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Trump vs Clinton: A side by side comparison on where they stand on the issues

The post quotes from one of Trump’s fund raising push polls. I answer them bu do not send $. Trump claims that the results are compiled and used to guide his campaign. I hope they are!! When one appears in yer email, click through and respond to all the questions.

crew-2231211For Hillary’s part, they will be the opposite if what every freedom loving American desires.

She’s a progressive/socialist wanting a bigger a more bloated federal government and cares not one iota about those she could lead, only caring about her own desires and her families ill-gotten wealth.

Not one thing Hillary had done or as she likes to say accomplished has been anything less than an abject failure.

Trump wants to “Make America Great Again,” while returning her to its rightful place  among the major players in the world.


  1. Do you think Donald Trump should spend more time delivering a positive message or attacking Hillary’s failed record and policies?

    • Positive
    • Anti-Hillary
    • Both equally
    • Other, please specify:
  2. How would you rate Donald Trump’s campaign?

    • Too conservative
    • Too liberal
    • Too moderate
    • Just right
    • Other, please specify:
  3. How do you identify yourself politically?

    • Conservative
    • Moderate
    • Tea Party Conservative
    • Libertarian
    • Other, please specify:
  4. Balancing…

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See the result of Hillary getting pissed off

I tipped off Jim to the Still report, he found the other videos and assembled a package that exposes Hillary Clinton as a damned liar and traitor. Will you vote for a liar? Will you vote for a traitor? By staying home on election day, you will ensure the coronation of Queen Hillary and the destruction of our liberty and prosperity.
Go vote Straight Republican and take your friends and family with you!!!

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

October 23, 2016

Absolutely, anyone with the technical skill  can make a video saying what they like.


Hillary’s penchant for blowing her cork and using language that would embarrass drunken sailors is well-known and reported in the past. (Source)

Among her long list of psychological maladies, paranoia must now be among them.

We’ve known this for years, but what better example than not allowing anyone on her staff to have a cell phone to quietly video or record her constant irrational behavior. 

hillary-clintonHillary Clinton is woefully unprepared to become the next commander-in-chief.

Presidents, vice presidents, and presidential candidates perform on stage for the public and the media.

51dd4vepu3l-_sx322_bo1204203200_What the nation’s leaders are really like and what goes on behind the scenes remains hidden. Secret Service agents have a front row seat on their private lives and those of their wives and children. 
Crammed with new, headline-making…

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‘slime’s a ‘slime fer alla’ that! No need to be a card carrying scion of Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen to be evil and a real & proximate threat to our lives and liberties.

The NeoConservative Christian Right


On June 13, 2012 five U.S. Congressmen sent a letter of concern to the Inspector General’s Office of the State Department pertaining to Huma Abedin’s extremely close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

  • Michele Bachmann

  • Louie Gohmert

  • Lynn Westmoreland

  • Trent Franks

  • Thomas Rooney

The problem is Huma Abedin has extremely close ties to Crooked Hillary going back to President Slick Willie days. All the time from the Clinton Administration to this present-day Huma Abedin’s ties to the Radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood have been given a pass and ignored!


Determine the Networks has the Huma breakdown ignored by the Executive Branch under Obama when Bachmann raised the red flag on Huma Abedin.

JRH 10/23/16

Please Support NCCR



Discover the Networks

  • Daughter of Saleha Mahmood Abedin, a pro-Sharia sociologist with ties to numerous Islamist organizations including the Muslim Brotherhood

  • Longtime assistant to Hillary Clinton

  • Wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner

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Trump: Contract With Voters

Rudy does the warmup, Donald rehashes the litany then tells how he will take America back.

This is your last chance: Take Our Country Back Nov. 8 and take a firm grip on it or let it slip away forever.

Every vote not cast for Trump helps to elect Hillary. Do you really want her hacking up Huma’s hairballs in the White House? Do you really want Slick Willy sexually molesting interns in the West Wing again? Then get off yer arse and vote a straight republican ticket Nov. 8 if not sooner!!!

If you t want half a million Muslims invaders welcomed, if you want Mexicans voting in our elections, If White lives don’t matter, then just stay home on election day!

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing to stop it.

