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Obamination: Spewing Feces in the General Assembly

Obamination: Spewing Feces in the General Assembly

Barack Hussein Obama converted the General Assembly of the United
Nations into another re-election campaign atump with a spew of snake
excrement designed to appeal to his base of electoral support:
Communists, both national and international.

Due to the target rich nature of this spew, I will
place my comments in an enumerated list, linking them to superscripts
in the spew. Click a superscript to read the associated comment, then
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Remarks by President Obama in Address to the United
Nations General Assembly


New York, New York



OBAMA: Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, ladies
and gentlemen: It is a great honor1 for me to be here today. I would like
to talk to you about a subject that is at the heart of the United
Nations — the pursuit of peace2
in an imperfect world.

and conflict have been with us since the beginning of civilizations.
But in the first part of the 20th century, the advance of modern
weaponry led to death on a staggering scale. It was this killing that
compelled the founders of this body to build an institution that was
focused not just on ending one war, but on averting others; a union of
sovereign states that would seek
to prevent conflict
3, while also addressing its causes4.

American did more to pursue this objective than President Franklin
Roosevelt. He knew that a victory in war was not enough. As he said at
one of the very first meetings on the founding of the United Nations,
“We have got to make, not merely peace, but a peace that will last5.”

The men and women who built this institution understood that peace is more than just the absence
of war6
A lasting peace — for nations and for individuals —
depends on a sense of justice
and opportunity, of dignity and freedom
. It depends on struggle and sacrifice, on compromise,
and on a sense of common

delegate to the San Francisco Conference that led to the creation of
the United Nations put it well: “Many people,” she said, “have talked
as if all that has to be done to get peace was to say loudly and
frequently that we loved peace and we hated war. Now we have learned
that no matter how much we love peace and hate war, we cannot avoid
having war brought upon us if there are convulsions in other parts of
the world.”

The fact is peace is hard7.
But our people demand it8.
Over nearly seven decades, even as the United Nations helped avert a
third world war, we still live in a world scarred by conflict and plagued by poverty9.
Even as
we proclaim our love for peace and our hatred of war, there are still convulsions in our world that
endanger us all

I took office at a time of two wars for the United States. Moreover,
the violent extremists who
drew us into war
10in the first place — Osama bin Laden, and his al Qaeda
— remained at large. Today, we’ve set a new direction.

the end of this year, America’s military operation in Iraq will be
over. We will have a normal relationship with a sovereign nation that
is a member of the community of nations. That equal partnership11
will be strengthened by our support for Iraq — for its government and
for its security forces, for its people and for their aspirations.

we end the war in Iraq, the United States and our coalition partners
have begun a transition in Afghanistan. Between now and 2014, an increasingly capable Afghan
security forces will step forward to take responsibility for the
future of their country. As they do, we are drawing down our own
forces, while building an enduring
with the Afghan people.

let there be no doubt: The tide of war is receding. When I took office,
roughly 180,000 Americans were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. By the
end of this year, that number will be cut in half, and it will continue
to decline. This is critical for the sovereignty of Iraq and
Afghanistan. It’s also critical to the strength of the United States as
we build our nation13

we are poised to end these
wars from a position of strength14
Ten years ago, there was an open wound and twisted steel, a broken
heart in the center of this city. Today, as a new tower is rising at
Ground Zero, it symbolizes New York’s renewal, even as al Qaeda is under more pressure15
than ever before. Its leadership has been degraded. And Osama bin16
, a man who
murdered thousands of people from dozens of countries, will never endanger the peace of the world

So, yes, this has been a difficult decade. But today, we stand at a
crossroads of history with the chance to move decisively in the direction of
To do so, we must return to the wisdom of those who created this
institution. The United Nations’ Founding Charter calls upon us, “to
unite our strength to maintain
international peace and security
.” And Article
1 of this General Assembly’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights
reminds us that, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity
and in rights18.”
Those bedrock beliefs — in the responsibility of
states, and the rights of men and women — must be our guide19.

in that effort, we have reason to hope. This year has been a time of
extraordinary transformation. More nations have stepped forward to
international peace and security. And more individuals are claiming their
universal right to live in freedom and dignity21.

about it: One year ago, when we met here in New York, the prospect of a
successful referendum in South Sudan was in doubt. But the
international community overcame old divisions to support the agreement
that had been negotiated to give South Sudan self-determination. And
last summer, as a new flag went up in Juba, former soldiers laid down
their arms, men and women wept with joy, and children finally knew the
promise of looking to a future that they will shape.

year ago, the people of Côte D’Ivoire approached a landmark election.
And when the incumbent lost, and refused to respect the results, the
world refused to look the other way. U.N. peacekeepers were harassed,
but they did not leave their posts. The Security Council, led by the
United States and Nigeria and France, came together to support the will
of the people. And Côte D’Ivoire is now governed by the man who was elected
to lead

year ago, the hopes of the people of Tunisia were suppressed. But they chose the dignity of peaceful
protest over the rule of an iron fist.

A vendor lit a spark that took his own life, but he ignited a movement.
In a face of a crackdown, students spelled out the word, “freedom.” The
balance of fear shifted from the ruler to those that he ruled. And now
the people of Tunisia are preparing for elections that will move them one step closer to the democracy
that they deserve

year ago, Egypt had known one President for nearly 30 years. But for 18
days, the eyes of the world were glued to Tahrir Square, where
Egyptians from all walks of life — men and women, young and old,
Muslim and Christian — demanded their universal
. We
saw in those protesters the moral force of
that has lit the world from Delhi to Warsaw, from
Selma to South Africa — and we knew that change had come to Egypt
and to the Arab world

year ago, the people of Libya were ruled by the world’s longest-serving
dictator. But faced with bullets and bombs and a dictator who
threatened to hunt them down like rats, they showed relentless bravery.
We will never forget the words of the Libyan who stood up in those
early days of the revolution and said, “Our words are free now.” It’s a
feeling you can’t explain. Day after day, in the face of bullets and
bombs, the Libyan
people refused to give back that freedom25
And when they were threatened by the kind of mass atrocity that often
went unchallenged in the last century, the United Nations lived up to
its charter. The Security Council authorized all necessary measures to prevent a massacre.
The Arab League called for this effort; Arab nations joined a NATO-led coalition that
halted Qaddafi’s forces
in their tracks.

the months that followed, the will of the coalition proved unbreakable,
and the will of the Libyan people could not be denied. Forty-two years
of tyranny was
in six months. From Tripoli to Misurata to Benghazi —
today, Libya is
Yesterday, the leaders of a new Libya took their rightful place beside
us, and this week, the United States is reopening our embassy in

is how the international community is supposed to work — nations
standing together for the sake of peace and security,
and individuals claiming
their rights
Now, all of us have a responsibility to support the new Libya — the
new Libyan government as they confront the challenge of turning this
moment of promise into a just and lasting peace
for all Libyans

So this has been a remarkable year. The Qaddafi regime is over. Gbagbo,
Ben Ali, Mubarak are no longer
in power
. Osama
bin Laden is gone, and the idea that change could only come through
violence has been buried with him. 26
is happening in
our world. The way things have been is not the way that they will be.
The humiliating grip of
corruption and tyranny is being pried open
. Dictators are on
notice. Technology is putting power into the hands of the people. The
youth are delivering a powerful rebuke
to dictatorship
, and rejecting the lie that some races,
some peoples, some religions, some ethnicities do not desire democracy27
The promise written down on paper — “all human beings are born free
and equal in dignity and rights” — is closer at hand.

But let us remember: Peace is hard. Peace is hard. Progress can be reversed.
Prosperity comes slowly. Societies can split apart. The measure of our
success must be whether people
can live in sustained freedom, dignity, and security28
And the United Nations and its member states must do their part to
support those basic aspirations. And we have more work to do.

Iran, we’ve seen a government that refuses to recognize the rights of
its own people29. As we meet
here today, men and women and children are
being tortured, detained and murdered by the Syrian regime. Thousands
have been killed, many during the holy time of Ramadan. Thousands more
have poured across Syria’s borders. The Syrian people have shown
dignity and courage in their pursuit of justice — protesting
peacefully, standing silently in the streets, dying for the same values
that this institution is supposed to stand for. And the question for us
is clear: Will we stand with
the Syrian people, or with their oppressors?

the United States has imposed strong sanctions on Syria’s leaders. We
supported a transfer of power that is responsive to the Syrian people.
And many of our allies have joined in this effort. But for the sake of
Syria — and the peace and security of the world — we must speak with
one voice. There’s no excuse
for inaction
. Now is the time for the United Nations Security
Council to sanction the Syrian regime, and to stand with the Syrian people.

the region, we will have to respond to the calls for change. In Yemen,
men, women and children gather by the thousands in towns and city
squares every day with the hope that their determination and spilled
blood will prevail over a
corrupt system.
America supports those aspirations. We must
work with Yemen’s neighbors and our partners around the world to seek a
path that allows for a peaceful
transition of power30 from President
, and a movement to free
and fair elections as soon as possible.

Bahrain, steps have been taken toward reform and accountability. We’re
pleased with that, but more is required. America is a close friend of
Bahrain, and we will continue to call on the government and the main
opposition bloc — the Wifaq — to pursue a meaningful dialogue that
brings peaceful change that is
responsive to the people
We believe the patriotism that binds Bahrainis together must be more
powerful than the sectarian forces that would tear them apart. It will
be hard, but it is possible.

We believe that each nation must chart its own course to fulfill the aspirations of its people,
and America does not expect to agree with every party or person who
expresses themselves politically. But we will always stand up for the
universal rights that were embraced by this Assembly. Those rights
depend on elections that are
free and fair31
; on governance
that is transparent and accountable
; respect for the rights of women and minorities32;
justice that is equal and fair33.
That is what our people deserve. Those are the elements of peace34 that can

Moreover, the United States will continue to support those nations that
transition to democracy
with greater trade and
— so that freedom
is followed by opportunity
We will pursue a deeper engagement with governments, but also with
civil society — students and entrepreneurs, political parties and the
press. We have banned those who abuse human rights from traveling to
our country. And we’ve sanctioned those who trample on human rights
abroad. And we will always serve as a voice for those who’ve been

I know, particularly this week, that for many in this hall, there’s one
issue that stands as a test for these principles and a test for
American foreign policy, and that is the conflict between the Israelis and
the Palestinians

year ago, I stood at this podium and I called for an independent Palestine36.
believed then, and I believe now, that the Palestinian people37
deserve a state
of their own
. But what I also said is that a genuine peace
can only be realized between the Israelis and the Palestinians
themselves. One year later, despite extensive efforts by America and
others, the parties have not
bridged their differences
Faced with this stalemate, I put forward a new basis for negotiations
in May of this year. That basis is clear. It’s well known to all of us
here. Israelis must know that any agreement provides assurances for
their security. Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis
of their state.

Now, I know that many are frustrated by the lack of progress. I assure
you, so am I. But the question isn’t the goal39 that we
seek — the question is how do we reach that goal40.
And I am convinced that there is no short cut to the end of a conflict
that has endured
for decades
. Peace
is hard work
Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the United
Nations — if it were that easy, it would have been accomplished by
now. Ultimately, it is the Israelis and the Palestinians who must live side by
. Ultimately, it is the Israelis and the Palestinians — not
us –- who must reach agreement on the issues that divide
them: on borders
and on security, on refugees and Jerusalem41

Ultimately, peace
depends upon compromise
42 among people who must live
long after our speeches are over, long after our votes
have been tallied. That’s the lesson of Northern Ireland, where ancient
antagonists bridged their differences
That’s the lesson of Sudan, where a negotiated settlement led to an
independent state. And that is and will be the path to a Palestinian
state — negotiations between the parties.

We seek a future where Palestinians live in a sovereign state of their
own, with no limit to what they can achieve
There’s no question
that the Palestinians have seen that vision delayed
for too long
. It is precisely because we believe so strongly in
the aspirations44 of the
Palestinian people

that America has invested so much time and so much effort in the
building of a Palestinian state, and the negotiations that can deliver
a Palestinian state.

But understand this as well: America’s commitment to Israel’s
is unshakeable. Our friendship with
is deep and enduring. And so we believe that any lasting peace
must acknowledge the very real security concerns
that Israel faces every single day.

Let us be honest with
: Israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars
against it. Israel’s citizens have been killed by rockets fired at
their houses and suicide bombs on their buses. Israel’s children come
of age knowing that throughout the region, other children are taught to hate
Israel, a small country of less than eight million people,
look out at a world where leaders of much larger nations threaten to wipe it
off of the map
. The Jewish people carry the burden of centuries
of exile and persecution, and fresh memories of knowing that six million people were
killed simply because of who they are
. Those are facts. They
cannot be denied.

Jewish people have forged a successful state in their historic homeland.
Israel deserves recognition.
It deserves normal relations
with its neighbors. And friends
of the Palestinians do them no favors by ignoring this truth
just as friends of Israel must recognize
the need to pursue a two-state solution46
with a secure Israel next to an independent

That is the truth — each side
has legitimate aspirations
— and that’s part of what makes
peace so hard. And the deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in the
other’s shoes
each side can see the world through the other’s eyes. That’s what we
should be encouraging. That’s what we should be promoting.

body — founded, as it was, out of the ashes of war and genocide, dedicated, as it is, to the dignity
of every single person
— must recognize the reality that is lived
by both the Palestinians and the Israelis
. The measure of our
actions must always be whether they advance the right of Israeli and
Palestinian children to live lives of peace47 and security
and dignity
and opportunity.
And we will only succeed in that effort if we
can encourage the parties to
sit down, to listen to each other, and to understand each other’s hopes
and each other’s fears.
That is the project to which America is
committed. There are no shortcuts. And that is what the United Nations should be
focused on
in the weeks and months to come.

even as we confront these challenges of conflict and revolution, we
must also recognize — we must also remind ourselves — that peace is not just the
absence of war
.48 True peace depends on
creating the opportunity that makes life worth living.
And to do
that, we must confront
the common enemies of humanity: nuclear weapons and poverty, ignorance
and disease
. These
forces corrode the possibility of lasting peace and together we’re
called upon to confront them.

lift the specter of mass destruction, we must come together to pursue the peace and security of a
world without nuclear weapons
Over the last two years, we’ve begun to walk down that path. Since our
Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, nearly 50 nations have taken
steps to secure nuclear materials from terrorists and smugglers. Next
March, a summit in Seoul will advance our efforts to lock down all of
them. The New START Treaty between the United States and Russia will
cut our deployed arsenals to the lowest level in half a century, and
our nations are pursuing talks on how to achieve even deeper
reductions. America will continue to work for a ban on the testing of
nuclear weapons and the production of fissile material needed to make

so we have begun to move in the right direction. And the United States
is committed to meeting our obligations. But even as we meet our
obligations, we’ve strengthened the treaties and institutions that help
stop the spread of these weapons
. And to do so, we must continue
to hold accountable those
nations that flout them

Iranian government cannot demonstrate that its program is peaceful. It
has not met its obligations and it rejects offers that would provide it
with peaceful nuclear power. North Korea has yet to take concrete steps
towards abandoning its weapons and continues belligerent action against
the South. There’s a future of
greater opportunity

for the people of these nations if their governments meet their
international obligations. But if they continue down a path that is
outside international law, they must be met with greater pressure and
isolation. That is what our commitment to peace and security demands.

To bring prosperity to our people,
we must promote the growth that creates opportunity
In this effort, let us not forget that we’ve made enormous progress
over the last several decades. Closed societies gave way to open
markets. Innovation and entrepreneurship has transformed the way we
live and the things that we do. Emerging economies from Asia to the
Americas have lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty. It’s
an extraordinary achievement. And yet, three years ago, we were
confronted with the worst financial crisis in eight decades. And that
crisis proved a fact that has become clearer with each passing year — our fates are interconnected.
In a global economy, nations will rise, or fall, together.

today, we confront the challenges that have followed on the heels of
that crisis. Around the world recovery is still fragile. Markets remain
volatile. Too many people are out of work. Too many others are
struggling just to get by. We acted together to avert a depression in
2009. We must take urgent and coordinated action once more. Here in the
United States, I’ve announced a plan to put Americans
back to work and jumpstart our economy
, at the same time as I’m
committed to substantially reducing our deficits over time.

stand with our European allies as they reshape their institutions and
address their own fiscal challenges. For other countries, leaders face
a different challenge as they shift their economy
towards more self-reliance
, boosting domestic demand
while slowing inflation
. So we will work with emerging economies
that have rebounded strongly, so that rising standards of
living create new markets that promote global growth
. That’s
what our
commitment to prosperity

combat the poverty
that punishes our children
, we must act on the belief that freedom from want is a
basic human right
.50 The United States has
made it a focus of our engagement abroad to help people to feed
And today, as drought and conflict have brought famine to the Horn of
Africa, our conscience calls on us to act. Together, we must continue
to provide assistance, and support organizations that can reach those
in need. And together, we must insist on unrestricted humanitarian
access so that we can save the lives of thousands of men and women and
children. Our
common humanity is at stake. Let us show that the life of a child in
Somalia is as precious as any other.
That is what our commitment to our
fellow human beings demand.

stop disease that spreads across borders, we must strengthen our system
of public health. We will continue the fight against HIV/AIDS,
tuberculosis and malaria. We will focus on the health of
mothers and of children
And we must come together to prevent, and detect, and fight every kind
of biological danger — whether it’s a pandemic like H1N1, or a
terrorist threat, or a treatable disease.

week, America signed an agreement with the World Health Organization to
affirm our commitment to meet this challenge. And today, I urge all
nations to join us in meeting the HWO’s [sic] goal of making sure all
nations have core capacities
to address public health emergencies in place by 2012
. That is
what our commitment to the health of our people demands.

preserve our planet, we must not put off action that climate
change demands
We have to tap the power of science to save those resources that are
scarce. And together, we must continue our work to build on the
progress made in Copenhagen and Cancun, so that all the major economies here
today follow through on the commitments that were made
Together, we must work to transform the energy
that powers our economies
, and support others as they move down
that path. That is what our commitment to the next generation demands.

to make sure our societies reach their potential, we must allow our
citizens to reach theirs. No country can afford
the corruption that plagues the world like a cancer.

