better for you, either to accept Islam or agree to pay Jiziya and consent to remain obedient to Allah, His prophet and his messengers. My messengers deserve honour. Treat them with respect. Whatever pleases my messengers, will also please me.

    These people have been informed of the orders about Jiziya. If you desire that there should be peace and security in the world, obey Allah and His Prophet. Thereafter none in Arabia and Ajam (Iran) shall dare cast an evil eye on you. But the rights of Allah and His Prophet can at no time be waived.

    If you do not accept these terms and set them aside, I do not need your presents and gifts. In that case, I shall have to wage war (to establish peace and security). Its result would be that the big ones shall be killed in war and the commoners shall be taken prisoners.

    I assure you that I am a true Prophet of Allah. I believe in Allah, and His Books, and His Prophets and am of the faith that Maseeh (Messiah) son of Mariam (Mary), is a Prophet of Allah and His word.

    Hurmala (Raziallah AnhoA.) who brought to me 3 wasaq (about 6 quintals) of barley, recommended your case. Had it not been in compliance of the command of Allah and the good opinion of Hurmala for you, it would not have been necessary for me to correspond with you and instead of it, there would have been a war. If you will obey my messengers, you shall immediately have my support and the help and support of everyone who is attached to me.

    My messengers are Shuraih-beel, Obaiy, Hurmala and Hurais (Raziallah AnhoA.) and whatever decision they take in respect of you, shall be acceptable to me.

    Your people are under the protection and responsibility of Allah and His Prophet.

    Supply provisions to the Jews of Maqna, for their journey to their country.

    If you accept obedience, may peace be on you.’

    Seal: Allah’s Prophet Muhammad .

    Islam, it’s God it’s prophet and it’s holy book all call for violence,

Whatever gave anyone that impression?  I showed you the two main jihad imperatives. I showed you ahadith which confirm  them. I showed you one provision of Islamic law that codifies  one of them.

death toll

The estimated death toll of Islam in the last 1389 years is 270*106 ; that is more than sufficient.


What did Allah say? What did Moe do?  Between 1779 and 1815, the Barbary Pirates sacked our shipping, stealing vessels and cargo, killing and enslaving the crews.  Which Arab land were we occupying? Israel was not more than a gleam in a Zionist’s eye.  What excuse do you have?  Thomas Jefferson & J.Q. Adams asked, and the answer they received is most revealing. Compare it to the quote in Bukhari 4.53.386 cited above.

  • The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet (Mohammed), that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman (or Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to heaven.[]

give the rights to Palestinians

  • 44:28. Thus (it was)! And We made other people inherit them (i.e. We made the Children of Israel to inherit the kingdom of Egypt).

Why should we give to barbarian plunderers, Hellbent on genocide, that which belongs to Israel?  The entire Falestinian narrative is a lie, told by liars, there is no basis in scripture, history, law or morality for acting on it.

Libyan example

The traitor in the White House intervened in a factional dispute between our enemies, benefiting no one. His treason will not stop jihad. Another traitor, Slick Willy, aided the Muslim conquerors of Bosnea, his treachery has not stopped Bosnian Muslims from commiting terror attacks against us.

Islam violates human rights

The founders of this great nation declared, seized and maintained rights, given by the Almighty Creator.

  • life
  • liberty
  • pursuit of happiness
  • property
  • dignity
  • equality

If we are to preserve and maintain those rights, we absolutely must eliminate Islam from the face of the earth because Islam is perpetual war.

  • […]And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and […]
  • […]”Whoever says, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’, faces our Qibla during the prayers, prays like us and eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have.”

Our lives and property are not sacred to Muslims and we have no rights until we become like them.   8:39 & 9:29 are fight…until loops; outcome oriented imperatives. Sunan Abu Dawud Book 14, Number 2526 informs us that “jihad will be performed continuously since the day Allah sent me as a prophet until the day the last member of my community will fight with the Dajjal (Antichrist).”.

Jihad is “ordained for” Muslims. It is waging war against non-Muslims, and  a communal obligation,” meaning upon the Muslims each year.[Reliance 09.0, 9.1)  Jihad is their “original religion”.  Agriculture & trade are undesirable alternatives to jihad as a means of subsistence, incurring Allah’s curse.

