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My take on last nights debate

Chump blew it by being unprepared. Knowing the topics in advance and having the advantage of Shrillery’s preparation book being published, he should have been ready for bear and fully loadedd with facts.

He failed to explain the Net Operating Loss Carry forward, a major failure. Most viewers will not know that it is legal and necessary. Suggesting that Shrillery should have changed it was sheer foolishness. 😦

Partial birth abortion is murder. Chump should have raised the issue of survivors. He should have noted that most abortions are for convenience, not medical necessity.

Syria: Gd!!! Shrillery & Obamination caused the problem with their damned “Arab Spring”, with Libya and arming/training & financing the rebels. 😦

Terrorism: if Sidiqie Mateen had stayed home, 49 Queers would still be alive. Chump does not get it! 😦

Election rigging: Sweet Loving Jesus Christ!!! Save us from damn fool primary voters!!!! Project Veritas exposed Shrillery’s vote fraud campaign, Chump should have pounded the table with it!!! 😦

Accepting the voter’s decision: This is no time for a concession speech! Save that for after the votes are cast, counted, recounted and litigated!!!

Chump is a damn big dissappointment!!! 😦

Jim Campbell's


By Jim Campbell

October 19, 2016

They’ve Hit Bottom. Let’s Keep Them There.

Hillary Clinton dug here own grave this evening.


Image: HT The Earl of Taint

Donald Trump merely provided the sand and the shovel.

It was a complete knockout with Hillary wondering what hit her.

Call it the truth.

Hillary is fond of using a southern accent when in the South.

Could she be any less transparent?

She got her clock cleaned and we will never know if is still working.


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