Together, we must harness the power of open societies and open
economies. That’s why we’ve partnered with countries from across the
globe to launch a new partnership on open government that helps ensure
accountability and helps to empower citizens. No country should deny
people their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion
but also no
country should deny people their rights because of who they love53
which is why we must stand up for the rights of gays and
lesbians everywhere

no country can
realize its potential if half its population cannot reach theirs
This week, the United States signed a new Declaration on Women’s
Participation. Next year, we should each announce the steps we are
taking to break down the economic and political barriers that
stand in the way of women and girls
. This is what our commitment to human

know there’s no straight line to that progress, no single path to
success. We come from different cultures, and carry with us different
histories. But let us never forget that even as we gather here as heads
of different governments, we
represent citizens who share the same basic aspirations — to live with
dignity and freedom;
to get
an education and pursue opportunity
; to love our families, and love and
worship our God
; to live
in the kind of peace that makes life worth living

is the nature of our imperfect world that we are forced to learn these lessons over and over
Conflict and
repression will endure so long as some people refuse to do unto others
as we would have them do unto us.
that is precisely why we have built institutions like this — to bind
our fates together, to help us recognize ourselves in each other —
because those who came before us believed that peace is preferable to war,
and freedom is preferable to
, and prosperity
is preferable to poverty
. That’s the message that comes not from
capitals, but from citizens
, from our people.

when the cornerstone of this very building was put in place, President
Truman came here to New York and said, “The United Nations is
essentially an expression of the moral nature of man’s aspirations.”
The moral nature of man’s aspirations. As we live in a world that is changing at a
breathtaking pace
, that’s a lesson that we must never forget.

Peace is hard, but we know that it
is possible
. So, together, let us be resolved to see that it is defined by our hopes and not by our
. Together, let us make peace, but a peace, most
importantly, that will last.


you very much. (Applause.)




  1. A statesman worthy of the honor of addressing
    the General Assembly would direct his words to them, not to the
    Communists and greedy grabbers who make up his electoral support base.
    If truly worthy of that honor, he would restrict his remarks to the
    subject at hand instead of wandering through the pages of the catalog
    of Communist talking points.
  2. War is not a function of poverty,
    deprivation, ignorance, disease or starvation. All too frequently,
    those evils are consequences of war. War is a function of the
    intersection of greed, lust for power and opportunity.  War is a
    function of predators.  Predators seek opportunity in the form of
    weakness.  When a predator senses weakness or lack of will
    to resist in potential prey, it attacks.   If you don’t want
    to be preyed upon, eliminate the predators.  If you can’t
    eliminate them, demonstrate possession of the will and ability to
    effectively defend yourself when attacked.  Peace is an abstract
    concept, not something to be pursued. If you seek peace, pursue
    predators; hunt them to extinction and convince potential predators
    that you are able and willing to end their existence if they attack. .
  3. “Thou shalt not covet they
    Neighbor’s…” If that commandment was obeyed, conflicts would not lead
    to war. If two men want the same land or the same woman, there is
    conflict and a potential for violence. If there is a strong police
    presence, clearly perceived by both parties, there will be no violence
    if both parties are sane and sober. Internationally, the UN ideal
    was to serve as the policeman.
  4. Poverty, ignorance and disease
    are not the causes of the ongoing war between Islam and Israel.
    Islam’s war against Jews, which began in the 7th century
    with Moe’s raids on the Jewish settlements around Medina, resulted from
    hatred and envy. Moe wove bits of Jewish scripture into his new cult in
    hopes of winning the Jews over to it. Instead, most saw through his
    deception and rejected Islam.  Moe wanted their land and wealth,
    so he fabricated pretexts, demonised the Jews,  roused the Islamic
    rabble to fight and launched his attacks.For proof of Moe’s mercenary
    motivation, refer to my blog post: Islam’s Mercenary Mission.

    Moe  went out to the Jews, told them that
    he owned the earth and desired to expel them, demanding that they
    embrace Islam in return for safety. This is related in Sahih Bukhari 4.53.392.  Asked about his
    priorities for conquest, Moe expressed a preference for the Roman
    Province of Syria, based on Allah’s having “on my account taken special
    charge of Syria and its people”. That is recorded in Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2477.

    Caliph Umar “sent the Muslims to the great
    countries to fight the pagans.”, as recorded in Sahih
    Bukhari 4.53.386
    . Umar completed the conquest of Syria in 638. That
    is the root of the current war.  Islam regards all land conquered
    by Muslims to be Waqf, in irrevocable sacred trust; it must not be
    relinquished. For the details, refer to the Charter of HAMAS, Part III, Article 11.
    Allah promised victory, see 8:65
    & 13:41.

    When Kuffar reconquer land conquered by Islam,
    an intolerable condition is created: Allah is exposed as an impotent
    idol because he had promised victory.  Muslims could not tolerate
    the demonstration of impotence consequent on the Crusades and
    reconquered the Levant.  Then they fought on the wrong side of WW1
    and lost again.  Britain, with the Balfour Declaration and the
    League of Nations, restored part of Israel’s patrimony which had been
    stolen by Muslims in 638. Muslims can’t let that stand, so they went to
    war in 1948.  If they wanted a state of their own, along side
    Israel, they would have accepted the partition plan.  But they are
    not interested in a state, they are interested in a restored caliphate
    on all waqf land, and expanding on a global scale so they made war
    instead of peace.

    Allah’s jihad imperative against Jews is clear
    and unambiguous,  translated with great clarity by J.M.
    Rodwell.  Moe confirmed it, Tafsir Ibn Kathir explains it and
    Reliance of the Traveller codifies it into Islamic law.  Exactly
    what part of this does President Barack Hussein Obama, as a Muslim, not

    Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been
    given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not
    that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the
    profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they
    be humbled.  [The Order to fight People of the Scriptures until They
    give the Jizyah
    ] [“I have been
    ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be
    worshipped but Allah.’
    ] [The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and

    Allah said that “He would certainly keep on
    sending against them (i.e. the Jews), till the Day of Resurrection,
    those who would afflict them with a humiliating torment. “. That
    promise is contained in 7:167.
    Tafsir Ibn Kathir tells us that Jesus will return
    to lead the Muslims in the final genocide against the Jews.  A
    hadith, recorded by Bukhari & Muslim, informs us that the gates of Paradise will
    not swing open for Muslims until they hunt down and kill the last

    [In the future, the Jews will
    support the Dajjal (False Messiah); and the Muslims, along with `Isa,
    son of Mary, will kill the Jews. This will occur just before the end of
    this world.]  [“The Hour will not be established until you fight
    with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will
    say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”]

    Poverty, ignorance & disease are not the causes of this war; it is
    caused by the damnable doctrines of Islam and no other cause.
    Peace will only be obtained by removing Islam from the region and the
    world. If Muslims do not quit believing
    or quit living, they will not quit waging war against Jews.

  5. In Islam, peace is the
    condition appertaining when Dar Ul-Harb is completely conquered and
    engulfed by Dar Ul-Islam; it is the fruit of conquest.  Islam does
    not make peace.

    So be not weak and ask not for peace (from the enemies of Islâm), while
    you are having the upper hand. Allâh is with you, and will never
    decrease the reward of your good deeds.

    That ayeh is quoted by Reliance of the Traveller O9.16, which informs us
    that truces can only last ten years
    and are important matters best reserved for the caliph because ” it is
    a matter of the gravest consequence because it entails the
    nonperformance of jihad, whether globally or in a given locality, and
    our interests must be looked after therein, which is why it is best
    left to the caliph under any circumstances,”.

  6. Peace
    has nothing to do with dignity, prosperity, social justice or any other
    item in the Communist litany. Peace is the absence of war and threat of
    war. If either war or the threat thereof are present, peace is
    not.  The condition precedent for peace is the total defeat of the
    aggressor. In the case of Islam, that requires the destruction of Islamic faith. While
    Muslims continue to believe,
    Islam is not defeated and there will be no peace.
  7. Peace is not hard, it is impossible.
    While human nature remains what it is, there will always be greedy or
    narcissistic megalomaniacs who assert a divine commission to conquer
    and rule the world.  The proximate solution to this insoluble
    problem is to bring about the death of those megalomaniacs and the
    defeat of their armies so that they permanently lose the will to wage
    war.  Maintaining the fragile peace is only possible by
    manifesting such military strength and resolute will that
    warmongers are deterred from mounting attacks for fear of
  8. You have the power, but not
    the will to deliver peace. Harry Truman showed the way in August of
  9. That
    maundering anal orifice is deliberately conflating cause and effect.
    Wars cause poverty, poverty does not cause wars. Islamic aggression has
    a  is driven by Islamic doctrine which has a mercenary motivation. Muslims are threatened with eternity in the fire if they sit
    at home and promised eternity in gardens flowing with rivers of wine if they wage jihad. While Muslims
    believe those threats and promises, peace is impossible.
  10. Islam has a standard, set by
    Moe’s recitation & sunnah. When one reads the Qur’an & hadith, one discovers the fatal fact that
    normative Islam is genocidally
    violent by design.  Usama bin Ladin was a
    believer, not an extremist. He acted in obedience to Allah; in
    emulation of Moe.
  11. Allah expressly forbids
    partnership with Kuffar in several ayat including: 3:28,
  12. Capable of what? Are they
    capable of preventing the creation and maintenance of terrorist
    training camps?  Are they willing to prevent the creation and
    maintenance of terrorist training camps?  Can they protect secular
    Muslims from the Taliban?  Are they willing to protect the secular
    Muslims?  I see no evidence of either capacity or will.
  13. We can not restore what you have
    destroyed unless we first get rid of you and your willing associates in
    Congress. That process will not be rebuilding, it will be tearing down
    the counterproductive policies and regulations you have
  14. What strength? Our inventories
    of cruise missiles and smart bombs have been depleted. Our forces are
    over extended. Our troops are exhausted from excessively long combat
    rotations and many are losing life and limb as a result of your
    suicidal rules of engagement.  In the best case, strength is
    weakness if not accompanied by resolve; the will to completely destroy
    the enemy.  While Islam exists, we have no victory, we have a
  15. Al-Qaeda is not the
    enemy, it is one of many brigades. Islam is the enemy, no matter what
    name it operates under. HAMAS, Hezbollah, PLO and Al-Qaeda are one;
    they are Islam.
  16. One down, one billion to go.
    Killing one General does not end the war. Leaders can be replaced, like
    shark’s teath, when one falls, another steps forward to take his place.
    Winning the war and establishing peace requires killing the
  17. Peace is a compound condition,
    not a direction. Peace is the absence of war & threat of war. Peace
    can not be obtained while Islam exists. Progress toward peace is only
    made by inducing the apostasy or death of Muslims.
  18. The UN may
    declare that everyone is born free & dignified, but Islam denies
    it. Moe’s denial is clear on the face of Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387, which confirms the jihad
    imperatives. When disbelievers recite Shehade and follow Islam’s rules
    & rituals, then “their
    blood and property will be sacred to us
    “.  Our blood and
    property are not sacred to Muslims until we become Muslims.  “”Whoever says, ‘None has the
    right to be worshipped but Allah’, faces our Qibla during the prayers,
    prays like us and eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and
    has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have.
    We have no rights or dignity until we become Muslims!  Exactly
    what part of that does Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim, not
  19. How
    about the right of citizens of Israel to live in peace on their own
    land, free from assault, attack and abduction, without a constant rain
    of rockets & mortar shells?  It is not possible for Jews to
    enjoy those rights in Israel while there are Muslims within rocket
    range.  Israel will have no peace until their enemy is eliminated
    from the region.  Falestinians do not have any rights that Jews do
    not have. No matter what ‘rights’, privileges or prosperity you provide
    to them, they need to exterminate the Jews.  That fatal fact will
    not change until they quit believing in Allah or quit living. Nothing
    can alter this objective factual reality. Malignant maundery does not
    cut the mustard.
  20. You can
    not maintain what does not exist.  Peace and security can not be
    maintained because they do not exist. Peace and security do not exist
    because Islam exists.
  21. They can only claim
    their rights and dignity by breaking Allah’s yoke of slavery and
    rejoining the human race. While they are Muslims, they are Allah’s
    slaves, with no rights or dignity, they fight in Allah’s cause, killing
    others and being killed. The “Arab spring” is not about rights and
    dignity, it is about exchanging one tyrant for another.
    Exchanging one tyrant for another is change without improvement.
  22. Three
    years ago, we stupidly elected you. We are worse off for it.  I
    wrote in Alan Keyes.
  23. Democracy is mob
    rule.  How is mob rule superior to any tyrant?  Tyranny of
    the majority is still tyranny. Tunisia is still misruled by Muslims and
    will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Improvement can only
    come with secular, limited government.
  24. A few demanded
    universal rights, those with guns demanded Shari’ah. Guess who
    prevailed.  Exchanging one tyrant for another is not an
    improvement. The Arab spring is a flood of blood.
  25. They have no
    freedom, they are Allah’s slaves. They have toppled one tyrant to
    enthrone another, gaining nothing. The only improvement is a small
    reduction in the number of Muslims in the world.
  26. “Change”
    is an Obama campaign slogan. Change is not synonymous with
    improvement.  The change they want is global conquest. Who gives a
    damn how they accomplish that objective?  Ballot or bullet, its a
    bad outcome!  Electing Obama changed things for the worse. Islamic
    attacks and conquest change things for the worse. We need to roll back
    both of them.
  27. 33:36.
    It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allâh and His Messenger have
    decreed a matter
    that they should have any option in their
    decision. And whoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has indeed
    strayed in a plain error.    Moe ruled by decree, and he
    is the exemplar for Muslims to emulate. 33:21.
    Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh (Muhammad ) you have a good example to
    follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allâh and the Last Day
    and remembers Allâh much  Islamic law is what Moe said and did; so
    much for democracy in Islam.
  28. People
    can not live in freedom when they are Allah’s slaves.  They need
    to throw off Allah’s yoke and rejoin the human race.  Until they
    do, everyone else is in danger from them, with neither peace nor
  29. What did you do
    about it when the green revolt began?  You allowed it to be
    suppressed.  What will you do when their next protest is
    launched?  You will sit idly by and watch the suppression, just as
    you did last time.
  30. Peaceful transition to
    what?  From one tyrant to another. Replacing one loaded diaper
    with another is change without improvement.
  31. Free & fair,
    such as where ballot boxes were stuffed in Alaska and New Black
    Panthers swung batons at the entrance to a polling place?  Or “one
    man, one vote, one time”?
  32. Such as the rights
    of women in Saudi Arabia? And the rights of Christians in Egypt,
    Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia?
  33. Free & fair, such as requiring two female
    witnesses to match that of one male? Such as barring Christians from
    giving testimony?
  34. Elections, justice and rights are
    not elements of peace. War is a function of greed, avarice, the lust
    for power & Islamic doctrine. Peace is a function of the absence of
    those evils.  At he height of its Empire building, Rome had an
    elected senate, did that stop their conquest?  Hitler was elected,
  35. It
    is the genocidal intention of Islam toward Jews.  The gates of
    Paradise won’t swing open until they kill the last Jew. Get a clue from
    Sahih Bukhari 4.52.177.
  36. How much money have we given
    them?  How much did they get from the UN & EU?  How much
    did Arafat & his cronies bank?  You want them to be
    independent? Then quit enabling their dependency. Cut off the flow of
  37. Two World Net Daily articles
    contain vital information which is necessary to understand this crucial

    * We have all been had!

    * Palestinian people do not exist

    Here is a vital excerpt from the second article.

    Way back on March 31, 1977, the Dutch newspaper
    Trouw published an interview with Palestine Liberation Organization
    executive committee member Zahir Muhsein. Here’s what he said:

    The Palestinian people
    does not exist.
    The creation of a Palestinian state is only a
    means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our
    Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference
    between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese
    . Only for
    political and
    tactical reasons
    do we speak today about the existence of a
    Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand
    that we
    posit the existence
    of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.

    For tactical reasons,
    Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise
    claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly
    demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we
    reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute
    to unite Palestine and Jordan.