  • Sunan Abu Dawud Book 23, Number 3455:

    Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar:

    I heard the Apostle of Allah, (peace_be_upon_him) say: When you enter into the inah transaction, hold the tails of oxen, are pleased with agriculture, and give up conducting jihad (struggle in the way of Allah). Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion.

If any Kufar can know these fatal facts and still respect or tolerate Islam, please write a comment explaining how that is possible.  If you are a Muslim, believing Moe to be al-Insān al-Kāmil, the perfect role model for you to emulate, how can you live with this knowledge?  How can you worship a man who commited genocideHow can you worship a man who raided Jewish settlements, took women captive, raped them and allowed his army to rape them?  How can you accept as divine the ‘revelations’ of a man who received them while suffering epileptic seizures and doing nikah with his child bride?  How can you accept as divine, situational scripture revealed to give sanction to Moe’s carnal urges?  If you can know these fatal facts and remain a Muslim, please write a comment and explain how it is possible.

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Obamination: High Treason

President Obama met with the “President Abbas”  June 9, 2010 and held a joint press conference,  which he refused to do with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The White House provided a transcript. My intention is to expose the arrogant traitor by contrasting his clever lies with the truth.

Bare Naked Islam posted a video of the press conference. Watch it, but be careful to avoid vomiting on your keyboard.

I just want to thank President Abbas for being here, and his delegation.  We just concluded some very productive discussions on this issue.  I commended President Abbas for the excellent work that he and Prime Minister Fayyad have been engaged in over the last several years in strengthening the security as well as improving the economic situation for his people.  He’s done so through hard work and dedication, and I think the whole world has noticed the significant improvements that we’ve seen as a consequence of his good administration.

Exactly what did those discussions produce?  Did Abbas do anything about official incitement?  Did he do anything about the inculcation of hatred in his schools and summer camps?  Did he discard the practice of honoring terrorists by naming streets, plazas, institutions and events after them?  We know blessed well that he did not and will not do any of those things.

Exactly what substantive action  did Abbas take to enhance the security of his people?  Did he do anything to curb provocations against Israel, which generate the greatest threat to their welfare when Israel is forced to retaliate?  Did he do anything effective to curb the rival gangs whose fights often entrap “innocent civilians” ?  We know blessed well that he did not and will not do any of those things.

Exactly what did Abbas do to improve the economic situation of his people?  Did he stop wasting money on weapons and terrorists?  Did he curb corruption?  Did he recover any of the foreign aid diverted by Arafat ?  We know blessed well that he has not done and will not do any of those things.

Exactly what improvements has he made?  How extensive and how permanent are they?

But obviously there is a lot of work that remains to be done so that we can create a two-state solution in the Middle East in which we have an Israel that is secure and fully accepted by its neighbors, and a Palestinian people that have their own state, self-determination, and the ability to chart their own destiny.

Creating a Falestinian state is not a solution.  No quantity of work will enable the creation of a  stable, self supporting, anodyne Falestinian state.  The difference between a Falestinian state and the Falestinian Authority  is statehood.  That is an artificial legal concept  which has no effect whatsoever on objective factual reality.

They had an opportunity to have their own state, unjustly carved out of the territory mandated for Israel, just as Trans-Jordan was stolen from Israel’s patrimony.  Instead, they chose war, preferring attempted politicide & genocide to a state of their own.  Statehood would not make any improvement.

Israel will never be secure, nor will it be accepted by its neighbors so long as its neighbors are slaves of Allah.  Allah hates Jews, he wants them all dead.  He commanded Muslims to wage war against them until all the Jews are subjugated and submit to extortion.  He established the final genocide of the Jews as a prerequisite for  the opening of the gates of Paradise.  Who will Allah send to torment the Jews? [Emphasis added.]

7:167. And (remember) when your Lord declared that He would certainly keep on sending against them (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection, those who would afflict them with a humiliating torment. Verily, your Lord is Quick in Retribution (for the disobedient, wicked) and certainly He is Oft­Forgiving, Most Merciful (for the obedient and those who beg Allâh’s Forgiveness).