As imperfect and flawed as Trump is, The Bloody Bitch Of Benghazi let four Americans be slaughtered and dozens more injured when it was in her power to prevent it ‘cuz she was arranging the capture of Amb. Stevens so the Blind Sheikh of the first WTC attack could be exchanged for him.

How in the accursed fire of Hell can you allow the Bloody Bitch of Benghazi, the accursed traitor, to be coronated???

This is our last chance; don’t abandon America!!!

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My take on last nights debate

Chump blew it by being unprepared. Knowing the topics in advance and having the advantage of Shrillery’s preparation book being published, he should have been ready for bear and fully loadedd with facts.

He failed to explain the Net Operating Loss Carry forward, a major failure. Most viewers will not know that it is legal and necessary. Suggesting that Shrillery should have changed it was sheer foolishness. 😦

Partial birth abortion is murder. Chump should have raised the issue of survivors. He should have noted that most abortions are for convenience, not medical necessity.

Syria: Gd!!! Shrillery & Obamination caused the problem with their damned “Arab Spring”, with Libya and arming/training & financing the rebels. 😦

Terrorism: if Sidiqie Mateen had stayed home, 49 Queers would still be alive. Chump does not get it! 😦

Election rigging: Sweet Loving Jesus Christ!!! Save us from damn fool primary voters!!!! Project Veritas exposed Shrillery’s vote fraud campaign, Chump should have pounded the table with it!!! 😦

Accepting the voter’s decision: This is no time for a concession speech! Save that for after the votes are cast, counted, recounted and litigated!!!

Chump is a damn big dissappointment!!! 😦


By Jim Campbell

October 19, 2016

They’ve Hit Bottom. Let’s Keep Them There.

Hillary Clinton dug here own grave this evening.


Image: HT The Earl of Taint

Donald Trump merely provided the sand and the shovel.

It was a complete knockout with Hillary wondering what hit her.

Call it the truth.

Hillary is fond of using a southern accent when in the South.

Could she be any less transparent?

She got her clock cleaned and we will never know if is still working.


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Clintonoids = Islamophiles Interested in Islam’s Image, Not It’s Victims!!!

Clintonoids = Islamophiles Interested in Islam’s Image, Not
It’s Victims!!!

Clintonoids = Islamophiles Interested in Islam’s Image, Not It’s

    This email exchange tells us what we need to know
about Hillary Clinton and her Clintonoids. They do not give a damn
about the little people, the “unaware and compliant citizens” slaughtered by a
Muslim.  Their first priority is preserving the false image of
Islam #Religion_Of_Peace.

    The following quote is how Clintonoid John Podesta reacted
when informed of the identity of the accursed Muslims who murdered 14

Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a
guy named
Christopher Hayes was the shooter.


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Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 22:05:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Tweet | NBC reports a shooter’s name
From: John Podesta
To: Karen Finney

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Christopher Hayes was the shooter.
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> )*
> 12/2/15, 9:16 PM
> NBC News now reporting a US citizen named Sayeed Farouk believed
to be one
> of the people involved in the shooting.
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Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes)
NBC News now= reporting a US citizen named Sayeed Farouk
believed to be one of the peopl=
e involved in the shooting.

the Twitter app

Sent from my iPhone


    How in Hell can anyone vote for Hillary Clinton or
any Democrat  knowing this???  Vote Nov. 8 as if your
liberty, security and prosperity depend on it ‘cuz they do.  We
need a giant tube of Preparation H.

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Clintonoids Conspire To Produce Unaware & Compliant Citizens!

Unaware & Compliant Citizens

Immediate source:

Original source:

Democrats have been keeping you in the dark and
dumping shit on you. Why would you ever consider voting for one of
them???  Bill Ivey wrote to John Podesta:

…we’ve all been quite content…[to] conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.”

Clintonoids view us as mushrooms or sheep to be led to the slaughter:
“unaware and compliant”.  I am aware and I will not comply! How
about you???  Will you vote a straight Republican ticket or will
you remain unaware & compliant???