  38. Islam demands
    genocide & politicide; Israel demands the right to live in peace in
    their own homeland. How do you hope to bridge that difference?
    Islam demands total surrender from the start. No negotiation is
    possible. Israel can not obtain peace without pushing the Muslims back
    beyond rocket range.  The land belongs to Israel, was stolen in
    638 & 1948. Israel won it back when the Muslims attacked again in
    1967. There is no excuse for demanding that Israel yield that land.
  39. The goal is just peace: Israel alone,
    secure in her own homeland without attack and the threat thereof.
  40. The goal can be reached
    by removing Muslims from the region, inducing mass apostasy or ushering
    them into Hell. There are no alternatives.
  41. Would you give half of Washington D.C. to
    the Confederacy? Who would get the Capitol?  Who would get the
    White House?  Exactly why in Hell should Israel give their enemies
    one blessed centimeter of their homeland?  In 1948 King Hussein
    seized half of Jerusalem, promising to all ow access. What really
    happened?  How did Jewish tomb stones wind up in latrines?
    Why were Jews completely excluded from the Temple Mount?  Exactly
    why should Jerusalem revert to those conditions?  Exactly why
    should Muslims be firing rockets and artillery from the Golan Heights
    and the peaks of the Jordan Rift Valley?  The Muslims left the
    land they were squatting on with assurances that Jews would be driven
    into the sea so that the Muslims could hold the entire area. Their
    genocide failed.  Why in Hell should Israel let them return with
    their brood, to try again?
  42. “Long live Israel.”
    || “From the river to the sea.”  How do you compromise with
    genocide.  God  bless you, I want to know: exactly how in
    Hell do you compromise with genocide. Answer this question in a
    comment, please.  “Ok, just kill 4 million of us.” Great idea,
  43. They want to
    achieve three things, reconquer Israel, merge the region into a
    caliphate and conquer the rest of the world. No limits! What a great
  44. Damned fools
    and traitors assert that Falestinians have ‘legitimate aspirations’,
    operating on the assumption that the hierarchy of needs we all learned
    about in Psychology 101 applies to Muslims.  Unfortunately, it
    does not. Lets get real.  Islam is not about live long and
    prosper, it is about die fighting and get into the celestial
    bordello.  Islam values Allah’s celestial bordello over this
    worldly life.

    Verily, Allâh has
    purchased of the believers their lives and their properties
    ; for
    the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh’s
    Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed.
    It is a promise in
    truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel
    (Gospel) and the Qur’ân. And who is truer to his covenant than Allâh?
    Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the
    supreme success .

    O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked
    to march forth in the Cause of Allâh (i.e. Jihâd) you cling heavily to
    the earth? Are you
    pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But
    little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the

    The life of
    this world is but play and pastime,
    but if you believe (in the
    Oneness of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism), and fear Allâh, and avoid evil,
    He will grant you your wages, and will not ask you your wealth.

    And know that your
    possessions and your children are but a trial
    and that surely
    with Allâh is a mighty reward.

    And it is not your
    wealth, nor your children that bring you nearer to Us
    pleases Allâh), but only he (will please Us) who believes (in the
    Islâmic Monotheism), and does righteous
    deeds; as for such, there will be twofold reward for what they did, and
    they will reside in the high dwellings
    (Paradise) in peace and

    63:9. O you who believe! Let not your properties
    or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allâh. And
    whosoever does that, then they are the losers.

  45. The Oslo Accords
    contain a provision requiring the cessation of inculcating hatred &
    inciting violence.  Arafat never implemented that provision. No
    Muslim ever will.  Like Lucy snatching the ball away from Charlie
    Brown, the Muslims will never negotiate in good faith.
  46. Two states: Israel & Trans
    Jordan. What happened in 1948?  What happened in 1967?  Can
    you get a clue?
  47. Ever heard of the
    Maillot Massacre?  How about the murder of the Fogel family?
    Then there was an anti-tank rocket fired at a school bus, killing one
    boy and injuring the driver.  Israeli children will only live
    peacefully and securely when the world is an Islam free zone.
  48. That kind of
    blather induces incontinence. Barack Hussein Obama is merging his
    Socialist agenda into the peace issue. When there is war or the threat
    of war there is no peace.  When there are Muslims, there is no
    peace.  Peace and Islam are polar opposites.  Peace is not a
    function of prosperity, wealth, social justice, etc.  Peace is a
    function of the extinction of predators, extraneous issues should not
    be conflated with peace.
  49. Pandora’s box is
    open, the lid is lost and the demons are loose.
    Proliferation happened and it can not be reversed. Anyone who trusts
    Communists or Muslims who have nukes is a suicidal idiot.
  50. Once
    again, the specter of International Socialism, aka. Communism raises
    its ugly head and bares its fangs.  Obama is not satisfied with
    wrecking the American economy, he wants to wreck the whole world and
    make us pay for it.
  51. Anthropomorphic climate change is a
    proven fraud. That spew of malarkey from President Obama is a great
    embarrassment to the nation who stupidly elected him three years
    ago.  There is nothing more deleterious to our economy than his
    cap and tax plan. The need for economic growth militates against that
    malicious policy.
  52. Freedom
    of speech, such as Pakistan’s blasphemy law, which they are trying to
    impose through the UN? . Freedom of religion such as Egyptian Copts are
    experiences with assaults, murders and arson with impunity?
  53. Shari’ah prescribes the death penalty
    for homosexuality. Iran hangs Queers.
  54. In Islam. women are chattel;
    men own them.  Exactly how do you hope to change that?

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Obamination: Forgetting the Abomination-9-11

Obamination: Forgetting the Abomination-9-11

This is a campaign speech, not a proper remembrance of the victims of
Accursed Abomination.  Obamination continues to lie about the
identity & character of the enemy.  He continues to claim the
enemy as an allie.  He continues to demand that we leave the enemy
fifth column in our midst to attack and out breed us. He continues to
depect abject defeat as victory.

Obamination wants us to overlook, neglect &
forget the fact that we were attacked by Muslims  motivated by the
damnable doctrines, threats & promises of Allah.  He wants us
to welcome their fifth columnists, retain them in our midst and ignore
the fact that their presence is a clear, proximate and persistent
danger. Two of the three terrorists now being sought are citizens.
Obamination wants us to look the other way.

This is altogether disgusting.  I express my disgust in 22
comments in an enumerated list  Each comment is linked to a
superscript in the text. Click the superscripts to read the related
comment, then use your back button to return to your place in the pile
of feces.

Several of my comments contain external links to
Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis & jurisprudence.
Those links will open in a new window.

Remarks of President Barack Obama

Weekly Address

The White House

Saturday September 10, 2011

This weekend, we’re coming together, as one nation, to mark the 10th
anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  We’re remembering the
lives we lost—nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children.
We’re reaffirming our commitment to always keep faith with their

We’re honoring the heroism of first responders who risked their
lives—and gave their lives—to save others.  And we’re giving
thanks to all who serve on our behalf, especially our troops and
military families—our extraordinary 9/11 Generation.

At the same time, even as we reflect on a difficult decade, we must
look forward, to the future we will build together2.
That includes staying strong and confident in the face of any
threat.  And thanks to the tireless efforts of our military
personnel and our intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security
professionals—there should be no doubt.  Today, America is stronger3
and al Qaeda4
is on the path to defeat5.

We’ve taken the fight to al Qaeda like never before6.
Over the
past two and a half years, more senior al Qaeda leaders have been
eliminated than at any time since 9/11.  And thanks to the
remarkable courage and precision of our forces, we finally delivered
justice to Osama bin Laden7.

We’ve strengthened the partnerships8 and tools we need to prevail in
this war against al Qaeda—working closer with allies and partners;
reforming intelligence to better detect and disrupt plots; investing in
our Special Forces so terrorists have no safe haven.

We’re constantly working to improve the security of our homeland as
well—at our airports, ports and borders; enhancing aviation security
and screening9; increasing
support for our first responders; and working
closer than ever with states, cities and communities.

A decade after 9/11, it’s clear for all the world to see—the terrorists
who attacked us that September morning are no match for the character
of our people, the resilience of our nation, or the endurance of our

They wanted to terrorize us, but, as Americans, we refuse to live in
Yes we face a determined foe, and make no mistake—they will
keep trying to hit us again.  But as we are showing again this
weekend, we remain vigilant.  We’re doing everything in our power
to protect our people.  And no matter what comes our way, as a
resilient nation, we will carry on.

They wanted to draw us in to endless wars, sapping our strength and
confidence as a nation12.
But even as we put relentless pressure on
al Qaeda, we’re ending the war in Iraq and beginning to bring our
troops home from Afghanistan.  Because after a hard decade of war13,
it is time for nation building here at home14.

They wanted to deprive us of the unity that defines us as a
people15.  But
we will not succumb to division or suspicion16.
We are
Americans, and we are stronger and safer when we stay true to the
freedoms and diversity that make us unique18 among nations.

And they wanted to undermine our place in the world.  But a decade
later, we’ve shown that America doesn’t hunker down and hide behind
walls of mistrust.  We’ve forged new partnerships with nations
around the world to meet the global challenges that no nation can face
alone.  And across the Middle East and North Africa a new
generation of citizens is showing that the future belongs to those that
want to build19, not

Ten years ago, ordinary Americans showed us the true meaning of courage
when they rushed up those stairwells, into those flames, into that
cockpit.  In the decade since, a new generation has stepped
forward to serve and keep us safe.  In their memory, in their
name, we will never waver.  We will protect the country20
we love
and pass it safer, stronger21 and more prosperous22
to the next generation.


  1. What is the response of
    the administration when survivors of victims of terror sue sponsors
    & supporters of terrorism and attempt to collect damages?
  2. To Barack Hussein Obama, every
    occasion is a political occasion, even the tenth anniversary of the
    Accursed Abomination is a campaign platform for this president.
    Anyone who is aware of this and not deeply & intensely offended by
    it should burn his voter registration card.
  3. America is weaker because you
    and Shrub wasted lives, blood and treasure by launching and continuing
    invasions without first defining rational strategic & tactical
    objectives and by imposing suicidal rules of engagement.  You have
    shrunk and over extended our armed forces, an open invitation to
    adventurism & attack.
  4. Al-Qaeda is not the enemy. The enemy is
    Islam. Muhammad, claiming to speak for Allah,
    declared perpetual war against Jews & Christians. That jihad
    imperative is enshrined in the Noble Qur’an, Surah At-Taubah 9:29
    and described by Tafsir Ibn Kathir as “The Order to fight People of the Scriptures until They
    give the Jizyah
    “. That command to wage war against Jews &
    Christians is confirmed by ahadith including Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387 and Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2635. That imperative is
    codified in the most widely accepted handbook of Shari’ah: Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9.8.
    When the Islam first attacked the young nation, Thomas Jefferson and
    John Q. Adams asked Tripoli’s Ambassador by what right they attacked
    us. His answer speaks volumes, which President Obama seeks to ignore
    and silence. ”
    ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the
    Prophet (Mohammed), that it was written in their Koran, that all
    nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that
    it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could
    be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and
    that every Mussulman (or Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure
    to go to heaven.”[]
  5. When believers are threatened with eternal damnation if they do not
    go to war and promised admission to Paradise if they join the
    they can not be defeated and their jihad permanently ended without
    either breaking their faith or exterminating them.  Shrub &
    Obamination have done neither and do not seek to do either.
  6. Al-Qaeda, Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen
    & Islam are one and the same.  I direct doubters &
    dissenters to the Charter of
    . “Allah
    is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution:
    Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of
    its wishes.” As a wise man wrote, “Its Islam, stupid!”.

  7. Killing
    leaders neither wins nor ends the war. Generals can be replaced.
    Islam will not be defeated short of total mass apostasy or

  8. We
    do not have Muslim partners. Pakistan is playing a double game. You
    need to read the Qur’an to comprehend this fatal fact. 

    3:28. Let not the believers
    take the disbelievers as
    Auliyâ (supporters,
    helpers, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will
    never be helped by Allâh in any way, except if you indeed
    fear a danger from them
    . And Allâh warns you against Himself
    (His Punishment), and to Allâh is the final return.
  9. You frisk
    little girls & old ladies, letting Muslms pass through. If common
    sense prevailed, Muslims would be entirely excluded from all mass
    transit and terminals. How did the three terrorists currently being
    hunted enter the country?
  10. Wars are not won with
    character, resillience or values, they are won with men and arms
    dedicated to the purpose of self-preservation. When Obamination says
    “values” he means multiculteuralism, meaning tolerance of the ultimate
    evil: intra-species predation.   The term also subsumes the
    Socialist agenda, after all, this is a campaign speech.
  11. We can not have security and Muslims.
    Choose one. Vehicular assaults, stabbings, shootings and bombings
    generate fear and distrust. We waste millions of dollars on airport
    security because our leaders are not honest and patriotic enough to
    carryout their Constitutional oaths of office by expelling and
    excluding the enemy’s fifth column.  They need only increase their
    internet chatter to elevate the fear level. Threats do not need to be
    real to be effective.
  12. They succeeded. Elleven years without
    victory is a long time. The public is impatient. Impatience cost us in
    Korea & Vietnam. Weakness and lack of resolve displayed in Beirut
    & Somalia showed the enemy that they can attack us without fear of
    effective retaliation.  So long as there is Islam, there is war,
    because Islam is perpetual war.  What part of “Fight
    them until…only Allah is worshiped…
    ” do you not comprehend?
    While the population of Afghanistan is Muslim and their government is
    founded on the Qur’an, we are losing, not winning; wasting every drop
    of blood and dollar we expend in that fruitless invasion. Shrub needed
    to nuke Afghanistan & Pakistan off the face of the earth. We are
    paying dearly for his failure to do the right thing.
  13. 206 years of war, traitor. The
    Barbary War was our initial response to Islamic aggression. We had
    neither the power nor the resolve to exterminate Islam, so the war
    continues. Now we have the power but not the will. Failure to make the
    predator extinct is suicidal stupidity!
  14. The anal orifice in
    the Oval
    Office will not cease from pushing his Socialist agenda in the most
    inappropriate circumstances. 3000 people were murdered in cold blood
    ten years ago and all this traitor can think about on the anniversary
    of the Accursed Abomination  is advancing Socialism. This
    day, of all days, is no time for a re-ellection speech.
  15. America is
    defined by its founding documents: the Declaration of Independence
    & Constitution. By “unity” he means two things: multiculturalism
    & voting for him.
  16. This phrase qualifies the
    in the previous sentence. Several of the recent plotters are either
    native born or naturalized citizens. One of them told the judge “I
    lied”, regarding his oath of citizenship.  If you are a hypenated
    American, you ain’t an American. American and Muslim are exclusive
    terms because American denotes fidelity to the God given, inalienable
    rights of man. Islam means that only Muslims have rights. What part of “O you
    who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you,…

    do you not comprehend?  What part of “then their blood and
    property will be sacred to us ”
    do you not understand? Obamination told us to ignore the presence of
    enemy agence in our midst. While he should be expelling and excluding
    them, he is telling us to accept them without question.
  17. Life! Liberty! Pursuit of
    happiness!  Those are our values, not multiculturalism &
  18. The thing that makes America
    unique is not diversity, by which Obamination means allowing the enemy
    to dwell among us and attack us by stealth & demographics from
    within. America is unique because it is founded on the principle that
    governments are instituted among men to preserve and protect their God
    given rights. Government is the protector, not the source of our
    rights, liberty and prosperity.
  19. The “new generation” of
    the “Arab spring” do not want to build. They are Muslims, adherents of
    Islam. Islam is a way of life: intra-species predation. Its economic
    basis is pillage, plunder & extortion, not productivity.  One hadith in the collection of Abu Dawud brings
    out this fact with extreme clarity.  “When you enter into the inah transaction,
    hold the tails
    of oxen, are
    pleased with agriculture, and
    give up conducting jihad
    (struggle in the way of Allah). Allah will make disgrace prevail over
    and will not withdraw it until you return to your original
  20. Not without expelling &
    excluding Muslims from its soil and from all mass transit. Not without
    inducing mass apostasy or nuking them off the face of the earth.
    American will not be protected by any lesser measures.
  21. When you cut the defense budget and waste
    resources aiding our enemies as you are doing in Libya and as Slick
    Willy6 did in Serbia, you are weakening, not strengthening this nation.
  22.  Our prosperity is reduced,
    not increased by mounting debt, escalating defecits and a plethora of
    new & wasteful programs we can not afford. Prosperity requires
    eliminating the artificial barriers to productivity and production
    which your administration has erected.  We need creation of
    wealth, not redistribution of wealth “spread
    it around


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Congress Must Expel Maxine Waters!

Breitbart has video of  the statement in which the dishonorable Representative Maxine Waters said   “the Tea Party can go straight to hell”. When the applause subsided, she added “And I intend to help them get there”.

Did she get the memo about “civility” in political discourse?  In Detroit Monday, President Obama heard Jimmy Hoffa Jr. call us “sons of a bitch” and declare war on us. He made no protest, indicating his approval. His call for “civility” is a one way street.

The Congress should reprimand President Obama for demagoguery and expel Rep. Waters for making a death threat. If they do not act, the electorate should take due notice and vote accordingly Nov. 6, 2012.

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Obanination: bin Ladin Obsequies

President Obama, in his outreach to Muslims, deemed it proper to give Usama bin Ladin an Islamic funeral.  He asserted that the service was performed in accordance with Shari’ah.  Was it really? Or did Obama insult both the American public and the Muslims in one grand gesture?

By pretending to place a high value on the opinion of Muslims, extending to the appearance of fulfilling Islamic law, the President urinated on our feet and declared “it rains”.  Usama planned a horrific attack on American civilians, an attack intended to cause great personal, social and economic harm to us. Thousands died and many more were injured. Billions of dollars were lost, and the man behind it is deemed worthy of an Islamic funeral.