There is a reason why Muslims will never accept the existence of Israel.  Nobody in a position of power and authority will reveal it to you. Since I am not in a position of power or authority and do not make a living from public speaking or writing, I am able and willing to reveal it.  Israel is living proof of the fact that Allah is an impotent idol.  Islam is a lie, Muslims are liars, and Israel stands as living proof of that fact. Her existence is the ultimate blasphemy to Muslims.

When Muslims conquer a territory, it becomes waqf, in perpetual trust for Allah.  Allah will never relinquish it; it is impossible for conquered kuffar to recover their land and rule over its Muslim occupiers.

Allah promised Muslims victory in the Qur’an:  3:125, 5:52,  14:15, 17:6, 29:10.  He said “We gradually reduce the land (of disbelievers, by giving it to the believers, in war victories) from its outlying borders. in 13:41 “. Allah promised in 8:65, a ten to one kill ratio, reducing it to two to one in the next verse.

If Allah were the deity and his promises valid, Israel would have been annihilated in 1948 or any of the  latter attempts at genocide.  Only ignorant fools believe that peaceful coexistence with Islam is possible.  Only traitors pretend that it is possible.

Now, we’ve just gone through a difficult period in the region.  We saw the tragedy with the flotillas, something that I think has drawn attention all around the world to the ongoing problems in Gaza.  As part of the United Nations Security Council, we were very clear in condemning the acts that led to this crisis and have called for a full investigation.  And it is important that we get all the facts out.  But what we also know is that the situation in Gaza is unsustainable.  I think increasingly you’re seeing debates within Israel, recognizing the problems with the status quo.  And so President Abbas and I had very extensive discussions about how we could help to promote a better approach to Gaza.

Tragedy with the flotillas?  Malignant malarkey! The flotillas were a planned provocation, intended to produce bodies  to be paraded before the t.v. cameras. The Muslims set up a lose/lose situation for Israel. Israel had two options, neither of them good. She could let the flotillas through, ending the blockade and insuring the delivery of larger, more powerful missiles from Iran — missiles which would do devastating damage to her cities. Or she  could seize the ships, and be forced to kill terrorists, posing as humanitarian aid workers in the process.  Give them a military victory or a propaganda victory. Israel wisely chose the latter.

The Jews landed on the ship armed with paint ball guns. They were besieged by terrorists swinging steel bars and plunging knives into them.  The Jews were forced to use their side arms.  For this, the hypocrites condemn Israel.

The Security Council condemned Israel for defending herself.  If we had a President instead of a traitor, that resolution would have been vetoed.   Anyone with a scintilla of morality would condemn the  Muslims for perpetrating their provocation.

The facts are out.  We saw video coverage of the swinging bars.  We saw pictures of bloodied Jews with stab wounds.  We saw the terrorists chanting Kaibar, the name of an Oasis where Moe had the village chief tortured to death and took his widow as a sex slave. We heard one of them say that they would obtain one of two good outcomes: “Gaza or martyrdom”.  Why waste time and treasure on an a biased investigation with a predetermined unjust outcome?

The only rational approach to Gaza and the West Bank is to remove the illegal occupiers.  Get those  Muslims out of there immediately!

We agree that Israelis have the right to prevent arms from entering into Gaza that can be used to launch attacks into Israeli territory.  But we also think that it is important for us to explore new mechanisms so that we can have goods and services, and economic development, and the ability of people to start their own businesses, and to grow the economy and provide opportunity within Gaza.

When they put saltpeter in bags labeled “sugar”,  they make trust impossible.  Israel can not afford to allow them to import the raw material for rocket fuel.  Every item in every load must be inspected for dual use materials. Anything less is suicidal.  Falestinians must abandon their quest for genocide or suffer the consequences.  Our politicians must quit blaming Israel for the faults of her enemy.   If you want economic development in Gaza, get the Muslims out of there and replace them with Jews.

And so we are going to be working hand in hand to make sure that we come up with a better approach, and urge Israel to work with all parties involved — Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, and the international community — to find a resolution to this issue.

