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A Tale of Two Papers: OUR MEDIA

Late start here today, but I wanted to get my ducks in a row, so to speak and as I start my day off reading the news, I see two of our mainstream media papers fighting out the battle that we, here in America, seem to be battling also, about Iraq.

First I am going to start with the New York Times and an op-ed piece that will be lining some birdcage by the end of the day called “The Road Home” in which the writer finally admits the chaos and devastation that would follow a premature withdrawal, including genocide, and claims that would be preferable to fighting until we win.

That conversation must be candid and focused. Americans must be clear that Iraq, and the region around it, could be even bloodier and more chaotic after Americans leave. There could be reprisals against those who worked with American forces, further ethnic cleansing, even genocide. Potentially destabilizing refugee flows could hit Jordan and Syria. Iran and Turkey could be tempted to make power grabs. Perhaps most important, the invasion has created a new stronghold from which terrorist activity could proliferate.

A couple paragraphs above that he writer then goes into complete intellectual dishonesty by making this statement:

Continuing to sacrifice the lives and limbs of American soldiers is wrong.

Let me take a second here to remind the author of this “opinion piece” that our troops are reenlisting in record numbers, 588 of them on July 4th, 2007 alone, in Iraq.

A total of 588 troops signed up for another stint, according to a U.S. military statement, while 161 soldiers became naturalized American citizens. The ceremonies took place at Camp Victory, the sprawling American headquarters at the western end of the Iraqi capital.

The troops who have been in Iraq fighting, understand the importance of our fight there as well as our humanitarian efforts to build schools and help the Iraqi achieve the freedom they overwhelmingly asked for by showing up to vote in their first elections to the tune of 12 million people.

They keep reenlisting.This is something that the writer of the NYT bird liner piece will never understand because the troops are there and are witness to the progress and successes and are stating in no uncertain terms, that they can and will succeed in their mission and they keep reenlisting because they want to be a part of helping the Iraqis achieve independence.

In a starkly contrasting piece, the SAME PAPER, the New York Times, tells us of some major successes. Obviously the opinion writer doesn’t read the copy from the reporters showing the type of progress that is being seen on the ground in Iraq. (Even though the progress piece came out two days before the opinion piece)

BAQUBA, Iraq, June 30 — Capt. Ben Richards had been battling insurgents from Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia for three weeks when he received an unexpected visitor.

Abu Ali walked into the Americans’ battle-scarred combat outpost with an unusual proposal: the community leader was worried about the insurgents, and wanted the soldiers’ help in taking them on.

The April 7 meeting was the beginning of a new alliance and, American commanders hope, a portent of what is to come in the bitterly contested Diyala Province.

Using his Iraqi partners to pick out the insurgents and uncover the bombs they had seeded along the cratered roads, Captain Richards’s soldiers soon apprehended more than 100 militants, including several low-level emirs. The Iraqis called themselves the Local Committee; Captain Richards dubbed them the Kit Carson scouts.

“It is the only way that we can keep Al Qaeda out,” said Captain Richards, who operates from a former Iraqi police station in the Buhritz sector of the city that still bears the sooty streaks from the day militants set it aflame last year.

The American military has struggled for more than four years to train and equip the Iraqi Army. But here the local Sunni residents, including a number of former insurgents from the 1920s Revolution Brigades, have emerged as a linchpin of the American strategy.

Which brings me to Wapo piece called “Leave Iraq and Brace for a Bigger Bloodbath“, where unlike the opinion piece in the NYT, the writer of this piece understands that quitting because the fight is hard, is not an option we should be even contemplating.

Iraqis call Ali Hassan al-Majeed “Chemical Ali,” and few wept when the notorious former general received five death sentences last month for ordering the use of nerve agents against his government’s Kurdish citizens in the late 1980s. His trial came as a reckoning and a reminder — summoning up the horrors of Saddam Hussein’s rule even as it underscored the way today’s heated Iraq debates in Washington have left the key issue of human rights on the sidelines. People of goodwill can certainly disagree over how to handle Iraq, but human rights should be part of any responsible calculus. Unfortunately, some leaders continue to play down the gross violations in Iraq under Hussein’s republic of fear and ignore the potential for a human rights catastrophe should the United States withdraw.

THIS is what our soldiers and our President understand and this is what the Democratic politicians refuse to acknowledge.

Rest assured that if we were to have a precipitate withdrawal, the NYT as well as all the other news media will eagerly show us the ramification in every days news, the beheadings, the torture of those that sided with us to help rid themselves of al-Qeada and insurgents. Dead babies would fill our screens on the nightly news. We would see pictures of leveled villages where whole families and towns would be wiped out.

The humanitarian catastrophe would be laid directly at our doorstep for the world to see.

Headlines would include but not be limited to “Americans abandon Iraqi children to a fate worse than death” and things like that and they would be right.

Wapo goes on to give us some facts and figures we do not often hear from our MSM:

For most people, life under totalitarianism is slavery with no possibility of escape. That is why despite the carnage in Iraq, Iraqis are consistently less pessimistic about the present and more optimistic about the future of their country than Americans are. In a face-to-face national poll of 5,019 people conducted this spring by Opinion Research Business, a British market-research firm, only 27 percent of Iraqis said they believed that “that their country is actually in a state of civil war,” and by nearly 2 to 1 (49 percent to 26 percent), the Iraqis surveyed said they preferred life under their new government to life under the old tyranny. That is why, at a time when many Americans are abandoning the vision of a democratic Iraq, most Iraqis still cling to the hope of a better future. They know that under Hussein, there was no hope.


Of course, Hussein’s removal has created a host of difficult strategic challenges, and numerous human rights atrocities have been committed since his ouster. But let us be under no illusion of what life under Hussein was like. He was a mass murderer who tortured children in front of their parents, gassed Kurds, slaughtered Shiites, started two wars with his neighbors and launched Scud missiles into downtown Riyadh and Tel Aviv. The price for the stability that Hussein supposedly brought to the region was mass graves, hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq, and terrorism and war outside it. Difficult as the challenges are today — with Iran and Syria trying to stymie democracy in Iraq, with al-Qaeda turning Iraq into the central battleground in its holy war of terrorism against the free world, and with sectarian militias bent on murder and mayhem — there is still hope that tomorrow may be better.

No one can know for sure whether President Bush’s “surge” of U.S. troops in Iraq will succeed. But those who believe that human rights should play a central role in international affairs should be doing everything in their power to maximize the chances that it will. For one of the consequences of failure could well be catastrophe.

When did politics become more important than a childs life? When did political posturing become more important than liberty?

Finally, when did we, as a country, become so cynical that genocide of innocent men, women and children, is more appropriate than an all volunteer military fighting for the safety, liberty and ability of what should be the Iraqi’s RIGHT to live free of tyranny?

For those that argue that life under Saddam was better than life now in Iraq, they ignore the Iraqi’s that say 2 to 1 that it was not.

Tell these victims that, or explain to their families how you justify your opinion.

Oh wait…you can’t, most of their families died in that same chemical attack.

That picture above will be the type of things we see every single night on our news if we should leave before we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Our soldiers understand it is THESE children we are there to help. There to assure that these kids will grow up knowing the freedom that we, as Americans, take for granted.

America is the only hope these children have and only a cold hearted bastard would deny them the right to live free.

More on Iraq from Right Truth and Bottom Line Up Front. (Both, must read pieces)

Others discussing this:
Macsmind, Michael P.F. van der Galiën, Sister Toldjah, Badgers Forward, Don Surber, Jules Crittenden, Jammie Wearing Fool, Blue Crab Boulevard, Gateway Pundit, Wizbang.

Read them all, these are folks that understand that the children of Iraq are not expendable just because our Democratic politicians wish to posture for their far left screeching base.

More discussion at memeorandum.

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London Terror Plot: Updated: Doctors and Missing Nuclear Devices

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[Recap] By now almost everyone knows about the failed terror plot in London where two car bombs were unsuccessfully used to try to kill innocent people at the end of June, for those that have not heard about it, we covered it here and here.

Related to that we showed that al-qaeda also has announced that they plan some “spectacular summer fun” for the West and in that same piece we found that they have also placed a bomb making manual on the internet and just yesterday the news came out that the Europeans are making it a criminal offense to have information like that on the net. [End Recap]

Now that we are caught up, todays news brings us more.

Lets start with why the bombs failed. An ABC exclusive has the answer to that in a disturbing article.

