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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch began Senate confirmation hearings today: Predictably Entertaining

As I understand it, the vote will not be held until next month. I slept through Rush Limbaugh’s show today, but heard snippets of Hannity. Sawdust? No, that was “heiffer dust”.

So it will be as long as the LibTards hold infanticide to be a sacrament.

This subject begs for an annotated transcript of remarks, sweeping up the ‘dust’. I doubt the availability of a transcript and I lack the requisite patience to do the annotation.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

March 20, 2016

Predictably while members from each side of the aisle on the Senate Judiciary emphasized the need for impartiality the majority of the time spent in today’s opening hearing was spent contradicting their own positions with a great deal of individual grandstanding, no matter the party. 

Speaking of grandstanding, Senator Lyndsey Graham, (R-SC) repeatedly slapped himself on the back for voting for leftist Supreme Court Justices, Kagan, (Source) and Sotomayor. (Source)

Is this something he should be proud?

After all, when each in their Senate Justice Department hearings was asked about the Second Amendment, they said, Heller was case law and settled by the Supreme Court.

Each time their Anti-Second Amendment members of congress brought up additional attacks on the Constitutional Right to bear arms, they voted with them. (Source)

It should come as no surprise that those on the left focused on L.G.B.T. rights…

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