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Second airstrike targets Iran-backed forces in Iraq

@readlDonaldTrump @POTUS #ItIsJihadStupid!!! It never stops until there are no remaining Muslims to wage it. Tit for tat strikes are worthless. Strategic and exterminating strikes are required. Old Harry showed the way in 1945.

When you whacked Gen. Solemani, you should have sent an A10 to strafe his funeral procession and each of the thousands of resulting funerals. Withdraw from the Geneva Accords, tell the UN to ‘rass their restraint and get serious about bringing the existence of Islam to an end.

You needed to act decisively when Iran crossed your first red line. Failure to act emboldened them. What were you thinking when you said we do not seek regime change? Hell with regime change!! ‘Religion’ change is required: from Islam to apostate or dead.

Use your State Of The Union Address to demand establishment and full funding of a department of apologetics and polemics to contradict the Islamic ideology and plant the seeds of apostasy.

Now you have a new rocket attack to avenge. Make air strikes on the bases of the group that launched them. Bomb their rocket arsenals. Then institute the strike you almost made against Iran. Take out their SAMS, then their air force, navy and missile arsenals. Mop up their centrifuge sites!!

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

January 4th, 2020

The group claims that medical units were in the convoy that was hit.

It matters not that the leftists/socialists believe in Pelosi’s Congress.

Rational minds with pontificate on how this will put more Americans at risk through lone wolf attacks on U.S. citizens at home or abroad.

In the scheme of things does it matter?

They will continue to commit acts of terrorism when they chose.

Let us not forget the murders from the Boston Marathon bombers!

The first attack failed on the trade tower in NYC.

And the attack that forever changed the world the successful attack, killing over 2000 innocent people when suicide bombers flew they’re hijacked, passenger jets successfully into the Twin Towers, destroying it completely.

It goes on and on with the infamous underwear bomber to the shoe bombe among others that were unsuccessful due to the coordinated…

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