The London bomb plot allegedly planned by a cell of doctors failed early last Friday morning because a medical syringe used as part of the firing mechanism caused a malfunction, ABC News has learned.

According to nonclassified documents reviewed by ABC News, and confirmed by multiple sources, both mobile telephones initiated firing mechanisms rigged inside a Mercedes E 300 parked several yards from the front door of Tiger Tiger nightclub failed despite multiple calls to the cell phones designed to remotely trigger the devices.

Had the fuel-air bombs successfully ignited into a superhot fireball filled with roofing nails, casualties were almost a certainty among the 500 or so patrons who partied late at the 1,700-person occupancy nightclub that perhaps best symbolizes London’s vital nightlife scene.

Instead, at about 1:42 a.m., a vigilant ambulance crew on an unrelated call spotted a plume of cold propane from a slightly opened window of the car that contained patio fuel cylinders in the foot wells behind the driver and passenger seats, ABC sources said. When a bomb technician in a 90-pound Kevlar suit walked down to the vehicle to examine it, he also found a firing system rigged inside the car and another inside its trunk along with four jugs of gasoline. The technician successfully disarmed the devices..

A second Mercedes rigged with a similar incendiary device was parked several hundred yards away. Several experts on improvised explosives tactics suggested that the second device might have either been meant for patrons who escaped the first or to target rescue workers.

Within 14 hours after the plot failed, the same two men believed to have planted the bombs in London attempted what appears to have been a suicide incendiary attack on the doors to a terminal at Scotland’s Glasgow Airport. That attack failed too. The vehicle failed to reach the doors, and its contents failed to ignite even after one of the occupants tried to douse the car in gasoline, setting himself on fire in the process.

You can read the rest of that article on page two found here.

More disturbing is the fact that an al-Qaeda leader in Iraq bragged a couple of months ago that there would be an attack in the UK and “those that cure you will kill you“.

In a chilling foreshadowing of last weekend’s terror plot in London and Glasgow, in which doctors played significant roles, a senior British cleric based in Iraq has told a British newspaper of a chance encounter he had with an al-Qaeda leader.

“He talked to me about how they were going to destroy British and Americans,” Canon Andrew White, who runs the only Anglican parish in Baghdad, told The Times.

“He told me that the plans were already made and they would soon be destroying the British.

“He said the people who cure you would kill you.”

Canon White passed on the general warning, but not the precise words, to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in mid-April, the paper reported.

The British PM, trying to close the barn door after a few animals have already escaped, is now cracking down on Foreign Medics.

Earlier Wednesday, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the government will expand checks on immigrants taking skilled jobs and review recruiting for the National Health Service, which employed all eight suspects in last week’s foiled terror plots.

I used the word disturbing before and things just get more disturbing as we move along to see that 45 Muslim Doctors threatened to use car bombs and rocket grenades in terrorist attacks in the United States during discussions on an extremist internet chat site.

Police found details of the discussions on a site run by one of a three-strong “cyber-terrorist” gang.

They were discovered at the home of Younis Tsouli, 23, Woolwich Crown Court in south-east London heard.

One message read: “We are 45 doctors and we are determined to undertake jihad and take the battle inside America.

“The first target which will be penetrated by nine brothers is the naval base which gives shelter to the ship Kennedy.” This is thought to have been a reference to the USS John F Kennedy, which is often at Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida.

The message discussed targets at the base, adding: “These are clubs for naked women which are opposite the First and Third units.”

It also referred to using six Chevrolet GT vehicles and three fishing boats and blowing up petrol tanks with rocket propelled grenades.

Investigators have found no link between the Tsouli chat room and the group of doctors and medics currently in custody over attempted car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow.

However, sources said it was “definitely spooky” that the use of doctors for terrorist purposes was being discussed in jihadi terrorist circles up to three years ago.

There is more to that story too if you want to head over and finish the article but I saved the most disturbing for last.

Hat Tip to Captain’s Quarters for pointing us to this, where we see that radioactive devices have been disappearing in Canada for a while now.

Radioactive devices — some of which have the potential to be used in terrorist attacks — have gone missing in alarming numbers in Canada over the past five years.

A new database compiled by The Canadian Press shows that the devices, which are used in everything from medical research to measuring oil wells, are becoming a favoured target of thieves.

At least 76 have gone missing in Canada over the past five years — disappearing from construction sites, specialized tool boxes, and generally growing legs and walking away.

Some of the devices could be used in a “dirty bomb,” where conventional explosives are used to detonate nuclear material, spreading the contamination over a wide area, said Alan Bell, a security and international terrorism expert from Globe Risk Security Holdings.

He told CTV Newsnet on Thursday that the problem isn’t new, but it has gained new attention as a result of the CP report.

“It’s come to the fore over the last couple of days but it has always been there. We’ve had this problem. It’s only a matter of time before terrorists use a dirty bomb process to attack the world,” Bell said.

The database compiled by CP tracks the rate at which the devices have gone missing in recent years.

It points to dozens of cases where hazardous materials have gone missing, been stolen or lost in a variety of mishaps.

Of the 76, 35 were stolen, three others were found in a ditch beside a road, in a dump and in a farmer’s field.

Dozens were still unaccounted for at last count.

But remember, according to the likes of John Edwards, there IS no Global War on Terror, thats just a bumper sticker. People don’t want to kill us, nahhhhhhhh.

These video tapes from Ayman al-Zawahri, (the latest one on July 4th, 2007) are just a figment of the worlds imagination, move right along, nothing to see here folks…. after all, John Edwards says so!!!!!!!!

[Update] Wapo has a related article about terrorist using crude, homemade bombs to cause damage, in a 3 page article.



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al-Qaeda’s Plans For Summer “Fun” and al-Qeada’s Car Bomb Guide on the Internet

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ABC reports that al-Qeada has our summer fun activities lined up for us, we just haven’t been told eactly what those plans are yet, its a surprise!!!!

Secret Document: U.S. Fears Terror ‘Spectacular’ Planned

A secret U.S. law enforcement report, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, warns that al Qaeda is planning a terror “spectacular” this summer, according to a senior official with access to the document.

“This is reminiscent of the warnings and intelligence we were getting in the summer of 2001,” the official told

Nice. Just dandy. This is getting ridiculous.

Why do I say that?

Well, lets see, we had the failed attempts to blow up cars in London, the ramming into the Glasgow airport with the spectacular fireshow added in.

We see the UK has 7 people under arrest, yes, Islamic extremists,in connection with the above aforementioned terror plot and they are hunting for more and Yemen had a suicide bomber kill 7 or 8 people.

We also see that there are warnings to London that more bombings are on the way.

Could it be the failed attempts in the UK had anything to do with this? (Hat tip to The American Israeli Patriot)

Al-Qaeda’s car bomb guide

London terror analysis: Online manual on car bombs instructs terrorists ‘not to park illegally’

The three botched terror attacks launched in Britain in the past 72 hours bear all the hallmarks of first-time British-born jihadis attempting to emulate al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Multiple car bombs designed to slaughter hundreds of civilians and strikes against critical infrastructure are daily events in Baghdad, and al-Qaeda in Iraq has decided to put its experience in mass murder on the internet for the benefit of its members around the world, in the form of an online training course on bomb attacks.

The bombing manual, available in Arabic on a jihadi website, contains a number of key pieces of advice for car bombers. It instructs terrorists not to park their vehicles illegally, and advises the car bomber to leave the scene quietly, if he plans to detonate the vehicle from a distance, in what al-Qaeda terms “non-martyrdom operations.”


The manual details precise locations inside the vehicle where explosives should be placed, and recommends various targerts such as “cinemas” and “stadiums.”

Other forms of explosives, the guide says, should be aimed at “groupings demonstrations, celebrations or festivals.”

The guide calls on terrorists to “monitor and identify the route of the enemy, how they leave a cinema or a stadium at the end of a game,” and also gives instructions on how to carry out suicide car bombings.

“Drive the car on the road passing the crowd. If a car passes near these places, it could draw the attention of the enemy, and the car could be inspected,” the guide said. It went on to explain in detail how suicide car bombers can fool security guards, and suggests a correct speed to drive a vehicle packed with explosives into a target.

Go read the rest, it is enlightening.

Jules Crittenden points out that many successful attacks were often precceeded by failed attempts, they learn from their mistakes, too bad we don’t, as witnessed by Brainless at Breakfast.