Has Obama so soon forgotten that he declared takfir upon Usama, saying that he had hijacked Islam and distorted its doctrines?  How then is he worthy and deserving of Islamic funeral ritual?

Since when does America confer honors on mass murderers?  What call is there for anything more than a simple, two word prayer of seven letters?  Who would double tap someone deemed worthy of respect & funereal honors?  Obama ruled out waterboarding, and would have given Usama Miranda rights,  trial in a federal court and a government paid attorney,  but shooting the demon’s slave in the left eye was perfectly ok.  Go figure.

Now that the contempt & detestation are out of the way, I’ll proceed with exposure of al-taqiyya.  Yes, Obama told an Islamic lie, a  big black one.  Usama’s funeral service was not entirely Shari’ah compliant.

Funerals are covered in Reliance of the Traveller, Book G. G4.3, on page 229, says that the funeral prayer should be performed by the eldest/closest surviving male relative, preferably the son of the deceased who prepared the body.  Were any of Usama’s sons or brothers present at his burial?  Who officiated? Was the unrelated officiant an Imam?

G4.7 & 8 inform us that it is obligatory to recite Takbir four times, the first recitation being followed by Al Fatiha.  How in Hell is it possible that American servicemen stood on the deck of an American naval vessel and recited “Allah is greater” in Arabic four times?  Allah is the one who commands them to attack us, the one in whose name the accursed abomination was perpetrated.  How is it possible?

1:6. Guide us to the Straight Way

1:7. The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians).

When they recite those verses, they are reminding Allah why he wants to burn us in Hell; they are cursing us.  How in Hell is it possible that our navy stood on the deck of an American war ship and cursed us in that manner?

G4.8 specifies that the blessings must be said upon the Profit (pig blood be upon his burning embers) after the second Takbir. How in Hell is it possible that an American naval officer would stand on the deck of a warship and bless the lecherous, larcenous, murdering demon slave who invented the system that attacked us?

G4.10 specifies that after the third Takbir, supplication must be offered for the deceased.  It recommends the maximal form, which is as follows.

“0 Allah, this is Your slave, and son of
Your slave. He has left the zephyr of this world
and its spaciousness, in which were the things and
people he loved, for the darkness of the grave and
that which he will meet. He testified that there is
no god but You alone without a partner, and that
Muhammad is Your slave and messenger. You
know him better than we. 0 Allah, he has gone to
remain with You, and You are the best to remain
with. He is now in need of Your mercy, and You
have no need to torment him. We come to You in
desire for You, interceding for him. 0 Allah, if he
did well, treat him the better, and if he did wrong,
disregard it and through Your mercy show him
Your good pleasure and protect him from the trial
and torment of the grave. Make his grave spacious
for him and distance the earth from his sides, and
through Your mercy protect him from Your torment
until You raise him and send him safely to
Your paradise, 0 Most Merciful of the Merciful. “

If we did not want Usama dead & damned, why  shoot him in the eye?  How in Hell is it possible that an American naval officer could stand on the deck of a warship and pray for the salvation of that damnable servant of Satan?  I hope that blasphemy was not performed by a Chaplain.

G4.20 informs us of a significant violation of Shari’ah: they washed the corpse, which is explicitly forbidden for a martyr.

It is unlawful to wash the body of a martyr
(0: even if in a state of major ritual impurity
janaba) or the like) or perform the funeral prayer
over him. A martyr (shahid) means someone who
died in battle with non-Muslims …

G5.1 points out another significant violation of Shari’ah: burial at sea.

If someone dies on a ship and it is impossible
to bury him on land, the body is placed (0: tightly
lashed) between two planks (0: to obviate bloating)
and thrown into the sea (0: so that it reaches
shore, even if the inhabitants are non-Muslims,
since a Muslim might find the body and bury it facing
the direction of prayer (qibla).

Burial at sea is only permitted if the death occurred at sea and land burial is impossible.  The body is not sunk, but is floated between two planks in hopes of proper burial when it washes ashore.

It should now be clear to everyone that President Barack Hussein Obama is an enemy appeasing, obsequious traitor who can’t get it right.  In pretending to follow Islamic law, which should offend all Americans, he violated Islamic law, which will offend all Muslims.  With one suave, smooth move, he offended everybody concerned.   Why did you elect that schmuck?

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Obamination: Budgetary Demagoguery

Obamination: Budgetary Demagoguery
If Allah wanted to give the world an enema, he’d stick the tube in Obama’s mouth.  I heard Rush & Sean  describe Obama’s arrogant, condescending bearing & attitude and wanted to verify their reporting, but my system and connection can’t play the videos.  I am satisfied with the sound bites I heard on the radio; the attitude came through loud and clear.

The speech is a classic campaign speech, appealing to emotion rather than intellect. It abuses the language and insults our intelligence.  It is clear that Obama is convinced that we are stupid and ignorant.

Because of the length and target density, I am reproducing the transcript in full with footnotes.  My commentary is contained in an enumerated list below the horizontal line. To view my comment, click the footnote of interest. To return to the transcript, press your Back Space key.

Since the weekly address is a redundant summary of the big litany of lies, I reproduced it without comment.

We begin with remarks delivered Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at George Washington University.   The video is at:

Remarks by the President on Fiscal Policy
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

1:48 P.M. EDT
THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)  Please have a seat.  Please have a seat, everyone.

It is wonderful to be back at GW.  I want you to know that one of the reasons that I worked so hard with Democrats and Republicans to keep the government open was so that I could show up here today.  I wanted to make sure that all of you had one more excuse to skip class.  (Laughter.)  You’re welcome.  (Laughter.)

I want to give a special thanks to Steven Knapp, the president of GW.  I just saw him — where is he?  There he is right there.  (Applause.)

We’ve got a lot of distinguished guests here — a couple of people I want to acknowledge.  First of all, my outstanding Vice President, Joe Biden, is here.  (Applause.)  Our Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, is in the house.  (Applause.)  Jack Lew, the Director of the Office of Mangement and Budget.  (Applause.) Gene Sperling, Chair of the National Economic Council, is here.  (Applause.)  Members of our bipartisan Fiscal Commission are here, including the two outstanding chairs — Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson — are here.  (Applause.)

And we have a number of members of Congress here today.  I’m grateful for all of you taking the time to attend.

What we’ve been debating here in Washington over the last few weeks will affect the lives of the students here and families all across America in potentially profound ways.  This debate over budgets and deficits is about more than just numbers on a page; it’s about more than just cutting and spending.  It’s about the kind of future that we want.  It’s about the kind of country that we believe in.  And that’s what I want to spend some time talking about today.

From our first days as a nation, we have put our faith in free markets and free enterprise as the engine of America’s wealth and prosperity.  More than citizens of any other country, we are rugged individualists, a self-reliant people with a healthy skepticism of too much government.

But there’s always been another thread running through our history -– a belief that we’re all connected, and that there are some things we can only do together, as a nation.1  We believe, in the words of our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, that through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.

And so we’ve built a strong military to keep us secure, and public schools and universities2 to educate our citizens.  We’ve laid down railroads and highways to facilitate travel and commerce.  We’ve supported the work of scientists and researchers whose discoveries have saved lives, unleashed repeated technological revolutions, and led to countless new jobs and entire new industries.  Each of us has benefitted from these investments, and we’re a more prosperous country as a result.

Part of this American belief that we’re all connected3 also expresses itself in a conviction that each one of us deserves4 some basic measure of security and dignity5.  We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, hard times or bad luck, a crippling illness or a layoff may strike any one of us.6  “There but for the grace of God go I,” we say to ourselves.  And so we contribute7 to programs like Medicare and Social Security, which guarantee us health care and a measure of basic income after a lifetime of hard work; unemployment insurance, which protects8 us against unexpected job loss; and Medicaid, which provides care for millions of seniors in nursing homes, poor children, those with disabilities.  We’re a better country because of these commitments9.  I’ll go further.  We would not be a great country without those commitments10.

Now, for much of the last century, our nation found a way to afford11 these investments and priorities with the taxes paid by its citizens.  As a country that values fairness12, wealthier individuals have traditionally borne a greater share of this burden13 than the middle class or those less fortunate.  Everybody pays, but the wealthier have borne a little more.  This is not because we begrudge those who’ve done well -– we rightly celebrate their success.  Instead, it’s a basic reflection of our belief that those who’ve benefited most from our way of life14 can afford to give back15 a little bit more.  Moreover, this belief hasn’t hindered the success of those at the top of the income scale.  They continue to do better and better with each passing year16.

Now, at certain times -– particularly during war or recession -– our nation has had to borrow money to pay for some of our priorities17.  And as most families understand, a little credit card debt isn’t going to hurt if it’s temporary18.

But as far back as the 1980s, America started amassing debt at more alarming levels, and our leaders began to realize that a larger challenge was on the horizon.  They knew that eventually, the Baby Boom generation would retire, which meant a much bigger portion of our citizens would be relying on programs like Medicare, Social Security, and possibly Medicaid.  Like parents with young children who know they have to start saving for the college years, America had to start borrowing less and saving more to prepare for the retirement of an entire generation.19

To meet this challenge, our leaders came together three times during the 1990s to reduce our nation’s deficit — three times.  They forged historic agreements that required tough decisions made by the first President Bush, then made by President Clinton, by Democratic Congresses and by a Republican Congress.  All three agreements asked for shared responsibility and shared sacrifice20.  But they largely protected the middle class; they largely protected our commitment to seniors; they protected our key investments21 in our future.

As a result of these bipartisan efforts, America’s finances were in great shape by the year 200022.  We went from deficit to surplus.  America was actually on track to becoming completely debt free, and we were prepared for the retirement of the Baby Boomers.

But after Democrats and Republicans committed to fiscal discipline23 during the 1990s, we lost our way in the decade that followed.  We increased spending dramatically for two wars24 and an expensive prescription drug program25 -– but we didn’t pay for any of this new spending26.  Instead, we made the problem worse with trillions of dollars in unpaid-for27 tax cuts -– tax cuts that went to every millionaire and billionaire28 in the country; tax cuts that will force us to borrow29 an average of $500 billion every year over the next decade.

To give you an idea of how much damage this caused to our nation’s checkbook, consider this:  In the last decade, if we had simply found a way to pay for the tax cuts and the prescription drug benefit, our deficit would currently be at low historical levels in the coming years30.

But that’s not what happened.  And so, by the time I took office31, we once again found ourselves deeply in debt and unprepared for a Baby Boom retirement32 that is now starting to take place.  When I took office, our projected deficit, annually, was more than $1 trillion.  On top of that, we faced a terrible financial crisis and a recession that, like most recessions, led us to temporarily borrow even more.

In this case, we took a series of emergency steps33 that saved millions of jobs34, kept credit flowing35, and provided working families extra money in their pocket36.  It was absolutely the right thing to do, but these steps were expensive, and added to our deficits in the short term37.

So that’s how our fiscal challenge was created.  That’s how we got here.  And now that our economic recovery38 is gaining strength, Democrats and Republicans must come together and restore the fiscal responsibility39 that served us so well in the 1990s.  We have to live within our means.40  We have to reduce our deficit41, and we have to get back on a path that will allow us to pay down our debt42.  And we have to do it in a way that protects the recovery43, protects the investments we need to grow44, create jobs45, and helps us win the future46.

Now, before I get into how we can achieve this goal, some of you, particularly the younger people here — you don’t qualify, Joe.  (Laughter.)  Some of you might be wondering, “Why is this so important?  Why does this matter to me?”

Well, here’s why.  Even after our economy recovers, our government will still be on track to spend more money than it takes in throughout this decade and beyond.  That means we’ll have to keep borrowing more from countries like China.  That means more of your tax dollars each year will go towards paying off the interest on all the loans that we keep taking out.  By the end of this decade, the interest that we owe on our debt could rise to nearly $1 trillion.  Think about that.  That’s the interest — just the interest payments.

Then, as the Baby Boomers start to retire in greater numbers and health care costs continue to rise, the situation will get even worse.  By 2025, the amount of taxes we currently pay will only be enough to finance our health care programs — Medicare and Medicaid — Social Security, and the interest we owe on our debt.  That’s it.  Every other national priority -– education, transportation, even our national security -– will have to be paid for with borrowed money.

Now, ultimately47, all this rising debt will cost us jobs and damage our economy.  It will prevent us from making the investments44 we need to win the future46.  We won’t be able to afford48 good schools49, new research50, or the repair of roads -– all the things that create new jobs51 and businesses here in America.  Businesses will be less likely to invest and open shop in a country that seems unwilling or unable to balance its books.  And if our creditors start worrying that we may be unable to pay back our debts, that could52 drive up interest rates for everybody who borrows money -– making it harder for businesses to expand and hire, or families to take out a mortgage53.

Here’s the good news:  That doesn’t have to be our future.  That doesn’t have to be the country that we leave our children.  We can solve this problem.54  We came together as Democrats and Republicans to meet this challenge before55; we can do it again.

But that starts by being honest about what’s causing our deficit56.  You see, most Americans tend to dislike government spending in the abstract, but like the stuff that it buys.  Most of us, regardless of party affiliation, believe that we should have a strong military and a strong defense.  Most Americans believe we should invest in education and medical research.  Most Americans think we should protect commitments like Social Security and Medicare.  And without even looking at a poll, my finely honed political instincts tell me that almost nobody believes they should be paying higher taxes.57  (Laughter.)

So because all this spending is popular with both Republicans and Democrats alike58, and because nobody wants to pay higher taxes, politicians are often eager to feed the impression that solving the problem is just a matter of eliminating waste and abuse59.  You’ll hear that phrase a lot.  “We just need to eliminate waste and abuse.”  The implication is that tackling the deficit issue won’t require tough choices.  Or politicians suggest that we can somehow close our entire deficit by eliminating things like foreign aid60, even though foreign aid makes up about 1 percent of our entire federal budget.

So here’s the truth.  Around two-thirds of our budget — two-thirds — is spent on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and national security61.  Two-thirds.  Programs like unemployment insurance, student loans, veterans’ benefits, and tax credits for working families take up another 20 percent.  What’s left, after interest on the debt, is just 12 percent for everything else.  That’s 12 percent for all of our national priorities — education, clean energy, medical research, transportation, our national parks, food safety, keeping our air and water clean62 — you name it — all of that accounts for 12 percent of our budget.

Now, up till now, the debate here in Washington, the cuts proposed by a lot of folks in Washington, have focused exclusively on that 12 percent.  But cuts to that 12 percent alone won’t solve the problem.  So any serious plan to tackle our deficit will require us to put everything on the table, and take on excess spending63 wherever it exists in the budget.

A serious plan doesn’t require us to balance our budget overnight –- in fact, economists think that with the economy just starting to grow again, we need a phased-in approach –- but it does require tough decisions and support from our leaders in both parties now.  Above all, it will require us to choose a vision64 of the America we want to see five years, 10 years, 20 years down the road.

Now, to their credit, one vision has been presented and championed by Republicans in the House of Representatives and embraced by several of their party’s presidential candidates.  It’s a plan that aims to reduce our deficit by $4 trillion over the next 10 years, and one that addresses the challenge of Medicare and Medicaid in the years after that.

These are both worthy goals.  They’re worthy goals for us to achieve.  But the way this plan achieves those goals would lead to a fundamentally different America65 than the one we’ve known certainly in my lifetime.  In fact, I think it would be fundamentally different than what we’ve known throughout our history.

A 70 percent cut in clean energy66.  A 25 percent cut in education67.  A 30 percent cut in transportation68.  Cuts in college Pell Grants that will grow to more than $1,000 per year.  That’s the proposal.  These aren’t the kind of cuts you make when you’re trying to get rid of some waste or find extra savings in the budget.  These aren’t the kinds of cuts that the Fiscal Commission proposed.  These are the kinds of cuts that tell us we can’t afford the America69 that I believe in and I think you believe in.

I believe it paints a vision of our future that is deeply pessimistic.  It’s a vision that says if our roads crumble and our bridges collapse, we can’t afford to fix them.  If there are bright young Americans who have the drive and the will but not the money to go to college, we can’t afford to send them70.

Go to China and you’ll see businesses opening research labs and solar facilities.  South Korean children are outpacing our kids in math and science71.  They’re scrambling to figure out how they put more money into education.  Brazil is investing billions in new infrastructure and can run half their cars not on high-priced gasoline, but on biofuels72.  And yet, we are presented with a vision that says the American people, the United States of America -– the greatest nation on Earth -– can’t afford73 any of this.

It’s a vision that says America can’t afford to keep the promise we’ve made to care for our seniors74.  It says that 10 years from now, if you’re a 65-year-old who’s eligible for Medicare, you should have to pay nearly $6,400 more than you would today.  It says instead of guaranteed75 health care, you will get a voucher.  And if that voucher isn’t worth enough to buy the insurance that’s available in the open marketplace, well, tough luck -– you’re on your own.  Put simply, it ends Medicare as we know it.

It’s a vision that says up to 50 million Americans have to lose their health insurance76 in order for us to reduce the deficit.  Who are these 50 million Americans?  Many are somebody’s grandparents — may be one of yours — who wouldn’t be able to afford nursing home care without Medicaid.  Many are poor children.  Some are middle-class families who have children with autism or Down’s syndrome.  Some of these kids with disabilities are — the disabilities are so severe that they require 24-hour care.  These are the Americans we’d be telling to fend for themselves.77

And worst of all, this is a vision that says even though Americans can’t afford to invest in education at current levels, or clean energy, even though we can’t afford to maintain our commitment on Medicare and Medicaid, we can somehow afford more than $1 trillion in new tax breaks78 for the wealthy.  Think about that.

