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Hillary’s Rub

The originality of Hillary Rodham (or no Rodham) Clinton is lacking originality. It never ceases to amaze this writer that the Leftinistra seem to resort to copying others for some mysterious reason. One could suppose that imitation is the primo example of flattery. In this case, it is merely flatulence.

HilaryHub is really Hillary’s Rub. It is her way to strike against the opposition and it isn’t going to go very far. Her advisers, one can postulate, said it would be a grand idea to emulate The Drudge Report. The problem with that line of thinking is that The Drudge Report presents all sides to all issues. He reports and you decide, as it were. With Hillary’s Rub, the presentations are one-sided. The authors presented, depict Hillary as a caring, semi-evangelical and “nice” individual that deserves to be President of The United States. The site is also designed to “tweak” opposition folks…such as I. The only thing “tweaked” is my laugher…I nearly had an “accident” laughing as hard as I did. I made a slight reference to this site here on a previous post.

At the Politico:

HillaryHub isn’t a typical campaign site. With a simple, three-column look, occasionally edgy headlines and links to a blend of videos, reports from newspapers and blogs and campaign memos, it’s a news aggregator on the model of the Drudge Report. The difference, of course, is that the stories are chosen to depict Clinton favorably and to tweak her critics.

When The Politico posted an internal Obama campaign memo aimed at raising the expectations for Clinton’s fundraising, HillaryHub linked to it under the headline: “Obama Camp Touts Hillary’s Poll Numbers and Endorsements.”

Imagine that. Links to sites like sacbee, touting the 1984 VP selection, Geraldine Ferraro, in the DNC camp is to show us, what? I viral feminist? Is that a good thing? She didn’t learn her lesson, then? She ran with Mondale. That wasn’t such a grand idea now, was it?

Wednesday, Ferraro visited the Sacramento offices of Global Consulting Group, a New York-headquartered public affairs firm for which she is a senior adviser. She endorsed Clinton’s candidacy in April, declaring: “By electing Hillary Clinton, we can smash the ultimate glass ceiling once and for all.”

Is that what Hillary is all about? Shattering glass ceilings? How does that relate to the Global War On Terror?

Interns? This article at the Hillary Rub, is intended to debunk the recent books all about the Real Hillary.

If you want to understand the woman who would be president, don’t bother to read the latest avalanche of recycled biographies – just ask her interns.

Oh, I see. Hillary’s interns know best. Well versed authors, taking years to investigate and interview a plethora of people close to and contrary to Hillary surely wouldn’t know better than interns. Who did the authors interview? Were there no “former interns” of Hillary anywhere to be found?

This Hillary Rub is doomed. It is domed because it is based on a lie but the Democrats are GREAT at promoting their lies as truth. The gullible fall for anything.

That was just three of the twenty articles displaying Hillary as the New Wonder Woman. She is a wonder alright. I wonder what in the hell she is up to.

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Czarina; Pork President

I am quite sure that Hillary Clinton doesn’t go around bragging about this but someone is doing it for her.

Clinton can boast wealth of earmarks. Isn’t that sweet? But, hasn’t she been “whining” about earmarks?

Presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has secured more earmarks in the fiscal 2008 defense authorization bill than any other Democrat except for panel Chairman Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.).

The bill contains about $5.4 billion in earmarks, or projects not requested by the Pentagon. With their slim majority, [What? No “landslide?] the Democrats on the panel claimed two-thirds of that sum. Clinton is among their more junior members.

Clinton received 26 earmarks worth about $148.4 million total, most of which were also sought by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). Clinton and Schumer agreed several years ago to go after projects together, according to several sources.

Senator Clinton, once again, has wormed and squirmed her way into getting folks to trust her lies and deceptions.

NY Mag

Is John McCain set to initiate an attack on Hillary Clinton? Little more than an hour ago, the McCain campaign put out word that the Republican will shortly hold a press conference in California to talk about “Sen. Clinton’s defense earmarks,” the many millions of dollars in federal funding Hillary has secured for New York military contractors. New York has previously noted the senator’s cozy relationship with some defense contractors, but then, isn’t this what senators do, work to bring money home?

Yes. They work to bring home the money. They also SHOULD be working on the ethical practices of said activity. Yes? No? Maybe? With her and her husband’s reputation of “loathing” the military, bringing home the bacon to defense contractors is quite the sham. I wonder what her kook fringe America haters think of her helping the furtherance of military development?