Israel can only resolve this issue by doing to her enemies what they are trying to do to her. The only  rational alternative to break their bond of slavery to Allah, and nobody has the guts to  approach that problem.

In the meantime, the United States — which is already the biggest humanitarian aid donor in Gaza — is going to be announcing an additional $400 million in assistance for housing, school construction, business development — not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank, because we think it’s important for us to reaffirm once again our commitment to improving the day-to-day lives of ordinary Palestinians.

The ultimate fool’s errand:  give the enemy money  for infrastructure construction, money that will be siphoned off to buy rocket fuel & explosives.  Then, the Jews will retaliate, destroying the new infrastructure.  While we are up to our eyeballs in national debt, Obama throws $400 million down the sewer.  We should flush him instead.

Now, what we also discussed, though, and what we will continue to work on over the next several months is the fact that not only is the status quo with respect to Gaza unsustainable, the status quo with respect to the Middle East is unsustainable. It is time for us to go ahead and move forward on a two-state solution that will affirm the needs of Israeli citizens and will affirm the needs of Palestinian — Palestinians who are desperate for a homeland.

“Palestinian” means Jew.  “Palestine” is a linguistic corruption of a name imposed on Israel & Judea by the Roman Empire after a rebellion in ad 70.  Israel is the Jewish homeland, not Arab homeland.  Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not of some imaginary “Palestine”.  Those so called “Palestinians”  are  undifferentiated Arabs, nothing special.  They have no special rights and Israel owes them nothing whatsoever.   They do not want a homeland, they want the destruction of Israel.   I tire of the repetition of the false narrative of Falestine.

We have had very productive proximity talks.  Senator Mitchell — who is here, I think standing in the back — has been very active, working with both the Palestinians and the Israelis to try to start moving this process forward.  And I want to thank President Abbas for participating in these proximity talks even under some difficult circumstances.  He has shown courage and tenacity in wanting to resolve this issue.  And we believe that with Israelis and the Palestinian Authority coming together, making clear that a peaceful, non-violent solution that recognizes both the security needs of Israel as well as the legitimate aspirations of Palestinians is the right way to go, can yield real progress in the coming months.

Remember Oslo? What was gained? What part of their obligations did the Falestinians fulfill?  Remember Wye River ?  What was gained?  And the Roadmap to Hell, what good has it accomplished?

There is nothing to discuss except the time of the Muslim’s departure from Israel and whether they are going home or to Hell.  Thank Abbas for talking, after his refusal to concede anything and his ever escalating demands?

There is no peaceful non-violent solution to genocidal aggression.  There are no “legitimate aspirations” of Falestinians.  They aspire only to genocide, politicide and complete world conquest.

It’s important that we understand the sense of urgency that the Palestinian people feel in this process.  Obviously you’ve got organizations like Hamas that have not recognized Israel, have not renounced violence, who are calling for a different approach.  And we think it’s important that, given President Abbas’s commitment to a peaceful diplomatic solution to these issues, and I think the desire of people both in Israel and Palestine — Palestinian Territories for a peaceful solution, that we move forward.  And the United States is going to put its full weight behind those efforts.

There never was, is not now and never will be any such commitment to “a peaceful diplomatic solution”.  The United States, under the treason of Barack Hussein Obama, is putting its full weight behind the drive to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews.

I did share with President Abbas, in order for us to be successful in these next several months, that both sides have to create an environment, a climate, that is going to be conducive to an actual breakthrough.  And that means on the Israeli side, curbing settlement activity and recognizing some of the progress that has been made by the Palestinian Authority when it comes to issues like security.  It means on the Palestinian side — and I was very frank with President Abbas that we have to continue to make more progress on both security as well as incitement issues.

The English language does not contain any execrations sufficient to communicate the dimensions and intensity of my outrage; my contempt and detestation  for the imbecillic spew of lies from that conniving traitor.  Jewish settlements in the Jewish homeland are not the obstacle to peace.  Islamic doctrine is the obstacle to peace.  There is no progress to recognize; never was and never will be. Abbas will never do anything effective to curb missile launches & suicide bombings.  Abbas will never stop the incitement and inculcation of hatred.   Only a damn fool has such expectations.  Only a traitor pretends that  they are realistic.