A series of bungled and seemingly inept attacks — to include the Fort Dix and JFK Int’l plots along with the failed British fire-bomb attempts — doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of not screwing it up, or that the kinds of things we’ve seen can’t be highly effective, or that they are even the main events. Successful attacks are often preceded by failures. The growing trend of what appear to be al-Qaeda-inspired local amateurs itself represents a disturbing evolution. Those British fire bombs are now being viewed as inefficent weapons, ineffectively deployed. But 9/11, the major catastrophe of our time, was carried out with inefficient weapons that could have proven ineffective under any number of alternative scenarios.

All of which gets us back to the old truth we all know now, even if we don’t really think it will ever apply to us. London, Glasgow, JFK and Dix are just reminders. Glasgow and the pine barrens of New Jersey? Fort Dix is in the middle of nowhere. It can happen anywhere, at any time. Which is why you need to be alert, and need to have already thought about what you’re going to do. Whether you can or even get a chance to is what you find out later.

Good suggestion Jules and in that same vein, now would be the time to remind people of the 7 signs of terrorist activity.

There is a file showing the 7 signs to watch for terror activity, it is a word file and everyone should read it.

1. Surveillance

If there is a specific target that terrorists have chosen, that target area will be most likely be observed during the planning phase of the operation. They do this in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and number of personnel that may respond to an incident. Routes to and from the target are usually established during the surveillance phase. Therefore, it is important to take note of such things as someone recording or monitoring activities, drawing diagrams or annotating on maps, the use of vision-enhancing devices, having in one’s possession floor plans or blue prints of places such as high-tech firms, financial institutions, or Government / military facilities. Any of these surveillance-type acts MAY be an indicator that something just is not right. Nothing is too menial and should not be discarded as such.

2. Elicitation

The second sign or signal is elicitation. What this means is anyone attempting to gain information about a place, person, or operation. An example is someone attempting to gain knowledge about a critical infrastructure like a power plant, water reservoir, or a maritime port. Terrorists may attempt to research bridge and tunnel usage, make unusual inquiries concerning shipments, or inquire as to how a military base operates. They may also attempt to place “key” people in sensitive work locations.

3. Tests of Security

Tests of Security are another area in which terrorists would attempt to gather data. This is usually conducted by driving by the target, moving into sensitive areas and observing security or law enforcement response. They would be interested in the time in which it takes to respond to an incident or the routes taken to a specific location. They may also try to penetrate physical security barriers or procedures in order to assess strengths and Weaknesses. They often gain legitimate employment at key locations in order to monitor day-to-day activities. In any event, they may try to gain this knowledge in order to make their mission or scheme more effective.

4. Acquiring Supplies

Another area to be cognizant of is anyone acquiring supplies. It may be a case where someone is purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons, or ammunition. It could also be someone storing harmful chemicals or chemical equipment. Terrorists would also find it useful to have in their possession law enforcement equipment and identification, military uniforms and decals, as well as flight passes, badges or even flight manuals. If they can’t find the opportunity to steal these types of things, they may try to photocopy ID’s, attempt to make passports or other forms of identification by counterfeiting. Possessing any of these would make it easier for one to gain entrance into secured or usually prohibited areas.

5. Suspicious People Who Don’t Belong

A fifth pre-incident indicator is observing suspicious people who just “don’t belong.” This does not mean we should profile individuals but what it does mean is that we should profile behaviors. This includes suspicious border crossings and stowaways aboard a ship or people jumping ship in a port. It may mean having someone in a workplace, building, neighborhood, or business establishment that does not fit in because of their demeanor, their language usage or unusual questions they are asking. You, as an officer, may respond to a complaint that may appear to be a routine investigation but results in something much bigger in scope.

6. Dry Runs

Another sign to watch for is “dry runs.” Before execution of the final operation or plan, a practice session will be run to work out the flaws and unanticipated problems. A dry run may very well be the heart of a planning stage of a terrorist act. If you find someone monitoring a police radio frequency and recording emergency response times, you may very well be observing a “dry run.” Another element of this activity could include mapping out routes and determining the timing of traffic lights and flow. It is during this stage that it is actually our best chance to intercept and stop an attack. Multiple dry runs are normally conducted at or near the target area.

7. Deploying Assets / Getting Into Position

The seventh and final sign or signal to look for is someone deploying assets or getting into position. This is a person’s last chance to alert authorities before the terrorist act occurs.

It is also important to remember that pre-incident indicators may come months or even years apart. Therefore, it is extremely important to document every fragment of information, no matter how insignificant it may appear, and forward this information.

The aforementioned suspicious activities should be immediately reported to the MTA Police Department, Interagency Counterterrorism Task Force at (646) 252-1050.

Three semi related articles:
Opinion Journal, NYT and Times of London.


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Tony Blair Nails It On The Head

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The Guardian has a piece out where Tony Blair speaks his mind and his words, if listened to, are a good example of what is wrong with the way we are fighting “radical Extreme Islamics“.

Jumping to one specific paragraph here so I can explain my statement above.

Pelosi, Reid, far left liberals LISTEN UP, this is a lesson you folks refuse to learn.

Blair added: ‘How are [we] oppressing them? You’re oppressing them when you support the people who are trying to blow them up.’

Thats it in a nutshell folks.

How many times do you see a liberal blog accuse the conservatives of lumping all Muslims in with extremists?

The opposite is the truth actually.

I have often, as well as seen other conservatives often, separate the two, because they are separate.

A few examples:
A Heartfelt Thank You to the Muslim Delegation
Moderate Muslims Take a Stand….Again
Moderate Muslim’s Speak Up Again

Why do conservatives separate the two? Because they are two different species from each other, Moderate Muslims wish to live in peace and practice their religion, Extremists wish to force everyone to practice their religion or DIE.

It is the liberals playing thier political games that misrepresent how conservatives separate the two and instead of helping us fight extremists. They claim that by going after those extremists we are being “racist” or hate “all” Muslims.

This must stop because there is an enemy out there and denying it does not mean they do not want you dead.

More from Blair:

The idea that as a Muslim in this country that you don’t have the freedom to express your religion or your views, I mean you’ve got far more freedom in this country than you do in most Muslim countries,’ Blair told Observer columnist Will Hutton, who presents the documentary.

‘The reason we are finding it hard to win this battle is that we’re not actually fighting it properly. We’re not actually standing up to these people and saying, “It’s not just your methods that are wrong, your ideas are absurd. Nobody is oppressing you. Your sense of grievance isn’t justified.”‘

Blair held out the example of the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan – criticised by Islamists as an example of the heavy-handed imperial West oppressing Muslims – to highlight unfounded claims of grievance. He asked how it is possible to claim that Afghanistan’s Muslims are being oppressed when the Taliban ‘used to execute teachers for teaching girls in schools’.

Blair added: ‘How are [we] oppressing them? You’re oppressing them when you support the people who are trying to blow them up.’

Blair, who normally chooses his language carefully when he talks about Islamists, also takes a swipe at critics who accused him of undermining civil liberties. ‘When I’m trying to change the law in order to make it easier to deport people who engage in terrorism – the idea that that’s an assault on hundreds of years of British civil liberties is completely absurd. Some of what is written on this is loopy-loo in its extremism.’

He could be speaking about America because there is no difference between the accusations of the left from the UK and the accusations from the left here in the U.S.

Perhaps the left should do as the right consistently does and start separating the Moderates who wish to live in peace from the radical extremists that want us dead.

Maybe then we could stop the extremists at the same time as we open our arms and welcome the moderates.

If Americans, as one, do not start taking this threat from extremists seriously and stop worrying about being “politically correct” and start worrying about protecting ourselves as a nation, then the next attack on American soil, WILL be our own fault for encouraging the extremists instead of standing up against them.

The Moderate Muslims have shown the courage to stand up against the radicals that have hijacked their religion, when is America’s left going to show that same courage and backbone instead of burying their heads in the sand and claiming there is no threat?

There IS a threat. They want you dead. They want me dead. They want our children dead.

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah, … nor follow
the religion of truth… until they pay the tax in acknowledg-ment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”
Qur’an, Sura 9:29

The horror stories are there for anyone to see:

Man Sexually Assaulted in Pakistan After Refusing to Convert to Islam

Joseph Francis, the National Director of CLAAS, explained: “When he entered the drawing room, he found it filled with unknown people. They began to beat him severely. They threatened him with dire consequences if he did not accept Islam. After his refusal, they committed sodomy with him one by one for the whole night.”

