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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Once Again James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Comes to the Rescue.

Watch the video embedded in this post and see the Stalinist’s Iowa field organizer revealing the bottom line truth about the Sandersista attitude. O’Keefe promise more, be sure to view the whole series of videos. Any ‘crat they nominate will bear the taint and must be rejected! #Sanders #CitiesWillBurn #ShootTherm #Violence #Gulag

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

January 14th, 2020

Not that the admitted socialist running as an independent would have received the nomination or been able to win the presidency in 2020, even his own radically left cohorts who follow Nancy Pelosi would not back him.

The only voters who would fall for Bernie’s socialism are socialist/Marxists themselves or college-age students who believe that college tuition should be free.

They of course, are too ignorant to vote.

One of Bernie’s major problems and he has a ton of them, he can’t explain his economic plan because it’s based on a lie and him along with wigwam mom Elizabeth, “What’s her name, also a socialist, either know it or they don’t.

Do I believe that the two are inherently evil?

No, that would be giving them far to much credit, and suggest they have intellectual powers far above them.

I’m not willing to concede…

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