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Donald Trump Says Campaign Not in Crisis, and There Is ‘Zero Chance I’ll Quit’

You are witness to the implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”: isolate, humiliate, denigrate & destroy your enemy. Timing is significant. Tapes of Trump’s raunchy conversations with Howard stern were featured during the primary season. The LSM chose to bide their time: to let Trump be nominated before destroying him, depriving the GOP of the chance to mount a viable campaign with a genuine Conservative on the ticket.

This is AssWholliness at its best! When Slick Willy was caught getting Lewinskis in the Oval Office, the willing accomplices in the LSM declared it a personal matter unrelated to the governance of the country. ‘Crat senators purgered themselves, forsworn in their judicial oaths and saved him from conviction of high crimes & misdemeanors. Now the ‘Crats & Rinos are salivating over the chance to denigrate Trump, nine months too late.

This speaks volumes about their AssWholliness!!! Is anyone listening?

It was obvious to those who were paying attention that Trump is a Dork. He was an insider, contributing large sums to the election campaigns of the worst crooks in Congress, including Clinton, and also contributing to the RNC. He bragged about buying Hillary.

You did not pay attention. You shrugged it off ‘cuz you perceived him to be an outsider, opposed to illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism. You perceived the best debater, best prepared and most Conservative candidate to be an insider, against all the evidence. You decided that only Trump could win. You backed a flawed candidate with high negatives and a loose tongue. You took your chances, now the nation is in jeapardy because of your foolishness.

I told you this was going to happen; you would not listen. Now we are about to put one of two AssWholes in the White house. Which will it be: one who talks about it or one who did it throughout a career as Attourney General, Governor, Senator and President?

Will we have a flawed President nominating origionalists to SCOTUS or or a First AssWhole directing the Bloody Bitch of Benghazi to nominate Marxists & Muslims to the court?

Will we elect a flawed candidate who will try to restore America’s greatness or will we cast away our first and second amendment rights and watch the Bloody Bitch Of Benghazi pack the electorate with Muslims & Mexicans to assure ‘Crat rule for the next two generations? You decide; you made a piss poor decision in the primaries 😦

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211If the democrats and those who call themselves Republican think they can steal this election away from Mr. Donald Trump, they had better think long and hard on it.

Republicans for their part have salivated over their delusion that they will take the issue to the R.N.C. and oust Trump.

Once he knocks out Hillary in the second debate, the entire issue will be put to rest.

It’s very clear that Donald Trump was a flawed man according to the tapes that just happened to find their way to the Washington Post’s mail box.

Anyone who can compare Trumps sophomoric behavior with the criminal activity carried on by Hillary Clinton since Arkansas, then through Slicks two terms of his presidency is not rowing with both oars in the water.

GOP presidential candidate tells The Wall Street Journal ‘support I’m getting is unbelievable’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shown on Friday.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shown on Friday.

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