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Democrats say you must follow the Moslem to be Christian

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Liberals Backwards Think


Democrats are lost in their delusions.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

How do people so delude themselves that they believe anything they are told and, despite all evidence to the contrary, adhere to those beliefs?  Liberals believe that Moslems were part of America’s founding because Obama said so.  They think you must accept the oppressive laws of Sharia to prove your love freedom.  How do people’s minds become so twisted?  A liberal wrote the following article for the Daily Kos about American Christian patriots whom they hate:

Seven things I know about Trumpsters

This is an atheist telling Christians that they don’t believe in the True God because they won’t accept leftist ideology.  Here is my response to those who call me an unbeliever for not believing as they believe:

  1. You want to be ruled, not governed

Coming from the Left who promote Obama’s lawless rule with his pen and his phone…

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