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From Moonbat Central

From Moonbat Central

Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:42 PM

LOL!!  Over at the Moonbats In Training web site,  disguised as the RNC blog,  one will  find how the Moonbats are trained and where the Moonbat Instructors and Case Handlers distinguish who is the moonbattiest.  From there, they go on to be the granted Huffington Post and the Daily Kos blogatorium members.  Remember,  the more moonbattier,  the further a moonbat will  go at the Regular Moonbat Blogs: to read the threads and to place comments, you will have to sign up.

WARNING: do NOT place any personal data to be displayed on the blog.  These are viscious Moonbats and they will contact you…

Americans’ Rising Positive Feelings About TheWar: Five-Month High

In Case You MissedIt: In Iraq Vote, Congress Is Casting Aside The Constitution

In Case You Missed It: VFW Says 110th Congress Loses Long-Term Focus

In Case You Missed It: Things Are Looking Up

One thing is for sure; the insane asylums are missing some inmates.

I can only surmise that the RNC, being incapable of monitoring their own blog, has allowed their vaunted blog to become an Observation Post for the mooonbattiest of the moonbats.

Several Moonbats over at the MIT blog, change their handles quicker then rats breed so one has to be a veteran at this blog to be able to discern which moonbat is the same moonbat.

Some of us believe that a good percentage of the Moonbats are actuall Code Pink Communists from A.N.S.W.E.R.  It would explain a great deal.

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Problems Posting Comments

Problems Posting Comments

Saturday, March 24, 2007 11:09 PM

Is anybody else having problems with posting comments?

Is anybody else having Moonbats hitting the “offensive” buttons?

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The Merry Mooonbat Poem

The Merry Mooonbat Poem

Thursday, March 22, 2007 1:48 AM

I ran across this many moons ago and have since lost the original link to it.  it is NOT my own work so if anyone knows to whom it belongs,  please let me know and I will make amends.



The Merry Moonbat, Episode II

I met again my Moonbat friend while headed to the store
He spotted me and made a face as I approached the door.
“Ho, Moonie-bat,” I called to him, “how are you this fine day?”
“I’m fasting,” he told me with pride, “I skipped my lunch today.”

“Ah,” I nodded, smiled, and said, “That Troops Home Fast’, I guess.”
The Moonie-bat then raised his chin, nodded, and said, “Yes.”
“Well good for you,” said I, in jest, “I really must admire
Those who’ll bravely ‘sacrifice’ to harm those under fire.”

“Bravo, Moonbat – you’re doing well – you’re letting all folks know
How silly all your protests are, and just how far you’ll go.
You’re showing them exactly how committed to your cause
You Moonbats are – you’ll even take a
gastronomic pause!”

The Moonbat frowned – he didn’t like my ‘compliment,’ it seemed,
And then with renewed vigor, he veritably beamed,
“You know your game is over, you warmongering buffoon,
I read it, somewhere – you must know your warring ways are doomed.

“Iraq’s a pure disaster, and you know it, brutish friend,
Halliburton’s headed out, and civil war’s at hand
Nothing’s been accomplished, and now there’s Israel,
You realize it’s all Bushie’s fault – and you can’t help but fail.

Iraq’s a bigger threat to us than any time before,
All because of Bushie and his ill-justified war
Now Iraqis have a cause to come and hit us here
All because you warmongers spread violence and fear.

“So if your cause was getting rid of an impending threat
You’ve clearly failed, because it’s growing even stronger yet.
The only way to win it now is more troops and more cash.
Maybe Bush could have himself some rich warmonger bash.”

“Don’t you think Bin Laden’s celebrating at our loss?
Don’t you think he’s glad we’ve paid a monumental cost?
To help a country that we know was doing great before
Saddam was nice compared to what they’ve gotten with this war.”

“You know,” I said, “you Moonbats really need a newer tune.
For centuries, you’ve sung the same anthem to gloom and doom
Two hundred thirty years ago, we shouldn’t leave the King
Sixty years ago it was a ‘European thing.’

Forty years ago it was a quagmire, you folks claimed
And now you all are playing the same tired, coward’s game
You all say, at each new point, you just don’t like THIS war
But you’ve all said it just that way a hundred times before.

You all claim to care about the weakest of the world
But don’t you think they benefit when freedom is unfurled?
Don’t you think that when a country stands for liberty
It has an obligation, a responsibility

To stand strong and defend it, whome’er the foe may be
By standing up for freedom there, it’s saved for you and me
Don’t you think that it is good to take out terrorists?
Dictators and lunatics and crazy egotists?

And how do we negotiate with those that mean us harm?
How do we lie down with those who kill, and maim, and bomb?
How do we just stand and watch a maniac build stocks
Of weapons that would devastate scores of our city blocks?