Or these words from The Ayatollah about Sex with infants:

“A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby.
However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is
harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life.
This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives”.
(Arabic Source)

Michael Yon’s latest most chilling report from Iraq:


Soldiers from 5th IA said al Qaeda had cut the heads off the children. Had al Qaeda murdered the children in front of their parents? Maybe it had been the other way around: maybe they had murdered the parents in front of the children. Maybe they had forced the father to dig the graves of his children.

Read his whole detailed piece in full to see the type of monsters we are dealing with all over the world.

Even Moderate Muslims are telling liberals to stop denying reality:

Radical Islam is a grim reality, despite liberal pretensions to the contrary. Today, FSM Contributing Editor M. Zuhdi Jasser continues his passionate appeal for combating global terror, pointing out the dangerous folly of ignoring the root causes of this growing ideological cancer.

This Muslim also points out that you cannot be politically correct AND fight the Global War on Terror and he makes no bones in telling President Bush this same thing.

Mr. President, as a devout Muslim, I can tell you that the only way the United States can make progress in this war is to have your administration give anti-Islamist Muslims acknowledgement for the centrality of their ideas in this war of ideologies. We can defeat political Islam only if we engage it and marginalize Islamists while positively engaging spiritual Islam. It is time for the administration to set the parameters defining the ideology we are fighting and be critical of organizations which facilitate it. The words of encouragement and admonition to Muslim organizations to lead the charge against radicalism are too vague. The reality is that the priorities, ideologies, and minority politics of the current agenda of the Islamic organizations the administration has courted and which attended last Wednesday’s press conference are far from being on the right page in this conflict.

For example, the central role of the informant has become a cornerstone of our security. The primary informant in the arrest related to the JFK Plot demonstrated this. The Circuit City informant demonstrated the same with his tip leading to the arrests of the Fort Dix Six just weeks ago. The informants and so many others have stepped up in connection with other foiled plots despite the pressures against them from Islamists and the MSM. MSM often feed into conspiracy theories about informants, by legitimizing the victimization of Muslims for being “coerced” as informants. The Denver Post made just such a claim as recently as May 18, 2007. Their report claimed that, “Arab-Americans and Muslims are concerned about FBI efforts to recruit them as informants and other tactics designed to prevent terrorism.” This story was, to no one’s surprise, picked up and widely distributed by the Islamist organizations, e.g. CAIR.

Nothing illustrates the insidious dangers of political Islam (Islamism) more than this type of philosophy regarding informants. Rather than being celebrated as heroes, they are ignored, or subliminally treated as ‘traitors to the tribe’. Sadly, the latest message coming from Islamists is still far from endorsing the heroism of the informant but rather issuing frightening warnings that they may become defendants in a national lawsuit. Just this week, the lawyer for the flying imams, Omar Mohammedi, tried to prevent media access to the trial in his case against US Airways and the “John Does”. This again demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Islamists using the media when they need to be victims but denying freedom of press when they want to camouflage their agenda. The reality is that the informants are our 21st century heroes. Are Muslim organizations working feverishly to create a culture in the mosques and in our organizations of weeding out the bad apples? Or is the allegiance to political Islam greater and more intimidating? These are the questions the President should be asking instead of reiterating the same tired platitudes.

He then speaks to the denial based crowd, yes that means YOU, LIBERALS:

Denial and obfuscation feed the infinite time loop. Conspiracy theories feed the loop. Tribalism with an arrogance masking a collective inferiority complex feeds the loop. Hatred feeds it even more. Put all this together, and the nutritional source must be political Islam. It has no boundaries and seeks governmental domination. Political Islam has no moral courage for it is not based in universal truths of the one God of Abraham separated from the political affairs of this world. It is an ideology which accepts no responsibility for the plight of Muslims while blaming all others. Nations based upon individual freedom and liberty over collectivism and tribalism pose existential threats to the existence of the Islamists. This conflict can no longer be ignored.


Create a pervasive conspiracy mentality. Magnify victimization of the Muslim minority. Try litigation against those who work to defeat political Islam, even if it fails since it will ultimately intimidate. Divide America across religious lines; this will exploit American guilt while allowing political Islam to thrive. Sue the John Does who report suspicious activity. Base it on a claim of racism. Ignore the terror plots broken up by heroes who are or were John Does. It’s all about the theocratic tribe and the long term goals of political Islam and an Islamic state. Use the rules of pluralistic democracy to intimidate those who counter Islamism. Never allow the debate to begin between Muslim anti-Islamists and Islamists.

Read the whole piece and if you are one of those that he speaks of, SHAME ON YOU because you are the ones fascilitating the horrible killings in the name of Allah.

Would you dare call HIM a Muslim hater? A racist?

As long as people like John Edwards denies that there is a Global War on Terror going on, he and others that live in denial like him are encouraging more recruitment and more killing instead of having the courage to stand up and fight it with every breath in their bodies.

Extremism is all around us, as witnessed by honor killings in London as well as here in America.

These examples go on and on and on and yet we still see comments like the ones John Edwards made, “There is no Global War on Terror” or comments about how Jihad extremists are not as much of a threat as the “conservatives” make it out to be.

Denial is a dangerous thing and the Liberals cannot see past their Bush Hatred to see what is right in front of their face.

I quoted Dr. Sanity’s blog yesterday which speaks to this denial:

Dr Sanity manages to nail it right on the head and declares those that live in complete denial, INSANE.

I wish I could tell you that the political left in this country was out of its friggin’ mind…but I can’t, because it is increasingly clear that if you could put all the combined synapses of all the the above bloggers together you would not get a single logical or coherent thought about the war that is being waged against the West by the religion of peace.

These bloggers and many of their readers are on a mission to go where no human has gone before. They are beyond mere denial and delusion; beyond psychosis even. I regularly treat schizophrenics who have more respect for reality.

Then for the best part:

Sadly, they suffer from a totally debilitating disorder: Severe Acquired Leftist Anencephalic Dementia (SALAD). Their minds are simply not there any more! The cognitive dissonance of believing so many bizarre and contradictory fantasies; the mental contortions and fits necessary for them to retain their ideological myths has caused their minds to softly and silently vanish away (that’s what happens when the snark is a boojum, you see).

Why do the liberal left of our country keep defending and encouraging these murderers?

More importantly, how can they deny what is right in front of their face?


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Where is the outrage?

By request, a cross post from Tanker Brothers.

Remember this?

Or this?

Or this?

One week ago today, I woke to these pictures, just as the rest of us did. As always when I witness any kind of cruelty to children, my broken heart shattered into even more tiny pieces.

One week! One week – and CBS reported on this horrific scene that our troops almost missed. Almost missed, but didn’t; I can only guess that was by the grace of God that they did NOT walk by unknowing what horrors lurked behind the wall.

On a daytime patrol in central Baghdad just over than a week ago, a U.S. military advisory team and Iraqi soldiers happened to look over a wall and found something horrific….”They saw multiple bodies laying on the floor of the facility,” Staff Sgt. Mitchell Gibson of the 82nd Airborne Division told CBS News … “They thought they were all dead, so they threw a basketball (to) try and get some attention, and actually one of the kids lifted up their head, tilted it over and just looked and then went back down. And they said, ‘oh, they’re alive’ and so they went into the building.” [source]

One week ago, msm like CBS gave this story front page status. One week on? Nothing. Zip. Zero. NADA. You might be forgiven if you think it was all a bad dream, now that the media has gone on to the next big ‘scoop’. They might have moved on, but I will not – and I will not allow self-righteous, self-serving politicians of the world to move on.

Yes, these are ugly pictures showing, for all to see, the basest of human nature, and we ALL want to turn away. The msm has, but I will not.

In the course of my life, I have worked with many abused and neglected children. Because of what I do, complete strangers still email me regularly with a never-ending litany of horror stories of neglected children. Children treated as so much garbage by the ‘adults’ supposed to nurture them and care for them. Every time I hear (or see with my own eyes in some cases) the neglect and mistreatment of kids, it just makes me stronger in my mission to work on behalf of the children. It outrages me all over again – even when I am so heart-sick of the never-ending stories, that I swear I can no longer be outraged. And then – and then. THIS shows up with my morning coffee, and I want to do unspeakable things to the adults who would do such things.

People like this:

Or this:


orphanage worker
The caption on THIS picture?

A woman working at an orphanage smiles for pictures in front of the naked boys as if there was nothing wrong.

