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VICTORY Is Not Defeat

Clinton Camp Cuts Off Press When Asked About Poll Showing Her Trailing Trump

It will be a difficult and tragic term if the Bloody Bitch Of Benghazi is elected, hacking up fur balls in the white House for four years.

Jim Campbell's


She said she would  come back to answer more questions.

e9ee3e24-1d18-4b8d-b1e6-7e923af8bdfa568c1e057fSlap….For a moment I forgot we were talking about Hillary.


She can no longer blame her coughing bouts on and “Allergy to Donald Trump.”

The media has finally got her in their cross hairs and they are going to take here down.


When they smell blood in the water and see circling sharks, they get out the lighter fluid and build the fire.

This is no longer something to laugh about, with the high probability that her team will figure out a way or multiple ways to steal the election, it would likely lead to a shooting war.

A very nasty shooting war.

Who will be around to protect her when We the People come for her?

Don’t bet on the Secret Service or the enlisted troops of our armed forces, they will be on our side.

dementiaBreitbart News…

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