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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

CBS…Lost In Space

The Communist Broadcasting Services continues to pander to the Leftinistra Defeatocrats, the Cut and Run whiners and crybabies. They so FEAR success in Iraq, they will adhere to anything contrary. In an article today, we see this EXACT transaction taking place. I will post one paragraph from this article and one only, at this time. The whole article sickens this veteran.

Although President Bush vetoed legislation passed by congressional Democrats setting a timetable for withdrawal, Levin said his party will try again to begin an American troop withdrawal. This time, he said, Democrats will be successful because they have support from more frustrated Republicans.

Where is the substantiation for such a claim on the part of Levin? And why are the Defeatocrats such losers? And how did such an ignorant and retarded individual get elected in the first place?

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The Clintonistas


In Hillary’s Senate Financial Disclosure Report, there are listings as to just how much cash these two are raking in.  How dare they whine about how the rich are exploiting the poor.  I don’t begrudge people making as much money they so choose to make.  That is one of the MANY advantages this country allows people to do.  There are NO guarantees.  But,  if you are going to make zillions of US dollars, don’t run around whining about all those evil businesses with their “windfall” profits and saying you are going to take your ill gotten wealth (gains) and redistribute it to those in need, all the while pocketing YOUR wealth, ill gotten or otherwise.

On the speaking circuit, the former President Clinton made more than $10 million in paid speeches last year, according to new filings that show he and his presidential- candidate wife have at least $10 million in the bank, and may have closer to $50 million.   As a side-bar, I wouldn’t pay a single wooden nickel to hear him speak about anything.

And, apparently, the Clintons are deeply involved with CLSA, the fifth largest bank in the world.

CLSA is a leading brokerage, investment banking and private equity group in the Asia-Pacific Markets. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Hong Kong, CLSA’s major shareholder is France’s Credit Agricole, which merged in 2003 with Credit Lyonnais, to form the 5th largest bank in the world by assets and the 5th largest bank in the world by Tier One capital. CLSA enjoys substantial staff ownership which contributes to its independent stance and operations.

Somethings just make me wonder.

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