And if we can over the next several months try to lift up what are the honest and legitimate concerns of both sides and if both Palestinians and Israelis can recognize that they have a common interest in moving off of what has been this dead end, then I believe that potentially we can make significant progress before the end of the year.

God help us, we elected a traitor! No truth can pass his lips.  Only Israel has “honest and legitimate concerns”.

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Falestine Fabrication Exposed

Caroline Glick & her friends  are here to entertain and inform you.

I share this video with you as Sarah Thomas shared it with me on Facebook.  I exhort you to watch closely and listen carefully, enjoy,  smile, shed a tear as I did and share it with others.

Truly I tell you that the Falestinians have learned their lesson from the Communists and implemented it with great expertise.  They have disguised  wolves in
lambskins and pulled the wool over the eyes of the world.

Few, few indeed are the intelligent and perceptive minority who see through the disguise and recognize the predator  behind the propaganda storm.  I hope and pray that this excellent video will expand their number.   The time has come to proclaim the fact that there is no truth whatsoever in the Falestinian narrative.

Who will tell us the  name of the first  king of the Falestinians?  Who will tell us the name of their last President?  Who will reveal their distinctive language, nomenclature of their currency & cuisine?   Exactly when was Jerusalem their capitol city?

Palestinian people do not exist

July 11, ’02, Joseph Farah published under that title, in World Net Daily,  a revelation of truth difficult for many to accept. He lifted the wool, exposing the fraud perpetrated by the propagandists.   One quote in that article stands out above the rest for  the clarity of its revelation.

The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. …[Zahir Muhsein, P.L.O. Executive Cmte.]

Moral men can not, apprised of this fatal fact, remain silent. We must expose it to the eyes and ears of the world.  There is a foundation under the big lie,  seldom exposed to view. [Emphasis added.]

Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477
Narrated Ibn Hawalah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: It will turn out that you will be armed troops, one is Syria, one in the Yemen and one in Iraq. Ibn Hawalah said: Choose for me, Apostle of Allah, if I reach that time. He replied: Go to Syria, for it is Allah’s chosen land, to which his best servants will be gathered but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen, and draw water from your tanks, for Allah has on my account taken special charge of Syria and its people.

Moe prophesied that the Muslims would invade and conquer Iraq, Syria & Yemen.  He  put a high priority on the conquest of  the Roman Province of Syria, saying that Allah had, on his account taken special charge of that province and its people.  Let us see exactly what that special charge entails.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177:
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

Completion of genocide against Israel is a prerequisite for the opening of the gates of Paradise.  That hadith is quoted in the Charter of Hamas, Art. 7.
The time has come for moral men to wake up, wise up and rise up disrespectfully demanding honesty, truthfulness and courage from the demagogues & con men we have elected to lead our nations.  Do not vote for anyone who refuses to acknowledge the truth about  Islam & Falestine!

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Two States: the Insolvent Solution


The heads of the Arab League states met at Khartoum  August 29 and on September 1, 1967, issued the Khartoum Declaration which included the three no’s:

  1. no peace with Israel
  2. no recognition of Israel
  3. no negotiation with Israel.

When Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel, she was expelled from the Arab League.

Reagan Plan

The Reagan Plan of 1982 would have Israel withdraw to the ’67 border,  freeze settlement and allow an autonomous government in the territories. Prime Minister Begin’s response is informative.

  • […]millennia ago there was a Jewish kingdom of Judea and Samaria, where our kings knelt to God, where our prophets brought forth the vision of eternal peace, where we developed our rich civilization which we took with us in our hearts and minds on our long global trek for over 18 centuries and, with it, we came back home[…]
  • […]“Geography and history have determined that Judea and Samaria are mountainous country; two-thirds of our population lives in the Coastal Plain below. From those mountains you can hit every city, every town, each township and village, not to speak of our principal airport in the plain below. We used to live penned up into eight miles from the seashore and now, Mr. President, you suggest that we return to almost that same situation. Under no circumstances shall we accept such a possibility ever arising; it would endanger our very existence.[…]
  • […]a friend does not weaken his friend, and an ally does not put his ally in jeopardy.[…]

Yehuda Avner offers significant details about how the proposal was communicated to Begin, who was the last to learn of it.