Clinton’s beneficiaries include defense giant Northrop Grumman, which secured $6 million for the AN/SPQ-9B radar; New York-based Telephonics, which won $5 million for a standardized aircraft wireless intercom system for the National Guard Black Hawk helicopter fleet; Plug Power Inc., another New York state company, which got $3 million for fuel cell power technology; and Alliant Tech Systems (ATK), which won $3.5 million for the X-51 B robust scramjet research.

The Pandering Czarina. Bringing home the bacon so she can later raise the hell out of taxes. Such a sweet darling, eh? And what of her blathering about and of fiscal responsibilities? I guess this makes her seem to be part of the overall community.

At her recent stop to suck up to Big Labor Unions that suck companies dry after their taxes are raised and collected by the socialist left, she stated the following:

“Michigan needs extra help right now.” “If you are in a union, you are invisible to this (Bush) administration.” “We need universal health care.” “We need Smart Trade (free and fair trade with aggressive enforcement).” “I’ve been to 82 countries, if I don’t know the leaders there, then my husband does”.

Is her jet-setting statement(s) meant impress someone? I have been to MORE countries than her and have met MORE leaders than her yet, I don’t go around on national and international TV dropping names…as she does…a sure sign of insecurity.

Senator Clinton also discussed reforms to “No Child Left Behind”, the War in Iraq, The Employee Free Choice Act, her opposition to free-trade agreements like the Korea-U.S. Free-Trade Agreement.

Then again, there are always these fruit loops over here:

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Hillary Lied (again) About Gas Prices

I remember this “gathering” waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2006 when the Defeatocrats were yammering on and on with their usual lies and spin, about how if Americans wanted lower gas prices, vote for the Defeatocrats in November.

Well? What happened? One of these days, I am going to find the YouTube version of this Fox News video.

The show was Neil Cavuto and it aired 5/16/07. I suppose the lies back then are why there is NO outrage over the fuel costs because it isn’t close enough to the elections of ‘08. Also, it has been the Democrats for the last 30+ years that have stopped ALL avenues of alternative fuels and fuel explorations and refinery improvements/construction.

SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: Had George Bush gotten his hands around this problem when he first took office, the price would not be $3 a gallon, but $2 a gallon or a $1.80 a gallon or a $1.50 a gallon.

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON, D-N.Y.: This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. We are not going to get that from this administration or this Republican Congress.

SEN. BARBARA BOXER, D-CALIF.: We will do better. We need a new direction.

Amazing. The Three Amoebas. Vague is as vague does. How come we NEVER get a straight answer from these clowns?


I found the YouTube video!! You tell me. Who lied?

This video is from an anti-Hannity site but releasing this video shows them to be lacking…it HAMMERS the democrats…I wonder why…

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On Hillary And Carrying Tunes

This is sad…funny…but sad…

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Rewind: Gore Blasts G.H.W. Bush for Ignoring Iraq Terror Ties

From Breitbart TV…so what did the Clintonistas do for 8 years? Isn’t the internet (that Gore invented) a wonderful thing?

The tape discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show. A 1992 speech: Gore condemns President Bush for “blatant disregard for brutal terrorism, a dangerous blindness to the murderous ambitions of a despot.”

Imagine that…

Remember how AL Gore “chastised” the President about his lies and pretty much has painted a picture that Saddam wasn’t so bad after all?  Remember Gores emotional outburts with his blood vessels in his neck stretched out to capacity screaming;

“And the reason I’m recalling those feelings now is because those are the feelings that were betrayed by this president! He betrayed this country! He played on our fears! He took America, he took America on an ill-conceived foreign adventure dangerous to our troops, an adventure that was preordained and planned before 9/11 ever took place!”.

Gore is a fool.

Remember this?  We do;

“…as the tide of battle was shifting decisively in our favor, the commander in chief made a controversial decision to divert a major portion of our army to invade another country that, according to the best evidence compiled in a new, exhaustive, bi-partisan study, posed no imminent threat to us and had nothing to do with the attack against us.”  He later added; “A little over a year ago, when we launched the war against this second country, Iraq, President Bush repeatedly gave our people the clear impression that Iraq was an ally and partner to the terrorist group that attacked us, al Qaeda, and not only provided a geographic base for them but was also close to providing them weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs.” Shortly after he said, “As a result, President Bush is now intentionally misleading the American people by continuing to aggressively and brazenly assert a linkage between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.”

