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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

“You can’t bomb an ideology”

By God, the old Veterans have wisdom; heed it!!!! This is not a war of choice, it is a war imposed on us by an implacable foe who will not stop attacking us until the last of them is apostatized or dead.

Jihad is the Muslim’s price of admission to Jannah: Allah’s celestial orgy. Shirking is his guaranteed ticket to Jannahm, where he spends eternity having his hide brned off and replaced then burned off again and drinks boiling water.

While they believe, they will never stop for long. Islam can not be defeated, it must be exterminated.

crew-2231211Written by a Marine or Marines who were there. 

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The Will to Win


Unless you are willing to be as unreasonable and as brutal, as your enemy, do not engage him in a conflict — because he will win.  This old leatherneck says it better.

1A World War II veteran gave a cold, hard reality check when he overheard some people talking about ISIS and how you “can’t kill an ideology”, and how we should follow President Obama’s advice to fight them with diplomacy.


The conversation took place inside a bar, where the  II veteran overhead the conversation and had to put in his battle-hardened wisdom.

As told to the Dysfunctional Veterans Facebook page, the crusty old veteran unleashed this tidbit of knowledge:

“The hell you can’t.
Because we did it.

0717b8“These Muslims are no different than the [Imperial] Japanese.”


The Japs had their…

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