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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Ryan, McConnel: Lead, Follow or Abdicate’ Obama Don’t Care

President Trump won a  mandate by campaigning vigorously on repealing Obama Don’t Carek building the security wall and banning entry of Muslims.

We gave you control of the House; you said you needed the Senate too. We gave you control of the Senate, you said you needed the White House. We gave you the white House, and you exhibit proof that you are RINOs. Fish or cut bait!!!

Cancel the August recess and get to work. Repeal the damned thing and make it legal for insurers to market policies people can afford and utilize.

Not just any bill with repeal and or replace in the title. Not just any bill to ‘fix’ an unworkable system.  No more smoke & mirrors, no more feel good optics. The real deal, square and level or quit and go home in disgrace.

We have had enough of your Special High Intensity Treatment. We are not eating any more excrement sandwiches!  The era of promise gold~deliver crap is over!

Ther electorate is wising up to you and ready for a new party.  So, vote on a clean repeal bill that erases the mandates & associated taxes. Hold a public roll call vote to get all members on the record.

RINOS who vote NAY on a clean repeal bill must be primaried. ‘Crats who vote no must have well financed, articulate, aggressive and well financed opponents in their next election cycle.

Repeating for emphasis: we do not want a fake bill as a trophy for President Trump. We want a real, effective, complete repeal and restoration of a free insurance market. No more political games, no more smoke & mirrors, no more BS








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