In the last decade, the average income of the bottom 90 percent of all working Americans actually declined.  Meanwhile, the top 1 percent saw their income rise by an average of more than a quarter of a million dollars each.  That’s who needs to pay less taxes?79

They want to give people like me a $200,000 tax cut that’s paid for by asking 33 seniors each to pay $6,000 more in health costs.  That’s not right.  And it’s not going to happen as long as I’m President.  (Applause.)

This vision is less about reducing the deficit than it is about changing the basic social compact80 in America.  Ronald Reagan’s own budget director said, there’s nothing “serious” or “courageous” about this plan.  There’s nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending81 a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.  And I don’t think there’s anything courageous about asking for sacrifice82 from those who can least afford it and don’t have any clout on Capitol Hill.  That’s not a vision of the America I know.

The America I know is generous and compassionate83.  It’s a land of opportunity84 and optimism85.  Yes, we take responsibility for ourselves, but we also take responsibility for each other86; for the country we want and the future that we share.  We’re a nation that built a railroad across a continent and brought light to communities shrouded in darkness.  We sent a generation to college on the GI Bill and we saved millions of seniors from poverty with Social Security and Medicare87.  We have led the world in scientific research and technological breakthroughs88that have transformed millions of lives.  That’s who we are.  This is the America that I know.  We don’t have to choose between a future of spiraling debt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           and one where we forfeit our investment in our people and our country89.

To meet our fiscal challenge, we will need to make reforms90. We will all need to make sacrifices91.  But we do not have to sacrifice the America we believe in92.  And as long as I’m President, we won’t.93

So today, I’m proposing a more balanced approach to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction over 12 years.  It’s an approach that borrows from the recommendations of the bipartisan Fiscal Commission that I appointed last year, and it builds on the roughly $1 trillion in deficit reduction I already proposed in my 2012 budget.  It’s an approach that puts every kind of spending on the table94 — but one that protects the middle class95, our promise to seniors96, and our investments in the future97.

The first step in our approach is to keep annual domestic spending low98 by building on the savings that both parties agreed to last week99.  That step alone will save us about $750 billion over 12 years.  We will make the tough cuts necessary to achieve these savings, including in programs that I care deeply about, but I will not sacrifice the core investments that we need to grow and create jobs100.  We will invest in medical research101.  We will invest in clean energy technology102.  We will invest in new roads and airports and broadband access103.  We will invest in education104.  We will invest in job training.105  We will do what we need to do to compete, and we will win the future.

The second step in our approach is to find additional savings in our defense budget.  Now, as Commander-in-Chief, I have no greater responsibility than protecting our national security, and I will never accept cuts that compromise our ability to defend our homeland or America’s interests around the world.  But as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen, has said, the greatest long-term threat to America’s national security is America’s debt106.  So just as we must find more savings in domestic programs, we must do the same in defense.  And we can do that while still keeping ourselves safe.107

Over the last two years, Secretary Bob Gates has courageously taken on wasteful spending, saving $400 billion in current and future spending.  I believe we can do that again.  We need to not only eliminate waste and improve efficiency and effectiveness, but we’re going to have to conduct a fundamental review of America’s missions, capabilities, and our role in a changing world108.  I intend to work with Secretary Gates and the Joint Chiefs on this review, and I will make specific decisions about spending after it’s complete.

The third step in our approach is to further reduce health care spending in our budget109.  Now, here, the difference with the House Republican plan could not be clearer.  Their plan essentially lowers the government’s health care bills110 by asking seniors and poor families to pay them instead.  Our approach lowers the government’s health care bills by reducing the cost of health care itself111.

Already, the reforms we passed in the health care law will reduce our deficit by $1 trillion.  My approach would build on these reforms.  We will reduce wasteful subsidies and erroneous payments.  We will cut spending on prescription drugs by using Medicare’s purchasing power to drive greater efficiency and speed generic brands of medicine onto the market112.  We will work with governors of both parties to demand more efficiency and accountability from Medicaid.113

We will change the way we pay for health care -– not by the procedure or the number of days spent in a hospital, but with new incentives for doctors and hospitals to prevent injuries and improve results114.  And we will slow the growth of Medicare costs by strengthening an independent commission of doctors, nurses, medical experts and consumers who will look at all the evidence and recommend the best ways to reduce unnecessary spending while protecting access to the services that seniors need. 115

Now, we believe the reforms we’ve proposed to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid will enable us to keep these commitments to our citizens while saving us $500 billion by 2023, and an additional $1 trillion in the decade after that.  But if we’re wrong, and Medicare costs rise faster than we expect, then this approach will give the independent commission the authority to make additional savings by further improving Medicare.116

But let me be absolutely clear:  I will preserve these health care programs as a promise we make to each other in this society.  I will not allow Medicare to become a voucher program that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry, with a shrinking benefit to pay for rising costs.  I will not tell families with children who have disabilities that they have to fend for themselves.  We will reform these programs, but we will not abandon the fundamental commitment this country has kept for generations.

That includes, by the way, our commitment to Social Security.  While Social Security is not the cause of our deficit, it faces real long-term challenges in a country that’s growing older.  As I said in the State of the Union, both parties should work together now to strengthen Social Security for future generations.  But we have to do it without putting at risk current retirees, or the most vulnerable, or people with disabilities; without slashing benefits for future generations; and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market.  And it can be done.117

The fourth step in our approach is to reduce spending in the tax code, so-called tax expenditures118.  In December, I agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans119 because it was the only way I could prevent a tax hike on middle-class Americans120.  But we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society.  We can’t afford it.  And I refuse to renew them again. 121

Beyond that, the tax code is also loaded up with spending on things like itemized deductions122.  And while I agree with the goals of many of these deductions, from homeownership to charitable giving, we can’t ignore the fact that they provide millionaires an average tax break of $75,000 but do nothing for the typical middle-class family that doesn’t itemize123.  So my budget calls for limiting itemized deductions for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans — a reform124 that would reduce the deficit by $320 billion over 10 years.

But to reduce the deficit, I believe we should go further.  And that’s why I’m calling on Congress to reform our individual tax code so that it is fair and simple — so that the amount of taxes you pay isn’t determined by what kind of accountant you can afford.125

I believe reform should protect the middle class, promote economic growth, and build on the fiscal commission’s model of reducing tax expenditures so that there’s enough savings to both lower rates and lower the deficit.  And as I called for in the State of the Union, we should reform our corporate tax code as well, to make our businesses and our economy more competitive. 126

So this is my approach to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 12 years.  It’s an approach that achieves about $2 trillion in spending cuts across the budget.  It will lower our interest payments on the debt by $1 trillion.  It calls for tax reform to cut about $1 trillion in tax expenditures — spending in the tax code.  And it achieves these goals while protecting the middle class, protecting our commitment to seniors, and protecting our investments in the future.

Now, in the coming years, if the recovery speeds up and our economy grows faster than our current projections, we can make even greater progress than I’ve pledged here.  But just to hold Washington — and to hold me — accountable and make sure that the debt burden continues to decline, my plan includes a debt failsafe.  If, by 2014, our debt is not projected to fall as a share of the economy -– if we haven’t hit our targets, if Congress has failed to act -– then my plan will require us to come together and make up the additional savings with more spending cuts and more spending reductions in the tax code.127  That should be an incentive for us to act boldly now, instead of kicking our problems further down the road.

So this is our vision for America -– this is my vision for America — a vision where we live within our means while still investing in our future;128 where everyone makes sacrifices129 but no one bears all the burden; where we provide a basic measure of security for our citizens and we provide rising opportunity for our children.130

There will be those who vigorously disagree with my approach.  I can guarantee that as well.  (Laughter.)  Some will argue we should not even consider ever — ever — raising taxes, even if only on the wealthiest Americans.  It’s just an article of faith to them.  I say that at a time when the tax burden on the wealthy is at its lowest level in half a century, the most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more.  I don’t need another tax cut.131  Warren Buffett doesn’t need another tax cut.  Not if we have to pay for it by making seniors pay more for Medicare.  Or by cutting kids from Head Start.  Or by taking away college scholarships that I wouldn’t be here without and that some of you would not be here without.

And here’s the thing:  I believe that most wealthy Americans would agree with me.  They want to give back132 to their country, a country that’s done so much for them.  It’s just Washington hasn’t asked them to.

Others will say that we shouldn’t even talk about cutting spending until the economy is fully recovered.  These are mostly folks in my party.  I’m sympathetic to this view — which is one of the reasons I supported the payroll tax cuts we passed in December.  It’s also why we have to use a scalpel and not a machete to reduce the deficit, so that we can keep making the investments that create jobs.  But doing nothing on the deficit is just not an option.  Our debt has grown so large that we could do real damage to the economy if we don’t begin a process now to get our fiscal house in order.

Finally, there are those who believe we shouldn’t make any reforms to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security, out of fear that any talk of change to these programs will immediately usher in the sort of steps that the House Republicans have proposed.  And I understand those fears.  But I guarantee that if we don’t make any changes at all, we won’t be able to keep our commitment to a retiring generation that will live longer and will face higher health care costs than those who came before.

Indeed, to those in my own party, I say that if we truly believe in a progressive vision of our society, we have an obligation to prove that we can afford our commitments.  If we believe the government can make a difference in people’s lives, we have the obligation to prove that it works -– by making government smarter, and leaner and more effective.

Of course, there are those who simply say there’s no way we can come together at all and agree on a solution to this challenge.  They’ll say the politics of this city are just too broken; the choices are just too hard; the parties are just too far apart.  And after a few years on this job, I have some sympathy for this view.  (Laughter.)

But I also know that we’ve come together before and met big challenges.  Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill came together to save Social Security for future generations. 133 The first President Bush and a Democratic Congress came together to reduce the deficit. 134 President Clinton and a Republican Congress battled each other ferociously, disagreed on just about everything, but they still found a way to balance the budget.135  And in the last few months, both parties have come together to pass historic tax relief and spending cuts.136

And I know there are Republicans and Democrats in Congress who want to see a balanced approach to deficit reduction.  And even those Republicans I disagree with most strongly I believe are sincere about wanting to do right by their country.  We may disagree on our visions, but I truly believe they want to do the right thing.

So I believe we can, and must, come together again.  This morning, I met with Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress to discuss the approach that I laid out today.  And in early May, the Vice President will begin regular meetings with leaders in both parties with the aim of reaching a final agreement on a plan to reduce the deficit and get it done by the end of June.

I don’t expect the details in any final agreement to look exactly like the approach I laid out today.  This a democracy; that’s not how things work.  I’m eager to hear other ideas from all ends of the political spectrum.  And though I’m sure the criticism of what I’ve said here today will be fierce in some quarters, and my critique of the House Republican approach has been strong, Americans deserve and will demand that we all make an effort to bridge our differences and find common ground. 137

This larger debate that we’re having — this larger debate about the size and the role of government — it has been with us since our founding days.  And during moments of great challenge and change, like the one that we’re living through now, the debate gets sharper and it gets more vigorous.  That’s not a bad thing.  In fact, it’s a good thing.  As a country that prizes both our individual freedom and our obligations to one another, this is one of the most important debates that we can have.

But no matter what we argue, no matter where we stand, we’ve always held certain beliefs as Americans.  We believe that in order to preserve our own freedoms and pursue our own happiness, we can’t just think about ourselves.  We have to think about the country that made these liberties possible.  We have to think about our fellow citizens with whom we share a community.  And we have to think about what’s required to preserve the American Dream for future generations.

This sense of responsibility — to each other and to our country — this isn’t a partisan feeling.  It isn’t a Democratic or a Republican idea.  It’s patriotism.

The other day I received a letter from a man in Florida.  He started off by telling me he didn’t vote for me and he hasn’t always agreed with me.  But even though he’s worried about our economy and the state of our politics — here’s what he said — he said, “I still believe.  I believe in that great country that my grandfather told me about.  I believe that somewhere lost in this quagmire of petty bickering on every news station, the ‘American Dream’ is still alive…We need to use our dollars here rebuilding, refurbishing and restoring all that our ancestors struggled to create138 and maintain… We as a people must do this together, no matter the color of the state one comes from or the side of the aisle one might sit on.”

“I still believe.”  I still believe as well.  And I know that if we can come together and uphold our responsibilities139 to one another and to this larger enterprise that is America, we will keep the dream of our founding alive — in our time; and we will pass it on to our children.  We will pass on to our children a country that we believe in.

Thank you.  God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Remarks of President Barack Obama

As Prepared for Delivery
Saturday, April 16, 2011
Washington, DC

This week, I laid out my plan for our fiscal future.  It’s a balanced plan that reduces spending and brings down the deficit, putting America back on track toward paying down our debt.

We know why this challenge is so critical.  If we don’t act, a rising tide of borrowing will damage our economy, costing us jobs and risking our future prosperity by sticking our children with the bill.

At the same time, we have to take a balanced approach to reducing our deficit – an approach that protects the middle class, our commitments to seniors, and job-creating investments in things like education and clean energy.  What’s required is an approach that draws support from both parties, and one that’s based on the values of shared responsibility and shared prosperity.

Now, one plan put forward by some Republicans in the House of Representatives aims to reduce our deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten years.  But while I think their goal is worthy, I believe their vision is wrong for America.

It’s a vision that says at a time when other nations are hustling to out-compete us for the jobs and businesses of tomorrow, we have to make drastic cuts in education, infrastructure, and clean energy – the very investments we need to win that competition and get those jobs.

It’s a vision that says that in order to reduce the deficit, we have to end Medicare as we know it, and make cuts to Medicaid that would leave millions of seniors, poor children, and Americans with disabilities without the care they need.

But even as this plan proposes these drastic cuts, it would also give $1 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthiest 2% of Americans – an extra $200,000 for every millionaire and billionaire in the country.

I don’t think that’s right.  I don’t think it’s right to ask seniors to pay thousands more for health care, or ask students to postpone college, just so we don’t have to ask those who have prospered so much in this land of opportunity to give back a little more.

To restore fiscal responsibility, we all need to share in the sacrifice – but we don’t have to sacrifice the America we believe in.

That’s why I’ve proposed a balanced approach that matches that $4 trillion in deficit reduction.  It’s an approach that combs the entire budget for savings, and asks everyone to do their part.  And I’ve called on Democrats and Republicans to join me in this effort – to put aside their differences to help America meet this challenge.  That’s how we’ve balanced our budget before, and it’s how we’ll succeed again.

We’ll build on the savings we made from last week’s bipartisan budget agreement, while protecting the job-creating investments that are critical to our future.

We’ll find additional savings in our defense budget.  Over the last two years, the Secretary of Defense has taken on wasteful spending that does nothing to protect our troops or our nation, saving $400 billion in current and future spending.  I believe we can do that again.

We’ll reduce health care spending, and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid through common-sense reforms that will get rid of wasteful subsidies and increase efficiency.

We’ll reduce spending in our tax code with tax reform that’s fair and simple – so that the amount of taxes you pay doesn’t depend on how clever an accountant you can afford.  And we should end the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, too.  Because people like me don’t need another tax cut.

So that’s my approach to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 12 years while protecting the middle class, keeping our promise to seniors, and securing our investments in our future.  I hope you’ll check it out for yourself on  And while you’re there, you can also find what we’re calling the taxpayer receipt.  For the first time ever, there’s a way for you to see exactly how and where your tax dollars are spent, and what’s really at stake in this debate.

Going forward, Democrats and Republicans in Washington will have our differences, some of them strong.  But you expect us to bridge those differences.  You expect us to work together and get this done.  And I believe we can.  I believe we can live within our means and live up to the values we share as Americans.  And in the weeks to come, I’ll work with anyone who’s willing to get it done.

Thanks for listening.  Have a great weekend.

The Republican plan is outlined here:

  1. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.  That is general welfare, not individual or class welfare.

    Amendment XThe powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.II    What part of specific delegated powers does a Constitutional Lawyer not comprehend?

    The collective functions are specified in the Constitution. Items not included in that list are not functions of the federal government, they are local or individual.

  2. The first schools and universities were not public and federal, they were local and private, sponsored by churches. Education is a state function, not a federal function.
  3. Obama is abusing the language. We are not connected with chains and shackles. We are not intended to be enslaved to & dependent on the federal government. The fact that some functions must necessarily be collective does not imply that all necessities mustbe supplied by the federal government.
  4. Obama is abusing logic, asserting illogical postulates not supported by the general concept.
  5. Providing basic necessities, needs, wants & luxuries is not a function of the federal government. It ain’t enumerated in the Constitution as a power of the federal government. Government is not a genie, it has no magic wand with which to create everything you want out of nothing. Its function is to create a safe, secure environment in which you can provide for your own needs with your own labor.
  6. The social safety net is not a federal function, it is a state and local function. The modern welfare state destroyed the black family, created a permanent dependency class, created the urban crime problem and spiked inflation & tax increases which have impoverished the middle class.

    The current state of widespread unemployment is a consequence of bad public policy: compelling lending institutions to make unsound mortgage loans. The housing bubble, partially expanded by inflation, is also a consequence of bad fiscal practices.  The economic disease is iatrogenic, created intentionally by the ‘physician’ to generate business for himself and the undertaker.