“Nothing wrong”????????? There is just sooooooooo much wrong with this story on so many levels, is hard to know where to begin. But begin we must, and never stop looking at pictures like this. Yes, it stinks to see these over morning coffee. Hell, it hurts any time of the day to see these pictures. But look we must. And we must act. To quote an old song “Tears are not enough”. Treating this story, and the many so far untold stories like this, as one day wonders, as various media outlets have done, and then moving on, is most certainly not enough. As I looked at these the first time, I immediately had to wonder how many OTHER – thus far unknown – children will bear witness to the horrors of the state-sanctioned evil that our troops are fighting against. Our troops. I dont need to imagine the reactions of our soldiers as they deal with this day in, day out. I don’t need to imagine. I know. For me, pictures like this are EXACTLY why our troops are in Iraq. And I want to go to some politicians’ offices and get in their faces and DEMAND they support the mission with every cell in their bodies.

In the past, ChrisG has posted pictures here of a little girl in Iraq. This little girl, wrote ChrisG (and I am paraphrasing now Chris – forgive me) reminded Chris WHY he does what he does, why he went to Iraq, why he serves in the military.

As a member of Soldiers’ Angels, and with the contacts I now have, I often see requests for shoes for children in Iraq who have no shoes. Our soldiers in Afghanistan write and ask for school supplies, teddy bears, footballs (okay, okay “soccer balls. lol). All well and good, and I am happy to report that every single request for those things IS met, by generous and loving folks – strangers to these children. Compassionate strangers a world away from the deprivation of kids they may never meet, open their hearts and their wallets so that others’ children may know the simple joys of chasing a ball, swinging carelessly on a swing in a newly rebuilt playground. You know – every day simple joys that we who do not live in places like Iraq take for granted every single day.

So I have a mission for every single compassionate person. THIS mission has nothing to do with opening your wallet. It has EVERYTHING to do with opening your heart. It has EVERYTHING to do with taking the outrage that any of us feel when we witness recurring scenes like these (remember Romania? We’ve come a long way baby. NOT!) and demanding, DEMANDING that your politicians give our soliders every single dime they need to complete their mission. We ‘cut and run’ as so many of the politicians insist is the only plausable, acceptable end to this war, and I dread to think how many more of children – JUST LIKE THESE – will go unfound.

In the immediate days following the breaking of this story, a few media outlets had this – you can go here, or here, or here,(YouTube).

I don’t care where you get the pictures from, or the facts from, but this mission must not fail. I have noticed how quiet all the politicians have been on this horror story. Why is that, do you think? That was a rhetorical question! I know, oh how I know, it would be s0 easy to ‘turn the page’ and just get back to business as usual. You know the line: WE have no business being in Iraq. We went there for oil. No weapons of mass destruction. Blah blah blah. Well, I for one have always supported our troops and their mission – whole-heartedly. For me, it is and has always been about the children. Children are MY business, and damn it – I am going to do all in my power to make sure that not another politican can turn their heads away from this story. Not another politician is going to be allowed to play bs games with the lives of our troops, or the children. The children, the thousands of children just like these, don’t have the luxury of turning away. They live – and they die – in the time it is taking you to read this and drink your morning coffee. It is ONLY because our troops are there that maybe, just maybe if the politicians get their heads out of their arses, that children just like these, and you know – kids used a suicide bomb decoys (and if that doesn’t outrage you, you are NOT fit to be part of the HUMAN race) – will be allowed to grow up, go to school, swing in the playground, and scream in delight. Our troops, and these children, deserve our support. Every soldier – and every CHILD, no matter where, IS one of our own.

Capt. Benjamin Morales carries one of the special needs boys from a Baghdad orphanage after finding the children suffering in horrific conditions, in this photo given to CBS News.

“We’ll leave here and he’ll remember us ’til the day he dies.” Lt. Jason Smith [source]

Every one of these children and yes, every Iraqi child touched on a daily basis by our troops, (you know, the stories you will never see in msm) WILL remember the kind soldiers who rescued them, saved them. These children will remember that not everyone in the world treats them as so much garbage.

Please: I don’t care what your politics are. I don’t care of you are brainwashed by the anti-war rhetoric. That is your choice. I am telling you, in the matter of children, none of us has a choice. Really, we don’t. It is said that every society is judged by how it treats the weakest among them. How willl YOU be judged? Where is the outrage? Who will join me on this mission to ensure that NEVER AGAIN will any politician be allowed to play their political games. NEVER again will they be allowed – by the stroke of a pen in their cushy, air-conditioned offices, enjoying their fat paycheques (which YOU pay), to send the message to ANY child that they don’t matter. I swear that I will not sit quietly by and give the politicians the luxury of turning their head away from scenes such as these, and decide that their own games of one-upmanship matter more than any child. Enough!

This is MY mission.


(NOTE to Brat from Tanker Brothers from Spree—-Thank you for bringing this to our attention and offering it to my readers)

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Fred Thompson and CAIR: Update

Cross Posted from Wake up America

First off, you might notice we have done a few pieces on Fred Thompson, as well as being part of a blogroll for Fred and having a contribute button on the left sidebar.

The only way to decide whether or not to endorse him when the time comes is to listen to what he has to say, check his voting record and when the times comes, make the decision, so as I hear and watch him, I bring his words to you also because in 2008, you also will be making the decision of who to vote for.

First, lets look at what Thompson had to say about CAIR, then I am going to show you CAIR’s extensive history as well as the documented proof of his terror ties.

I’ve talked before about the Council on American-Islamic Relations — most recently because it filed that lawsuit against Americans who reported suspicious behavior by Muslims on a U.S. Airways flight. Better known just as CAIR, the lobbying group has come under a lot of scrutiny lately for its connections to terror-supporting groups. This time, though, The Washington Times has uncovered some very good news about the group.

For years, CAIR has claimed to represent millions of American Muslims. In fact, they claim to represent more Muslim in American than … there are in America. This has alarmed Americans in general as the group often seems to be more aligned with our enemies than us — which isn’t surprising as it spun off from a group funded by Hamas. As you know, Hamas has been waging a terrorist war against Israel and calls for its total destruction. It also promises to see America destroyed. Nowadays, Hamas is busy murdering its Palestinian political rivals.

Even with this history, and CAIR’s conspicuous failure to condemn Hamas by name, it has been treated as if represents Muslim Americans by our own government. The good news is that the financial support CAIR claims to have among American Muslims is a myth. We know this because The Washington Times got hold of the group’s IRS tax records.

CAIR’s dues-paying membership has shrunk 90 percent since 9/11 — from 29,000 in 2000 to only 1,700 last year. CAIR’s annual income from dues plunged from $733,000 to $59,000. Clearly, America’s Muslims are not supporting this group — and I’m happy to hear about it.

Of course, every silver lining seems to have a cloud; and this cloud is that CAIR’s spending is running about $3 million a year. They’ve opened 25 new chapters in major cities across the country even as their dues shrank to a pittance. The question is; who’s funding CAIR?

CAIR’s not saying. The New York Times earlier this year reported that the backing is from “wealthy Persian Gulf governments” including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Obviously, we have a bigger problem here than the one with CAIR.

One of the things I am beginning to appreciate about Fred Thompson is he says what needs to be said without regard to “political correctness“. Everyone is so damn scared to speak the truth if it might offend someone that too much is being left unsaid.

That is dangerous and unacceptable.

Our Previous post, written by Snooper talks a bit about the Muslim Brotherhood and Keith Ellison and I am going to expand on that a bit.

NOW, a little history abut CAIR and Kieth Ellison’s links to CAIR, previously shown to you here.

Jump forward to today now. Does everybody remember the Flying Imam incident? Where six Imams were removed from a plane for acting suspiciously, praying loudy (which is what CAIR focused on), asking for seat belt extensions and then placing them at their feet instead of using them, speaking in a manner than when translated showed complete anti-American, Pro Saddam Hussein rhetoric and placing themselves in a seating arrangement exactly like the 9/11 terrorists did before those fateful crashes.

Ellison also took part in “Community Night” with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, and Imam Dr. Omar Shahin. This was “for Imams to meet and interact with community members.” Some of the participants of this meeting became involved in the Flying Imams controversy after being removed from an Arizona bound plane for concerning behavior. Ellison became involved in this controversy shortly after it erupted when he attempted to arrange a meeting between parties including US Airways executives, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, and other legislators and community members.