If we say we’re representing freedom, life, and hope
How can we abandon those who clearly cannot hope
To rise above the cruelty, strife, and famine they endure
From some demented nutcase, when there’s only one real cure.

The enemy has no restraint when seeing its cause through
And yet at home, we’re faced with weak-kneed Moonie-bats like you
Who gladly embrace cut and run, and say that we should go
But you lamented leaving in that Gulf War I, you know.

Bush I listened, to that Moonbat-touted, ‘get out’ talk
All that “Leave Iraq” — he did – we had our Heroes walk
We left that one, and back we are, to finish up the task
And then you all quick-changed your tune “Why did we leave?” you asked

Of course, now, you’re all yelling that we just should up and quit
That’s always what you Moonbats say, your nerves aren’t worth my spit
“It’s ‘Bush lied, they died’ if we fight; it’s ‘Should have’ if we don’t
It’s interference if we’ll act; it’s blindness if we won’t.

We’re winning this war, Moonie-bat – there’s no doubt in my mind.
The enemy that worries me’s a slightly different kind
I know that we’ll win out over Bin Laden and his kin
The one that really worries me’s the enemy within.

Progressives (re-tooled Socialists) and far-left Democrats
Are doing damage far worse than Bin Laden’s slimy rats
Altruism doesn’t work – it only hurts the strong
And any land that made it policy would fall ere long

Hiding ostrich heads in sand will only have one end
It only means that you won’t see attacks that they will send.
Cut-and-run has never led to peace or dignity
I don’t know why one would choose a road so cowardly.

In the end, you Moonie-bats are weak-kneed hypocrites
You whine, and gripe, and criticize, and have your temper fits
You hide behind that flag you burn, and say your cause is true
Well, truth is, we’d be better off – sans Moonie-bats like you.”

My Moonbat friend was speechless, then he sadly shook his head.
“You still won’t learn. You still don’t get it – pity,” he then said.
And so again, we parted ways, more opposites than kin,
For winners never quit, you see – and quitters never win.

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Daily Kos Copy Cats…

Daily Kos Copy Cats…

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 6:06 PM

I have posted here before that the Leftinistra (The Armies of The Socialist Liberals) cannot think for themselves.

I have also posted that some of them follow me around and vainly and lamely try and copy what I do.

They have been doing this for MONTHS!!  LOL!!!  The proof is right here:

None us knew that we were movie stars!!  BWAHAHAHA!!!  I wonder if there are copyright issues invloved…I’ll look into that.

Anyway, scroll  through my posts and you shall see how so very sad it is to be a Leftinistra.

The date of their “attack”, as lame as it is, is really quite complimentary.  LOL!!  The date if their counter is also interesting…LOL!!!

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A Wannabe Prattles:

A Wannabe Prattles:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 4:15 PM

From the RNC blog,,  the worst blog in the known universe.  The RNC SHOULD be ashamed, the key word being SHOULD, that their blog is in such dissaray.

Anyway, here is an excerpt from the vaunted and lame RNC blog.  This particular blogger claims to be a Marine in Iraq.  I do not believe IT and had IT pegged many months ago.  IT posts as Smedley Butler,a famed American Hero of WWI.  Using a Hero’s name as a handle on a blog is at best an insult and very disrespectful.  IT reeks of a Leftinistra.

BEHOLD: thread called “Its Unanimous”

I won’t claim it to be unanimous but I will say that the majority of Americans, including a whole bunch of us in Iraq, see that our continued occupation of Iraq is bad for US. This thing needs to end sooner, not later. We of the US military are not supposed to be used as enforcers for corporate America, but that is what we have become. This Iraq debacle has nothing to do with protecting Americans or protecting our rights and liberties. It’s all about the oil and big business.

Semper Fidelis.

Posted by Smedley Butler on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 11:24 PM | Reply


Well here is the answer to what you are hoping for….

……Coalition forces have detained about 700 members of the Mahdi Army, the largest Shiite militia in Baghdad, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said Monday.

When we get the job done, then we can bring our troops home!

Posted by Cyber Pastor on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 12:44 AM | Reply

Smed.. You cannot find your AZZ in the daylight… and if Petraues can have Orange drinks in SADR City.. where are you pretending to be?????????????? Digging latrines in a deserted island???

Posted by redhawk on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:58 AM | Website | Reply

The fraud blogger Smedley Butler never returned the reply but IT did post this:

And on a much more positive note, Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX) has thrown his hat in the ring for the 2008 presidential election. This is good news for GOP. We might have a chance to beat whatever clown the democrats send up.

Posted by Smedley Butler on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 11:59 PM | Reply

35 minutes passed between ITS posts in which IT could have dispensed of ITS blatant lies.  IT did not.