  7. We do not contribute, we pay taxes. Taxes are extracted by force, at the end of a gun barrel. They go into the general fund, from which Congress allocates amounts foi variouspurposes.
  8. Social Security & Medicare are unfunded  liabilities: Ponzi schemes created for the purpose of buying votes & creating dependency which keeps the dependents voting for their supposed benefactors.  They are bankrupting the government.

    Unemployment insurance might protect one from unexpected job loss, but it can not protect millions from job loss intentionally induced by government policies designed to destroy the economy while enriching the favored few.  It increases liabilities while decreasing revenues, this raising the debt & defecit, inflating the dollar and further retarding the economy.

  9. We are a poorer country because of those commitments.  Unfunded liabilities increase inflation & taxes, decreasing real disposable income and investment capital. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  10. Transfer payments do not define greatness.  Greatness entails productivity & prosperity, not poverty & dependency.
  11. For the last 60 years, your predecessors have been kicking the can down the road. They talked a great deal about funding the unfunded liabilities, but never took effective action. The size of the baby boom generation  was known.  The date of our retirement eligibility was known.  The liability was predictable by actuaries.  The Ponzi scheme has matured, there are no new investors and the first layer is demanding their principal and interest.
  12. “Fairness”: define it, please. What is it?  How do you measure it?
  13. Wealth is accumulated material assets, not income.  In an agricultural economy, it would be measured in acres of land and head of cattle.  If your land is taxed, without income to pay the taxes, you won’t be able to retain it; you will eventually be reduced to poverty.

    Obama engages in class warfare.  He is targeting “the wealthy”, blaming the crisis on them and implying that the debt & deficit are caused by their not paying enough taxes.

  14. “Benefited most”. Yeah, right, the wealthy got that way by reaping government benefits. Welfare Queens, all of them.  In reality, most of them made the right investments and efforts at the right times. They prospered by their own efforts.  Creating conditions in which individuals can achieve success and prosper is the role of government. Taking everything they have because it and they succeeded is not.  Those with higher incomes pay more in taxes because of the base, imposing a higher rate on them does not define fairness.
  15. They did not take, they produced; there is nothing to give back, unless they really are Welfare Queens. This is greed seeking an excuse for confiscating what it covets.
  16. Really?  Did they lose nothing in the stock market?  Are their houses still worth what they were before the bubble burst?  Are their investments paying rents, dividends and appreciating in value? Show us the numbers. Prove it.
  17. Wise borrowing is for defined emergency needs, not for wasteful spending; not for paying off your political chits.  You borrowed hundreds of billions and flushed them down the sewer. All we have to show for it is debt we can’t pay and interest payments that wil impoverish generations to come.
  18. Twenty and thirty year bonds ain’t temporary. When you have been rolling over existing debt already,  the reality is that those debts are permanent, they will never be paid off.
  19. But the damned fools elected Nixon, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Shrub & Obama. Big promises, tiny accomplishments; ever increasing debt. Promise & spend; get re-elected and spend some more. Base line budgeting and the ever expanding spiral which never ends. More for less forever more. Reagan & Bush could have done better; they knew better, but we gave them RINOS & ‘Crats in Congress.
  20. Sacrifice is a religious term. The people sacrifice and the priestly class feeds on the sacrifices.  When politicians use that word, it means tax increases. That translates to decreased real disposable income, inflation and a declining economy that can not create jobs.
  21. Investment is deferred consumption. Without surplus, investment is impossible. To make investments, one must have wealth or income beyond his current needs. He has to choose between wants and investment.

    When a farmer  reserves some corn to plant for next years crop instead of eating it, that is investment. When he stores some potatoes to plant the next crop instead of eating them, that is investment.  If mice eat the corn or the potatoes rot, that is an irrecoverable loss which may lead to starvation.  If you eat your seed, you won’t have a crop next year.

    If there is no surplus, there can be no investment without deprivation.  You may eat hot dogs instead of hamburger. You may forgo dining out, theaters, concerts and vacations.   That investment better pay off.  You don’t make that kind of investment when the government threatens to confiscate your profits through taxation.  You don’t make those investments when consumer confidence is low. You don’t make them when banks are reluctant to make loans or interest rates are escalating.

  22. Decreasing tax rates brought about a broadened tax base, which temporarily filled the treasury. But spending cuts did not happen. No real attempt was made to defuse the Social Security bomb.  Instead, policies were put in place that resulted in the real estate and stock market bubbles which burst with disastrous consequences.
  23. No serious commitment to fiscal discipline was ever made. Politicians promise ‘benefits’, spend and get elected; they will never practice fiscal discipline. “Read my lips: no new taxes.” Remember?  The Crats promised $1 in spending reduction for each $1 in increased taxes. They reneged.
  24. We were attacked with the intention of destroying our society. The correct reaction would have been the immediate destruction of the primary aggressors: Afghanistan & Pakistan. Instead of nuking them, we invaded, wasting precious blood and treasure.  The war will drag on forever because we fail to recognize the aggressor and exterminate it. The stated strategic objective is an impossibility. The same holds true in Iraq. Suicidal insanity prevails in foreign and defense policy as well as fiscal policy.
  25. Promise goodies: get elected.  Crats wanted socialized medicine, RINOs thought they could sell a cheaper substitute. Common sense never prevails over politics.
  26. Spending is not something you pay for, it is the payment. Obama continues to abuse the language.  Increasing taxes to finance the drug program would reduce economic growth, compounding the problem of decreased real disposable income. In the long run, it would increase the deficit and debt. Common sense dictates not creating new entitlement programs.
  27. Tax rate cuts are not a purchase to be paid for. Properly done, as part of a sound fiscal policy, they would increase growth, leading to a larger tax base and increased revenues.  The economy is not a zero sum game.  Money may belong to the government, but the value it represents does not, it belongs to those who created it with their labor and investment.  When government confiscates too much of that value, it starves the golden goose.  When government decides how much of your production you can keep, it ceases to be a protector and becomes a predator.
  28. Demagoguery!!! The appeal is to emotion, not rationality.  Envy is the selling point; its class warfare. Shrub’s tax cuts were across the board, not focused on the higher income brackets. Without real disposable income, surplus to immediate needs, there can be no investment. Poor people to not create jobs and hire workers.  High tax rates reduce investment capital.
  29. Shrub’s tax rate cuts did not force borrowing. Crat’s reckless spending did.  They spent the increased revenue and then some.
  30. Tax rate cuts broadened the tax base, bringing in more revenue. The drug program was not a valid government function. TARP, Stimulus & Son of Stimulus expanded the debt beyond all hope of repayment.
  31. You dug the hole deeper.
  32. You did nothing to put entitlement programs on a sound footing. It is your party that kept buying votes with increased benefits without providing for financing. The problem was well known 40 years ago.
  33. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
  34. You saved few jobs except those of a few union bosses. You did not create any real jobs. You simply threw borrowed money down the sewer where your rats scavenged it.
  35. Credit is not flowing. Banks are reluctant to lend because of uncertainty and other factors.
  36. How did you “pay for” those few dollars?  Did you give us enough to compensate for the increased price of fuel and food caused by your policies?
  37. Your policies, and Shrub’s. added to permanent deficits that will never be repaid because we won’t be able to pay the interest, Hell with the principal.
  38. The economy is moribund, it ain’t recovering.
  39. There was no fiscal responsibility in Slick Willy’s administrations, they kicked the can down the road.
  40. Government has no means of its own, it has only what it confiscates from us.  It must learn to live within our means, not impoverishing us with exorbitant tax rates & inflation.
  41. We can not reduce the deficit by spending more. We must spend less; cut back existing programs and refrain from creating new money wasting programs. We need genuine economic growth to expand the tax base, applying the increased revenues to deficit and debt reduction instead of wasting it.
  42. That requires a surplus: revenues greater than the sum of current spending and interest on the new debt. That requires a combination of economic growth and spending restraint. No new “investments”.
  43. There is no recovery to protect. It is a lie, and everybody knows it.
  44. When you debase the language, you render rational thought impossible. Spending is not investment. New government programs will destroy the economy, not build it up. We need to quit wasting money, throwing good after bad. Buy dear; sell cheap is not sound investment policy.
  45. Government creates government jobs, not real jobs in the private sector. The taxes used to finance those government jobs are subtracted from real disposable income which could be invested to create real jobs.
  46. What a stupid slogan! The future is not a contest to be won. Utopia is not waiting on the next calendar. We need to win the war against Islam,  which seeks to destroy our society and enslave us.  We need to deter others who would wage war against us if they detect weakness and lack of resolve.  We need to restore the economy to a state of health and growth. Idiotic slogans do not advance those causes.  Wasting money and raising more taxes to waste  is counterproductive.
  47. There is nothing to pay the debt with. We are going bankrupt.  Spending must be cut and revenue increased. If revenue is increased by any means other than increasing the tax base through growth, growth will be reduced, and the economy sent into another great depression. Your dreams are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  48. Affordability is a function of price  and  real disposable income. Crash programs increase price and decrease income.
  49. Schools are a local issue. They are funded with property taxes. Reducing property values through the bursting of the housing bubble and rising foreclosures due to lost jobs & increasing interest rates exacerbate the problem.  Taxing us to death is not the solution, it is part of the problem.
  50. Research is not a government function. Did the federal government finance Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison?  DARPA aside, research is a private function.
  51. Road construction and repair is supposed to be financed by fuel taxes. Jobs are created by employers who perceive profit potential to be greater than loss potential.  Increased costs such as health benefits and taxes reduce job creation. Your policies are part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  52. It is obvious that we can’t pay back our debts, which is why we keep rolling over bond issues.  How stupid do you think we are?? Do you think the sovereign fund managers are stupid, too?? Interest rates will rise as a result.  Demand for food and fuel and reduced supply due to your idiotic policies are pushing up prices. That is inflation.  The Fed likes to fight inflation by increasing interest rates.  Get a clue, idiot!
  53. Everything that reduces incomes and increases costs makes life more difficult for everybody.  The time to think about the consequences was before borrowing & wasting the money. You did something stupid; now you blame others for your incompetence & malfeasance.
  54. The debt & deficit are not members of the set of soluble solutions. There is no magic wand; no quick fix. Confiscating everything “the wealthy” have would not be sufficient.
  55. Repeating the big lie might make a few fools believe it, but won’t convert it to truth.
  56. The deficit is caused by power drunk politicians spending beyond our means. “Cost of living adjustments” are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Everything that contributes to inflation makes the problem worse.
  57. “More for less; forever more” is an impossibility, an empty promise that can not be fulfilled. When people can’t pay their mortgages and property taxes, increasing their income taxes will add to, not subtract from their misery.
  58. Vote buying. “If elected… I promise to…” & “bring home the bacon” are the problem, not the solution.
  59. “Fraud, waste and abuse” can’t be eliminated until we eliminate the corrupt politicians, starting with you, continuing with the RINOs & Crats in the Senate, Nov. 6, 2012.
  60. Most foreign aid goes to nations inimical to us and ends up in the Swiss accounts of corrupt dictators. Reducing it is not sufficient, but it is necessary.
  61. Why lump defense in with entitlements? If you are going to break down the budget, do it honestly. Give us the real numbers. Why in Hell did you fire more than 100 missiles into Libya at $500,000 each???  Why are we getting involved in a war between two groups of Muslims, both inimical to us?  No matter which side wins, we lose.  You want to cut defense spending at a time when our men are over-extended fighting on two fronts at once, with suicidal rules of engagement and strategic objectives which guarantee defeat.  Your policy exemplifies suicidal insanity.
  62. EPA wants to impose “carbon credits”, a system that will more than double utility rates.  That is an artificial inflation that will make life impossible for many.  Government spending and programs are the problem, not the solution.
  63. Lilly gilding and waste must be eliminated. We need to learn to live within our means. TARP & Stimulus demonstrate the incompetence of the current President and Congress. We must replace all of them.
  64. Vision, my ass! It has to do with replacing demagogues & corrupt leeches with honest, competent leaders. There is no short term solution, and a long term solution must exclude speeding down the same wrong track we are on now.
  65. I prefer the founder’s vision of America to Obamination’s meld of Marxism & Islam. As a visionary, Obamination is worse than blind.
  66. Snake excrement!!! Energy is neither clean nor dirty. Energy performs useful work.  Burning coal with the old technology produces smog. Burning any hydrocarbon produces water vapor. CO2 &CO.  But hydrocarbon fuels have the highest energy density and are the most abundant.  We can’t build dams because it might harm the salmon.  We can’t build windmills because they are noisy and unsightly.  We can’t build nuclear power plants because of irrational fear.  There are no realistic alternatives and there never will be. We desperately need to increase domestic exploration, production & refining, reducing dependence on unreliable foreign sources whose owners hate us.  If Clinton had not vetoed drilling in ANWAR, that resource would be available now.
  67. What benefit is there from the Department of Education?  Where is it in the Constitution anyway?
  68. What is your alternative?  Perhaps you could get rid of the union goons to make rail transport profitable again.
  69. We can’t afford the Socialist Utopia you dream of. Welcome to the real world.
  70. Why do we have gasoline taxes to finance a highway fund?  Why have the gas taxes been treated as general revenue instead of being reserved for their intended purpose?  Why do road and bridge projects have “prevailing wage” restrictions imposed to exclude non-union contractors?  Costs increase when competitive bidding is excluded.
  71. Education is not a function of more money, it is a function of student attitude, ability and participation.  Asian students tend to excel in American schools, too. Why is that?
  72. Biofuels are starving people in Africa and raising the cost of food in America.  Why are you “investing” $2Billion of our tax money in Brazil’s oil industry while shutting down our own????
  73. It is nearly impossible to discuss the extreme arrogance & condescension exemplified by that sentence without profanity and obscenity.  We are about $14Trillion in debt and the demagogue blathers about affording his Socialist nightmare. We can’t even afford the interest!!
  74. The revenues dedicated to Social Security 7 Medicare were never sufficient to fund those programs in perpetuity and everybody knew it. Actuaries were well aware of the matter 40 years ago, but our politicians were and are too dishonest to do anything about it. Yes, I turn 65 this summer.
  75. Obama Don’t Care says” “take two Aspirin and drop dead already”. Thank you very much.
  76. “If you like your doctor…” & “if you like your insurance policy”… “you can keep them “. Yeah, right. We’re going to keep them after they are put out of business by Obama Don’t Care.  And, of course, there ain’t any “death panels”.
  77. Exactly what cuts did Congressman Ryan propose to Medicare/Medicaid?  This sounds like the standard Crat  playbook: “Republicans… killing children and making Granny eat cat food”.
  78. I have not seen the details of Ryan’s proposed budget. The top 20 SERPS were all polemics, those I checked did not include details.  Are there any new tax cuts?  Extending Shrub’s tax cuts, which Crats saddled with a sunset clause,  is not a tax cut.  Cutting tax rates would increase  real disposable income available for investment. That would increase jobs & economic growth, stimulate recovery, and ultimately increase the tax base.
  79. Those whose taxable income declined will pay less income tax.  Those whose taxable income increased will pay more. Class warfare & punishing success are part of the problem, not part of the solution.  This is a campaign speech, not an act of leadership.
  80. We have a Constitution, not a social compact.  Obama is trying to confuse the audience postulating an unstated false premise that we are obligated to install and expand Socialism.
  81. The same tired, worn out straw man argument: “tax cuts for the rich”. Government will waste every cent it can get its hands on.  Lets keep some money where it will be invested productively. That is the way to foster economic growth.
  82. Pure polemics: class warfare. Reductions in the growth trend of federal programs does not equate to demanding sacrifices from the poor.
  83. Generosity & compassion are individual traits, not attributes of government. Be generous and compassionate with your own bank account if you feel a need to spread the wealth.
  84. “Land of opportunity” means where government does not erect artificial barriers to success. It means the absence of class structure that keeps you down, never letting you rise.
  85. I was not optimistic in ’08, I am more pessimistic now, and I will have no hope whatsoever if the anus is re-elected next year. There is no optimism when the President deliberately sets out to destroy major industries, punish success and impose artificial inflation in energy costs.
  86. Responsibility for each other?  The country we want?? The future we share??? Exactly what do those phrases mean?  They are amorphous, they have no definitive meaning, just like his original campaign speeches in ’08.  He lets you project your dreams onto a blank screen. Like the joke has Lincoln saying, he should “go see a play”.
  87. On whose initiative; with whose funds was the transcontinental railroad built?  What put the railroads out of business?  On whose initiative and with whose funds were power plants and the transmission grid constructed?  Who wants to double utility prices with imbecilic policies like cap and trade?  How many seniors were saved from poverty by Social Security?  What is the minimum Social Security benefit?
  88. Who did the basic and applied research?  Who funded it?  Was George W. Carver subsidized by the government?  Was Thomas Edison government funded?  Did the government fund Alexander Bell’s research?  Was Tesla working for the government?
  89. The damned fools chose a future of spiraling debt when they voted for you and a ‘Crat controlled Congress.  The choice was made, it is permanent; irreversible.
  90. “Reforms”: another undefined, ambiguous, amorphous expression signifying nothing.
  91. “Sacrifices”: code word for tax increases. Remember, “those making less than $250,000. will not see a dime in increased taxes”?  Now its “we’ll all make sacrifices”.  Yeah, right.
  92. “The America we believe in”: code phrase for Socialist Utopia. The first thing that should be sacrificed.
  93. The shorter your term, the better!
  94. Its all sacrosanct, he will not make any genuine cuts.
  95. The class warfare card comes to the top of the deck again.
  96. Social Security and Medicare are unfunded liabilities. They can not be funded without massive tax increases.
  97. “Investments in the future”: code phrase for flushing more borrowed money we can’t pay back.
  98. You can’t keep what you don’t have. Domestic spending is not low!
  99. A drop in the ocean. Insignificant in the face of our mounting national debt.
  100. We need real, productive jobs, not government jobs, digging holes and filling them in. If you want to create job s, hire someone to do something which has market value, producing something you can sell at a profit. Government can’t do that, so it should get out of the way and permit those who can to do it.
  101. Basic medical research will not yield many new jobs. Leave it to universities and drug companies.
  102. We might as well invest in pixie dust.  Alternate/clean energy sources are mythological. No such thing exists, nor will it.  That shibboleth is nothing more than an excuse for impoverishing us through artificially inflated utility bills and taxes.
  103. Where are new federal highways needed?  What happened to the Highway Trust Fund?  Airports: aren’t they a local function? Perhaps we should invest in hiring more Air Traffic Controllers and establishing schedules that will allow them to stay awake on the job. Broadband access: there is a competitive market already; why interfere with it?
  104. Education does not need money, it needs students instead of pupils, and it needs to get rid of compulsory unionism & collective extortion.
  105. Job training does not create jobs. Those recently trained have not found work.
  106. What can you eliminate from the military budget without reducing capability?  Will you reduce pay and benefits?  Will you scrimp on maintenance?  How old is our fleet of mid air refueling tankers?  Does our fleet of long range bombers need replacement?
  107. Are we really safe now?  If China invades Taiwan, how will you respond?  If North Korea attacks the south, who will you send to help?
  108. Did you say something about waste, fraud and abuse earlier in the speech?  Did you say those savings would not be sufficient?  Yeah, right.
  109. Whose health care do you cut? Who do you tell to go home and croak??  Do you screw over the providers again, forcing them out of business? Fewer doctors, clinics and hospitals: a great way to save money. Longer waiting times, decreased service. Improved health care for less. Yeah, right.
  110. Whose bills are they?  Who got the service’; who gets the bill?
  111. Everyone’s expense is someone else’s income. Whose income do you cut next?  How many Medicare providers will you force out of business? Where will their patients turn next when they are ill or injured?  Is the Emergency Room really a cheaper health care delivery option?
  112. Speed generic medicines to market. Of cuss you will. Generic Colchicine was available for $.09 per tablet. I generally used two per day. Since last September, it is $4.85 per tablet. I can’t get it any more. Your FDA gave the drug company a sweet heart deal, taking the generic form off the market. Thank you, Mr. President. I will remember you in my prayers.
  113. Efficiency and accountability; translation: more paperwork, higher costs. No net benefit.
  114. How many injuries occur in doctor’s offices and hospitals?  Exactly how will they prevent injuries which occur off premises?  Is there anything doctors can do differently that will prevent patients from becoming ill or injured and save money in the process? Will you be passing out magic wands?
  115. What spending is unnecessary?  Why is Medicare wasting money?? How much is it wasting?
  116. Tell us again exactly how you will improve Medicare? If improvement is possible, why not do it immediately instead of waiting for a crisis?
  117. What is the average monthly stipend? How many recipients are there? How many will be signing up each year? How much is generated in OASDI taxes?  And you will close that gap; how exactly???
  118. “Tax expenditures”? Do you mean refundable tax credits such as the Earned Income and Child Care credits?  No, you mean “tax cuts for the wealthy”.
  119. As I recall, your initial plan was to let all the tax cuts sunset, including “middle class” tax cuts. You only got religion when you started smelling sulfur fumes.
  120. You are rich, you don’t give a damn about the middle class, except for their votes. And you don’t need that tax cut, so why don’t you write a check to give it back, retroactively? The Treasury needs it more than you do; to invest in the future, of course.
  121. Every millionaire & billionaire is getting $1Trillion in tax cuts?  How many millionaires & billionaires are there? How big was that tax cut??
  122. Now itemized deductions are “tax expenditures”? Such as the home mortgage deduction. How many people included anticipated tax deductions in calculating the mortgage they could afford?  Now you will pull that rug out from under them; will they suffer foreclosure as a result?
  123. Middle class taxpayers can’t deduct medical expenses and mortgage interest because you Crats upped the thresholds, disqualifying them. They can’t deduct credit card interest because you eliminate that deduction.
  124. Screw over some rich folk, remove $32Billion a year from the economy, money that could be invested in job creating enterprises. Great idea.
  125. Fair can’t be defined or measured. Simple is not a term applicable to laws, rules & regulations.  What was it you promised again??
  126. Reduce “tax expenditures”, reduce rates and pay down the deficit; all in one sentence. Glib and truthless, a great combination.
  127. If you can’t do it now, you won’t be able to do it three years from now. Human nature won’t improve in that timespan; the economy won’t either.
  128. Neither. You won’t live within our means and you won’t invest in the future. Your own exorbitant travel and luxury expenditures make that clear. What you call investment, we recognize as money flushing.
  129. What are you going to sacrifice? Trips to luxury resorts in Spain? What was that promise again?  What happened to G.H.W. Bush when he broke his promise?
  130. Opportunity? Do you mean jobs and job security? Affordable housing and transportation? Affordable food and utilities?  Yeah, right; higher taxes on top of inflation & unemployment. As in Carter’s Misery Index.
  131. So, give it back; write a check. You are not earning your salary, you could rebate that, too.
  132. Give back?  Was their income given to them or did they work for it?
  133. Ron & Tip did a great job of saving Social Security, didn’t they. Yeah, right.
  134. Bush kept his part of the deal. the Crats did not. He deserved to be a one term president, so do you.
  135. Its called economic growth; you should try it.
  136. And you just wasted the best part of an hour deceiving us about those tax cuts and spending reductions.
  137. There is no common ground between polar opposites.
  138. Our ancestors created a representative republic. You are tearing it down; erecting a Communist slave state.
  139. Upholding responsibilities?  You might start with your oath of office.