Questions about Shahin surfaced in July 2005, when author and terrorism investigator Steven Emerson, author of “Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the U.S.,” mentioned him in testimony before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee investigating the financing of terrorists.

Emerson identified Shahin as a fundraiser for KindHearts, a Toledo-based Muslim charity that has been a subject of federal scrutiny for suspected links to terror-related groups in the Mideast. Emerson also noted Shahin’s work as an imam for the Islamic Center of Tucson, which, he said, “has an extensive history of terror links.”

Okay, so lets give Ellison the benefit of doubt once again and chalk his connection with Shahnin and the Nation of Islam up to coincedence or bad judgment.


Since its founding in 1994, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and its employees have combined, conspired, and agreed with third parties, including, but not limited to, the Islamic Association for Palestine (“IAP”), the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (“HLF”), the Global Relief Foundation (“GRF”), and foreign nationals hostile to the interests of the United States, to provide material support to known terrorist organizations, to advance the Hamas agenda, and to propagate radical Islam. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, and certain of its officers, directors, and employees, have acted in support of, and in furtherance of, this conspiracy.

Senior CAIR employee Randall Todd Royer, a/k/a “Ismail” Royer, pled guilty and was sentenced to twenty years in prison for participating in a network of militant jihadists centered in Northern Virginia. He admitted to aiding and abetting three persons who sought training in a terrorist camp in Pakistan for the purpose of waging jihad against American troops in Afghanistan. Royer’s illegal actions occurred while he was employed with CAIR.

CAIR’s Director of Community Relations, Bassem Khafagi , was arrested by the United States due to his ties with a terror-financing front group. Khafagi pled guilty to charges of visa and bank fraud, and agreed to be deported to Egypt. Khafagi’s illegal actions occurred while he was employed by CAIR.

On December 18, 2002, Ghassan Elashi, founding board member of CAIR-Texas, a founder of the Holy Land Foundation, and a brother-in-law of Musa Abu Marzook , was arrested by the United States and charged with, among other things, making false statements on export declarations, dealing in the property of a designated terrorist organization, conspiracy and money laundering. Ghassan Elashi committed his crimes while working at CAIR, and was found Guilty.

CAIR Board Member Imam Siraj Wahaj, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing, has called for replacing the American government with an Islamic caliphate, and warned that America will crumble unless it accepts Islam.

Consistent with Hamas ideology, CAIR has served as a conduit for the distribution of materials and funds from foreign nationals to groups and institutions within the United States for the purpose of promoting radical Islam and Hamas ideology, and attacked Islamic clerics and scholars who reject radical Islam and the Hamas agenda.

Siraj Wahaj and Omar Shahin were both part of that “community night” that Ellison took part in. Both also involved with the incident on the plane and all three involved with CAIR.

Yet another coincedence? OK, sure…lets call that a coincedence too, shall we?

Now we have two separate controversial events that happened after that “community night” meeting. One the flying Imams, then we have Ellison deciding to use the Koran for his swearing in, at a time when our country is at war with extremists that are using the Koran in a perverted way to justify killing innocent people.

Another coincedence? You decide.

What about Ellison’s “association” with CAIR?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was an ardent supporter of Ellison’s 2006 campaign, a fact that caused some controversy (see below). Two days after the 2006 election, CAIR announced Ellison would be a keynote speaker at their annual banquet in Virginia less than two weeks later. According to a CAIR press release, this would be Ellison’s first major post-election address.

On November 13, 2006 the Star Tribune reported Ellison said he “would not be the keynote speaker at the annual banquet for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)”. Acknowledging that “His appearance had already been announced by CAIR…Ellison said it [the apparently mistaken announcement] was the result of a ‘natural, normal miscommunication.’” Though Ellison was not able to attend the event in person he sent a videotaped address.

Now, to be fair, Ellison’s associations with the Nation of Islam and CAIR could just be very bad judgment, his timing with his controversial decision to use the Koran at his swearing in ceremony could also be chalked up to bad judgement.

But everything together, the connection to the Imams that were removed from the plane, the CAIR invovement, the Nation of Islam involvement, the fact that two VERY controversial incidents happened after that “community night” meeting and the fact that all of the above had some form of involvement with CAIR, all together has to make one stop and say hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok, bad judgment at the very least.

That isn’t the only time Ellison has shown bad judgment though, nope, not at all.

We then have his campaign finance violations:

Campaign finance has also been an issue for Ellison. In early 2006, the Minnesota State Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board reprimanded Ellison for unreported contributions, discrepancies in cash balances, and misclassified disbursements. These transgressions occurred in the years 2002-2004. In 2005 when the board tried to get more information about the problems in Ellison’s reports, they got no response from Ellison or his treasurer (his wife Kim). When the board heard nothing, they opened the investigation. Ellison was subpoenaed and fined. The board has also fined Ellison numerous times for late filings, been sued twice by the attorney general, and has been warned many times for absent or incomplete disclosure. (Source)

Ellison also failed to pay all or part of his income taxes five separate years between 1992 and 2000, forcing the state and Internal Revenue Service to put liens on his home. He later paid in excess of $18,000.

This man certainly has his fair share of bad judgment doesn’t he? An awful lot of coincedences too.

There is much, much more out there, available at our fingertips, just by using the search engine. Makes one wonder why everyone is so quiet about this man…..are they scared that it may not be “politically correct” to bring up issues about this man, simply because he is a Muslim? Have we become so PC that justified questions are not asked simply because of a mans religion?

If this was a non-Muslim politician, Democrat OR Republican, would these things NOT have become major stumbling blocks to their career?

Legitimate questions all….anyone have any answers?

Anyone at all?

Didn’t think so.

In a related article today, we have a Muslim women telling us a few things that offend her, and it isn’t what you would expect so please read the whole piece, I am only showing excerpts.(Emphasis will be mine)

GROWING up in Vancouver, I attended an Islamic school every Saturday. There, I learned that Jews can’t be trusted because they worship “moolah, not Allah”, meaning money, not God. According to my teacher, every last Jew is consumed with business.

But looking around my neighbourhood, I noticed that most of the new business signs featured Asian languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Punjabi and plenty of Urdu. Not Hebrew, Urdu, which is spoken throughout Pakistan.

That reality check made me ask: What if my religious school isn’t educating me? What if it’s indoctrinating me?

I’m reminded of this question thanks to the news that Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses and 10 other works of fiction, will be knighted by the Queen.

On Monday, Pakistan’s religious affairs minister said that because Rushdie had blasphemed Islam with provocative literature, it was understandable that angry Muslims would commit suicide bombings over his knighthood.

Members of parliament, as well as the Pakistani Government, amplified the condemnation of Britain, feeding cries of offence to Muslim sensibilities from Europe to Asia.

As a Muslim, you better believe I’m offended – by these absurd reactions.

She then goes on to list things that offend her:

I’m offended that it is not the first time honours from the West have met with vitriol and violence. In 1979, Pakistani physicist Abdus Salam became the first Muslim to win the Nobel Prize in science. He began his acceptance speech with a verse from the Koran.

Salam’s country ought to have celebrated him. Instead, rioters tried to prevent him from re-entering the country. Parliament even declared him a non-Muslim because he belonged to a religious minority. His name continues to be controversial, invoked by state authorities in hushed tones.

I’m offended that every year, there are more women killed in Pakistan for allegedly violating their family’s honour than there are detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Muslims have rightly denounced the mistreatment of Gitmo prisoners. But where’s our outrage over the murder of many more Muslims at the hands of our own?

I’m offended that in April, mullahs at an extreme mosque in Pakistan issued a fatwa against hugging.

The country’s female tourism minister had embraced – or, depending on the account you follow, accepted a congratulatory pat from – her skydiving instructor after she successfully jumped in a French fundraiser for the victims of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake. Clerics announced her act of touching another man to be “a great sin” and demanded she be fired.

I’m offended by their fatwa proclaiming that women should stay at home and remain covered at all times.

I’m offended that they’ve bullied music store owners and video vendors into closing up shop.

I’m offended that the Government tiptoes around their craziness because these clerics threaten suicide attacks if confronted.

I’m offended that on Sunday, at least 35 Muslims in Kabul were blown to bits by other Muslims and on Tuesday, 80 more in Baghdad by Islamic “insurgents”, with no official statement from Pakistan to deplore these assaults on fellow believers.

I’m offended that amid the internecine carnage, a professed atheist named Salman Rushdie tops the to-do list.