This blogger has been outed upon several events in which IT has posted socialist views and has sided with the Leftinistra MOST of ITS time spent on the RNC blog.  The proof of this assertion is here:

This poster is a fraud and is typical of what we Reagan Era Conservatives face on a day to day basis.

Fellow bloggers MUST confront these frauds at every turn.

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Troll Patrol!! LOL!!!

Troll Patrol!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 7:39 PM

The more “they” do what “they” are doing, the better off the Conservatives will be.  I am not sure how the RNC/GOP will do but the Conservatives will be OK!!!

This JUST in from the blog…been away for most of the day writing some stuff for Perdue…

I took a break and found this…

Profile for GOP Wasteland

Such a sad sack…LOL!!!

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More Moonbat Implosions

More Moonbat Implosions

Saturday, March 10, 2007 7:24 PM


Too rich!!!  Too sadly comical.

In previous posts, I mentioned the LAME and PATHETIC blog site, “owned and operated” by the RINO infiltrated and LAME RNC.

For the latest example of DNC Trolldom, click…one can see how they are INCAPABLE of rational debate and dialogue.  As I have said before…simply amazing.

This particular “intellectually deficient Moonbat” uses several handles, giving the illusion that there are “several” of IT.  No one is impressed or fooled…except IT, in ITS own delusional dimentia.  IT uses several interesting handles and they are VERY easily ZEROd in on…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Sorry ’bout the outburst!!

One of these days the RINO RNC will fix that LAME blog of theirs.

Click it and be prepared to LYBOROF!!!

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Moonbats Imploding

Moonbats Imploding

Saturday, March 10, 2007 2:42 AM

As in a previous posting entitled “Lessons Learned”, I will continue to explain, express and expose the vaunted GOP blog site.  This evening/morning, over a span of several hours, the Moonbats were led down a trail which I designed and implemented.  The snares were set and sprung.  It really was simple.  All one has to do is let them, the Moonbats, be themselves.

There is a certain thread where most of this transpired.  One can view this thread, if interested, at a thread entitled A Right To Know.  There, one will find just how vitriolic they are and will be, naturally.  As in my previous posting, I explained that I became as the enemy to bait them and it worked.

As a former silent member of The Silent Majority, I have become unsilent, if that is a word.  I suggest to the rest of the silent members to stand up and be counted.  Some would say that we cannot “stoop to their level”.  I ask, “Why not?”  How long are we going to let the Vocal Minority, the Leftinistra (the Armies of the Liberals) continue to roll over us just because we want to be “reasonable” and “sensitive”?  Don’t make me puke.

For FAR too long now we have sat back and just shaken our heads hoping upon hope that the Leftinistra would finally pass, as if it were a fad.  It is NOT a fad.  They are socialists and are enemies of the Constitution of the United States.  There is a war being waged right here within the borders of the United States.

I find it interesting that some of the Leftinistra follow me around.  Quite comical.  I post and they dance.  At the Breeding Ground of the Vitriolics at the GOP blog website, they spew their hatred and contempt for Capitalism and our Federal Republic.  They call our country a Democracy.  It isn’t.  It is a Federal Republic and they HATE that concept of Freedom.  I wrote a piece on that as well.

The post entitled “Lessons Learned” has been sent to the Lame Stream Media, the enemies of the GOP, and hopefully, it will be printed.  Mainly because it exposes the GOP for what it has become…lame and infiltrated by the Leftinistra.

Just look at the Terrible Three for the GOP.  How LAME can Rudy, Mitt and McCain be?  Good grief.  The leaders of the GOP need to be fired and replaced with Reagan era Conservatism.

One of the lamest lib bloggers at the GOP site uses the handle of McCain n Romney flipflop.  LOL!!!  Pretty lame isn’t it?  ( the loser even came over here to leave a message…I post, they dance)

Anyway, check out the LAMEST blog going!!

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The Leftinistra

The Leftinistra

Saturday, March 03, 2007 2:38 AM

Good LORD!!!

Ya wanna good laugh?  Well, maybe not a laugh as in funny, HA, HA, or anything like that.  The Leftinistra, the ZEROS of our universe, are running scared in the blogosphere and it is quite comical…sad but comical.  Check out the blog over at the blog site and see for yourself.

The implosions are “Rather” apparent.  We have them on the run yet blame others for their failings.  Sound familiar?

We can always tell over there when they have checked in with their traainers and/or case workers, whichever the “case” may be.  Sometimes, we the Good Guys,email back and forth and have a hoot at their expense.

These Leftinistra are just too lost.  Their mental states are questionable and their hatred is very much evident.  They repeat the same old lines that have been proven wrong over and over and over again.  They fit the definition of insanity to a T.  Amazing.

Simply amazing.

Y’all check it out and get back with me on that.  I gotta go pee.  LOL!!

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