Fez Accord

Mid East Web lists the points of the Fez Accord which was based on Prince Fahd’s plan, which I will try to distill down to its essentials.

  1. Withdrawal to ’67 border.
  2. Dismantling of settlements.
  3. Guaranteed freedom of worship & ritual practice at holy places.
  4. Fallestinian self-determination & right of return.
  5. Short term UN supervision.
  6. Independent Falestinian state with Jerusalem as it s capital.
  7. Security Council guarantee of peace.
  8. Security Council guarantee of implementation of these principles.

When you launch a military adventure in hopes of gaining territory, you risk losing more than you gain.  That risk is a significant disincentive to aggression. Why should Muslims be exempt from it?  They declared a war of genocidal intent. They lost. They demand that territory, which they had illegally seized in ’48 and lost in ’67 when they attacked Israel again, be returned to them. That is avarice & arrogance, with no foundation on justice or equity.

Israel was willing to return captured land in return for peace. Instead, the Arab League declared the three no’s outlined above. Jews have every right in justice and equity to live in the stolen land they recovered. Israel allows Muslims to live in her territory but Muslims demand that the land be judenrein. How do you justify the double standard?

When Jordan illegally seized and annexed Jerusalem, Hussein guaranteed free access to holy sites, yet he barred Jews from their holy sites and desecrated cemeteries and synagogues. Why in Hell should Jews expect any better performance from his son and the UN?


As pointed out earlier in Peace: in a Pig’s …, ‘Palestine’ & ‘Palestinians’ really refer to Israel & Jews.  Falestinian claims to being a particular people, distinct from the mill run of Arabs with special national aspirations are entirely fraudulent.   They had a right to stay put, they chose to leave in order to facilitate genocidal aggression against the Jews. Why should they be allowed to return to destroy Israel militarily or demographically?

United Nothing!

When and where has the UN been of any real benefit?  Have they stopped any wars or prevented any genocides?  Have they prevented Hezbollah from re-arming and firing rockets? Have they stopped Hamas rocket fire?

Jerusalem was divided from ’48 to ’67.  During that period, Jews were barred from the Temple Mount and their cemeteries & synagogues were desecrated, in contravention of King Hussein’s promise.  Why should she revert to that condition?

The Security Council can’t guarantee anything. It is a useless appendage, with Russia & China exercising veto power in support of their Arab dependencies.

Oslo, Road Map & Wye River

When did the Falestinians cease propagation of propaganda for war &  incitement of terrorism? When did they take active & effective steps to stop terror attacks?  When did they close the revolving prison door?  When did they recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state? When did they quit chanting “from the river to the sea”? When did they quit honoring terrorists as martyrs?  What makes anyone but a deluded fool think they ever will do any of those things?

Peace through victory

Victory: the Path to Peace exposes the foundation of Islamic aggression: Qir’an, hadith & Shari’ah. In the end, it all boils down to this.

Only a total, absolute military and ideological victory; one which destroys Islam completely, can put an end to Jihad. This is the fatal fact of Islam which none dares contemplate.  Nixon & Kissinger could not force peace. Reagan & Baker could not force peace. Clinton & Albright could not force peace. Bush , Powell & Rice could not force peace.  Peace must come from total and absolute victory over Islam, it has no other source. While there is Islam, there is Jihad.You who believe that reforming Islamic governments, introducing democracy, educating the populace and abolishing poverty will end Jihad are blind, ignorant fools. Jihad is a mandatory sacrament, an eternal commandment of Allah’s perfected, immutable word. Jihad; holy fighting in Allah’s cause,  is an intrinsic part of Islam; it is the Muslim’s “original religion“, and they are cursed if they abandon it.

The victory must be so complete,  total, intense and extensive that the remaining Muslims will recognize Islam for the fraud it is and abandon it completely. Until that happens, any peace will be partial, insecure and temporary.

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