Then, adding insult to injury;

“If he is not lying, if they genuinely believe that, that makes them unfit in battle with al Qaeda. If they believe these flimsy scraps, then who would want them in charge? Are they too dishonest or too gullible? Take your pick.”

Now, compare the video above, made in 1992 to the one below, made in 2004.

Then tell me who is the liar.

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A Day With The Clintons

A Day With The Clintons

Sunday, June 10, 2007 11:13 PM

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Thursday, June 07, 2007 3:45 PM

The Mysterious Actives of The Rodham
June 7th, 2007 by snooper

Welcome To Hillaryland!

Hillary - Her Way
Two veteran New York Times reporters – with almost 42 years of combined experience – decide to tell the true story of Hillary Clinton in a new biography.


For doing so they are attacked by their own newspaper.

And despite the fact that Hillary Clinton and her staff offered stiff resistance to the book project entitled “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton” by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Atta Jr., the authors have published one of the most compelling and exhaustive biographies of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Importantly, “Her Way” is the first book to delve into Hillary’s mysterious activities as a U.S. Senator.  For years Hillary has been shielded from public scrutiny by friendly media.  “Her Way” cuts through the fog.

Dick Morris, once a long-time consultant to Bill and Hillary Clinton, says “Her Way” is a “very good investigative job by the reporter who first broke the Whitewater story. He probes her flip-flops on Iraq, her ethical lapses in the Senate, and her involvement in spying on women with whom her husband was involved.”

“It’s a great read and a useful book,” Morris says.

As for “spying,” Dick Morris is referring to one of the most shocking disclosures in “Her Way.”  During the heated 1992 presidential campaign as Gennifer Flowers and other women made accusations about her husband Bill, Hillary was quick to circle the wagons and organize the couple’s defenses.  According to “Her Way,” Hillary even “listened to a secretly recorded audio tape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics.”

The authors said Hillary’s supporters monitored cell-phone frequencies “and the tape was made during one of those monitoring sessions.” 
The authors also reveal for the first time a stunning pact made between Bill and Hillary Clinton some three decades ago.  In this pact each promised the other that they would work to get each in the White House; eight years for Bill and eight years for Hillary.  But the most important story told in “Her Way” is the revelations about “Hillaryland.”

Hillaryland is a code word Clintonistas have used to describe the discipline, devotion and cult that surrounds Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. 
“Her Way” offers some startling facts and information about “Hillaryland” including:

The Chief Advisor: Bill Clinton’s role, sometimes public, sometimes secret.

The staff: her inner circle’s “cavalier attitude” toward longtime Senate rules.

The secret retinue: Hillary’s hidden use of Senate “fellows” that are not fully disclosed.

Why Karl Rove jokes about Hillary’s old White House office.

How Hillary became a U.S. senator (She wasn’t asked by New Yorkers, as she claimed).

Fundraisers: Hillary’s Washington fundraisers where “invisibility” is the watchword.

Hillary’s rule: “We can do what we need to do.”

Iraq: why Hillary can’t escape from the “box” her vote has placed her in.

Why Hillary can’t admit she made a “mistake” by voting for the war.

Shocker: evidence Hillary didn’t bother to read the CIA’s National Intelligence Estimate Report before her vote for the war.

Why Hillary told Senate colleagues she needs “wiggle room” on the Iraq war.

Sniping comments: Hillary’s shocking remarks about Sen. Elizabeth Dole made in a Senate elevator.

“Her very relaxed relationship” with Sen. John McCain which sometimes includes cracking jokes and “a few glasses of vodka.”

Hillary hates Chuck Schumer and why his eating habits disgusted her. She once said, “That’s the last meal I’m having with Chuck Schumer.”

Why U.S. senators from her own party groan “there she goes again.”

Brutal: Hillary’s press secretaries move through a revolving door in her Senate office.

No exit: One Senate staffer admits when you work for Hillary, “you never really leave her.”

Hidden agenda: Hillary’s use of tax-exempt groups including CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), and the liberal media monitoring group, Media Matters, to serve her agenda so she can “beat the GOP at their own game.”

The War Room: How Hillary brought the notorious Clinton White House war room into the Senate – despite some objections from U.S. senators.

The Internet: Hillary is already bullying her way in cyberspace.

Stony silence: Hillary usually nary says a word when she enters the White House to meet President Bush.

Bill’s fear: Her husband thinks Al Gore just well may emerge to challenge her for the Democratic nomination.

Gore’s anger: Bill and Hillary steal his “signature” issue of the environment.