Here is the excerpt:

Here is the context:




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Democrats say you must follow the Moslem to be Christian

Read some extremely good analysis

Liberals Backwards Think


Democrats are lost in their delusions.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

How do people so delude themselves that they believe anything they are told and, despite all evidence to the contrary, adhere to those beliefs?  Liberals believe that Moslems were part of America’s founding because Obama said so.  They think you must accept the oppressive laws of Sharia to prove your love freedom.  How do people’s minds become so twisted?  A liberal wrote the following article for the Daily Kos about American Christian patriots whom they hate:

Seven things I know about Trumpsters

This is an atheist telling Christians that they don’t believe in the True God because they won’t accept leftist ideology.  Here is my response to those who call me an unbeliever for not believing as they believe:

  1. You want to be ruled, not governed

Coming from the Left who promote Obama’s lawless rule with his pen and his phone…

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Donald Trump Says Campaign Not in Crisis, and There Is ‘Zero Chance I’ll Quit’

You are witness to the implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”: isolate, humiliate, denigrate & destroy your enemy. Timing is significant. Tapes of Trump’s raunchy conversations with Howard stern were featured during the primary season. The LSM chose to bide their time: to let Trump be nominated before destroying him, depriving the GOP of the chance to mount a viable campaign with a genuine Conservative on the ticket.

This is AssWholliness at its best! When Slick Willy was caught getting Lewinskis in the Oval Office, the willing accomplices in the LSM declared it a personal matter unrelated to the governance of the country. ‘Crat senators purgered themselves, forsworn in their judicial oaths and saved him from conviction of high crimes & misdemeanors. Now the ‘Crats & Rinos are salivating over the chance to denigrate Trump, nine months too late.

This speaks volumes about their AssWholliness!!! Is anyone listening?

It was obvious to those who were paying attention that Trump is a Dork. He was an insider, contributing large sums to the election campaigns of the worst crooks in Congress, including Clinton, and also contributing to the RNC. He bragged about buying Hillary.

You did not pay attention. You shrugged it off ‘cuz you perceived him to be an outsider, opposed to illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism. You perceived the best debater, best prepared and most Conservative candidate to be an insider, against all the evidence. You decided that only Trump could win. You backed a flawed candidate with high negatives and a loose tongue. You took your chances, now the nation is in jeapardy because of your foolishness.

I told you this was going to happen; you would not listen. Now we are about to put one of two AssWholes in the White house. Which will it be: one who talks about it or one who did it throughout a career as Attourney General, Governor, Senator and President?

Will we have a flawed President nominating origionalists to SCOTUS or or a First AssWhole directing the Bloody Bitch of Benghazi to nominate Marxists & Muslims to the court?

Will we elect a flawed candidate who will try to restore America’s greatness or will we cast away our first and second amendment rights and watch the Bloody Bitch Of Benghazi pack the electorate with Muslims & Mexicans to assure ‘Crat rule for the next two generations? You decide; you made a piss poor decision in the primaries 😦

crew-2231211If the democrats and those who call themselves Republican think they can steal this election away from Mr. Donald Trump, they had better think long and hard on it.

Republicans for their part have salivated over their delusion that they will take the issue to the R.N.C. and oust Trump.

Once he knocks out Hillary in the second debate, the entire issue will be put to rest.

It’s very clear that Donald Trump was a flawed man according to the tapes that just happened to find their way to the Washington Post’s mail box.

Anyone who can compare Trumps sophomoric behavior with the criminal activity carried on by Hillary Clinton since Arkansas, then through Slicks two terms of his presidency is not rowing with both oars in the water.

GOP presidential candidate tells The Wall Street Journal ‘support I’m getting is unbelievable’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shown on Friday.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shown on Friday.

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Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as “furniture” for Muslim immigrants.

Refugees, my ass! Invaders!! Quit electing traitors!!!

crew-2231211The western nation “Main Stream media.” won’t cover this …

That’s why if you want to know what is going on that they want us not to understand, go to a reputable blogger.

I’d like assure you that you are safe here.

80-haddad2_cbd77fd6711b2d9b6077a3528c76c148878604cf-1Of course this is all illegal.

Here we disclose how your friendly Muslim next door is selling arms illegally.


That’s right, Fort Meyers, Florida.

Semper Fi News

Yavex U.S.A.


September, 28, 2016

Yeah, keep letting them into our country!!!

If this doesn’t convince you that this IMMIGRATION is nothing less than an ARMED INVASION then nothing

80-haddad3_ab9952e9f90856bb3624f13af33d0cc2f3939d4cWonder still why all those young (military age) men without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those miles posing as refugees?

muslim_refugees1_1Wonder no longer, it’s Obama…

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