Above all, I’m offended that so many other Muslims are not offended enough to demonstrate widely against God’s self-appointed ambassadors. We complain to the world that Islam is being exploited by fundamentalists, yet when reckoning with the opportunity to resist their clamour en masse, we fall curiously silent.

In a battle between flaming fundamentalists and mute moderates, who do you think is going to win?

Read the rest… Moderate Muslims are our friends and I have shown multiple instances where Moderate Muslims have stepped up, risking their very lives, to speak out against the radical extremists that have hijacked their faith for murder and suicide bombings and killing innocent men, women and children.

More need to do so though and we cannot let “political correctness” stop us from speaking the truth for fear that we “may” offend someone.

That type of mindset is what will get us killed.

A MUST READ piece from Debbie at Right Truth called “Some turning against Israel – is the answer a healthy dose of neutron bombs?”.

Go. Read. It is well worth the time.


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Iraq Embeds:Risking Life and Limb to Bring Us Truth

In a followup to Snoopers original piece “Michael Yon’s…Be Not Afraid, here are few more thoughts and articles.

Snooper has already mentioned Michael Yon’s latest piece in the previous post and as usual, he points to someone that is risking his life for no other reason than to bring us the truth here at home.

After following links from all over I am looking at 14 tabs in the mozilla/firefox browser, all discussing Iraq and the latest offensive the U.S. forces and the coalition and Iraqi army have begun against al-Qaeda.

Starting where the Previous post “Be Not Afraid” leaves off, we return to Michael Yon.

For those familiar with Yon’s work, it is understood that he doesn’t pull any punches in discussing the mistakes that have been made in Iraq by our administration, he bings us the bad news as well as the good news from Iraq and his analysis have been on target in a consistent manner.

This campaign is actually a series of carefully orchestrated battalion and brigade sized battles. Collectively, it is probably the largest battle since “major hostilities” ended more than four years ago. Even the media here on the ground do not seem to have sensed its scale.

Al Qaeda and associates had little or no presence in Iraq before the current war. But we made huge mistakes early on and are pumping blood and gold into the region to pay for those blunders. When we failed to secure the streets and to restore the stability needed to get Iraq on its feet, we sowed doubt and mistrust. When we disbanded the government and the army, and tolerated corruption and ineptitude in reconstruction, we created a vacuum and filled the ranks of an insurgency-hydra with mostly local talent. But when we flattened parts of Fallujah not once, but twice, primarily in response to the murders of four of our people, we helped create a spectacle of injustice and chaos, the very conditions in which Al Qaeda thrives.

He also shows us that al-Qaeda in Iraq is strong but they have alienated the Iraqi people by raping their women and beheading innocent civilians, alienated them to the point where the iraqi Tribal leaders are working to expel al-Qaeda.

Today Al Qaeda (AQ) is strong, but their welcome is tenuous in some regions as many Iraqis grow weary enough of the violence that trails them to forcibly evict AQ from some areas they’d begun to feel at home in. Meanwhile, our military, having adapted from eager fire-starting to more measured firefighting, after coming in so ham-fisted early on, has found agility in the new face of this war. Not lost on the locals was the fact that the Coalition wasn’t alone in failing to keep the faith of its promises to Iraqis.

Whereas we failed with the restoration of services and government, AQ has raped too many women and boys in Anbar Province, and cut-off too many heads everywhere else for anyone here to believe their claims of moral superiority. And they don’t even try to get the power going or keep the markets open or build schools, playgrounds and clinics for the children. In addition to destroying all of these resources, and murdering the Iraqis who work at or patronize them, AQ attacks people in mosques and churches, too. Thus, to those listening into the wind, an otherwise imperceptible tang in the atmosphere signals the time for change is at hand.

Yon then goes on to discuss General Petraeus as well as admitting how close he has come to joining the “Out of Iraq” faction of our country. He also considers General Petraeus as the only “doctor” that he believes can save the “patient” (Iraq).

Throughout 2006, my belief grew that Petraeus should be running this war. And though I had reached my own conclusions, others thought the same. I had seen and written about much progress during 2005, but had repeatedly written that the Civil War could undermine the effort. During 2006, people finally began to admit that there was Civil War in Iraq, and that it was growing, but as 2006 drifted into 2007 without any measurable response to increasingly untenable conditions on the ground, my confidence was eroding rapidly. At the rate things were going, I figured I might soon be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with deeply and richly experienced people like Joe Galloway, who thinks we should be out of Iraq yesterday.

The Turnaround:

But today, based on what I know first hand about this war, I respectfully disagree with Joe and the crowd of people who share his view that this war cannot be won. On this one point, because I just happen to be a person who has seen this doctor operate on a part of this patient, and I was able to see first hand that the work he did in 2003/4 is still holding today, I think we don’t call the code unless and until Petraeus says so.

n the short time since Petraeus took charge here, Anbar Province – “Anbar the Impossible” – seems to have made a remarkable turnaround. I just spent about a month out there and saw no combat. I have never gone that long in Iraq without seeing combat. Clearly, some areas of Anbar remain dangerous—there is fighting in Fallujah today—but there is also something in Anbar today that hasn’t been seen in recent memory: possibilities. There are also larger realities lurking up on the Turkish borders, but the reality today is that the patient called Iraq will die and become a home for Al Qaeda if we leave now.

You need to read his whole piece, I have only shown you portions, he discusses the political, the negative, the positive and the ramifications of a premature withdrawal.

The thing I notice about Yon and others that embed, such as Bill Roggio from the Fourth Rail, is they do not sit comfortably in the Green Zone and rely on stringers to get their information as our media outlets do, they are there, where the fighting is, where the bombs go off and they are giving us a firsthand look into the battle that rages around them.

Why would they do this?

To bring us, here at home, the truth. Bad and Good. Failures and Successes.

When you are done reading Michael Yon’s piece, then head on over to Bill Roggio’s site because, he too, is telling us what is happening in front of his eyes.

With the last U.S. combat brigade to hit the ground over the last two weeks as part of the surge, Multinational Forces Iraq has declared the beginning of “major combat operations” in the belts regions surrounding Baghdad. The Baghdad Belts, which included Eastern Anbar, northern Babil, and southern Salahadin and Diyala provinces, has long been a staging area for al Qaeda and insurgent operations into Baghdad, and a key part of the Baghdad Security Plan is denying these regions to the enemy.

In the June 16 briefing given by Defense Robert Gates, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, General Petraeus explained that the past four months have set the stage for the “large, coordinated offensive operations” which kicked off over the weekend. The combat, logistics and intelligence pieces have been “put in place over the past several months,” while a clear intelligence picture was developed of the regions surrounding Baghdad. “We have been doing what we might call shaping operations in a lot of these different areas [in the belts], feeling the edges, conducting intelligence gathering, putting in special operators.”

The picture on the Battle of the Belts is still developing. Based on the available open source information, current operations are ongoing to the north, west and south of Baghdad. Multiple U.S. and Iraqi units are operating at the brigade and division level.

He then goes on to give us specifics about the operations North, South and West of Baghdad as well as what he calls the “Endgame Baghdad”.

These two men are must reads if one wants to know exactly what is happening in the battle zones of Iraq, for those that want all the information instead of just the death tolls.

Over the last couple of months we have seen some of our politicians claim that “the surge isn’t working” they do this with complete intellectual dishonesty because they fully know that the last of the troops that are part of the surge, JUST ARRIVED THIS WEEK and as Yon and Roggio have told us, they immediately started their major offensive.

Even Wapo and NYT, the dueling duo that has participated in that intellectual dishonesty of reporting failures of a surge that hadn’t begun operations because the full contingent hadn’t arrived yet, is NOW admitting that the “Major Offensive” is just beginning.


BAGHDAD, June 19 — U.S. troops backed by helicopters and Bradley Fighting Vehicles launched a major offensive Tuesday to clear the Sunni extremist group al-Qaeda in Iraq from its new stronghold in Diyala province north of the capital, the U.S. military said in a statement.


The Diyala offensive involves about 10,000 U.S. soldiers, making it one of the largest military operations since the Iraq war began more than four years ago. The operation, code-named Arrowhead Ripper, is focused in the area around Baqubah, the capital of Diyala, a mixed Shiite-Sunni area that in recent months has become one of the most violent regions in Iraq.