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Memorial Disservice

The video of President Barack Hussein Obama’s address to the memorial in Tucson at the White House Blog, as is the transcript.   As usual, I will expose the lowlights.

” It raises a question of what, beyond prayers and expressions of concern, is required of us going forward.  How can we honor the fallen?  How can we be true to their memory?”

The honest answer to that question is to press on with our lives, as the victims and heroes would be doing if the event had not occurred.  But the question is superfluous, propounded for partisan political purposes.  Its purpose is to lay the groundwork for renewed attacks upon the first and second amendments.

“Already we’ve seen a national conversation commence, not only about the motivations behind these killings, but about everything from the merits of gun safety laws to the adequacy of our mental health system. “

The mainstream of the ‘national conversation’ flows from the mouths of politicians & pundits, falsely laying blame for the massacre at the tongues of those who oppose President Obama’s Socialist agenda.  Despite the mounting evidence that the shooter has used drugs, aroused fear among his classmates & teachers and was mentally ill, President Obama’s chorus assigns blame to Palin & Limbaugh, who had nothing to do with the event.

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized -– at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to think differently than we do -– it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.  (Applause.)”


  • ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun”
  • ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies‘.
  • “Bitter clingers”

Rush Limbaugh had an excellent rant about the hypocrisy of the left’s demand for ‘civility’.

“We should be willing to challenge old assumptions in order to lessen the prospects of such violence in the future.”

Ever so subtle yet so obvious!  President Obama hinted at a renewed demand to disarm the citizenry, rendering us defenseless.  Does anyone else remember the old comic strip “There Oughta Be a Law?

“But what we cannot do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other.”

Perish the thought!  That is exactly what they have done, shrill & loudly, starting with Krugman.

“If this tragedy prompts reflection and debate — as it should — let’s make sure it’s worthy of those we have lost.  (Applause.)  Let’s make sure it’s not on the usual plane of politics and point-scoring and pettiness that drifts away in the next news cycle.”

That is sheer hypocrisy, so obvious as to require no elaboration.

“And if, as has been discussed in recent days, their death helps usher in more civility in our public discourse, let us remember it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy — it did not — but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the challenges of our nation in a way that would make them proud. “

What was it Nancy Pelosi promised us about four years back?  What did she deliver?  Open, honest, accountable & efficient government.  Yeah, right.  And Obama promised hope & change.  How well is that working out for you?   “You can keep your doctor.”  “You can keep your insurance policy.” “It won’t raise the deficit.” “No death panels.”  Honest & civil! I really need to use profanity at this point.  Those are not white lies, they are not little brown lies; they are the stuff that makes your shoe stink even after you scrape it off the sole.

“I want to live up to her expectations.  (Applause.)  I want our democracy to be as good as Christina imagined it.  I want America to be as good as she imagined it.  (Applause.)  All of us -– we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.  (Applause.)”

Even coming from an honest statesman, those statements would be inappropriate at a memorial service for murder victims.  They are the stuff of a campaign speech, not a memorial.  As it is, they come from the mouth of a lying, conniving traitor, and the hypocrisy disgusts me intensely.

President Obama and his cronies seek to exploit a mass murder at once to condemn and silence his critics.  There is nothing so low that they will not limbo dance beneath it.  What appears to be a limbo dance is really a slithering sidewinder.     We made a horrific blunder in ’08. We have a opportunity to correct it in ’12.  We must take full advantage of that chance.

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Obamination: Civilian Trials for Terrorists

When President Obama signed the “Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011.”, he made a statement which merits critical analysis.   Two crucial quotes from that statement  are reproduced below, with my  commentary.

Section 1032 bars the use of funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act for fiscal year 2011 to transfer Guantanamo detainees into the United States,[…] Section 1032 represents a dangerous and unprecedented challenge to critical executive branch authority to determine when and where to prosecute Guantanamo detainees, based on the facts and the circumstances of each case and our national security interests.  The prosecution of terrorists in Federal court is a powerful tool in our efforts to protect the Nation and must be among the options available to us.  Any attempt to deprive the executive branch of that tool undermines our Nation’s counterterrorism efforts and has the potential to harm our national security.

President Obama complains that republicans defunded transfer of unlawful enemy combatants to the mainland for trial in civilian courts. He asserts that authority to decide where and how to prosecute those detainees is critical.

The President and Attorney General decided to try Khalid Sheikh  Mohammad in a civilian federal court in New York City.  The resulting uproar over issues of security, expense and psychological trauma to the survivors compelled  reconsideration of that idiotic and treasonous decision, which was delayed until after the general election for partisan political considerations.

The rights and privileges of citizens apply to citizens, they do not apply to unlawful enemy combatants who plotted attacks in the safety of sanctuaries provided by states with regimes inimical to the U.S.   The presumption of innocence, right to counsel, swift trial, confrontation of witnesses and discovery are intended to maximize individual liberty.  They are the best means we have of preventing the protector from morphing into a predator.

K.S.M. and his co-defendants are not charged with jay walking, petty theft or consumer fraud.  They plotted an act of war designed to maximize civilian casualties, inflict extreme economic damage and strike the first blow in a war to destroy this nation.  They authored and signed a confession of their guilt in which they revealed why they acted as they did and took pride in the act. Their confession was submitted to a military tribunal and is part of the record.  I have extracted the quote below from the opening paragraphs of that document of damnation, adding emphasis to make the obvious stand out so that even LibTards can perceive it.

In the Name ofAllah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
The 9/11 Shura’ Council
Many thanks to God who revealed the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran, and may God praise his
messenger, the prophet Mohamed, so that he causes mercy to the two realms. Also, may God praisethe prophet’s household, his entire companionship, and his followers until judgment day.
With regards to these nine accusations that you are putting us on trial for; to us, they are not
accusations. To us they are badges of honor, which we carry with pride. Many thanks to God, for his kind gesture, and choosing us to perform the act of Jihad for his cause and to defend Islam and Muslims. Therefore, killing you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding back to your attacks, are all considered to be great legitimate duty in our religion. These actions are our offerings to God. In addition, it is the imposed reality on Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, in the land of the two holy sites [Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia], and in the rest of the world, where Muslims are suffering from your brutality, terrorism, killing of the innocent, and occupying their lands and their holy sites. Nevertheless, it would have been the greatest religious duty to fight you over your infidelity. However, today, we fight you over defending Muslims, their land, their holy sites,and their
religion as a whole.

How in Hell can any American citizen know this without cursing and disrespectfully  demanding the immediate death & damnation of the signatories to that document?  The citizen who can refrain must be deemed a traitor to the nation and to the human race.

Trial in federal court?  Trial in a military tribunal?  Hell No!!! Tie them and dump them from a helicopter into the holding tank of a hog farm.  As for those who want to try them, tar, feathers and a ride out of the country on a rail.

With respect to section 1033, the restrictions on the transfer of detainees to the custody or effective control of foreign countries interfere with the authority of the executive branch to make important and consequential foreign policy and national security determinations regarding whether and under what circumstances such transfers should occur in the context of an ongoing armed conflict.  We must have the ability to act swiftly and to have broad flexibility in conducting our negotiations with foreign countries.

The President just declared catch & release to be a vital national interest.  What receiving nation has a program to incarcerate or execute those unlawful combatants?  Which of them will not release the miscreants to return to the battlefield?

The President and Attorney General must be impeached and removed from office for treason.

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Obamination: Treason in Indonesia

The White House alluded to President Barack Hussein Obama’s prepared remarks:

Indonesia: Follow-Up To The President’s Cairo Speech

That post did not bear out its promise; I found nothing but boiler plate about economic development & education projects.  The following quotes were mined from an AP story carried by AOL News.

“Relations between the United States and Muslim nations have been frayed over many years. As president, I have made it a priority to begin to repair these relations,”

The relationship between Islam and the United States is predator : prey and can never be anything else.  Muslims are under a “religious obligation”
(fard al-kifaya) to conquer and subjugate the entire world. That relationship began when we gained independence and the Barbary Pirates sacked our shipping.

Jefferson & Adams asked Tripoli’s Ambassador by what right they attacked us. His answer speaks volumes. Too bad nobody will listen.

The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet (Mohammed), that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman (or Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to heaven.

When caliph Umar sent the Muslim army to Persia, a similar question was asked and answer returned. This quote comes from Sahih Bukhari 4.53.386.

Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah Alone or give Jizya (i.e. tribute); and our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says:– “Whoever amongst us is killed (i.e. martyred), shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever amongst us remain alive, shall become your master.”

No lying demagogue is ever going to tell you about that.  They seek to conceal, not to reveal the fatal facts of Islam.   Examine Rodwell’s translation of 9:29 and compare it to Reliance of the Traveller, o9.8.

  • Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled.
  • The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax

You have seen Allah’s command to fight “people of the book” and the resulting Islamic law. What part of that is not clear to you?  What part of it requires explanation?  What part of it is subject to distortion, twisting, perversion or misinterpretation?  What did Allah command Muslims to do? What does the caliph do and why?  What did the Barbary Pirates do and why?  What does al-Qaeda do and why?  What is the difference between al-Qaeda and Islam?

“We can choose to be defined by our differences and give in to a future of suspicion and mistrust. Or we can choose to do the hard work of forging common ground and commit ourselves to the steady pursuit of progress.”

Is treachery apparent to you yet?  There is no common ground between predator and prey.  Islam will attack us and continue to attack until it conquers and subjugates us.

“We have faced false starts and setbacks,” Obama said. “There should be no illusions that peace and security will come easy.”
“Let there be no doubt: We will spare no effort in working for the outcome that is just and that is in the interest of all the parties involved: two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.”

`Obama never fails to outrage me when he blathers about Israel.  The outcome he describes is an absolute impossibility, always was and always will be.  Israel can only obtain peace by ushering her enemies into Hell.  There is no alternative to total, absolute victory.  While there are Muslims, there is no peace.

Politicians can not acknowledge objective factual reality because they view the existential necessity of eliminating Islam with the same revulsion engendered by the Holocaust.  They can not comprehend the fact that, while the Jews were innocent, Islam is perpetual war; genocidal conquest.  If vampires were real instead of mythological, they would be Muslims.  Muslims are people who have been conquered and co-opted to conquer others.  Politicians can not comprehend that fatal fact.

Politicians will not tap the wide and deep river of knowledge which flows through Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis & jurisprudence.  They will not read Allah’s demonic conquest imperatives contained in Surahs Al-Anfal & At-Taubah.  Those are 8:39 & 9:29.  They will not read Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387 which confirms those imperatives.  They will not read 13:41 to learn how Allah gradually gives the land to Muslims in conquests, irreversibly. They will not read 2:191 to learn that Muslims must drive out those who drove them out.  They will not read 7:167 to learn that Allah will continually send someone to torment the Jews. Neither will they read Ibn Kathir’s tafsir of that verse to learn that Jesus will return to lead the Muslims in the final genocide.

Politicians will not read Sunan Abu Dawud  14.2477 to learn that Allah, on Moe’s account, took a “special interest” in the “people of Syria”. Neither will they read Sahih  Muslim Book 041, Number 6985 to learn that the Muslims can  not obtain Paradise without first completing the genocide of the Jews.

Allah promised the Muslims victory. They conquered the Levant, later Jews recovered a tiny fragment of their ancient patrimony, in contravention of Allah’s promise in 13:41. Muslims will never tolerate that. They must obey 2:191. They must complete the genocide. They have no alternative if they wish to obtain Paradise and avoid the fire.  Politicians can’t comprehend this; if they could, they would never acknowledge it.   They must pretend that peace is possible. It ain’t; unless Islam is eliminated.

