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Myth vs Fact #488

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. Reliance of the Traveller, Book O.10.1

Chapter O10.0: The Spoils of Battle


A free male Muslim who has reached puberty and is sane is entitled to the spoils of battle when he has participated in a battle to the end of it.

After personal booty (def: o10.2), the collective spoils of the battle are divided into five parts. The first fifth is set aside (dis: o10.3), and the remaining four are distributed, one share to each infantryman and three shares to each cavalryman. From these latter four fifths also, a token payment is given at the leader’s discretion to women, children, and non-Muslim participants on the Muslim side.A combatant only takes possession of his share of the spoils at the official division. (A: Or he may choose to waive his right to it.)

Bottom Line: What need has the ‘religion of peace’ for legal rulings on the division of spoils of war?

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