The offensive began under cover of darkness “with a quick-strike nighttime air assault” by the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, the military statement said. “By daylight, attack helicopters and ground forces had engaged and killed 22 anti-Iraqi forces in and around Baqubah,” it said.

There were no reports of U.S. casualties.

The statement said that the operation was “a large scale effort to eliminate al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists operating in Baqubah and its surrounding areas.”

“The end state is to destroy the al-Qaeda influences in this province and eliminate their threat against the people,” Brig. Gen. John M. “Mick” Bednarek, deputy commanding general of the 25th Infantry Division, was quoted as saying. “That is the number one, bottom-line, up-front, in-your-face, task and purpose.”


The explosion came on the second day of a major offensive against Sunni insurgents in and around Baghdad. More than 10,000 coalition troops pushed their way through Diyala province and thousands more engaged in operations near the capital.

I have to wonder sometimes if the editors of those two rags get their emails asking them how they could report, on a consistent basis, that the surge was not working, when they had the knowledge that the full amount of troops hadn’t even arrived yet and the major operations for the surge hadn’t even begun.

I would like out Democratic politicians to answer that same question.

It is time, well past time, that we force our MSM to start reporting objectively and to live up to the standards that our embedded journalists, Michael Yon and Bill Roggio have set.

It is also well past the time that we hold the Democratic politicians, like Baghdad Reid, accountable for their public words meant to deliberately encourage our enemies and demoralize our troops.

We are a nation at war…. perhaps it is time to declare to the world as one, that we will not surrender and we did not start this war, but we sure as hell intend to win it.

That is a message I have not heard from one Democratic politician, even those with presidential aspirations.

Who on earth would vote for someone to become President of the United States of America if they were proposing to surrender to the enemy as their first presidential act?

The Telegraph and Operation Iraqi Freedom are reporting on the major offensive also.

Other bloggers giving analysis of the new offensive:

Flopping Aces, Neptunus Lex, Captain’s Quarters, QandO, Confederate Yankee, Black Five, Jules Crittenden, Macsmind, Michael P.F. van der Galiën and Mudville Gazette.

A Shot in the Dark doesn’t give commentary but does suggest that Michael Yon’s report get mailed to Harry “Bagdad” Reid…. DAMN good suggestion.

Here is Baghdad Reid’s contact form.

Once again, I would like to thank Snooper for allowing me to post my thoughts, opinions and feelings to his readers.


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Lies from the Left

I would like to thank Snooper for the honor of inviting me to contribute on his wonderful blog.

I am reposting a piece I wrote showing the realities vs the lies the left keep telling their supporters.

We keep hearing a litany of allegations from the left about how we went to war with Iraq only because of WMD’s, but after 9/11/01, the president of the United States of America, with members of both the Republican party AND the Democratic party standing beside him, made a speech where he said:

From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime. Our nation has been put on notice, we’re not immune from attack. We will take defensive measures against terrorism to protect Americans. Today, dozens of federal departments and agencies, as well as state and local governments, have responsibilities affecting homeland security.

Those on the left would like to forget that nations that harbor or support terrorism are part of the war on terror.

They cry out, but Saddam Hussein did not have anything to do with 9/11…. I say, prove it.

There is plenty of proof showing Saddam Hussein and Iraq did indeed “harbor” and “support” terrorism, and further “proof” that he also aided members of al-Qaeda. These are called facts, provable fact, those pesky little things members on the left hate. (Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit for the link)

Those same members on the left, when faced with the actual proof, would rather act like children, put there fingers in their ears and sing la la la la la la la, so as to not have to admit those facts are there. Well they are there and denying it simply makes you look foolish and uneducated.

Have they found WMD’s in Iraq yet? NO. Have they searched more than 10% of the suspected sites yet? NO. Has this administration made mistakes in Iraq? YES. Does that negate the facts that Saddam Hussein was a monster and provided aid, money, medical attention and sponsored terror. NO.

Below I will list excerpts from the page linked to above.

Let’s start with money. At a minimum, we know that Saddam Hussein’s government supported terrorism by paying “bonuses” of up to $25,000 to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers. How do we know this? Tariq Aziz, Hussein’s own deputy prime minister, was stunningly candid about the Baathist government’s underwriting of terrorist killings in Israel.

“President Saddam Hussein has recently told the head of the Palestinian political office, Faroq al-Kaddoumi, his decision to raise the sum granted to each family of the martyrs of the Palestinian uprising to $25,000 instead of $10,000,” Aziz, announced at a Baghdad meeting of Arab politicians and businessmen on March 11, 2002, Reuters reported the next day.

The linked page above also has pictures of those checks to pay for the “terrorism”.

Nations that harbor or support terrorism“. Iraq continually provided safe harbor for terrorists.

Beyond cash and diplomatic help, Saddam Hussein was the Conrad Hilton of the terrorist world. He provided a place for terrorists to kick back, relax, and reflect after killing people for a living.

After escaping Italian police in October 1985 following the Achille Lauro hijacking (thanks to his Iraqi diplomatic passport), Abu Abbas finally ended up in Baghdad in 1994, where he lived comfortably as one of Saddam Hussein’s guests. U.S. soldiers caught Abbas in Iraq in April 2003. This time, he did not get away. He died last March 9, in American custody, reportedly of natural causes.

Abbas’ Baghdad sojourn was not an isolated incident. Saddam Hussein granted avowed international terrorists refuge in Baathist Iraq. Terror mastermind Abu Nidal also enjoyed his hospitality.

Nidal lived comfortably in Iraq between 1999 and August 2002. As the Associated Press reported on August 21, 2002, Nidal’s Beirut office said he entered Iraq “with the full knowledge and preparations of the Iraqi authorities.” 13 Prior to his relocation, he ran the eponymous Abu Nidal Organization — a Palestinian terror network behind attacks in 20 countries, at least 407 confirmed murders, and some 788 other terror-related injuries. Among other savage acts, Nidal’s group used guns and grenades to attack a ticket counter at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport on December 27, 1985. Another cell in Austria simultaneously assaulted Vienna’s airport, killing 19 people.

Among the five Americans that Abu Nidal murdered that day was John Buonocore III, a 20-year-old Fairleigh Dickinson College student who had studied in Rome that fall semester. Buonocore was shot in the back while checking in for his flight home. He had hoped to return to Wilmington, Delaware to help his father celebrate his 50th birthday.

We then move on to debunk the lefts outright lies or lack of eduaction with the question:

But is there any evidence that Iraq sheltered those responsible for attacks on America? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter Abdul Rahman Yasin, pictured below in a U.S. State Department “Wanted” poster.

This Indiana-born, Iraqi-reared terrorist remains wanted by the FBI for his role in the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center attack. President Bill Clinton’s Justice Department indicted Yasin for mixing the chemicals in the bomb that exploded in the parking garage beneath the Twin Towers, killing six and injuring 1,042 people in New York.Soon after the smoke cleared, Yasin returned to Iraq. Coalition forces have discovered documents that show he enjoyed housing and a monthly government salary.

The site I linked to above also goes on to show further proof, showing how Abu Musab al Zarqawi ran to Iraq and received medical attention, then again we already know, as facts, that Abu Musab al Zarqawi was there… is where we killed him.

The site also goes on to point out the training camps where terrorists were trained.

Sabah Khodada, a former Iraqi army captain who once worked at Salman Pak. On October 14, 2001, Khodada granted an interview to PBS television program “Frontline,” stating, “This camp is specialized in exporting terrorism to the whole world.”

He added: “Training includes hijacking and kidnapping of airplanes, trains, public buses, and planting explosives in cities … how to prepare for suicidal operations.”

He continued: “We saw people getting trained to hijack airplanes…They are even trained how to use utensils for food, like forks and knives provided in the plane.”

As they point out, sounds familiar huh?

Finish reading, there is quite a bit I did not touch on here, read it there.

I have no doubt that members of the left will not dare go read, search and find all the links that Saddam held with terror and terrorists, because their ability to deny the truth is based on the fact that they do not SEE it. In their warped view, if they close their eyes and cannot see something, it must not BE THERE. Yeah, thats the ticket!!!!! (I wonder if that will work on the extra couple pounds on my ass.)

But for those that do wish to see the truth, it is out there, facts, figures, documentation and testimony. Read it, learn it, because knowing who our enemies are, might just be what saves us in the end.

To President Bush…. you said you would go after terror and states that sponsor terror, you did. Thank you Mr. President, for keeping your word and for not following in the other politicians footsteps in changing your mind as the polls change.

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