Hijack: Bill and Hillary decided to back a California proposition on the environment that made Al Gore completely “furious.”

Ambush: Hillary’s pleasant invite to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to come before the Armed Services Committee meeting where Hillary launched a surprise attack on him.

Defection: Longtime Washington attorney and friend of the Clintons Greg Craig – he even represented Bill as one of his impeachment attorneys – has left the Clinton circle to support Barack Obama.

Butting in: Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to speak at Coretta Scott King’s funeral but demanded to be put on the agenda.

The Obama surprise: Hillary allies, including Terry McAuliffe, believe Obama could be a lethal threat to the senator’s presidential chances.

  • And so much more.

In this book you will find out how Hillary is walking a very thin “balancing act” to become president of the United States, and the Clintons are working overtime to make it into the White House.

Gerth and Van Natta also reveal the “unbelievable” attack the Clinton machine launched against ABC to stop them from running the mini series “Path to 9/11? – the docudrama that described how the Clinton administration mishandled the hunt of bin Laden and al-Qaida.

Hillary has described herself as “the most famous person in the world you don’t know.”

That may be true.

But it won’t be if more Americans read “Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Check out NewsMax’s free offer for ‘Her Way’ – Click Here

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obama and hillary

obama and hillary

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 12:51 AM

Neither one gets it.  hillary waffles, all depending which way the wind is blowing and obama just doesn’t have any experience.  hillary agrees with GWB when it suits her and then she disagrees when the Yellow Streakers leave coffins and bomb threats at her fund raisers.

Nice Folks…and THEY want to lead?

June 5, 2007 — WASHINGTON – Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama’s camp slammed rival Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday, blasting the party’s front-runner for saying the global war on terror has made the U.S. “safer” since 9/11.

Obama’s campaign distributed a memo bluntly headlined “America is not safer since 9/11” – a direct shot at Clinton for her assertion during the Democrats’ debate Sunday.

Clinton, who broke with Obama and fellow top-tier rival John Edwards on the topic during the Sunday night face-off, said, “I believe we are safer than we were, [but] we are not yet safe enough.”

Camp Clinton turned to surrogate Sen. Chuck Schumer to shoot back: “America’s first responders have worked tirelessly over the last six years to make the nation’s cities and towns safer.”

Clinton believes the nation is safer since the Sept. 11 attacks because of better communication between the FBI and the CIA.

Clinton has twice backed the USA Patriot Act – arguing that it gives law-enforcement and intelligence agencies the resources to track down terrorists.

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The Real hillary Comes Out

The Real hillary Comes Out

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 10:33 PM

The other  night,  edwards got hillary angry…just look at this still taken from the video…

Look at the mug on hillary!!

And the next image will be what was on the inside as she tried to maintain composure…

Your Snapfish Home Videos subscription has been expired.
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When Her Desires Are Met…The Real Hillary Slithers To The Surface

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The FRAUD hillary Speaks of Faith

The FRAUD hillary Speaks of Faith

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 2:34 PM

From CBS

This coming from hillary AND cbs is “Rather” comical but here it is anyway…

Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. Hillary Clinton credited her faith with sticking with her husband after learning of his infidelity: “I am very grateful that I had a grounding in faith that gave me the courage and the strength to do what I thought was right, regardless of what the world thought,” she said. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


“I take my faith very seriously and very personally. And I come from a tradition that is perhaps a little too suspicious of people who wear their faith on their sleeves.” ~Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

That right there is bloody laughable!  Faith in what?  Faith in whom?  Dear hillary, you KNEW that billy-bob was a womanizer WHEN you were “dating” the loser!

We are on to you, fraud.  And we are watching.

Washington Post Opinion

You know it’s a different kind of candidate forum when Hillary Clinton allows that she sometimes prays (no doubt, she says, to some divine eye-rolling) “Oh, Lord, why can’t you help me lose weight?” and describes how “prayer warriors” sustained her through the public dissection of her husband’s infidelity.

When Barack Obama muses on the nature of good vs. evil. When John Edwards recounts that he “strayed away from the Lord” in adulthood, only to find that “my faith came roaring back” after the death of his 16-year-old son.

This is not Michael Dukakis’s Democratic Party. Instead, as was shown by Monday night’s forum on faith, sponsored by CNN and the liberal evangelical group Sojourners, it is a party on a mission: to make inroads into Republicans’ ability to attract and, more important, turn out religious voters.

As usual,it is all an act.  The same game of deceit, lies and ignorance.

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