“America is not and will never be at war with Islam,”
“All of us must defeat al Qaeda and its affiliates, who have no claim to be leaders of any religion – certainly not a great, world religion like Islam,”

In 1801-1805 and 1815 we had to send in the Marines to stop the Barbary Pirates from attacking our merchantmen.  Now Islam has twice attacked  our mainland. President Obama will not recognize the fact that Islam is at war against us and reciprocate.  Al-Qaeda is Islam; Islam is al-Qaeda; it is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Qur’an is their constitution. Allah is their goal. Shahid is their highest aspiration.  Barack Hussein Obama and the traitors who proceeded him in office refuse to acknowledge objective factual reality.  They misidentify and misrepresent the enemy.

Obama is a liar. Islam has not been hijacked, perverted, distorted or twisted. It is what it is: a war cult created for Moe’s personal emolument through the profession of piracy & plunder. If you harbor doubts, read 8:1, 8:41 & 8:67. Who gets the spoils?  What was Moe’s motivation?  Moe, speaking for Allah, commanded Muslims to fight pagans until only Allah is worshiped.  He commanded them to fight “people of the book” until they are subjugated and make annual extortion payments.  Moe said that our blood and property are not sacred to Muslims until we submit.

What does the caliph do?  Reliance of the Traveller, Book o, Chapter 9 tells us. o9.8 says he makes war upon Jews & Christians until they are subjugated and pay extortion.  O9.9 says that he fights all other peoples until they become Muslim.  Rational and honest persons can connect the data points and draw logical conclusions. Politicians will not.

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Elimination of Religious Discrimination

Elimination of all forms of intolerance and of discrimination based on religion or belief

A/C.3/65/L.32 is a draft resolution assigned to the Third Committee of the General Assembly. Dated October 28 ’10, it takes the form of a six page pdf file. Like most UN resolutions, it begins with boilerplate references to previous resolutions & reports.

On the second page, they get down to details, where I find the first clash with reality.

Considering that religion or belief, for those who profess either, is one of the fundamental elements in their conception of life and that freedom of religion or belief should be fully respected and guaranteed,

That would be fine if all systems of belief were anodyne. But one of them is not; it commands its votaries to engage in genocidal conquest until the entire world is subjugated to its will. How can there be a right to sustain and propagate a belief that one has a divine mandate to terrorize and conquer everyone who does not share your exact system of belief and ritual practice?

Reaffirming that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief, which includes the freedom to have or not to have, or to adopt a religion or belief of one’s own choice, or to change one’s religion or belief, and the freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest one’s religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance,

The elements of choice, abstention & change all conflict directly with Shari’ah. Allah said, in 3:85, that only Islam will be accepted. Shari’ah requires that apostates be executed.

Expressing deep concern at all forms of discrimination and intolerance, including prejudices against persons and derogatory stereotyping of persons, based on religion or belief,

Exactly what are they concerned about?  The expression is ambiguous, I presume that the ambiguity is deliberate. We can safely assume that it is a reference to linkage between Islamic terrorism and Muslims; a hint at “profiling”.

Convinced of the need to address the rise in various parts of the world of religious extremism that affects the rights of individuals, the situations of violence
and discrimination that affect many women and other individuals on the grounds or in the name of religion or belief or in accordance with cultural and traditional practices, and the misuse of religion or belief for ends inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations and other relevant instruments of the United Nations,.

What is “religious extremism” and how does it affect the rights of individuals? Is it a reference to the Taliban beating women who do not wear the hijab?  Is it a reference to Muslims burning churches and murdering Christians in Indonesia and Egypt?   What religion is “misused” and by whom?

They love ambiguity. This gem is found on the third page, headlining an enumerated list.

Underlining the importance of education in the promotion of tolerance, which involves the acceptance by the public of, and its respect for, diversity, including with regard to religious expression, and underlining also the fact that education, in religion or belief, as well as violations of freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief; particular at school, should contribute in a meaningful way to promoting tolerance and the elimination of discrimination based on religion or belief,

If that is not a demand that schools be used to indoctrinate students with false hagiography about Islam, for the sake of fostering “tolerance”  then what is it?

Stresses that the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief applies equally to all persons, regardless of their religions or beliefs, and without any discrimination as to their equal protection by the law;

That includes belief in the supremacy of Islam, and the divine mandate to enforce it upon the entire world through terrorism. No thanks! I can’t tolerate that!

Emphasizes that, as underlined by the Human Rights Committee, restrictions on the freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief are permitted only if limitations are prescribed by law, are necessary to protect public  safety, order, health or morals, or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others, are non-discriminatory  and are applied in a manner that does not vitiate the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief;

How would that be applied to Reliance of the Traveller, o11.5?

Also emphasizes that freedom of religion or belief and freedom of expression are interdependent, interrelated and mutually reinforcing, and stresses further the role these rights can play in the fight against all forms of intolerance and  of discrimination based on religion or belief;

That is a convoluted way of asserting that my right to truthfully reveal the damnable details of Islamic doctrine & practice is subordinated to the Muslim’s right to believe that he has a divine mandate to kill me, rape my widow and sell my orphans into slavery.  Neither that belief nor its implementation can be tolerated. Both conquest and the implied restriction on free expression violate my fundamental freedoms.

Recognizes with deep concern the overall rise in instances of intolerance  and violence, including by non-State actors, directed against members of many religious and other communities in various parts of the world, including cases  motivated by Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and Christianophobia;

That is an obvious attempt to paint an image of balance, when it is clear that the real concern is only about intolerance of Islam. They do not give a damn about the Christians being repressed, beaten, burned out and murdered in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia & Pakistan.

Condemns any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence, whether it involves the use of print, audiovisual or electronic media or any other means;

In a pig’s eye!  They do not condemn the Quran’ic verses which command Muslims to wage war on polytheists,  Jews & Christians: 8:39 & 9:29,  The Islamic states would never tolerate that well deserved condemnation!  Instead, they condemn the Motoons which exaggerated Moe’s status as a terrorist and Fitna, which exposes Islamic incitement of violence.

Expresses concern over the persistence of institutionalized social intolerance and discrimination practised against many on the grounds of religion or belief, and emphasizes that legal procedures pertaining to religious or belief-based groups and places of worship are not a prerequisite for the exercise of the right to manifest one’s religion or belief, and that such procedures, when legally required at the national or local level, should be non-discriminatory in order to contribute to the effective protection of the right of all persons to practise their religion or belief, either individually or in community with others and in public or private;

When Muslims celebrate Eid by slitting the throat of a goat they shout “Allahu Akhbar!”; they are practicing their religion. When Moe invaded the Khaibar Oasis, shouting “Allahu Akhbar!, he was practicing his religion. [Sahih Bukhari 4.52.195]  When terrorists slit the throats of Flight 93’s crew, shouting “Allahu Akhbar!, they were practicing their religion.   Sacrificing a goat is one thing, we can tolerate that; sacrificing humans is another, intolerable practice which must be condemned and proscribed.

Allah tells us that he purchased the Muslims so that they fight in his cause, killing and  being killed. [9:111].  Allah also tells us that Islam is inseverable, it must be accepted as a package deal, all or nothing. [13:36]  By what sleight of hand can the practice & propagation of Islam be considered tolerable?

Emphasizes that States have an obligation to exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate and punish acts of violence against persons belonging to religious minorities, regardless of the perpetrator, and that failure to do so may  constitute a human rights violation;

Who will go to Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan & Sudan to enforce those violated human rights?

Also emphasizes that no religion should be equated with terrorism, as this may have adverse consequences on the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion or belief of all members of the religious communities concerned;

This tenth item on page  three of the draft is the most egregious offense to truth, logic and common sense.  They flatly declare that Islam must not be equated with terrorism when terrorism is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam.  How in Hell can there be a right to engage in terrorism??? Examine the clear evidence open upon the face of authentic Islamic texts. [Emphasis added for clarity.]

  • 3:151. We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they joined others in worship with Allâh, for which He had sent no authority; their abode will be the Fire and how evil is the abode of the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers).
  • 8:12. (Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, “Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes.”
  • 8:57. So if you gain the mastery over them in war, punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson.
  • 8:60.  Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of God, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.
  • 33:26. And those of the people of the Scripture who backed them (the disbelievers) Allâh brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captives.33:27. And He caused you to inherit their lands, and their houses, and their riches, and a land which you had not trodden (before). And Allâh is Able to do all things.
  • 59:2. He it is Who drove out the disbelievers among the people of the Scripture (i.e. the Jews of the tribe of Banî An-Nadîr) from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think that they would get out. And they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allâh! But Allâh’s (Torment) reached them from a place whereof they expected it not, and He cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their own dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take admonition, O you with eyes (to see).
  • 59:13. Verily, you (believers in the Oneness of Allâh – Islâmic Monotheism) are more awful as a fear in their (Jews of Banî An-Nadîr) breasts than Allâh. That is because they are a people who comprehend not (the Majesty and Power of Allâh).
  • Bukhari Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331:
    Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah:
    The Prophet said, “I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me.
    1. Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a distance of one month’s journey.
    2. The earth has been made for me (and for my followers) a place for praying and a thing to perform Tayammum, therefore anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due.
    3. The booty has been made Halal (lawful) for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me.
    4. I have been given the right of intercession (on the Day of Resurrection).
    5. Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.

    • Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220:
      Narrated Abu Huraira:Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Abu Huraira added: Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them)

Allah said that he would cast terror, then he said that he cast terror, resulting in the death of male defenders and the enslavement of their women and children. Moe said that he was made victorious by terror.  It is clear for all to see: terrorism is a foundational sacrament of Islam; yet the UN denies the well documented connection.

The eleventh item in the enumerated list contains a lettered list; item h & i are  egregiously outrageous.

To exert the utmost efforts, in accordance with their national legislation and in conformity with international human rights  law, to ensure that religious places, sites, shrines and symbols are fully respected and protected in a non-discriminatory way, and to take additional measures in cases where they are vulnerable to desecration and destruction and to bring to justice individuals responsible for committing acts of desecration or destruction;

One word in that list is sufficiently broad to encompass all criticism of Islam: “symbols”.  The clause clause including it will be used to criminalize any and all negative mention of Allah, the Qur’an, hadith, Shari’ah and Moe.

(i) To ensure that, in accordance with appropriate national legislation and in conformity with international human rights law, the freedom of all persons and members of groups to establish and maintain religious, charitable or humanitarian institutions is fully respected and protected;

One phrase in that list is sufficiently broad to erase laws prohibiting financial aid to terrorists: “charitable or humanitarian institutions”. This returns to President Obama’s promise to facilitate payment zakat.  It ignores the fact that Islamic law requires that one eighth of zakat must be paid to those “fighting in Allah’s cause“.

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Obamination: Terror & Treason

I learned through Red White Blue News, that President Barack Hussein Obama spoke yesterday about the bombs shipped from Yemen.  I selected three paragraphs from that speech because they contain al-Taqiyya requiring exposure & refutation.  Use the link above if you want to read the whole speech in context; the video is embedded below.

Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with the Yemeni government to disrupt plotting by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and to destroy this al Qaeda affiliate. We’ll also continue our efforts to strengthen a more stable, secure and prosperous Yemen so that terrorist groups do not have the time and space they need to plan attacks from within its borders.

Does Yemen have a secular government?  Or is it based on Islamic law?  What makes anyone think that Muslims are going to suppress terrorism, which is an intrinsic, foundational sacrament of Islam?

Al-Qaeda is an alias for Islam, an offshoot of Al-Ikhwan, another alias for Islam. You can not destroy Al-Qaeda without first destroying Islam.

Terrorism is not a function of poverty, insecurity, idleness or geography; it is doctrine driven.  The doctrines which drive Islamic terror are contained in the Qur’an & hadith.  I intend to keep pounding these fatal facts until they penetrate some thick skulls.
The fountainhead of terrorism: “Its Islam, stupid!”. [Emphasis added.]

  1. 3:151 We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they joined others in worship with Allâh, for which He had sent no authority; their abode will be the Fire and how evil is the abode of the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers).
  2. 8:12 (Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, “Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes.”
  3. 8:57 So if you gain the mastery over them in war, punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson.
  4. 8:60 Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of God, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.
  5. 33:26 And those of the people of the Scripture who backed them (the disbelievers) Allâh brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captives.
  6. 59:2 He it is Who drove out the disbelievers among the people of the Scripture (i.e. the Jews of the tribe of Bani An-Nadir) from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think that they would get out. And they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allah! But Allah’s (Torment) reached them from a place whereof they expected it not, and He cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their own dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take admonition, O you with eyes (to see).
  7. 59:13 Verily, you (believers in the Oneness of Allah – Islamic Monotheism) are more awful as a fear in their (Jews of Bani An-Nadir) breasts than Allah. That is because they are a people who comprehend not (the Majesty and Power of Allah).
  8. Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a distance of one month’s journey.
  9. Sahih Bukhari 4.52.220 I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)

Muslims are flexible, they are not limited to operating from Afghanistan or Yemen, they can design their plots anywhere they live.

The events of the past 24 hours underscores the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism.  As usual, our intelligence, law enforcement and Homeland Security professionals have served with extraordinary skill and resolve and with the commitment that their enormous responsibilities demand.  We’re also coordinating closely and effectively with our friends and our allies, who are essential to this fight.

They got lucky again. Luck can not be depended upon. We do not have Muslim friends and allies, Allah explicitly forbids friendship and alliance with kaffirs.

5:51. O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliyâ’ (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliyâ’ to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliyâ’, then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allâh guides not those people who are the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers and unjust).
As we obtain more information we will keep the public fully informed.  But at this stage, the American people should know that the counterterrorism professionals are taking this threat very seriously and are taking all necessary and prudent steps to ensure our security.  And the American people should be confident that we will not waver in our resolve to defeat al Qaeda and its affiliates and to root out violent extremism in all its forms.

Al-Qaeda & “violent extremism” are frauds. Islamic terrorism results from Islamic doctrines, which Moe preached and practiced. Those doctrines are foundational and intrinsic to Islam.  Islamic terrorism can only be eliminated by eliminating Islam.

Obamination is not taking all necessary steps to ensure security.

  1. Round them up and ship them out. Muslims on our soil are Islam’s fifth column. We can not be secure while they are among us. Get them out of the military, out of the House of representatives, out of the bureaucracy and out of the country. There is no other possibility of eliminating domestic terrorism.
  2. Terminate Islamic immigration. Totally exclude Muslims.
  3. Secure the borders, particularly the Northern & Southern borders.
  4. Exclude Muslims from mass transit, both domestic and international. Clip their wings; do not let them fly.

That is not racism, that is not bigotry; that is common sense!  Most people do not read Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis & jurisprudence, so they do not know what Islam is. It is perpetual war against the non-Islamic segment of the human race. 8:39 & 9:29 sanctify that permanent war.  What part of “fight… until” do you not comprehend?

This is about what Islam is and what Muslims do. Islam is not a religion, it is predation disguised as religion. Believers are defined in 8:2, 9:111 & 49:15. Of those, 9:111 is most explicit.

Verily, Allâh has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh’s Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and the Qur’ân. And who is truer to his covenant than Allâh? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success .

What part of ” They fight in Allâh’s Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed.” do you not comprehend?  Nine verses later, we discover a blood curdling truth which other writers will not reveal to you.  I don’t care who I offend, so I tell it as it is.  Muslims get Brownie points toward salvation from Hellfire by angering or injuring kaffirs. Note the clause to which I added emphasis.

9:120. It was not becoming of the people of Al-Madinah and the bedouins of the neighbourhood to remain behind Allâh’s Messenger (Muhammad  when fighting in Allâh’s Cause) and (it was not becoming of them) to prefer their own lives to his life. That is because they suffer neither thirst nor fatigue, nor hunger in the Cause of Allâh, nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers nor inflict any injury upon an enemy but is written to their credit as a deed of righteousness. Surely, Allâh wastes not the reward of the Muhsinûn

Only a low functioning Moron or a bigot will deny the obvious meaning of that verse.  Allah keeps an account, and on Judgment Day he will weigh your good deeds against your sins.  By  taking any step to anger or injure disbelievers you tip the scale  in your favor.  Muslims who refuse to participate in jihad are going to Hell. I added emphasis to make the truth stand out.

9:38. O you who believe! What is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allâh (i.e. Jihâd) you cling heavily to the earth? Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the Hereafter? But little is the enjoyment of the life of this world as compared with the Hereafter.

9:39. If you march not forth, He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people, and you cannot harm Him at all, and Allâh is Able to do all things.

Allah also tells us how to avoid damnation.

61:10. O You who believe! Shall I guide you to a commerce that will save you from a painful torment.

61:11.  That you believe in Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad ), and that you strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allâh with your wealth and your lives, that will be better for you, if you but know!

61:12. (If you do so) He will forgive you your sins, and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwelling in Gardens of ‘Adn ­ Eternity [‘Adn (Edn) Paradise], that is indeed the great success.

Participation in jihad will save you from the fire. Even more, it will gain you admission to Paradise.  Turn to 78:21 and start reading continuing to verse 40.  When people believe that  if they wage war against us they will spend eternity drinking wine but if they refuse, they will spend eternity drinking boiling water and wound discharges,  their existence presents a real  proximate and persistent  danger which must not be ignored.  That is Islam!

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